Student ID Cards
Students must show their ID cards to enter the library media center, use computers, and check out books. Replacement ID cards may be purchased for $5.00 during both lunch periods and after school.

Students may sign in to use the library during periods 1-7 with passes from their teachers and their student IDs. Passes must have the destination, current date, time, student's name and teacher's signature. Passes are only good for the period they are written. The library media staff will not write passes for students running late.

Computer Usage
Computers may only be used for classroom related work.

Log on to school computers with your student ID number and two numbers for the month, day, and year of your birthday with no slashes or dashes.

Students must sign and comply with the OCPS acceptable use policy. Do not use school computers for downloading, e-mail, blogs, and games.

Electronic Devices
The library media center is a classroom with extended hours and follows classroom policies. Cell phones, i-Pods and other electronic devices may not be used at any time. Headphones may only be used for approved projects with permission from library staff.

Book, Audio Book and Magazine Check Out
Students may check out a limited number of books and audio books on CD or Playaway for 2 weeks. Fines for overdue books and audio books are $0.05 per day.

Magazines are checked out for 5 days. Overdue magazines are $0.10 per day.

Students are held responsible for lost, damaged, or overdue materials. Fines must be paid before additional items are checked out.