The School Advisory Council (SAC) represents the school community as the vehicle for school improvement. Teachers, other school staff members, students, parents, community, and business people are elected or appointed to form the SAC. The task and purpose of the DPHS SAC is to assess our needs as identified relevant to the goals set forth by the district and school, develop supporting activities, examine resources, monitor progress, and evaluate the success of the School Improvement Plan.
Underlining the purposes of the SAC are the school’s Vision, provide a safe, diverse educational community where all students have the opportunity to excel academically, personally, artistically, athletically and socially, and Mission, we, the Dr. Phillips Learning Community, will provide a comprehensive education so that all students are equipped to contribute and meet the challenges of an ever changing world environment.
What we do…Our committee helps develop and implement the School Improvement Plan. We follow the monthly guidelines established by the district. In doing so, we discuss openly the effectiveness of the SIP action plans and assess the end results of our efforts based on achievement of the students. 
SAC Minutes