:: 2016-2017 Parking Application ::    


Applications for parking decals for the 2016-17 school year will be available for pickup Monday 5/23 out of office 700. Students cannot purchase a decal until August, provided your application is approved. 

All students must meet the following criteria:


• Valid Florida Operator’s License
• Classified as a Junior or Senior (or Sophomore Magnet Student living out of zone)
• 2.5 cumulative grade point average
• Satisfactory attendance (no more than 15 unexcused days previous year; 8 after first semester)
• No more than five (5) administrative referrals previous year
The following items must be presented for verification at the time of vehicle registration: 
1.    Valid vehicle registration for the car that will be registered. The vehicle must be registered to student or their parents.
2.    Valid Florida Operator’s / Driver’s License.
Fees due upon receipt of Decal: $80 Full Year/ $40 2nd Semester Only        
The purpose of these regulations is to maintain a safe and orderly school environment and to provide parking facilities in support of this function within the limits of available space. The school will assume no responsibility for loss or damage to any vehicle (car, truck or motorcycle) or its contents while in operation or parked on the Dr. Phillips High School campus. Parking decals give holder the privilege of parking in their assigned space on campus. Failure to follow the rules may result in suspension or revocation of parking privilege.
1.                  The speed limit on campus is 10 M.P.H.
2.                  All motor vehicles driven by students must display a current hanging decal on the mirror.
3.                  Students will not be permitted into the parking lot without their decal properly displayed.
4.                  Students must park in their assigned stall only.
5.                  If a student must drive another vehicle for a short period of time, they are required to notify Office 4-110 and
                   receive approval. A current vehicle registration must be presented for the vehicle.
6.                  School policies are in effect in the parking lot. Student vehicles may be subject to search if there are reasonable
                   grounds to believe that drugs, alcohol, stolen property or other contraband materials are present in that vehicle.
7.                  Revoked parking decals MUST be returned.
8.                  Re-issuance of lost decals will cost $40.00.
Any of the following violations may result in suspension or revocation of parking privileges. It should be noted that the administrator reserves the right to impose additional or stronger disciplinary measures in the event of flagrant and/or persistent violations of school traffic and parking rules.
10.              Parking in an unauthorized area, reckless driving and speeding, at any time, are violations which may
                 result in permit revocation.
11.              Loitering is not allowed in the parking lot and/or returning to your car during school hours without
                  administrative permission is not permitted.
12.             Student’s failure to comply with personnel at gate entrances and leaving campus unauthorized or
                 with an unauthorized person in their vehicle are subject to having their permit revoked.