“In conjunction with expectations of academic excellence,
the school’s purpose is to foster an educational
environment with a global perspective.”
 Jones High School is a school that stands as an educational community that will base its standards on three critical areas of improvement and achievement. Students are diverse individuals who are going to strive to develop and increase their creative and intellectual beliefs and goals to the highest degree. In doing so, they will be taught to accept responsibility for their learning and their actions. Academic Excellence will be provided through a rigorous curriculum that encourages the three C’s – critical, creative, and challenging. These skills will entice the students to reach their full potential of achievement by assessable academic standards aligned with major instructional goals. Parental Community Involvement/Support will play an active role in the academic development of the students by being supportive of the teachers and the school goals. In doing so, parents will be asked to express the value and importance of education by monitoring the academic progress of their child(ren).
 We are dedicated to maintaining a curriculum that is rigorous, meaningful and relevant to a wide range of academic and career opportunities; offering staff development that provides school staff with opportunity to enhance their professional skills with encouraging higher expectations; maintaining a comprehensive guidance program that combines the efforts of school staff and community to ensure that students are able to successfully complete their high school tenure; maintaining a safe and orderly environment that is conducive to learning; establishing strong business partnerships that will enhance student learning; encouraging parent and community involvement in all aspects of the educational process.