It is important that all students are in class and ready to begin before the tardy bell rings at 7:20 AM Students arriving to school between 7:20 AM and 12:07 PM must sign-in in the attendance office. Failure to abide by this rule disrupts the learning environment and will result in disciplinary action.  Jones High School’s tardy policy is as follows:
Tardy Policy
1.     1st tardy Warning
2.     2nd tardy Warning and parent contact
3.     3rd tardy Saturday School (No show ABS x 3)
4.     4th tardy One day In-School Suspension (ISS)
5.     5th tardy Two days ISS (refer to social worker)
6.     6th tardy Three days ISS
7.     7th tardy One day Alternative Bell Schedule (ABS) and parent contact
8.     8th tardy Two days ABS
9.     9th tardy Three days ABS
Students assigned to ABS will not be allowed to participate in any extracurricular activities
Upon receiving an excused or unexcused pass to class the student will proceed immediately to their class and give the pass to the appropriate teacher.  
Please note:  state law excuses only two reasons for arriving tardy to school:  
  1. Court appointment—student must provide papers, and
  2. Doctor’s appointment—student must provide doctor’s note.
Students are not allowed to enter school after 12:07 PM unless the student can provide court papers or a doctor’s note.