The Chain of Lakes Middle School Partners in Education program links businesses and organizations with the school in relationships that enhance student learning and promote school improvement. In a partnership, a business adopts a school, or schools, and shares its human and material resources.
Education and business are so closely related that each flourishes from the support and prosperity of the other. Chain of Lakes Middle School must prepare today's students for their entry into a diverse, competitive work force. When businesses take part in the education of these young people, they help strengthen the work force of the future. The Partners in Education program is vital in helping the community and the school system work and grow together.
For more information on Partners In Education at Chain of Lakes, please contact one of the coordinators.
Andy Leftakis MSW/PIE Coordinator                               Pamela Trudeau
7th Gr. Dean/Video Production                                       PTSA Partners In Education  Coordinator
407-909-5400 ext. 237                                                    407-468-9354                                   
Chain of Lakes Middle School
Welcomes our Partners In Education 2011-2012



Marketing Mind's at Work,
H&R Block
Nicky Lytus (Southwest Realtor)
CFE Federal Credit Union