Success Maker



Success Maker


Success Maker is a computerized program that continually collects data on student performance.  This data is available in the form of reports which is accessed by teachers and administrators. 
By reviewing these reports, teachers and administrators can monitor individual student performance.  The reports show detailed information about each student’s specific areas of difficulty in a course with allows teachers to focus on student individual skill needs. Student progress in the course, including gains and time spent in the course is also presented in the reports. At Carver we use the Success Maker Program in Math, Reading and Language Arts classes.  Each course has a set of reports tailored specifically to the course’s content.


FAQ about Success Maker


When is Success Maker used?


All students in each grade level,  use Success Maker daily in their Reading, Language Arts and Math Classes.


How much time are students allowed on Success Maker?


In all regular scheduled classes, students use the Success Maker for a period of 20 minutes during their 80 minute class period.  In Intensive Math classes, students use the program for 25 minutes per rotation.


How are teachers using the data?


Teachers for each class are able to print individual student reports and work one on one with their students during class according to their identified needs.


How is student progress measured?

Reports from the program measures student gains. With this information teachers and adminisrators are able to chart student growth.