Exceptional Student Education


The Exceptional Student Education program plays an important part in addressing the needs of students who are special learners. Over 14 different program and related services are available for eligible students from preschool to 12th grade. The primary focus on each program is to provide the most appropriate educational services for the student through nationally recognized curricula and behavioral approaches.



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 ESE Staff



Staffing Specialist - Ericka Scheid

ESE Clerk - Nichelle Wallace 

Support Facilitation

6th Grade - Jacqueline Cleary

7th Grade - Dana Spencer

8th Grade - Richard Harmon

ESE Para - Kathy Sanford

Self-Contained ESE

ASD - Arlene Jacobson

Evelyn Franklin

Nikki Lundi

Glenda Taylor​

InD - Donna Babb

Amparo Blanco

Cynthia Ellington

InD - Holly Williams

Brigitte Davis

Kathleen Lance

InD - Amanda Jenkins

Beth Elkholi

Kay Quigley

InD (PMH) - Yolie Bauduy

Barbara Hunter

Sandy Narvaez

InD (PMH) - Danielle Pyke

Diane Brown​

Johnnica Gayne

Julia Hampton

Sylvia Vazquez

ESE Support

Adaptive PE - Charlotte Day​

Behavior Specialist - Christina Mercado

Behavior Trainer - Robin Bolden​​

ESE Registered Nurse - Daria DelPrete

Speech Language Pathologist

Amber Bieger

Speech Language Therapist

Megan McCort

Occupational Therapist - Mary Lou Herring

Physical Therapist - Cheryl Ferney