Physical Education


 In the Wellness Department this year the Gotha students will be participating in a variety of activities!  During the first 9 weeks, Monday will be FITNESS DAY.  On this day, all of the students will be working on aerobic activities, challenging themselves to  reach and maintain their target heart rate. Heart rate monitors and pedometers will be utilized by the students on these days as well. The students may be outside participating in aerobic circuits, inside on the spinners, or in the Wellness Room. Another scheduling addition to our program this year will allow every student to be in the gym at least one day a week.  This not only gives our kids a break from the heat, but allows the students to participate in activities that can not be held outside.  In addition, one day a week, the wellness students will be in the wellness classroom, working on goal setting, learning about fitness concepts and the bodies muscles and bones.  The other three days the students will participate in activities developed by our wellness staff that will develop our students' skill levels.






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