Gotha's Student Body Council


·         The first informational student body council meeting will be on Thursday, October 4, 2012 in C-206. That’s when all forms and request for signature sheets will be distributed.

·         Student Body Elections will be held on Tuesday, November 6th during 1st period. The announcement of winner will be given at the end of the day during 7th period.

·         Campaigning will be October 22- November 6th.

·         Morning campaigning will be on Wednesday, October 24th and Monday, November 5th.

·         No negative campaigning is allowed. If a student is found to be doing negative campaigning, student will be reported to grade level office dean and will be disqualified from participating in the elections.


Gotha Middle School’s Student Body Council sponsor:

Nannette Corcino, contact her at Mrs. McCue will be assisting this year, contact her at




 Nannette Corcino

Gotha Middle School

ESE: Teacher & Department Leader

Room: C-217  Ext: 2298