Students arriving late to school must sign-in at the Main Office before going to class. Repeated tardiness will be referred to an administrator and the school social worker.


GOTHA MIDDLE SCHOOL TARDY CONSEQUENCES The consequence sequence per 9 weeks is as follows:


1 Verbal Warning

2 Grade Level Office - Parent contact - Tardy Contract

3 Wednesday School (3PM-5PM)

4 Saturday School (9AM-12PM)

5 In-School Suspension (ISS) 1 Day

6 ISS 2 Days

7 ISS 3 Days

8 ISS 5 Days or Out of School Suspension (OSS)

9+ Mandatory Parent Conference Possible Alternative School Referral



Attendance Policy


Recent legislation passed by the state of Florida has prompted some changes in the district's attendance policy. The policy is based on Florida law and requires that schools determine excused and unexcused absences.

Excused absences include:
  1. illness
  2. injury
  3. death of an immediate family member
  4. recognized religious holidays
  5. medical appointments
  6. approved prearrangements of educational value (by principal)
The law also requires compulsory attendance to age 18. The new policy requires that when a student accumulates five unexcused absences, the school must notify the parents and initiate interventions. When a student accumulates ten unexcused absences, the school must report the student to the school social worker. When a student accumulates fifteen unexcused absences, the student will be reported to the Department of Family and Children. If a student is repeatedly absent from school, the school is authorized to require the parent/guardian to provide a written physician's statement in order for the student's absence to be considered excused.

Student Absences

To report your child's absence you must send in a note when your child returns to school.
    When sending in a note about the absence: Please include the following in the note:
    1. Student's full name
    2. Date(s) of the absence
    3. Reason for the absence
    4. Telephone number where parent/guardian may be reached
    5. Parent/Guardian signature and date.
Prearranged Absences
Parents or guardians may arrange for children to miss school by completing a prearranged form containing parent, teacher, and administration signatures. These forms may be obtained in the main office or from the grade level office.