Patricia Bowen-Painter, Principal
SunRidge Middle School
14955 SunRidge Blv
Winter Garden, FL. 34787


Phone: 407-656-0794

Fax: 407-656-0806  

Office Hours:
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
School Hours:
Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri: 9:30 AM-3:50 PM
Wednesday: 9:30 AM-2:50 PM
Spring 2015-2016 - Common Final Exams Information:
SunRidge Middle School will be on a modified schedule on May 31st thru June 3rd to accommodate the Common Final Exams (CFEs). 
CFEs are:
·        required by the state and created by OCPS staff. 
·        multiple choice assessments that are administered by paper/pencil.
·        administered in World History, U.S. History, all electives and all science classes.
·        administered in a single block session. 
o   80 minutes for middle school leveled courses
o   100 minutes for high school leveled courses
·        account for 20% of students’ overall grades, regardless if it raises or lowers their averages. 
Prior to Testing:  Test Administrators will review testing rules with students.  These rules include but are not limited to: Students are expected to refrain from making disruptive noises, talking, looking at others’ tests, helping or asking other students for help, having notes or electronics, not following rules, and disclosing information regarding the test to others about the test  (verbally or electronically).  Students are then asked to sign a rules acknowledgement statement.  Students are not excluded from testing or following the rules if they don’t sign the acknowledgement.   If the rules are not followed, the student’s test may be invalidated.  This would lead to the student receiving a 0% for their grade, and he/she would not be permitted to take the test during the make up window.
OCPS Electronics Policy during testing:
“If students are found with ANY electronic devices (other than testing calculators provided by the school) on their person or within their reach during testing OR during breaks, their test
will be invalidated.”  Invalidated tests results in a student receiving a 0% on their assessment.
They are not permitted to retake the test.
OCPS Make Up Policy for absent students during testing:
               Make ups will be ongoing during the testing (5/31 thru 6/3) and make up window (6/6 thru 6/8).
Students who do not take the assessments(s) during this window due to absences will be given
a 59% on the assessment (20% of their final grade).  They will be allowed to take the assessment
for full credit during the summer make up window.  These dates have not yet been determined
by the county, but will most likely be in July 2016.
Academic instruction will continue in classes that are not testing.  Students are expected to be in classes whether or not their class is testing.  Periods testing are listed below: 
Tuesday, May 31st
Wednesday, June 1st
Thursday, June 2nd
Friday, June 3rd
Testing 1st and 2nd period classes
Testing 3rd period classes
Testing 4th and 5th period classes
Testing 6th and 7th period classes

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