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ALL STUDENTS are eligible to become members and take advantage of the benefits OCPS Club Lunch has to offer. SOME STUDENTS WILL EVEN QUALIFY FOR SPECIAL MEAL PRICES.


Automatically become a member and find out if your family qualifies by filling out a Meal Benefits Application at ocpsmealapp.com.

- for your students, their classmates and the school.​​ To maximize the benefits, submit your application.

Contact Us:
6501 Magic Way
Bldg. 500
Orlando, FL 32809
(407) 317-3700
Ext. 202-3966



 Pay for School Meals


As of August 14th, 2014, www.MyLunchMoney.com will no longer be accepting online meal payments for Orange County Public Schools. Our new provider is School Pay. All remaining funds in My Lunch Money accounts will automatically transfer once your School Pay account has been created. Visit www.SchoolPay.com to get started today.  


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