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  District Records


  • Includes personnel, payroll, procurement, facilities, budget and all other district-owned records.
  • Records duplication fee is 15 cents per page. (If extensive research is required, an additional fee may be required.)
  • Records that are open for public inspection will be available within a reasonable time.
  • All exempt information will be redacted prior to release, pursuant to Florida Statute 119.07.
  • Employees wishing to obtain their own records must complete the Employee Individual Access Form for submission to Records Management.

All public records, subpoenas for records and/or employee directory requests should be submitted to:

Orange County Public Schools
Records Custodian
P.O. Box 271
Orlando, FL 32802-0271

Fax: 407-317-3703


For information on how to obtain employment verification please utilize the Employment Services link on the right-hand side of the page.


For information on Florida Public Records law and for a full list of exemptions per Florida Statute 119.07, please utilize the Department of State link on the right-hand side of the page.


 Personnel File Request