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Badge Information

How to Obtain an OCPS Badge
  1. If you are not a current vendor you must first register online as a vendor with Orange County Public Schools.  When this process is complete, the vendor will get an OCPS vendor number.
  2. Once the vendor has this vendor number, they should register and pay for fingerprinting by going to the District’s vendor fingerprint expeditor First Advantage (formerly Pride Rock):
    All Vendors must use the following in order to proceed: Login:ocpsv Password: Password1
  4. A receipt (also called a Barcode) and instructions to the service site selected during registration will be provided.  The service site takes the fingerprints and a photograph.
  5. After the background results are returned from the FDLE, they are reviewed by OCPS Human Resources to make a determination of a “cleared” or “not cleared” status.  OCPS uses the following criteria to determine clearance status:

    The district will not hire, retain or engage in a relationship with anyone convicted of the crimes identified by, but not limited to Florida Statute 1012.465. Specific offenses that are cause for automatic disqualification include:

    a) Sexual predator crimes – all offenses
    b) Sexual Misconduct (all)
    c) Terrorism
    d) Murder/Manslaughter
    e) Lewdness & indecent exposure (any offense)
    f) Incest
    g) Child abuse

    However, the district retains the right to not approve vendor applicants charged with and/or arrested for and/or convicted of conduct that includes:

     h) All offenses listed above in section 5
     i)  Illegal sale and delivery of narcotics
     j) Any felony crimes against a person (i.e., aggravated assault, rape, etc.)
     k) Multiple convictions of misdemeanor battery charges
     l)  Any felony drug arrest within the past five years
    m) Vehicular Homicide
     n) Multiple offenses
  6. All vendors are required to register with Orange County Public Schools.  Registration includes the requirement of a certification and representation that any employee assigned to work at an Orange County Public Schools site or Orange County Public Schools work poses no threat to the heath, safety or welfare of the students, employees, contractors, or guests of the Orange County School Board.
  7. An email notification will be sent with a "cleared" or "not cleared" status.
  8. The e-mail for a “cleared” status may not be used as a temporary badge. Actual badges are fabricated and delivered to the Mail & More in the Rosemont Plaza. The process takes approximately 2 weeks. 
  9. Any person denied a vendor badge may within three (3) business days of their receiving notice of a denial file an appeal.  Failure to file an appeal within three (3) business days shall be a waiver of any right to appeal.

    The person appealing shall file their appeal in writing to the Chief Operations Officer, stating the vendor employee’s name, address and telephone contact information and grounds for the appeal.  Additionally, vendor applicant shall provide all arrest affidavits, final court dispositions, proof of probation completion and a personal statement for every criminal charge appearing in your history.

    Within three (3) business days of receipt of the appeal by the Chief Operations Officer a decision shall be rendered.  The appeal shall be reviewed and decided upon by a three (3) person panel of the Chief Operations Officer or a department of the Chief Operations Office, the Chief of Staff or a department of the Chief of Staff’s office and General Counsel or a department of the Chief Counsel office.  The decision of the review panel shall be final and non-appealable.
  10. The process for vendors picking up large numbers of badges for their employees is as follows:
    • Vendors must draft a letter signed by a company official on company letterhead listing the names of badges to be picked up and last 4 digits of the Social Security numbers.  The letter must also include the name of the company representative that will be assigned to pick up badge(s).  This letter must be faxed or emailed to Procurement or Contract Administration.
    • Vendors may only request badge pick up 5 - 7 business days after a cleared letter has been received.
    • OCPS will review and confirm requests include “cleared” vendor employees only. OCPS will then indicate their approval via a signature and/or stamp on letter then fax or email Pride Rock and return approved copy to Vendor. 
    • PrideRock will send this approved letter to the Badge Distribution Center (Rosemont Plaza Mail & More).  The center will prepare the badges in a single envelope for convenient pick-up experience.
    • Vendor representative (noted in letter) must provide the OCPS approved badge pick-up letter and a state issued identification to the Mail & More store.
    • The Mail & More store will date stamp the letter and mark it “received”.  The center will fax the OCPS letter with a received stamp.  PrideRock will then issue the badges in the SafeSystem in order to keep OCPS Administration site current.

Instruction for Vendors Gaining a Badge in Another School District

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement established a shared database for use by school districts.  This means that if vendor employees are fingerprinted in another district, for example, Osceola or Lake County, they can register for clearance in Orange County using the same fingerprints. There are three important things to keep in mind:

  1. Districts are not required to participate.
  2. If you were fingerprinted before July 1, 2007, your prints are not in the shared database.
  3. Although vendor employees have been cleared in one district, this shared database does not provide an automatic clearance in another district.  Each district has established its own requirements for a “cleared” status. Once vendor employees have obtained OCPS “cleared” status, they will receive an OCPS badge.

Vendor employees will need the Orange County Public School’s vendor number and the TCN or Transaction Control Number associated with the fingerprint file (available from the school district where the vendor employee was previously screened). Once they have obtained this TCN number, they can go to the First Advantage website and register at:

All Vendors must use the following in order to proceed: Login:ocpsv Password: Password1
State Badges
Orange County Public Schools accepts and issues state badges to qualified vendors not having student contact. In Orange County, the issuance, or acceptance, of a state badge requires an examination of the subject’s retained fingerprints in the FSSR. All parties displaying a state badge on district property must also be wearing an OCPS issued county badge affirming the authenticity of the state badge.
·        If a state badge is being issued for the first time, the subject is required to provide the school district proof they are authorized to work in the United States. Among the most common means is the presentation of a correctly completed official I-9 form.
·        If OCPS does not issue you a state badge, any subsequent school district requiring you to have such may do so themselves.