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Welcome to the Safety Department for Orange County Public Schools in Orlando Florida.
Below are a few things that the Department does.

• The Safety Department does an Annual Comprehensive Facility Inspection (ACFI) and follow-up inspections each year on all district facilities. The ACFI is a joint inspection process with the local fire departments. This has brought about a greater degree of understanding, cooperation, and safety awareness in our schools and has reduced disruption of instructional time in the classroom.

• Reviews construction plans as it relates to New Construction, Remodeling, Fire protection and Safety issues on New and Existing facilities and Conducts Fire Investigations as need. Provides safety district and safety police for schools facilities.

• Maintains and monitors databases that collect information from the schools as it relates to Monthly Fire Extinguisher checks and Emergency Evacuation Drills. (Fire Drills, Bad Weather, Lock Down)

• Provides Fire Extinguisher Training throughout the district.

• Receives notifications from the Health Department and enters them into a database. Schools access this database to retrieve any outstanding notifications.

• Provides certified OSHA courses on such subjects as Back Safety, Injury Prevention and work location safety.


Quick Links

Public School Fire Safety Report System
Use the link above to view a summary of fire safety inspections (ACFI) that have been completed on or after July 1, 2011.