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The OCPS District Scorecard reports data on 17 key measures of district performance. The business plans following each scorecard include our targets for improving performance over a three to five year period and some of the strategies we will use to meet or exceed those targets. Please note that the District Scorecards will be updated as needed to reflect available data and aligned strategies.

Click on the scorecard links below to view data and business plans for each priority. Green sections indicate progress toward a goal, white sections indicate no movement and red sections indicate progress below expectations.

For additional data results related to the business plan, please refer to the extended scorecard.

Questions about the District Scorecards should be directed to Brandon McKelvey at (407) 317-3214.


Ensure career and college readiness Scorecard
​​Accelerate student performance Scorecard
Narrow achievement gaps Scorecard
​Increase CTE programs and certifications Scorecard
​ ​

​Invest in human capital


Increase the percentage of high-performing recruited
instructional candidates

​Improve retention rates of high-performing instructional staff Scorecard
​Encourage employees to lead healthy lifestyles through
education and use of health benefits


Enhance prevention, intervention and response programs


Provide empowering environments

​Ensure safety, accuracy and efficiency through increased plan
review and inspection passage rates
​ ​ ​Ensure a high quality and responsive customer service
Maintain highest financial reporting standards


​​Provide on-time, on-budget project delivery with zero
critical defects at deployment
Promote and protect the reputation of the district Scorecard
​Develop and implement programs that increase
community and parental support of schools
Develop and sustain a collaborative relationship
between internal and external stakeholders

 Click HERE to view Extended Scorecard data.