Bill Sublette - ChairmanBarbara M. Jenkins - SuperintendentChristine Moore - District 7Nancy Robbinson - District 6Kathleen Kat Gordon - District 5Joie Cadle - District 1Daryl Flynn - District 2Linda Kobert - District 3Pam Gould - District 5


There are eight members that make up the Orange County School Board. Seven are elected from the single district which they represent, where each must reside in that district; and one is elected county wide and serves as the chairman of the school board.

Members are elected for four-year terms. Four are elected at the time of the presidential election, and four, including the chairman, at the time of the gubernatorial election.

School board members have authority only when the board meets in official session and a quorum is present. The board is responsible for setting policy and meeting requirements set by the Florida Legislature and State Board of Education Rules. All school board meetings are conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order, Revised.
All school board meetings, work sessions and committee meetings are open to the public in accordance with the Sunshine Law except for specific sessions (called Executive Sessions). The board, the superintendent, the school board attorney and appropriate staff members may meet to discuss bargaining agreements.
The superintendent is appointed by the school board and has administrative authority for the direction and operation of the school system under policies adopted by the school board.
OCPS uses Board Docs to manage evey aspect of the preparatio, approval and distribution of documents associated with board meetings. Please click this link to learn "How to Use Board Docs."
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