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The Superintendent’s Budget Study Committee was made up of two teams that addressed 2009-2010 budget adjustment ideas as a result of an anticipated shortfall in state revenues and funding to education. They met from November through February.

A citizens team included representatives from local community groups and school advisory councils.  They discussed how various cost-saving measures might impact the community and the district’s strategic plan. 

A technical team included certified public accountants, chief financial officers and others with expertise in budget and finance.


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 Committee Members



Tamara Brister

Gotha Middle SAC

Keith McCloud

Central Florida Human Resource Association

Mike Cahill

Classroom Teachers Association

Paul McLaughlin

Florida High School Athletic Association

Lynn Eberly

Orange County League of Women Voters

Kelly Mutters

Apopka High SAC

Denise Epps

Superintendent's African-American Advisory Committee

Bill Peeper

Florida Citrus Sports

Judy Frank

Orange County Association of Secondary School Administrators

Lawrie Platt Hall

Florida Alliance for Arts Education

Linda Harris

Jones High SAC

Brenda Preyo-Ramirez

Avalon Middle SAC

Misty Johantgen

East Orlando Chamber of Commerce

Stacey Rodrigues

Orange County Council of PTA

Marjorie Joseph

Greater Haitian American Chamber of Commerce

Ada Rodriguez

Superintendent's Hispanic Advisory Committee

Ingrid Kent

Winegard Elementary SAC

Dave Shirk

Orange County Homeowners Association

Glenn Leong

Asian American Chamber of Commerce

Kathleen Skambis

Community Organized to Rescue Education (CORE)

Sarah Lopez

Associate Superintendent's Exceptional Education Roundtable

Donna Sproat

Hunter's Creek Elementary SAC



 Ruby Strickland

Orange Education Support Professionals Association (OESPA)


 Study Committee Final Report




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