graphic depiction of Face-to-Face model

The OCPS Face-to-Face Model is designed for families who feel comfortable with students returning to a face-to-face, in-school environment. It provides the opportunity for students to return to campus and interact directly – but safely – with their teachers and classmates.

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OCPS Traditional Face-to-Face Features

  • Fully accredited

  • OCPS public school

  • Learn at school

  • K-12 students attend school during standard school hours

  • Receive face-to-face lessons

  • Grades K-5 follow standard arrival and dismissal bells

  • Grades 6-12 follow traditional period-by-period bell schedule

  • Students and teachers utilize personal protective equipment

  • Uses technology to enhance face-to-face instruction

What to Expect: Traveling to and From School

  • When possible, parents are asked to transport their child to and from school in a personal vehicle to limit the potential for virus exposure and reduce the number of students on OCPS buses.

  • If traveling on a bus, students will be required to wear a mask unless a student’s disability does not enable him/her to do so.

  • Bus windows will be open to promote good ventilation. 

  • Students will load the bus filling rear rows first. They will unload from the front rows to the rear to maintain social distancing.

  • Buses will be cleaned twice daily.

What to Expect: Inside the Classroom

  • Students will be required to wear a face mask or personal protective equipment (PPE) in class, unless a medical condition or disability does not allow it.

  • Employees working with students shall wear face masks, or other appropriate PPE.

  • Hand sanitizer stations will be available in each classroom.

  • Class sizes will reflect those in alignment with prior years and will align with state student-to-teacher ratios.

  • To the extent feasible, students will be seated in a socially distant layout in classrooms with all chairs, desks and other workstations 3 to 6 feet apart.

  • Nonessential furniture will be removed from the classroom.

What to Expect: During a Lesson

  • All students and teachers will be provided with a laptop or tablet.

  • Student devices in grades K-5 will stay at school unless otherwise directed.

  • Student devices in grades 6-12 will be allowed to travel back and forth between home and school.

  • All classroom teachers will have access to audio enhancements.

  • All classroom teachers will have access to an interactive whiteboard.

  • All classroom teachers and students will have access to GSuite for Education.

Additional Supports

In addition to face-to-face lessons, teachers and schools can:

  • Provide real-time support and progress monitoring

  • Provide tutoring

  • Request student services

  • Provide associated services for exceptional student education

Best for Families Who...

  • Feel comfortable sending their student(s) back to school

  • Have students who can attend school physically during traditional hours

Best for Students Who…

  • Were less successful with distance learning in the spring

  • Need face-to-face, physical interaction with teachers and students

  • Are more comfortable with face-to-face reinforcement and support