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The ideas below were submitted by employees, parents, students and others to the OCPS School Reopening Think Tank. The ideas were reviewed by work groups that summarized best ideas into a report to the Superintendent and School Board members.


Both Distance and Face to Face models should be offered in order to meet the needs and comfort levels of students and parents. Families should pick one model or the other as their primary mode of learning. Teachers and students should be assigned to either a distance learning class or a face to face class. This would allow smaller numbers at schools so that social distancing practices could be followed. This would also allow teachers to better focus on preparing quality lessons for their mode of teaching. A blended model of teaching might stretch the teachers too far in terms of planning, learning new teaching platforms, and monitoring students. Teachers would always have students both in class and learning at home to monitor.

In the distance learning model, there should be more consistency in terms of expectations for attendance, how much time will be spent in live lessons on BBB, both whole group and small group, and expectations about turning in work and grading. At the beginning of the year, training should be provided to both students and parents about how the technology and learning platforms work so that everyone understands how to attend live sessions, how to use different apps, and how to turn in work. Extra attention should be given to developing distance learning lessons that even students in lower elementary grades can complete without a parent reading the work to them or sitting right with them. This would include using learning platforms that can read the questions and answers to the students. I think that there should also be a project-based learning emphasis included in the distance learning model so that students can be actively and creatively engaged. Some projects that are not technology based should be included. B2052"

" I think that we all would love to go back to the ideal of face to face learning. This was a great option for our children. Given the current situation, the safety of not only our children but also for the staff. I think distance learning would be a safer option . This does not mean that we would not go back to face to face in a more safe and healthy environment for our kids in the future.

The schools should be able to keep their staff and adjust duties depending on what is needed, safely for employees. The focus is on reopening schools in the near future safely for everyone.Kids may also be able to work in smaller groups and have learning that is tailored for them. Giving the students a more one on one help with assignments.

It is also important to partner with the parents explain the importance of the change in dianamic for the new situation. It will be a lot of hard work as we have seen from previous months. This also shows that it can be done. With some changes I am sure it can be even better.There would also have to be stronger accountability and support for each parent.

I think especially on an elementary level it would be difficult to keep students safe. Before the pandemic it was hard to keep up on students washing their hands. We will now add keeping on their mask to the mix. No one wants to be in an environment that they feel unsafe (mentally or physically).This is a bit much.

I truly believe that at home learning can be done. It can also be done safely for our children and staff. It would be better long term for our future."

" I think the Best thing, for our Students, and the safety, of Teachers, and

all of whom work inside the school...... is

Distance Learning... Not in the school.. In their homes. Distance learning

by way of computer..... I Think Is.....

Thank You."

" - Having mandatory times to check-in/attendance

- Smaller classes so that teachers can actually meet with students often virtually, class wide and individually

- Upgrading to memberships to digital platforms like quizlet, Duolingo, edpuzzle, etc


Untiil there is a cure for covid, i am mot 100% comfortable in returning to teach face to face. I would not want to catch anything or spread anything. I have an 88 yr old father who i visit. I am responsible for taking him to his doctor"s visits & i absolutely do not want to compromise his health.

Children can still spread the virus teachers will be in a room with possibly up to 25-30 kids every single day. Or multiple sets of 30 kids at different times throughout every day. There is no way to social distance in classrooms with so many. Many don't even have windows for fresh air. It doesn't matter if you clean all the surfaces if you're breathing the same air all day every day from all the students. When school goes back every teacher, student, parent and family member in every community will be at a greater risk of not only getting sick and being quarantined for weeks but also being at higher risk of potentially dying. Teachers use small group instruction and collaboration among kids with groups and partners. How is that going to happen if we do go back? It can't. What are we gonna do ? ....Say sit in your chair, don't breathe or move on anybody just do your work? Online teaching is not what we want. It isn't why we teach ...this isn't how we teach... we miss the students. We miss the interactions, we miss teaching the way we've learned to teach our entire lives. but it's not about what we like right now it's about staying safe. For everyone.

" Distance learning seems like the safest approach at this time for the children in the Orange county school systems. Especially with the cold and flu season quickly approaching. It will be difficult to have small children social distance and practice good hygiene during the cold and flu season.

Children with asthma and allergies will have a more difficult time as well with the new guidelines for face to face studies.

The distance learning worked very well at the end of the school year and many children are familiar with communicating with their teacher on-line.

For the safety of the children and those that are around them, all health concerns should be addressed before placing them back in the classroom.

There is a huge risk with families that may be exposed to Covid 19 with their jobs and the children can be carriers before their symptoms present themselves. Mass infections can occur within the schools.

With the uncertainty of this pandemic, the distance learning is a safer option."

I still don't feel comfortable to say for least that we're ready to resume school, until this virus is completely under control.

" In the midst of the increasing number of corvid 19 cases among the young people, we should NOT OPEN the school as any kind of face-to-face models and should continue to do Distance Learning.

We should open the school when we feel confident in the absolute safety if not 100 % safety but close to it, for the employees and our students.


If we open the school by providing with masks and face-shields and asking to maintain social distances to every one on campus, the young people have their own ideas of these guidelines and corvide 19. They think that they will not be catching it because they are young, When they see their peers are NOT wearing masks and not keeping social distance especially during the lunch break and breaks between classes, they will not follow these guidelines, either. (Peer pressure). They are not considering the other people and not considering they may be the ones to transmit the disease to someone.

Even if we reduce the number of students in the classrooms and they may behave in the classrooms by following the safety guidelines, when they are out of the classrooms, they have their own mind and their peers are more important for them.

What happens if the fights break anywhere; in the classrooms and outside of the classrooms? And what happens if they decide not to follow any safety guidelines in the classrooms? It may be just small number of students that will behave like this way, but that small number of students will transmit the disease and will spread if they have it and give the great impact on their own lives,someone else's lives and their family members.

We should not risk any one's lives under any circumstances."

Just don't think it's safe for the kids or staff to return to the class rom

One possibility for virtual learning could be using paraprofessionals to help with one on one interventions in addition to their distance learning.

"- School year should start in September to give everyone time to prepare for 100% distance learning. That is the only way to keep everyone safe.

- The school board and teacher's union should fight for 100% distance learning.

- Most, if not all, school clerk positions can be transitioned to work from home positions since registration information, transcripts, etc. can be processed online.

Until we have a reliable covid treatment that we can do from home (to prevent many hospitalizations) or a vaccine, we all must adapt to distance learning. It's not safe for anyone to be on campus."

"- School year should start no earlier than September to prepare for distance learning only

- 100% distance learning is the only way to keep everyone safe

- If someone does make the dangerous decision to return to campuses, lives will be at risk.

- If returning to campuses becomes an option (when it shouldn't be), these should be the requirements:

Everyone on campus must be wearing masks with NO exceptions

Teachers can students should be split into groups with one group meeting

on Mondays and Wednesdays, the other meeting Tuesdays and


Plexiglass barriers must be built in all offices (again, NO exceptions)

All offices, classrooms, cafeterias, and restrooms must be thoroughly

cleaned daily

Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer must be in every office and classroom"

Until a vaccine is developed or learn more about the exposure or the virus, distance learning should continue. Distance learning should continue especially for overcrowded schools or schools with large population of student body. Students are safer at home because the numbers are continuously climbing and it has been predicted by experts that there will be a second wave with COVID-19

With the latest riots i am worried a rise in Covid-19 will happened. I have previously favored blended. But i am now concerned with a rise in Covid-19


We are concerned about how the schools, school buses will be able to practice safe social distancing. We have children in elementary, middle, and high school in Orange county. It seems like there will be extreme pressure in the school classrooms for the teachers to try to disinfect constantly while trying to teach. With the cold and flu season coming up it seems like a large risk to place students back in the classroom at this time.It will be difficult for children to keep masks on all day in the Florida heat. Children can get respiratory infections and rashes. It may be safer for the beginning of the new school year to practice distance learning as the children are already familiar with it. Especially knowing that there may be another Covid 19 outbreak during the cold and flu season."

"Everyone has to work. It's an awful situation. But I'd rather make things work at home than to thrust my child back into an unsafe situation. We have more and more cases daily, and with the lack of distancing, it's going to escalate.



Elementary - Digitally departmentalize at every grade level to ease the planning and instruction load on teachers. "


I find that we are going through difficult times and that the increase in codvid-19 is remarkable. For safety, the well-being of our children, the best alternative is distance education. We must not risk or play with the lives of children, they are the future. The best and wise alternative is distance education."


I find that we are going through difficult times and that the increase in codvid-19 is remarkable. For safety, the well-being of our children, the best alternative is distance education. We must not risk or play with the lives of children, they are the future. The best and wise alternative is distance education."


I would be decisive and choose Distance Learning immediately and start preparing using the time at our disposal to ensure that students can be accommodated the best way possible. Alert parents immediately so that they can be prepared. Improve the software systems to accommodate increased students' use. Use the month of July to have teachers prepare lessons in PLCs online or face-to-face for distance learning, as well as work packets for students. Have the first week of reopening for general orientation with structured daily communication of procedures on Canvas to students from the school. Also, all communications from OCPS for parents, teachers and students must be sent to the school for sorting and relevance, to avoid confusion and overwhelming stakeholders. Allow students to log onto classes at the times given on their schedules for lessons, and for contact with teachers. Pick up and return of work packets once or per week."


In these difficult times we are going through, my opinion is that they should not risk the lives of children. I say that children should be left with distant education. For the best security, better health and better well-being for them. The fact that they return to school in these difficult times and with the increase in codvid 19 that the best solution is being available is distance education. That the students go to school is a mistake and a risk because a child who goes to the infected classroom is going to infect the other students and the teacher and that is to expose the lives of others. Let's stop and think things through the best alternative is distance education. Let's be aware. As a mother I care and this is the best wise alternative"


Please, let's continue with distance learning.Let's keep it safe for all students, teachers, staff members, and all families until we are able to get the vaccine against Covid-19. "


Students should remain undergoing distance learning using online platforms like BBB or Zoom combined with their Canvas. It is not safe for students or employees to be returning to work/school already. "


We have been doing distance learning for several weeks because of the quarantine! This method has been very beneficial to the students and me. I am able to do more one on one teaching, student behavior is not an issue therefore, allowing me to do more teaching and educating the students, there is more parent involvement, I can work with students during the week and on weekends, and more. "

"#1. High school and middle school can go 100% digital. Teachers have already proven it can be successfully done. Elementary can be face to face and contained in the same classroom all day.

#2. High school and middle school get divided into 3 groups. Group One is only on campus Monday and Tuesday. Group Two is only on Campus Thursday and Friday. Group Three is 100% Digital learning and not on campus. When not on campus, digital learning assignments are completed.

#3. Bus drivers and classified staff should be utilized to deliver lunches in an all digital situation. Drivers do their normal route at their normal time. At their stop, classified staff who are on the bus with them, can distribute lunches to any students at that stop. This will help to reach those students who need it the most.

#4. Please respect the teachers. They need to be safe too!! Splitting the students helps, but there needs to be serious cleaning that happens between groups. Actual cleaning. "

"1- Nation's health officials confirmed the Covid 19 virus is here to stay and will most likely surge by the Fall.

2- No ETA as yet for the release of the first Covid-19 vaccine

3- The Pandemic's second wave has not hit us yet. (we can use the lessons learned from the 1918 spanish influenza where close to 50 million people died in the 2nd wave).

4- If one student dies as a consequence of the re-opening, it will definitely be too many.

5- The District's Leadership and foresight were unquestionable in the outstanding and seemelingness way they've transited to a distant learning Format. It was very effectively done and the Teachers, Staff and Students have done an outstanding job adapting to the distance Ed. format.

6- One can only imagine the nightmare that could have resulted from asking these students to come to school under those very unique circumstances. How many of them could or would have gotten infected with Covid 19 or died from it. Nothing is worth a student's life and playing ""Roulette Russe"" with people's life under these conditions is definitely not an option.

7- In my humble opinion, the District should continue showing its outstanding Leadership by putting Student's and Employee's life first before politics or any other financial matter.

8- The Distance Learning format as proven to be very effective and practical at all levels. The Benefits of having Students and employees safe and covid free, outweigh everything else.

9- However, the District would be wise to let the parents and general public know that they will start a hybrid format (3 days of face to face and 2 days distance ed) once a vaccine is found and a few months later a full face to face instructional schedule will be announced.

The three phases of implementation.

Thank you.


"1. Please allow parents to choose distance learning if they prefer it. Many parents are uncomfortable with having their young children go to school during a pandemic. I doubt the kindergarteners and first graders will reliably wear masks, especially if the message they are hearing from home (they are not necessary!) conflicts with what they hear at school (they are necessary!) I don't want to have to transfer my son to a different school (Florida virtual school) only to transfer him back after a year. Have dedicated teachers responsible for virtual school, but through the child's normal school. Allow children who's parents wish them to return to face to face do so by choice. Hopefully, this by default will help you to limit class sizes (which is better academically for teachers and students anyway).

2. Is there a way to conduct virtual recess/lunch so kids get the benefit of free time socialization with their friends? Zoom lunch sessions with a consistent group of 4-5 kids?

3. Mental health needs are different during a pandemic. Please make sure elementary school kids are being taught self care strategies to deal with the increased stress.

4. Parent academy should have sessions helping parents to manage their increased stress load, so they are not taking out on their kids. "

"1. Videotaped weekly lessons by subject in segments by teachers & 2 video blue button calls per week to review/answer questions/etc. One on one questions via email & follow up calls if needed or explanations on video available to the entire class.

2. Email/Mail printable copies of lessons & work for those students unable to work online & set up monthly Face to face meetings for those kids with teachers & parents present.

Children & teens are not able to responsibly social distance & will not be responsible with wearing masks for the duration of school, especially the elementary school aged children. "

"1.Teachers 60 years or older and those with health issues should have first option in teaching distant learning due to suggested guidelines from the CDC in regards to that age group is at a higher risk.

Those teachers classrooms could then be utilized for the overflow of downsizing students per classroom.

EVERYONE required to wear a mask, I have been to my school a few times and shocked how teachers and office staff are not wearing a mask!

2. How are you going to put students 6ft apart in portables? I am in a portable and am very concerned about how close we are to each other.

3. One thing I did notice was my students with ADHD were very successful with Distant Learning. Was this because of less stimulus, perhaps something you should check into.

4. Do distant learning where teachers report to their schools to do this from their classroom but students remain at home. I don't see where using a hybrid method is going to keep staff and students safe. We know parents send kids to school sick!

5. Every teacher should be able to take the temperature of every student before they enter their classroom. We know once they are in that environment everyone is exposed.

6. Schools are not clean! Custodians need to have someone coming out from the county to check their work. I'm sorry but if I didn't clean my portable daily it would have never been cleaned. The only thing ever done was trash, vacuuming, and bathroom floor mopped with dirty water from the other bathrooms cleaned. Walls were never wiped down, doors, light switches, desks, chairs, NEVER cleaned! So how am I going to know if they really sanitized my classroom if we go back?

7. Extra custodians to keep stair rails wiped down several times a day, door knobs, bathrooms etc.

8. Just continue Distant Learning, "

"1.Weekly packets designed by teacher handed off all at beginning of semester for elementary/ HS continue all online learning as per the past spring semester.

2.Supplement w khan academy or etc online if student needs more exposure to topics.

3.Optional zoom meetings.

4.Mon, Fri school open to reservations only for one on one tutoring by teachers.

5.Book report weekly- students choice on book list

6.Online parent journal- one weekly entry submitted to voice concerns/accomplishments

7.Creative writing journal- 1 daily entry by student. Can be any poem, thought, flow writing, idea, short story.

I've homeschooled my 5 in the past. We can all be successful with this if we give them basic skills assignments and then offer them supplements to create avid learning. This is our opportunity to teach love of learning and leave behind a very broken system that relies on testing to provide our kids with lifelong skills that involve passion and resourcing. This works. Don't complicate the matter further. Offer safety courtesy and efficiency. Then the students will provide the show. "

"11 years 2 retirement. Extremely high risk of poor outcome: age, BMI, asthma, diabetes, high BP. I have "sheltered in place" since March 13, 2020, 19-year OCPS-employed VPK teacher.

Current VPK classroom has 20 students, 1 certified teacher, & 1 paraprofessional. Regardless of class size & classroom square footage, if VPK students return 2 school this fall, will B impossible 2 maintain social distance. Developmentally, beginning VPK students have yet 2 develop concept of personal space. Also, have yet 2 develop concepts of mindfulness & self-regulation.

In addition, there will B significant number of families who will choose 2 keep VPK students home, regardless if digital instruction is available or not. Several parents currently participating in VPK digital learning w/ me have expressed desire 2 continue remote learning in the fall.

Further, I believe there will B significant number of high-risk students & teachers who cannot safely return 2 school campuses. Suggestion:

VPK paraprofessional & (at most) 11 students B present @ school, while teacher & remaining students attend from home. Simultaneously, teacher delivers digital instruction 2 classroom. Paraprofessional provides support w/ materials & supervision, just as if teacher were present FL VPK statutes require 11:1 ratio.

I've planned & delivered high-quality digital instruction, since Florida public schools closed in March. I am fully capable of continuing 2 do so. For VPK families w/ the requisite technology who have chosen 2 commit, digital learning gains have been exceptional!

Eventually, I trust there will B vaccine/medical intervention. In the meantime, state & local employers hold the responsibility 2 offer safe options 4 highly vulnerable students and staff. Thank you for your support!"

"2021 is what I feel is best for the schools to reopen. We don't know how long this virus will last. If the school decides to open this year... I feel that they will be overwhelmed by trying to accommodate social distancing.


7315 positive cases and Orange County. How could you even consider anything but distance learning? Our Florida schools are breeding grounds for spreading the virus to parents, grandparents, teachers, staff, and the community. Please listen to health experts instead of the governor's wishes. All of us want our students back in school but not at the price of people's deaths. DISTANCE LEARNING UNTIL CASES ARE REDUCED SIGNIFICANTLY.

A big push back into the classroom seems to be so that parents can get back to work. Very valid reason, trying to ensure the safety of our children, teachers and families I believe looking for different options as needed. If we must return digitally in the fall I believe we can utilize some school sites, school buses by being virtual study halls. They can be safe places children can go with staff that are willing to be on campus such as paras, speech, ese can be there for services. Since it would only be an option for those who need daycare assistance. The numbers would be small enough to ensure social distancing and cdc guidelines.

"A child whose parents work should not become the responsibility of a school/teacher because it endangers all the students of the class. All students should stay home, or if there's no one home for the students to stay with, parents should figure out alternate accommodations. All teachers should have the option to stay home, whether or not they are high risk.

Only those teachers who would like and who choose to come to the school to take care of the students who don't have anywhere to go, should come to school. It shouldn't be a requirement of every teacher, as teachers should all have the choice to stay home in order to protect their family's health, whether or not they are high risk or have high-risk family members. "

A distance learning model with scheduled hours of teaching for teachers online.

A this time is safer for every student to continue with distance learning.

"A vaccine is imminent based on our current news updates. We should have a vaccine within a half year or so. Distance learning is smart because it creates the necessary social distancing to keep children, their families, and the community safer. We cannot rely on children or staff to safely guarantee appropriate social distancing. Most children will be unaffected by Covid. Some will be affected with the pediatric inflammatory condition that has been identified by the CDC. The risk to thousands of children going back to school is that some will get sick. And those that do will require hospitalization per the CDC.. That's unnecessary when we have several potential vaccines getting ready to enter phase 3 trials. If ANY other outbreak occurred in the community such as measles or another communicable disease, we would send children home was safe. Covid is no different. We have evidence that it's not safe for some children, and we simply do not know enough yet. That's not to mention vulnerable teachers and staff. Please do what's right for everyone's health and make the smartest choice for the entire community. Schools are a big vector for disease transmission and opening schools WILL increase Covid cases. Children simply cannot social distance responsibly. Even if they could, surfaces and shared tools are a risk, and enclosed airborne environments pose a risk as well. It will not be convenient, but it will save lives and the effects of long-term illness that we are discovering with Covid. Opening schools now would be an experiment, and one where our children, teachers, and families are put at risk. It's simply not time yet. Let us be smart and wait for the vaccine.

Thank you.


Absolutely under no circumstances should we put our children at risk for exposure. Blended makes no sense. So we expose them for a week or two then keep them home, then send them back to expose them again. Makes no sense. Distance learning is the safest option and should be the only option.

According to the CDC social distancing guidelines, I cannot see how anything other than distance learning for the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year is feasible. I will be returning to the school year with a newborn and two other young children under the age of 3. I value a good in-person education, however with the fear or a second wave of COVID-19 approaching in the fall, I don't not want to put my family at risk for infection.

After reopening, cases are still open and new cases are arising ever since people started gathering. For the safety of our students and employees I think it's best to still do distance learning.

"All it takes is for one child or employee to get sick with the virus. They cause other students and employees to get sick and then they bring the virus home to family members. With the virus still active, I don't see it possible! The school becomes responsible for everyone's health and safety! Distance learning should continue with a more structured plan for teachers and student education, similar to Florida virtual.


all online and all teachers use canvas. there are weekly hours, however, where teachers can go to their classrooms to work and plan if they would like.

All schools should provide in class and distance learning. (Not Florida Virtual School- but from their own teachers). Each educator and parent should be able to CHOOSE what they feel most comfortable with. The ones who really want to return should be able. There are teachers who really want to return/ who are very young and many teachers who are afraid. This goes for parents as well. For this next school year- we should have options. I am not 65 years or older, but I have other health issues and I am afraid to return to a primary classroom. What will be the protocol when a child is coughing and sneezing, but no fever? Will the kids have masks on? If not, it will be a dangerous. Will I have a thermometer to check them everyday, because I have had sick children come to school all the time (with colds, fevers, flu, strep) because parents don't want to miss work. I am forced to keep these kids in my classroom unless their fever is above a certain number. What will the protocol be this year with Covid? We will need clear safety guidelines on all of these concerns.

All teachers should return to work, however students should remain at home for distance learning for the first semester. If students are unable to complete work at home due to internet issues or other home concerns, then schools can use gyms to allow students to complete work. Schools can be open from 9-12 for students to complete work. Gyms can be setup to with cafeteria tables and allow students to be seated 6 ft apart. Gyms can be sanitized by custodial staff daily as it shoots be the only area where students are held. Schools can be opened for breakfast and lunch every day for students to eat.

"All teachers will have a virtual classroom (Zoom/Big Blue Button/Etc). Teachers will run their virtual classroom on a daily basis, as if they are at school, (regular 7.5 hours). Virtual classroom can be set up where you see everyone and it can also be set up to where you only see and hear the teacher. Students would then ask and answer questions in the chat box. All lessons are recorded. Any misconduct will be address by teacher and administration with parent.

Elementary - Students login to the virtual classroom,teacher greets them and starts the day just like they are in the classroom together at school. Continue the morning, as if it is a regular school day with a variety of lessons. For Specials, the student will login to their Specials teachers virtual classroom on the day and time they have their special. Lunch and Recess, students will complete on their own at home, which is scheduled into the day.

Middle/High School - Students get their regular schedule 1st - 7th period.

Students login to their 1st period teachers virtual classroom and the teacher will present today's lesson. They then log out at the end of the period and login to their 2nd period teacher's virtual classroom, who presents today's lesson. This continues for all 7 periods. Lunch is on your own (could have lunch at the same time for everyone).

All classes/lessons are recorded, anyone absent is sent that day's lesson, with a phone call to parent explaining student was absent and they need to watch the recorded lesson and complete work. If a student is absent so many days(3-5) in a week, that student's name is sent to Administration, which has a plan on how to address multiple absences.

No busing - cost savings

School Start Time - can be later or earlier since there is no busing."

"Allow people to create their own "germ groups" w/in their academic community

Distance learning/ small groups of parents kids siblings/ will allow for social interaction/ agreement among group for times so some parents can work and others monitor work of the group learning/progress. I understand not everyone will like this bc not all parents want to interact with others but we know that more involved parents make for a better school. If people want to continue to social distance small zoom like sunsets can be created. Do NOT send the kids back. We just shut the bars again bc college kids/young adults couldn't social distance so there is no way elementary, middle and high schoolers will social distance. "

Although I would love for my son to return to school, I am seriously concerned for his health. I hear alot of parents saying they are going crazy at home and cant wait to "dump them at school." This terrifies me. I will do whatever is best for my child and I hope it gets taken I to consideration as distance learning would be the Most RESPONSIBLE option.

Although it is still some time away, we are from from safe. I don't think exposing our lids is necessary. Maybe for people that work but if I can keep my kids at home, that would be my chvoice and hope to be given the option. Maybe occasional face to face but not weekly

"As a 67 year old veteran elementary teacher with a Professional Service contract and a year and a half left in DROP it would be imperative for me to have the opportunity to use distance learning for my health and the health of my husband. During this time of distance learning, I have seen the remote lessons provided by their teachers in NYC. Their teachers used Google classroom, recorded themselves providing instruction in every subject area, provided relevant practice and met with them in small group. It was a lot for the children to finish and frankly more than students can realistically cover in a typical day. The onus was on their parents to enforce behavioral expectations.

Their work was monitored and graded accordingly. "

As a health care provider although it can be challenging to balance a work schedule with distance learning I feel that it would be best to continue distance learning. Not only for the safely of the students but also for the teachers, parents and grandparents who can potentially being exposed to any illness to the expeditions of resurgence by the opening of school to the end of this year. In my opinion the school year should start distance and revisit face to face after Christmas break when they return in January 2021. Yes the kids May get bored at times being home and not able to see friends very often but as responsible adults the most important thing to keep in mind is the safety and health of our kids.

"As a middle school teacher and parent, I don't see how it will be possible to keep students 6 feet apart effectively and safely if we return to face to face. In my opinion, the risk of infection is still too great and I am not willing to put myself or my child in danger of contracting the virus.

Can the Florida Virtual School curriculum be an option for all at least through December( Semester 1)? At least by using FLVS curriculum or OCVS(Orange County Virtual School) , everyone will have access to the same resources and assessments. Teachers can incorporate their own extra practice resources for students, but the main objectives will all be the same if we use FLVS or OCVS curriculum. "

As a parent and an employee, I was very concerned about the social-emotional state and the academic progress of our students during the distance learning period. I would love to return to the classroom under the best conditions possible. My birth children made adequate progress during the period of distance learning because I established a structured learning environment in my home. Yet, I am aware that this is not the case for many other students within the district. Nevertheless, I'm concerned that with a rush to reopen with face-to-face learning the health of faculty, staff, and students will become compromised. Schools are the perfect place where germs breed since our students typically don't practice the best hygienic care. Ultimately, as the discussions concerning the plans to reopen are considered, I hope that the implementation and maintenance of high-level cleanliness as well as the resources provided to teachers to maintain this level will be at the top of the conversation.

As a parent and employee of OCPS Im highly concern of my elementary age students going back to school while this pandemic still not under control. Kids between these ages are most likely to share toys, supplies, food, hug, play together and not clean after themselves in bathrooms nor wash their hands even when encourage too.

"As a parent of an ESE student I preferred face to face. But I rather have my son healthy at home that at risk at school.

Maybe an alternative for our kids is to work as the home bound kids do.

At the end we'll manage and work with what's best for all of us. "

As a parent of both a 5 year old and 13 year old, I find that it will be a big challenge for my 5 year old to keep a mask on their face. Given our attempts to get out, my 5 year old has a problem keeping it on for a grocery run or to appointments. Therefor the expectation that she will be able to keep a mask on for a school day I know will pose a problem. Furthermore, for a single adult to try to tend to more students her age that will more than likely given the same trouble as well will not make the learning environment as productive, as more time and energy will probably be geared more towards trying to ensure health safety.

"As a parent of highschoolers I think distance learning would be the way to go. I do understand it is harder for younger kids to adjust to and they need more teacher interaction.

If we are able to mitigate by bringing only younger children into the schools, we would be able to utilize more spaces for the same number of students."

As a Parent of two children and an employee who works in the School, I think that it's not worth the risk of coming back to campuses in any capacity. During the time out for summer, there are people who are still traveling and not taking the threat of a deadly virus serious, therefore they be negligent and contract the virus as asymptomatic carriers and pass it along to others who were careful. The children are then sick and passing it along to others. No matter what we do, there is no way that we can prevent children for being children and touching other things and people without properly cleansing themselves first. I whole heatedly feel that we should remain out until the threat of the virus isn't as pronounced as it is now. Thank you for asking our input.

As a parent to a high schooler and a new kindergartener I would prefer home schooling for my kids. It's not safe out there and I don't think teachers can manage to avoid social distance in a class room full of students. My opinion of reopening school on a regular schedule is not a good idea. Our kids health and safety comes first, as for education is very important, but in this pandemic we have no choice other than home schooling. As for my kids I'm not going to send them until there's a proper treatment or vaccines to avoid the virus. It's a world wide sick, it's not an ordinary sick that people can go somewhere else and stay until it's safe. So again I'm submitting my ideas of not opening school and it's not even safe it's worse. Our kids lives matter, let's keep them safe. Thank you.

"As a parent we have the right to keep healthy and safe our children. We prefer the distance learning as a first option while we can get a 100% guarantee they are safe. Thank you and God bless you!


"As a parent who has a child with some asthmatic symptoms I need to know that my child is 100% okay knowing she will be in school and in contact with other students.

During the school year my daughter has gotten sick from other students being in school sick. Now I understand that may happen but knowing there is a virus going around and my child can potentially be at risk because of it scares me. During the school closing for COVID and doing distance learning it has helped my daughter achieve more at home then when she was in school because of the timing for each curriculum. "

As a parent with two daughters who are considered high risk I am very concerned about them returning to school, be cases and symptoms are being discovered still. This situation is too dire to put our kids and ourselves, at risk.

As a parent, I am still opting for distance learning. After reviewing CDC guidelines, it is quite IMPOSSIBLE to complete most of this guidelines in an already over populated school district. Since most of these guidelines can not be met, this will lead to many new cases. The safety of the students and staff, along with the family members should be the top priority. To require a teacher to overlook the cleanliness of the students and the overall classroom during the time that should be utilized for learning, is quite absurd. Either learning will not take place or the teacher will dismiss the disinfecting procedures, which will be negative on both sides of the spectrum. Distance learning should be more organized since there is already more practice for students/teachers. For example, teachers could complete a few pre-recorded videos with different lessons for the students for the week. This would help parents who are still going to work and have some guidelines and visual instruction from the teacher to complete assignments.

As a parent, I want my daughters safe and healthy at home. The Distance Learning was great during this months. All the teachers did a great job!!! As an employee, I need to stay healthy for my family. The coronavirus cases are going up so quickly. We cannot open schools until this pass... I'm really worried about all this situation. The teachers can do the Distance Learning again.

As a parent, I'm really worried about the Covid-19. But I want my kids safe and healthy at home. So, I want Distance Learning for them. The teachers did a great job with the Distance Learning. As an OCPS employee, I can't risk my family.

"As a parent, we intended to move our 10th grade student to FLVS for the 2020-2021 academic year before the pandemic even hit.

However, should distance learning remain an option for my child who not only loved, but excelled in distance learning, we would consider leaving her at her current high school.

The environment of a large high school social setting is not good for my child's mental health which is why we were choosing to move to FLVS.

Thank you for your time."

As a student I do not feel safe working in a fase-to-fase environment. It would put me more at risk to contracting the virus. I believe going to school would bring unnecessary stress to students and parents causing poor grades.

As a student I don't feel that I would perform well if I had to go back to school. My mind would be too preoccupied fearing and worrying about catching the virus and more importantly, bringing it home to my loved ones. My brother is highly at risk and the doctor told him, if he catches this virus, he will not make it. I can't bear the thought that I could be the reason for losing my brother just because I'm being exposed at school. I'm sure there are many other students, faculty, and staff who are under the same predicament as me. It all around sounds like a bad idea. Of course no one wants there to be a pandemic but unfortunately, there is one. By having distant learning, it will ensure safety and blood off anyone's hands. We will be able to focus better knowing that we are safe.

As a Teacher and a Parent, I'm afraid the students, administration, and the entire staff team will not be ready to face this still Pandemic (Covid19). As adults, we can take all the precautions, but we all know that the students will not. When they used to touch everything and everyone around without taking any precautions. How we will avoid constant contact between students? How we will sanitize constantly everything? I think it will be to soon to sent out kids to traditional school right now, while this going on and a lot of people are still getting it.

"As a teacher I do not feel comfortable being responsible for kids to wash hands, keep on face masks and stay far enough away. I don't want that responsibility honestly. I love my kids, for that exact reason is why I don't want anybody to get sick because the kids didn't follow protocol. Let's be realistic, we can't always ensure they will follow directions now but in the future we're now dealing with the fear of a health concern. Not to mention, I teach special Education. There is no way my babies will keep on face masks, some of them don't even want you to touch them (high five, fist bump etc) due to their sensory issues. Some kids don't even wear certain shoes or clothes for the same reasons but you think they will wear a mask. Not realistic! I love them to much to impose unrealistic expectations that will only cause more frustration and issues which will still impede their learning.

As a parent I don't feel confident that their teacher will make sure everyone is wearing a mask in their classroom or washing hands. Kids love to interact by touching one another it's a natural thing to them. Both of my kids love to laugh and play with their friends. They share things in school all the time. They use bathrooms frequently throughout the day, who will now work to disinfect these facilities. Many families have multiple moving components from parents who live in different homes to how they parent and keep their home clean. These are the things you have to consider when these kids go back and fourth each day from home to school.

China just closed again due to the spike in corona virus, we all know based off of the data that this will happen again in the fall. I rather we wait to open in January, Kids don't do well yo-yo-ing them back and fourth. Start strong Online! "

As a teacher I do not want to return. I want to continue virtual education. I teach middle school. I have 130+ kids that go through my classroom each day, and each of them have contact with numerous family members from their home. I also have a daughter at home who has a kidney disease and is more susceptible to illness. I can't risk bringing the virus home to her. On top of that if we return in the fall within a couple months starts flu season and I imagine increased spread of COVID 19 as well. Realistically we all know there is no way for social distancing in schools. We all know that most schools can't even keep hand soap and paper towels stocked in the bathrooms. Children are not going to keep masks on and children do not always have the best of hygiene practices either. As teachers we are lucky if we can get janitors to take trash out of our rooms daily. If I want tables and other areas disinfected I have to do that myself with my own products that I purchase or students donate. We do not have the janitorial staff to cover the amount of cleaning needed daily for each classroom. We will never be able to bus students to school and give them proper space plus the same air circulates all through the small bus (same situation for classrooms). We can't have children eating lunch in classrooms, as teachers we are supposed to have a 30 minute (student free) lunch. There is no way to cut the numbers of students in each class (the County always has a teacher shortage). As a parent of three children I prefer my children stay home and continue distance learning where I can provide a safe and clean environment. I can consistently teach my students through virtual learning and not have to worry about if I am safe at school. I can't risk my health and my children's health.

As a teacher I would like to stay distance. There are too many moving parts for us to go back. Going back puts a lot of liability on the teacher in terms of sanitation, lunch in the classroom, social distancing and requiring masks. Making teachers responsible for all of these components could put teachers in an "At Fault" position in the event of an outbreak etc... I would like to see distance learning continued.

"As a teacher in a private School, I was able to teach through Distance Learning. My experience was great only with a few problems at the begging. But after we (Parents, students, and teacher) get used to the system everything run smoothly.

Since, we split the classes, I was able to teach the classes with longer period providing 5 minutes breaks. The advantage of the Distance Learning was:


Parents knew what I was teaching


Parents got involve with the lessons


Students with IEP was did better with the help of different Differentiated Learning strategies. Since I had more time to teach a lesson, difference activities was able to provided without the stress of time.


As a teacher, I was able to create different type of test that help my students that have difference types of learning


As a teacher in the OCPS I prefer long distance education. I am consider in a high risk rank for the COVID19. Therefore, not until a vaccine or a medical treatment for COVID 19 is available the distance education should continue.

As a teacher we want the families and the students to be safe, but at the same time we need to think about the staff to. We know how we are taking care of our self and our own families but we don't know in what conditions are the students and families. I wish that we could continue as we were before ending the 19- 20 school year. Remote learning would be the best until is clear for the safety of everyone.

As a teacher, I do not feel comfortable face-to-face instructing. I thought that distance learning worked well last school year and I would enjoy doing distance learning again. I want everyone to be safe and I would appreciate it if you consider distance learning for next school year.

As a teacher/parent I would go with distance learning with Fridays off so I can teach my personal kids and do some work with them. All students should receive a laptop to do their work, and someone from the district or school should watch which websites the students go etc. It's just a thought. I believe until we find a cure, no one is safe especially the children. We are jeopardizing our licenses on line with no security. It's better to be safe than to be sorry.

As a working parent of more than one student, I would be happy with either face to face or distance/remote learning. The blended option seems difficult to manage everyone's schedule in a feasible way. I can't have one at school one day and the other on another, as well as try to work myself! I have a hard time seeing how safe social distancing can occur throughout all aspects of school (buses, lunchroom, hallways,etc), but splitting it seems to increase the hassle without truly lowering the risks. I would prefer one way or the other to save everyone's sanity.

As cases of the coronavirus continue to rise and with no vaccine or treatment in the near future, it is not safe for students or staff to return to the standard school setting in the fall. Proceeding forward with reopening, as the governor has directed, will not only put the school environment at a health risk, but could potentially cause an infection spread throughout our homes and community. This would be dangerous for everyone and irresponsible for leadership to proceed forward with this approach. I truly miss being in the classroom and directly interacting with my students, but the health and safety of students and staff should be top priority. Please consider continuing with distance learning until a treatment method is developed and it is 100% safe to return.

As hard of an adjustment as things have been I feel distance learning should be continued for the upcoming school year. With Corona still looming around I feel it's impractical and unfair to ask small children to practice social distancing. It's our job as leaders to make these tough decisions. We have adapted a new way of learning safely in our homes and I believe we should continue for the following school year & prepare to safely reopen schools the 2021-2022 school year.

"As long as cases of Covid continue to rise in central Florida, school should resume distance learning in August. This is the safest method for students, the community and especially the staff who serves them. Secondary students would follow their schedule daily by attending each class for 15-20 minutes for direct instruction. There could be 10 minutes between each class for restroom/eye strain break. This could be done as a block schedule so students attend 3-4 morning class sessions daily. Students would work on the day's work during late morning, early afternoon. Assignments would be limited to 1-2 assignments per week for each class, so that at most a student would have 14 assignments. A planned schedule helps students have structure, monitors attendance. Teachers would still have required office hours to provide availability to students. (Or students could have designated days for each subject. For example, math meets for 45 minutes on Monday; English on Tuesday; and so on. As long as students have a structure.)

When school begins to reopen it should only do so gradually with a blended model in which students go to school on a block schedule to limit movement between classes. To keep class sizes smaller, perhaps one group attends on a block schedule Monday and Tuesday, and a second group attends Thursday and Friday. Wednesday is used for distance learning exclusively while the building is sanitized. During the time students are in school, class sizes should be limited and face masks worn.

Full reopening should begin only when the community's numbers decline significantly for an extended period of time (at least 2-3 weeks) or until a vaccine or proven treatment is available.

Meetings should always be digital throughout the pandemic. B2124"

As long as we do not have a vaccine or an effective treatment for Covid-19, I think classes should be conducted online. I would suggest synchronize online classes; student would follow a schedule similar to a school day to join their teachers for daily BBB Conferences. For middle and high school students, joining the daily conferences should be mandatory.

"As much as I would love for schools to open face-to-face or in a blended model, I do not feel it is feasible while social distancing is in effect. Transportation would be extremely difficult to accomplish with only 13 students on a bus, and there is not a magic pot of money to purchase more buses or hire more bus drivers. In a blended setting, how do you choose which students can ride the bus with the limit? How could you provide busing to all students that need it? Let alone, how do you ensure social distancing in a safe manner at bus stops? I know I would not be able to take my middle schooler to or from school due to both myself and husband working, and would be leery of him riding a bus at this time.

As an employee, I am worried about safety drills, arrival/dismissal times, and lunch times. There are increased amounts of students in all of these scenarios, which would make social distancing near impossible. Some schools are overcrowded now and have multiple portables. There is not enough hours in the day to stagger lunches to allow for social distancing. In addition, more staff would be required to monitor student lunches in classrooms if that was an option. There are 11 or more teachers on a grade level at some elementary schools, which means hiring at least hourly staff to monitor students and allow teachers to have a lunch break.

Due to the above, my suggestion is to have virtual learning. Teachers can work out of school sites since they would be distanced in their classroom. Students that need additional support services, such as our students on IEPs, can come for half days to receive their services with a morning/afternoon bus route. Possibly open that route for students that need additional support by appointment. "

"As much as it hurts to not be face to face, the safety of our students is paramount. I am both a teacher and a parent and I would not want to endanger my daughter nor would I want to endanger my students. Pretending as if we are in a normal school year would not be acceptable at all. I am encouraged by the district's relationship with WUCF on channel 24-5. I think it's an innovative way to get students information and to make them still feel connected, I especially like how it's aligned with the packet sent home.

As a teacher, the 4th quarter was the best professional development I have ever received. I was able to innovate and adapt for my students. I would also suggest the school board renewing the turnitin contract, which was recently terminated. Turnitin will allow teachers to make sure that students are completing work with integrity, otherwise they are just practicing copying and pasting. We want students to push themselves and do the best they can under the circumstances

Students, teachers, and parents need a definitive choice so that we can adapt and make it the best learning experience we can."

"As the AVID Tutor at Wolf Lake Middle School, I understand the benefit of one-on-one instruction distance learning provides. The personalized curriculum an individual student needs does not always work for a group of students. Distance learning, while not literally hands-on, brings a much needed attention teachers and instructional staff too often neglect when face-to-face. Big Blue Button and Zoom video calls have been invaluable and useful for students and parents, especially those with busy, extracurricular and work schedules. With this distance learning software, we can safely provide tailored lessons made for each student on a needed basis in addition to school curriculum. A flexible but consistent approach to distance learning is possible through such software as well.

Students will retain focus, hone their studies, and learn more through distance learning than they do face-to-face. Distance learning is an opportunity to teach them real-world hard skills, such as time and task management, which they either learn too late or not at all while in school. Traditional face-to-face instruction jeopardizes the health and safety of the students, educational staff, and parents. Collaboration will become too close for comfort in a face-to-face setting and in a time that is still uncertain. Distance learning should become the a new mode of instruction, not just during school, but after school, to make up for lost time, to keep the educational environment safe and steady, and to give our students and parents a viable option they did not have before and should always have.

Brent "

As the Covid-19 cases are on the rise in our county and are also expected to have a second wave in the fall, I do not feel it to be safe to return to school for both students and staff. This is a severe disease and there are too many unknowns for both children and adults of all ages. No one is guaranteed to be safe. How can we put our children at risk? Especially, younger students. They will NEVER be able to comprehend that the choices and actions could truly make their loved ones sick or worse kill them!! We must protect our children from what they do not know right now. They rely on us to make the best choice for them and their future. We have an obligation to protect them to the absolute fullest extent. I would prefer we make that decision right now to start our year on distance learning. This way we can focus on preparing the beginning of the year learning from this past spring and making distance learning even better for all students. We should hope to return to campus by January perhaps on double sessions if needed.We must phase our students in slowly and safely. Other Florida counties have decided this such as Broward and Dade. We should make the decision now and put forth our plan to perfect what we need to for our students! We simply CANNOT put everyone back on campus together!!!!!!!

"As the parent of an 11yr old going into middle school was a difficult decision to begin with considering the constant school shootings that have plagued our mere existence. Now, we're faced with an unknown and invisible threat known as the Corona Virus which has equivocally taken the lives of many. To date, I do not feel safe nor comfortable sending children of any age back to school. It is unimaginable to think that the schools will be in full control of the situation they face along with the guidelines that would protect them. I propose we continue on the path of 100% safety by allowing educators to come into our homes virtually until there is a remedy to the unknown and the uncertainty it continues to ensue. Initially, I voted for 50-50 but that was with the hopes of there being a remedy by now. I ask that my original submission be eliminated as it truly goes against what my maternal intuition is guiding me to do. It has been noted that Florida has the potential of becoming the next epicenter of the disease and that alone is nothing to take lightly.

Stay safe and healthy,


As we live in these difficult times I am scare to send my children to school but I also feel that they won't get the right education if being homeless school

"As we prepare to encounter the cold and flu season where children come to school with runny noses and coughs, there is a greater risk for the spread of germs.Especially knowing that there may be another Covid 19 outbreak. It will be impossible to keep the classrooms spotless from spreading germs especially at the elementary schools. Not to mention the children with allergies and asthma having to wear masks all the time.With Florida's heat, the masks will remain humid and harboring germs.

It will be safer to have distance learning where the children can be kept safe during this unpredictable pandemic."

"Ask for volunteers students that want to do distance learning.

Have the HS students distance learn and use the bus resources for younger students "

Asking my opinion on COVID is as absurd as asking me whether I think the sun should shine. My opinion of the facts does not change the facts. Listen to experts, listen to science, do not listen to idiots filling out forms.

At a distance, we take care of them, ourselves and family members. Let's be responsible. Young children are the ones who get sick in the classroom

At this point I don't have a lot of ideas on how to safely open, young kids will never be able to wear a mask for the entire day, nor is safe for them to do that... the numbers are rising in a alarming rate and it is difficult to think that thousands of kids will be together and not spread out the virus like wildfire, I can see schools opening just to shut down right away to desinfect, I think is actually more damaging for kids to be breathing cleaning products and desinfectants.... I don't believe opening the schools is a good choice or a responsible choice until there is a vaccine or a drug that can help cure this virus. I will love for my kids to come back to school and play with their friends but the risks are too big and not worth it.... I am 100 percent for distance learning for this 2020-2021 year.

At this point recommendations from the cdc, the fea, and our own school board sound impossible to accomplish successfully.

At this point, it is too early to send employees, staff, and students back to work when there is a dangerous virus that we still do not know much about. We do not have a vaccine. I'm concerned that students will not wear their masks all day nor will they practice social distance. If one person gets the virus it can spread like wild fire. I'm scared because I have a 1 year old and my elderly mother who lives with me who has underlying health concerns. God forbid I bring something home and pass it to my son or my mom, I wouldn't know what to do. It is a scary situation where I feel comfortable. Education is very important, however due to the situation distance learning is the safest possibility right now. I wouldn't want anyone to get sick where it is life threatening. Please consider distance learning until a vaccine is out.

At this time, I don't feel that it is safe to have students and staff return to schools due to Florida being a new hot spot for new cases.. Florida has reported more than 30,000 new cases within a 10 day period and Orange County 3400 new cases, these numbers do not support a safe environment for anyone to return to schools, distance learning would be the safest option for everyone.

Aun hay muchos casos asintomaticos mi hija esta actualmente en proceso de quimioterapia y es sensible a contagiarse de este virus, considero que otros ninos pueden estar con esta condicion y hasta no estar seguros del porcentaje de contagiados deben permanecer en casa, los ninos no tienen la consciencia de no tocar sus ojos boca o nariz por lo que pueden contagiarse muy facilmente y ser peligroso para todos.

Bargain the return to schools

Because it helps a lot because you will not no who have it or not an right I do not think it's a good idea for face to face learning with limited numbers an the class rooms an at the schools with k-8 is a lot of kids to be putting into classrooms with less students an there an I do not feel like it is safe for my kids to go to school face to face at the moment because the virus is spreading an the outcome of others catching it been an contacted with others that might have it an can bring it to the school's have to have safe Measurements in place for them an think of the kids many may think it's ok to send the kids. Back an August I do not think so not right now maybe in September is the best way to go bout it as of right now cause younger kids will be going from babies an vpk also

Because of safety reasons not only for me, but my students, family, my new baby and everyone else, we need to stay distance learning until further notice. Meet the teacher needs to be online and any time someone would have to come into school, is a risk to safety. I do not feel safe being on any campus at this point and no one should have to report to work unless it is online. Teachers can make up missed assignments and time but we can make up a life.

Because of the pandemic, I think it is better to keep kids distant learning. We don't want to put our kids in risk.

Because of the unknowns about the virus I am still very uncomfortable being in a classroom of students and even being amongst my colleagues. With the possibility that many carriers can be asystematicc scares me even more. I cannot honestly say that as a teacher I would not be scared even if the students are spread apart because if a student cough or sneeze I will be terrified. What would be the protocol for sanitizing classrooms? Will I be responsible for that? What about other high traffic areas? What will be the protocol when students switch classes? Students are going to want to interact and touch each other. How can we prevent that? We can't wear a mask for 7.5 hours it's unsafe and uncomfortable. I can't even wrap my mind around going back into that type of environment. What about classrooms that have no windows? Being amongst people that are moving around that could be sick and we don't know it today we could take their temperature or even my temperature and we could be fine and then tomorrow come back and have a temperature that's going to have everyone up in arms and in fear. After having close friends and extended family die from the virus, I am just very uneasy and scared about any type of interaction on this level. Since March I still have only interactive with my family that lives with me and very little people outside of that I can count them on one hand. I have not even gone to see my mother because she's elderly with cancer I'm afraid to visit her in case I may be a carrier and not even know it and then put her in Jeopardy. It's just too much to even think about. I love teaching and I love interacting with my students but the possibility of the unknown is extremely overwhelming.

because we don't have vaccine then how is it safe?

"Being an art teacher, I am in favor of distance learning. Students can be provided with art kids each 9 weeks OR for the year, that could have enough paper and whatever supplies needed to finish work. Standard based related projects can be done via online instructions. Students can watch step by step instructions online, take a picture and post it on CANVAS. It's pretty doable. Art has so much cross contamination of supplies that it is extremely dangerous for kids to share any supplies under the current circumstances. Some art teachers are talking about art on carts. Again, there is a danger of cross contamination regarding that. With the kits kids can receive any art supply that fits the budget and standard based instructions can be designed accordingly.

I am very scared to go back while this virus is super active. As it is, during the months when schools start again, we face normal flu season. With Covid 19 still rampant how can we open schools for face to face learning?



Elementary school : stay at school

Middle school : stay at home

High school : stay at school and at home May be day 1 day 2 schedule. 1st semester at school; 2nd semester at home "

Can be distance learning but live courses 8am-3pm with students tuning in on every class according to their schedule(given by the school) and also can be a day designed for outdoor activities by grades in any school campus or park(ex: every 2 weeks) with masks, that will give the opportunity to older kids to see their peers, kids from elementary school is better to be blended.

Can we give teachers the choice between distance learning and face to face? This would create two pools of teachers: distance and face to face. Teachers who want to do distance learning would teach students who chose to take their subject/class from a distance. These students might not be from the high school their distance learning teacher usually reports to. Students who have chosen face to face will be taught face to face by teachers who chose to do face to face. The face to face teachers might not be teaching at the school they usually report to.

Cases continue to climb and kids need to be kids. They need to socialize and play, not wear masks all day and social distance.

Cases continue to spike in Florida. We are setting new records every day. It is impossible to keep children a safe distance apart, no matter their age. Opening schools as normal will put students, teachers, and everyone they come into contact with at risk.

Cases keeping going up as the economy is reopening, and it's actually really scary. I'm so afraid to go back to school with the chance of catching the virus - ending up in the hospital or spreading it to one of my loved ones. I just don't feel safe doing that. I'd much rather continue with distance learning, as I feel it is just too risky having thousands of students come back in one campus.

Children have been practicing virtually since March, a few weeks longer would be ideal, possibly just after Labor Day .

"Children should learn from home where it is safe.


Children, Teachers, staff and family's should be safe, virus remains going up

"clases a distancia


Clases online by a meeting app and assignments and tests online.

Classes online

"Clerk positions can be turned into working from home positions since all data can be entered online at home, like attendance and discipline.

Please do the right thing for everyone and continue distance learning (with no student on campus) while turning clerk positions into working from home positions. This will protect our children's future and the future of their loved ones."

"Clerk positions can be turned into working from home positions since all data can be entered online at home, like attendance, discipline, registration information, transcript requests, and payroll/bookkeeping.

Please do the right thing for everyone and continue distance learning (with no student on campus) while turning clerk positions into working from home positions. This will protect our children's future and the future of their loved ones."

Considero que mi hija debería continuar sus clases a Distancia en virtud de que los contagios por covid 19 en el Estado de la Florida aun no han disminuido,todo lo contrario han aumentado y me preocupa mucho la seguridad de mi hija,los niños no tienen la misma capacidad de un adulto para respetar las medidas de protección porque sencillamente son niños y no podemos pretender que actuen como adultos.

Contact an accredited home-school program and adopt it for your teachers. Don't reinvent the wheel. If the kids are not going to get to socialize while at school anyway (no recess, no PE, no sitting with their friends) then it would be better to have them all stay home and continue to reduce the risk of spreading C-19 until a better treatment and vaccine is found and fully vetted. Take the Summer to figure it all out, train staff, get more adaptable teachers if necessary, and gear up for August.

continue as what was done last 9 weeks of school for the 2020-2021 school year-it worked out great!!

Continue distance learning and allow teachers to train remotely too

Continue Distance Learning for the entire Fall Semester, with the goal of ending in December (end of grading period). Decide and determine if the Spring Semester (January) can safely be hosted face-to-face. Progress one semester at a time.

"Continue distance learning through December. Reevaluate the situation before Thanksgiving holiday.

This will provide more time to prepare classrooms. There is no way to safely distance under the current models. "

Continue distance learning until kids can go to school without masks. I have a kindergartener and second grader and it will be almost impossible for those teachers to be able to keep the kids with masks all day and not put something in there mouth or touch there face. It's not worth the safety of our children and teachers to wait just 1 more year for them to get this under control before over loading the schools with students and staff.

Continue distance learning until the COVID-19 transmission rate slows down. There may be a vaccine in the fall, and we should have children vaccinated before they return to the classroom.

Continue Distance Learning until the threat of COVID 19 is eliminated.

Continué distance learning with FLVS model. Great way to end our year. I love it! Keeps the kids away from any unnecessary exposure especially since right after school begins is flu season.

Continue distance learning with zoned school and teachers.

Continue distance learning, because we have no vaccine. We don't have the funds to ensure 6 feet social distance and all staff/students wearing a mask. Students already have their laptops and is aware of distance learning. Start out with distance learning then ease into blended/distance learning. Too many risks and money for face to face or blended learning. Blended learning: students will be on a A/B schedule. Student's days at home will include review through distance learning. I only recommend blended learning if we have a vaccine.

Continue Distance to avoid community spread unnecessarily.

Continue distance until 2021 then consider blended until numbers are coming down

"Continue from every teacher having a Virtual Classroom (Zoom/Big Blue Button/Etc).

Elementary - Teacher can present a morning lesson or two. Lunch/Recess on your own. Specials run through virtual classroom on day and time of Special. Classroom teacher presents an afternoon lesson or two.

Middle/High School - Instead of 7 periods a day, it could be block scheduling. This way it is less periods a day for students and teachers."

"Continue the format we had to get used to already - I don't know if I will

Feel safe reporting to work in August "

Continue to distance learn as even though students may not be at as high risk, teachers and staff can be and should be protected as well. Especially since the prediction of a more intense round of the virus is expected in the fall.

Continue to have students distance learning and provide all students with laptops who need them. I am a parent who doesn't need one, so another kid have my child's laptop. I fear my son going to school, will bring it home to my elderly father who we take care of and has a heart condition. Train teachers this summer on distance learning.

Continue to take classes from home the same way.

Continue to teach students following distance learning until there is confirmation from CDC and WHO that is safe for students and teachers to go back to school.

"Continue to use the modules and Canvas application, provide through the mail the modules for parents who do not have a printer, provide laptops for students starting in first grade.


Continue with current format, since it worked and was safe.

Continue with distance learning until is safe for everyone kids, teachers and other staff in school. Children's need stability. You are going to do more harm is you star in school and then need to be back in distance learning.

"Continue with each teacher having their own virtual classroom (Zoom/Big Blue Button/ Etc).

Teachers can be at school running their virtual classroom from their actual classroom. This way they can show students their classroom, use the Smartboard, etc... to present lessons.

Issue with Distant Learning - who is ultimately responsible to supervise students.

Is it the County/State's responsibility or is it the parents. What do parents do, who have to work and have no one to supervise child/children?"

"Continue with each teacher having their own Virtual Classroom (Zoom/Big Blue Button/Etc). FYI, teachers are still using Canvas for their course, the Virtual Classroom is to give students the face to face time and help them stay engaged.

Start of the school year.

2 Weeks before pre-planning Administration sends out a day and time for teachers to come to school the week before pre-planning to get keys to classroom.

Week before pre- planning, teachers come to school on their day and time they were told to do so, to get keys to their classroom. Access to classroom that week is up to Administration.

Week of pre-planning, teachers go directly to their classroom. All staff and team meetings are held virtually. Teachers wear masks outside of classroom and no more than 10 people in one group.

Teachers send Welcome Letters to all students with important information about upcoming school year and their specific class.

Teachers set up appointments to do a Welcome Call with their students for the first week of school.

Elementary - will call all their students enrolled in their class.

Middle/High School teachers will set up appointments with his or her students. Or just with 1st period students. During this call, they will make sure the student is all set with all of his/her classes. If an issue for another teacher cannot be handled, the 1st period teacher will contact that teacher to have him/her contact that student.

1st week of school - teachers are conducting Welcome Calls with students making sure they are all set to start their Distant Learning the 2nd week of school.

Teacher Absences - Teacher completes Leave Request through SAP Portal, sends email and voicemail to all his/her students. Post on Virtual Classroom that class has been canceled for today."

Continue with online education until atleast the new year with the option for in person classes being discussed in 2021.

Continued distance schooling by working at home via internet

Could we have different plans for elementary and middle schoolers who cannot stay home alone? High schoolers 13 and older can stay home and do distance learning. When they have a disability, a 504 or do not have access to Internet, they should be given the choice between face to face or distance learning. Schools would provide resources, accommodations, and supervision while they complete their distance learning assignments.

"COVID cases are rapidly rising in the state of Florida and in Orange County. I would like to recommend opening back up with a distance model for at least the first semester.

I have grave concerns about opening back up:

Who is going to be responsible for screening students/staff?

Will all of the schools have proper equipment for screening: Reliable thermometers (more than just one), prefer the ones that don't require individuals to open up their mouths and releasing droplets in the air. Proper PPE-masks, gloves, face shields, gowns and etc.

Is the district going to require isolation rooms for sick students/staff?

What protocols will be put in place to protect the clinic staff? It is unknown how long the air inside a room occupied by someone with confirmed COVID-19 remains potentially infectious.

Will facilities check the size of clinics and check the rate of air flow in these clinics and isolation rooms?

Many clinics do not have windows. Will a protocol be put in place to decide how long to close off a room if a COVID case is identified before disinfection takes place to protect staff?

Taking measures to improve ventilation in an area or room where someone was ill or suspected to be ill with COVID-19 will help shorten the time it takes respiratory droplets to be removed from the air.

Will the district provide N95 masks for clinic personnel?

Will medical procedures that involve releasing respiratory droplets in the air (nebulizer treatments, vent care and etc) be prohibited in the clinics?

Most students who need breathing treatments are ill. What about the students who show no signs and symptoms but are carriers of COVID?

Will the district outline concise guidelines and protocols when students/staff have signs and symptoms of COVID?"

"Covid numbers in the state are rising rapidly. Yesterday's high reported 9000 cases, up from 5000 the day before. Parents cannot be expected to send children to school when our numbers continue rising this way. The quick switch to distance-learning at spring break went very well I feel, and now that teachers and students are used to how it works, I believe starting in the fall would be a smooth process.

I understand it is a burden for those that do not have the ability to work from home, and that our governor prizes economic results above all else, but we need to put the safety of our children and families first."

Covid-19 Cases are not going away, kids need to start virtually and can also do live classes through online meetings.

Create universal video lessons to share for each subject and grade level to be shared for all students. So it's not each teacher doing their own half fast lesson.

"creo que es mejor debido a la situacion que hoy vivimos,por ahora se siga la educacion a distancia como se hizo en los ultimos meses del ano escolar 2019-2020

considero que no debemos exponer a nuestros ninos ni tampoco al personal que labora en la escuela profesores y staff a posibles contagios.

es una situacion delicada y la salud es lo primero

Los ninos no son tan concientes para utilizar mascarilla el dia entero,

creo que hasta que no se estabilize la situacion sigamos aprovechando la tecnologia mediante estudio a distancia y no crear mas temor a nosotros los padre que nuestros hijos esten en riesgo de contraer el virus.

muchas gracias por escuchar la voz de los padres preocupados que queremos lo mejor paa nuestros niños."

Creo que esta demostrado que después de la reapertura los casos están a más del mil diarios en incremento. No quiero arriesgar la vida y la salud de mi familia. Estoy muy de acuerdo con que sigan los estudios desde casa. Debería ser opcional para cada familia lo que decidan mejor para sus hijos. El que quiera regresar a la escuela que lo haga. Y por supuesto mantener las mismas opciones para los estudiantes sea cual sea la vida de estudio.

"Currently there is a surge in COVID cases in Florida. We will soon have more tourists and I am sure the surge will rise. I absolutely want to go back to school and have things be ""normal"" again, but we are not ready for this. I feel that it is important to understand that we as teachers are here to teach young minds. We should not be treated like baby sitters, just for convenience of parents going back to work. Out of respect for all, a decision needs to be made quickly, so that all stakeholders can make appropriate plans.

When I think about the set up for the school. I wonder how it would even be possible for students to be in school with masks. In our hall way we have 7 classrooms. We have one single boys and one single girls bathroom stalls. We can not allow students to go by themselves anywhere in the building, even for the bathrooms. Will this change? When students arrive at 8:15- Will they have to come to my room, instead of the hall? This is my planning time. Will we be compensated? How will I do small group instruction? If I'm not allowed then why am I at school? It is extremely stressful worrying about students in my room or what I can bring home. It is also stressful thinking about my own health. My students lives are worth them staying home, my life is worth me staying home. Isn't everyone's? "

Currently, the state of Florida is at Phase 2. All the reopenings have garnered an increase in COVID cases. There has also been an increase in testing. The current mandatory order on maskwearing demonstrates the lack of judgement of most of the county. The rules of social distancing must be enforced fully before opening the school doors to kids. It places a burden upon parents at home if the teachers are not as accessible but it also provides a health safeguard. Safety is not to be pushed aside in favor of getting back to normal. The state will be opening its doors soon to international visitors and once gain we will be at risk. My husband and I have kept our children safe at home. Can the school do the same? I do not think so, at least not the first semester.

"Daily/ every other day live lessons on BBB. Each subject has a different time slot. Record sessions for students who can't make it. Weekly attendance requirement could be to make it to X amount of live lessons per class.

Please don't put these kids in danger of Carona. I'm terrified for these babies! Social distancing will be impossible in the classrooms and we all know it!

I understand elementary parents not being able to stay home from work, but at least let middle and high school be distance learning! Or let parents choose between the two at all levels! "

"Definitely smaller class sizes.

Desks six feet apart.

Follow all CDC guidelines.

Routinely Clean buildings and classrooms.

Supply staff with the necessary protective gear daily and cleaning supplies.

Check temperatures before entering building/classrooms.

Parent(s) should be excused from work if their child is sick.

Going over correct hygiene sneezing, coughing, and washing hands.

Have specials teacher rotate or have them in a designated room by themselves and instruct the tele/video.

Have a parent/teacher questionnaire about traveling.

How about teachers come to school like a regular day. With their regular schedule and the students have to login at home at the required school time.

Meeting the needs of struggling students, ESE students, APK, and K students to be in school with the CDC precautions in place."

"Devices should be provided to each student regardless of need or household size. Alternating students one device was difficult, particularly when teachers held simultaneous Big Blue Button calls.

Teachers at the same school should coordinate weekly calls so that grade levels chose one half hour slot. This helps ensure that two grade levels are not meeting at the same time potentially causing some students to miss a meeting (or more) due to conflicting calls in a household where there is a shared device.

The Dual Language Enrichment program required 2-3 times the classwork that a traditional classroom required. During weeks when projects were due, this sometimes called for multiple 12 hour days because two students (one of them a DLE student) alternated a single device.

Social distancing is not feasible for children as they are quick to forget instruction (such as a 6ft rule at all times), are chatty (naturally causing them to physically gravitate toward one another for conversation) and are inquisitive (and therefore like to explore - often with a buddy.

Additionally, basic hygiene practices and related sharing of space and personal items (especially those that touch the mouth) are great concerns among school age children which is why, even before this pandemic, there are annual episodes of lice, scabies and the spread of colds and the flu at every school - particularly among K-5 students.


Distance education and that they meet through zoom or see that it is better or that they create a platform where the teacher meets virtual with the students, that the teachers answer the questions through email.

Distance first 9 weeks then back to normal face to face for the rest of the school year. Hurricane season is during the first 9 weeks and this should give plenty of time for the virus to calm down. I teach PE there is no way I can wear a mask in 90 degree weather.

Distance for safety of children. Until is safe or got a confidence plan

Distance Learning (online), constitute a better option for the duration of this pandemic. Until a vaccine to prevent and / or cure the COVID-19 has been developed and approved, distance learning is the best option.

Distance learning 100% is the best and safest option right now as positive COVID-19 test results continue to arise in Florida, and especially in Orange County. At the moment, there is no solution to the issue, so distance learning is the way to go, for now, in my opinion.

Distance learning all the way so we can stop the virus once and for all. With so many kids, families, teachers, other staff, etc being in danger, it is imperative we stay distance learning.

Distance learning allows for students to safely continue learning as well as it seems to be the most finically appropriate solution. My fear is that if we go back to face-to-face before there is a vaccine, we are putting thousands of lives endanger. It would if a school gets infected, then we will have to go back to distance learning away.

"Distance Learning allows students and teachers to stay safe at home. The approach should be more like Virtual School. I believe this time around, teachers need to have daily (or every other day) contact with their students through BBB. For students not available during class virtual meetings, there should be capability to view the meeting at a later date. Parents should be informed lessons online are not optional, but required. Students have unlimited time to complete assignments, and all students are provided a laptop to work. The district should continue to provide breakfast and lunch to those in need.

I feel blended learning will be difficult to execute. If students take turns coming to school (for smaller class sizes), who will watch students when their parent is teaching in the classroom? Unfortunately teachers will have to be in school daily. How will they be able to reduce the level of contact with others? Especially in elementary school, where the little ones don't understand about germs, etc.

I know this will not be an easy decision to make, but I feel the health of everyone, should be the main goal. Distance Learning is the only way to ensure students and teachers are safe from this virus."

Distance Learning at least 1rst semester, through Canvas tools, and daily meeting with the teachers using Zoom or another virtual meeting tool.

Distance Learning because the students and teachers are already used to this model.

"Distance learning but not the way it was this year.

There wasn't much structure as to when the kids were expected to do their attendance and also EVERY teacher did things differently.

Some teachers posted assignments at 2 pm when school is almost over and they were due by that evening.

Definitely need some talking and planning between teachers of different subject areas but same cohort"

Distance learning but with consistency and more teaching vs learning in your own. Less projects and more interaction/lessons.

"Distance learning could be done in a myriad of ways. Classes could use video conferencing or even schedule a socially distanced meet-up once or twice a week. Distance shouldn't limit our kids to never seeing faces and with tech today, it could be easier than ever. Kids need the interaction to know that the teachers are still engaged.

Face to face opens issues with busing, classrooms, cafeteria...All areas that I'm sure you're well aware of.

We can get creative to find ways to accommodate ""social distance learning."""

Distance learning could be safer specially at the first 9 weeks.

"Distance Learning for all students during Flu season November-March

High School Students Distance Learning Aug-May

Middle School Students Face to Face Aug-Oct, DL Nov-March, BL April-May

Elementary School Students Face to Face Aug-Oct, DL Nov-March, BL April-May


Distance learning for August. With district tutorials on digital devices. In the event schools cannot continue face to face, students will have the education, knowledge and practice of foundational digital skills needed to continue learning remotely.

Distance Learning for my child would include the flexibility to work at her own pace. There should be opportunities for live lessons and virtual field trips. My suggestion would be to include best practices from FLVS and other online schools.

Distance learning for those that can and social distancing in brick & mortar for those that can't.

"Distance learning has its pros and cons. Distance learning has protected the youth from being exposed to the potential virus. I have also spoken to other parents about their children not getting sick at all since they have been home when they usually get sick during the spring time. Distance learning also allows for a self paced learning method that is advantageous for advanced students. Also, attendance has not been an issue. If distance learning was to happen we need parents on board. Parents need to take responsibility of logging into skyward and tracking their child's progress. Parents need to make sure they are responding to teachers and providing emails and phone numbers that are accurate.

Teachers-teachers need to work together to provide lessons that are engaging and academically challenging. Teachers need to provide a platform that provides one way of communicating with the students that is consistent with the entire school. The lessons need to be clear and feedback has to be given in a timely manner. Canvas tests/ quizzes/ performance matters tests need to be administered to track student growth.

I suggest having classes based on the number of preps. For example if I teach 3 preps I will meet with my students through big blue button every Monday Wednesday and Friday from 8-9. I will meet with my other preps other days. If we do this by subject than it is almost a face to face online course. There's not an easy way of protecting the youth and providing the best education possible but there are plenty of students who have been on virtual school and been very successful but all parties involved need to work together or this won't work. Thank you!"

"Distance learning high school.

Only make the students accountable for attendance AND work product. Every student was given a passing grade and many did not deserve it. No one. Was fooled by your actions, Ms. Superintendent and School Board members.

Blended learning middle school. They need the social interaction and distance learning makes the students accountable for their choices and time management.

In classrooms for all elementary, critical for social skills. "

Distance Learning in the fall will allow prepare students for the future. It will help them to be college and career ready since we are living in a technologically advanced time.

Distance Learning is best and safest in preventing the COVID-19 spread.

"Distance learning is extremely important this upcoming year. Countless children live in mutli-generational households, so even if it may not impact the student it has the potential to impact other members of the family.

Distance learning didn't work this year because it was rushed. However, OCPS has wonderful tech department, has used contractors before and could again to provide instructional design training to staff, and bring them up to date on how to help build courses. Again, distance learning didn't work, because it was rushed.... not because it doesn't work. Teachers need training, you have all summer to provide Professional developments on the utilization technology in the classroom. UCF, who I know partners with OCPS, made Quality Matters, a country wide initiative to check for the accuracy of courses. QM can also be used as an add-on to the LMS that OCPS uses, Canvas.I am sure that the courses that were out there may not have had all the accessibility components, which in turn made it difficult for ESE students. If QM is utilized this issue can be mitigated.

Additionally, students in ES have an extremely hard time controlling themselves. Would you put a drug addict in area around drugs? No, because they would have hard time controlling themselves. Would you put a alcoholic around alcohol? No, because they would have hard time controlling themselves. Should you put a kid in environment, with toys and friends that haven't seen where a virus is heavily spreading? No, because it will be possible for them to control themselves."

"Distance learning is harder than teaching in a classroom. However, it is not safe to go back to the classroom. How are we going to separate desks? We will spend most of the day cleaning, and we cannot control every single movement the students do. It will not be safe.

You will have to hire more teachers so groups can be divided and to cover for the teacher that will be ask for a leave."

Distance learning is more enjoyable and safer for students.

Distance Learning is more flexible and secure environment for everyone while the coronavirus still around. The pandemic is not over, if we keep having contact with people this pandemic will never ends. I believe Distance Learning should continue until the pandemic is over and the work place be a safe environment.

Distance learning is safer for our children. My daughters schools are over crowded. There is no way the children can safely switch classes or be in a class and practice social distancing. Since there are many asymptomatic people with the virus, you are putting your teachers at risk and families. If a child brings the virus home the family members are at risk. If the child brings the virus to school teachers and other students are at risk. To keep everyone safe we need to continue distance learning until a vaccine is available.

Distance learning is the best option for the upcoming school year. With numbers increasing steadily in Orange County and the state of Florida, I don't see how we can even consider going back to a face-to-face learning situation. Every high school has over 3000 students and classes with 25-40 students (depending on whether it is an elective or has to adhere to the class limit size). Lunch shifts would have over 1000 students, if 3 shifts were implemented. Not to mention the crowds getting on buses for dismissal and passing time in the hallways. There is no way to safely social distance and face masks will not be enforceable. These are kids. They do not understand or care about following the guidelines or adhering to proper hygiene. All it takes is for one infected student to cause a severe outbreak. I will not hesitate to take legal action if my child becomes ill and dies (and it is traced to contracting it from her school) against OCPS.

Distance learning is the only safe model due to the unacceptable danger of any other model. The close confines of our schools, and unreasonable expectations that all of our students, and staff, will adhere to social distancing and wearing a face mask, renders it impossible for schools to open and guarantee that people will not become sick, or die. The responsibility for those deaths would rest squarely on OCPS.

Distance learning is the safe way

"Distance Learning is the safer method. As a high school teacher, i believe it's impossible to have students wear their masks during the whole day (8 hours). I expect students will forget/ throw masks everywhere around campus, in the classroom, on the desk, the hallway, the restroom, the cafeteria....etc

I think that will be a bigger problem and will cause more cases.

Also, keeping 6 feet distance between students inside and outside the classroom will be impossible, especially during transition between classes. Students have only 6 minutes to go to the next period, and they rush to go to class on time. The hallways are usually very crowded during transition, and there is no way for students to keep distance between each other, especially with a large number of students (over 3000 students)."

Distance learning is the safest for now. I don't mind some face to face but with Caution. Maybe one day a week each grade level gets to come to school. (Always the same day so there is no confusion). Leaving 2 day's open for appointment only tutoring that would be for all grades.

"Distance learning is the safest model at this time. Even with kids being low risk, there's too much risk in kids passing it to families and teachers. Even if one teacher or child were to pass away, it is one too many.

For distance learning, have teachers be trained in the same on-line platform. Give patents/students a daily checklist of items to complete. Have weekly zoom/bbb class meet-ups for socialization with friends. Let parents know ahead of time so they can plan for day care for those who do not work from home. The teachers did a great job providing on line learning, but make sure to also provide assignments with actual writing practice too. Providing fun activities that are more project based is great too (PBL)."

Distance learning is the safest option for the students and the adults, at least for the first semester. Teachers can be successful if there are at least 2 mandatory zoom lecture meetings each week per class with at least 2 assignments per week and at least one assessment every 2 weeks. There should be a scheduled time for the zoom meetings. Tues/Thurs or Mon/Wed with Fridays reserved for grading, planning and PLC meetings. There should also be a tutoring time built in during the week for students that need extra help. Admin needs to monitor the teacher/student activity on Canvas to make sure that this is kept up. Admin can observe teachers during zoom lectures. Some teachers did not give enough work to their students and did not complete their curriculum during the last qtr and some students may have deficits because of this. There may be a need for Saturday school, using zoom to help these students. Students/parents need to sign in each day for attendance. This is NOT something teachers should be responsible for. Parents need to sign an agreement that they will monitor their child's progress weekly. It is too much work for teachers to constantly be emailing and calling home because students aren't doing their work. Parents need to also be held responsible for their children.

Distance learning is the safest way until we get a vaccine

"Distance learning is the way to go until there is an effective vaccine.

It is just not worth risking the life of one student or one employee.

This virus is just way too transmittable and when you add the fact that people without symptoms can spread it makes this a recipe for disaster. All it would take would be one accidental exposure.

If we must have students/staff return then all precautions must be maintained at all times and it should be blended learning in person (part time to reduce class size), and distance learning. Group A would attend say 3 days a week for one or two weeks and Group B would attend 2 days a week. Then they could switch off. Group B would have 3 days and Group A 2 days. On the days that the groups were not in school they would receive instruction via distance learning. However this still will create opportunities for exposure even with the smaller groups. "

Distance learning is very beneficial for students, parents, and teachers because all three would be on the same page concerning the educating of their students! Social distances would not be a problem because the students would be in the comforts of their home, and their families would not have to worry about their children being exposed to the coronavirus. Teachers would not have to spend teaching time dealing with disrespectful, disruptive, and inappropriate behavior problems from students! Distance Learning is more cost effective for parents and it provides a safe haven for their children!

"Distance learning is working well and we should continue doing it for the safety of everyone.

It would be too hard to try to get students to keep masks on and everyone should be required to have a mask on at all times on campus. No masks = lives at risk"

Distance learning like the last months and live video streaming until this situation is under control. There's no reason to put our kids at risk

Distance learning Monday-Thursday. Off Friday and weekends. All students should receive a laptop. There needs to be an easier way for parents to return packets, especially for those that don't have internet access or a way to upload photos. There should be only one main check-in for all students. Not each individual class unless they are all doing it on the same platform. More organization as far as which apps are being used. There should not be 7+ different platforms/websites to check-in and keep track of. It is extremely confusing. Parents should be able to see and monitor what their child/children are doing online, such as which websites they are accessing as well as current assignments and grades. For Elementary students there should be a daily morning video message for all students, a weekly video chat one on one with the teacher, as well as at least one class meeting. There should be consistant and open contact between the teacher and parents. Once they do go back to the classroom I believe it should start out 3 half days a week/the rest distance learning. Then 3 full days in school/2 days distance learning. Working back up to the full 5 days. Once everyone returns there should be daily classroom sanitizing at the end of the day. Students will be required to wash hands and sanitize often.

"Distance Learning only no face to face


Distance learning should be an option for all parents during this time of uncertainty. Students, particularly younger ones, are not good at keeping their germs to themselves. Distance learning is the safest option for teachers, students, and their families.

"Distance Learning should be the only option until we have a vaccine and proper testing in place. All schools say that the safety of students and staff is their top priority. This should be what the district takes into consideration. Having students go back could be disastrous, especially medical fragile students.

Going by the CDC recommendations for schools reopening would be logistically unattainable. Please weigh your decision using the best guidance from medical professionals.

Thank you for the opportunity


Distance learning should continue through the first quarter and be reevaluated as cases reduce. In this current climate of increasing cases it is unsafe and irresponsible to open schools back up. The school district should be looking at the local universities approach to reopening and should make a decision swiftly.

Distance learning should continue to be in full use. Cases have only gone up and there are no signs of improvement. It would be dangerous and reckless to have schools reopen normally and at full capacity. Thank you for this opportunity to share.

Distance learning should resume becaue of multiple factor that come into play.Coronavirus is still going to be around near the start of school.People are still currenlty spreading cornoavirus which could make the virus worse.Conoravrius might mutate into someething more dangerous during that time and other factors that could hurt children.I say for this school year we stay home the entire year to protecrt us and our families for the virus which could lead to our death or loss of a loved one.

Distance learning should still continue as the virus has not just disappeared. There are many students and staff members with underlying health conditions that can be detrimental if they resume in person classes. Telling students to remain 6 ft apart is physically impossible in a portable and already over crowded classrooms.

Distance Learning so much safer for the staff, especially those who are 65+ with underlying conditions, and students.

Distance learning students has more time to learn a lesson, be able to practice, and eventually do better on assessments. Interactive activities through digital distance learning. Self-paced for students.

Distance learning that involves worksheets for younger grades and flexibility with the schedule. More recorded videos as opposed to set times when children need to do video calls.

"Distance learning the first semester and face to face the second semester if possible.


Distance learning threw the computer like we been doing.

Distance learning through December. Face-to-face starting January.

"Distance learning to avoid a second wave of Covid 19.


Distance learning to prevent risk of infection among students, employees, families, etc. We do not have facilities conducive to preventing outbreaks, including classroom with no windows/proper ventilation, large class size requirements for elective teachers, transportation concerns, etc. Instead, we could offer a bell schedule for distance learning. Maybe for students who prefer and/or need tutoring or face-to-face instruction, we could offer strategic locations for tutoring or education with volunteer educators. Chosen schools could offer facilities that are more open and safer to house students without having hundreds of children in one building. Lunch, before school, and after school gathering will always be a major concern for face to face learning during a pandemic, which is why distance learning is the safest.

Distance Learning until it is safe for everyones health.

Distance learning until it is safe to be together without restrictions.

Distance Learning until January next year and then the blended approach after the christmas break.

Distance learning until January. Then see if it is safe to go back face to face

Distance learning until Spring 2021 after potential second wave occurred.

Distance learning will be safer. I have asthma and most of the fall season I have to use my inhaler and I am more at risk to pick up respiratory illnesses. It will be difficult to wear a mask all day and I do not feel safe at the school.

Distance learning will be the best. Student checking in online and listen in to learn

Distance learning will be the safest especially with the increase of cases with the protests. There is no way kids will keep a mask on all day. Kids are usually asymptotic in the first place and can bring home Covid to their families and grandparents. The kids cannot change classes with dirty desks and it doesn't make sense to have the kids stay in a classroom with teachers switching. Kids in the same science class may not be in the same level math class. How big are the classrooms to even space kids 6 feet apart.

Distance learning with more accountability on students turning in and completing work within the given time frame.

Distance learning with one on one communication by phone or computer until vaccination is available

"Distance learning with recorded once-a-week lessons giving the information we need to know with extra and more in-depth analyses of the topics for those who do not understand the concepts taught with ease. Try to focus only on delivering content to the students rather than beefing up their schedules with hefty loads of classwork. If necessary, provide a short (max. 10 questions) online mastery quiz for each 'unit' of learning. If necessary, provide optional face-to-face learning (lots of students either do not feel comfortable exposing themselves to potential infection or are/live with at-risk individuals) that you have to RSVP for in order to keep contact between students low. Max. 30% classroom capacity; masks and gloves required/provided if possible. Shortened school days/classes to limit contact if that route is taken as well. Once a vaccine is developed and is widely available, transition to normal classroom learning in stages (distance to then half-and-half to then normal learning or something of that sort). Prioritize the health and well-being of the student by keeping workloads low so they can care for their families if needed. If students are in an especially rough situation, offer all the assistance possible.

I think that communication and the actual content need to be prioritized over all else, but that's just my two cents. Do not require students to show up for in-person classes until a vaccine is developed and is easy to get, and don't allow students in without this vaccine."

Distance learning with structured class meeting times via a virtual meeting application such as Webex or Zoom.B2274

Distance learning with the teachers live streaming their lessons and having office hours.

"Distance learning works for many students. It makes more room in the classroom. If a student has to travel they can continue to do their work. You can implement a career

Choice program and online tutoring. It helped me understand and be more involved with my son. I hope that distant learning will also help kids not miss days of school when there are weather closures. "

Distance learning would be great especially for our family since it is blended. We have someone on chemotherapy so their immune system is compromised. Since many homeschool there should be a way to incorporate that with the distance learning with the school system. Having the virtual aspect would be great so the teachers can see the progress. Then at the beginning of the year provide the workbooks that the kids get for in the classroom as practice as well. Since kids learn at different paces this allows kids to learn better. Especially since iReady is programmable for each child. If parents need to drop kids off due to work they should have that option as well. This will allow a better student teacher ratio in class since I'm sure many parents will want to utilize virtual/distance learning. This way parents who need to work can while their child goes to school.

Distance learning would be the best method of education for our students due to the pandemic we are encountering. In my opinion I feel that as of now it would be the safest way to stay safe and healthy and to prevent the spread of the coronavirus among the students and teachers and staff members.

Distance Learning! If one person comes to a school sick, then the entire school and their families will get sick. Elementary students don't understand when you tell them they can't hug. Students in Elementary School love to hug. Especially Pre-K and Kindergarten.

Distance learning, it is not safe yet

Distance Learning, its safer and more compromise for children due to parents be more involved , for me more safer for kids in school bus an school gathering.

Distance learning, with conferences via internet about math and reading.

"Distance learning.

As a nurse who has been on the COVID unit for a month and 1 week now. This virus is still very much here. Let's protect all families, teachers and students.

We must hold our self accountable to our children discipline to learn at home. This is because it is SAFE!

Although you may need to pay for internet think about your life. I've seen this with my own eyes. Make the best out of the situation. Love your kids and think of families at risk. Please. "

Distance learning... with everything going on i don't feel our kids are safe ....or see it getting better...

Distance or blended. Give parents the option and provide schools and employees safety.

Distance please, for now we need distance, we don't know what will happen when the kids return to school, also the people don't respect the governmen

Distance to start the year at least. While kids may not be high risk their teachers could be and it is important to keep them in mind as well.

Distant learning but using the same method as the end of the year with the actual teachers they would have had in class.

Distant Learning is the only sure way to keep all of us safe.

Distant learning to start. Keep teachers safe. They matter as much as students.

Distant learning until we feel safe there is a vaccine for the children . Due to my younger child having asthma and sleep apnea he's high risk this virus would be lethal is my oldest brought it home . Parents send kids to school sick with runny stuffy noses and coughing and are not sent home like they do with a fever . Sadly not all parents can afford insurance and won't even take them to the doctor and the spread will continue . Parents will pick work and send kids sick to school exposing teachers and kids and making others sick .

"-District streamlined approach to student outcomes based on standards

*guides for teachers for each standard

*CRM format that could be uploaded to Nearpod or Canvas

*District content area support with expectations for distance learning and how students can demonstrate learning

-DPLC distance learning resources, sample activities/lessons, example teacher modeling and student outcomes

-District expectations for instruction, i.e.,

*teachers must have live face-to-face sessions weekly,

*pre-recorded standards-based instruction must be available to students, *standards-based videos must be provided with student activities,

*direct parent contact must be made via phone, email, BBB, etc."

Doing distance learning with the teacher online where the student can virtually visually see the teacher, ask questions, get help. I don't think parents should be solely responsible for the students learning which is how I felt it was during this time. Kindergarten/1st grade need to see their teacher via zoom or other virtual means during each subject as they don't cooperate for parents like they do with their teacher. Mine listened when she was on zoom with her teacher otherwise she had no interest. My 1st grader will not keep a distance from friends nor wear a mask for hours and I think it's crazy that this may even be considered for them.If my child's health is at risk I don't need them to go around other people. Doing half and half doesn't make sense being that if I am distance learning half the time why would I want my child around other people the other half of the time. Going back to school right now should not be an option!

Don't kill your employees.

Don't know how you are going to safely distance almost 2,000 middle schoolers (I have a middle schooler) while keeping them safe and keeping teachers and staff safe also. Dr. Jenkins made it clear that we do not have the budget to have only 12 students per classroom or only 12 students on a bus. So her choice is to overpack the busses and classrooms and take a huge risk on health and safety of students and teachers? Remember...more bodies in each seat in each classroom equals more money that OCPS gets and that is really the bottom is all about the MONEY...not about safety!

Due to Covid and high chance of contamination, we believe that kids have to stay home for the hole year. The educational system is just not safe and full of students. They can carry the virus and pass to us.

Due to current events, I believe it is a very unwise choice to have our youth be exposed to a potentially dangerous environment, so with this in mind, distance learning would be the smarter choice to choose. I believe your current distance learning system is a great foundation to experiment with.

"Due to high rise of the Corona Virus in the last week, making Orange County one of the 3 highest in numbers, I believe that the only way to keep everyone safe is to continue distance learning.

Right now, there are over 5,500 new cases in the last few days and young children are the ones being affected. They carry it to us adults, who do have families to go home to and have done everything possible for months not to catch this horrific virus.

It is about keeping everyone safe... and learning can be done from home. It's still a very bad time to start thinking of going back to school and being around people.

Just look at the numbers in the last few days, this tells us how this virus is progressing again with the younger generation passing it on to the older generations.

Distance Learning for this entire year until we are all sure that we are completely safe. I choose to live and be healthy, not go and be around students/people that can make me catch this..."

Due to the CDC not having a vaccine available to ensure the safety of the students and employees of Orange County, Distance learning for the first nine weeks of school would be beneficial to the students, parents and teachers of Orange County.

Due to the covid-19 still around, I prefer virtual distance learning for my child.

Due to the fact that we are still unsure of how this Covid-19 is spread, I would prefer my child to stay home. Also, we live in a high transient area and who knows where the families are coming from or going to. I think it is just safer for us to stay at home until this whole virus slows down and there is more information out there.

Due to the fact the is no set vaccine for the disease yet, the chance of it spreading thru the school could set things back especially if a lot of children and staff get really sick from being effected. It is very big risk with the no real proven treatment to put the children in. Food being prepared by staff and the numbers of positive cases on the rise. It's just not worth it!!!!

Due to the lack of having a viable vaccine and adequate testing measures, it would be counterproductive to continue educating our students in the traditional format. Also, the inability to social distance with a school with hundreds or thousands of students poses a problem. There is also the possibility of a second wave of the coronavirus during the Fall when we return to school. Therefore, I suggest utilizing the plethora of technological resources that we've already successfully used to do distant learning for the 2020-2021 school year.

Due to the numbers of Covid and the uncertainty of when a vaccine will be released, it is important to think of the safety of children, but most importantly the teachers who are older and are at risk for developing the deadly virus. I believe that distance learning went well from March to May. We should continue distance larning until we learn more and receive more data.

Due to the rise in numbers we need to maintain social distancing and safety. I feel that teachers should teach virtually and not just assign work. Require one graded assignment per week and lecture the other 3 days. If we are to go back to brick and mortar common areas where kids can't social distance they must wear masks.

Due to the uncertainty of the situation and health risks I feel it best to keep students in a safer atmosphere and continue to distance learn. This will keep students and their families healthy.

Due too possibly new hires and older teachers we trust leaving due to health issues and kids not wanting to wear mask because their parents tell them it's violating there 1st amendment right I will choose distant learning for my child . Also because now that a 17 year old in Florida has past away as well in Pasco county Fl .

"Dumb action #1: not acting fast.

Dumb action #2: opening the state.

Dumb action #3: reopening schools.

That's all I have to say. "

"During the flu season in a normal year, I have experienced both students and staff going to school while sick. This was disturbing but not deadly.

I don't believe anything will change. Students will still be on campus while sick for a variety of reasons, whether not wanting to miss a particular class or just wanting to see their friends.

Unfortunately, staff also goes in sick because they don't want to "waste" their sick leave, choosing to use it when they feel better but want some time off. Or they can't miss a day of work since it will continue to pile up while they're gone.

Taking temperatures is not a foolproof safety measure. We've been told repeatedly by medical professionals that people who are asymptomatic can still be carriers and spread the virus. Social distancing on campus sounds good in theory but ventilation is still contained in most buildings. Without windows that open, air is constantly and artificially circulated.

As a staff member in a high-risk part of the population, I fear going to a face-to-face situation at work until there is a vaccine.


During this tough situation i think we should wait to go back to normal especially with the students from Pre K to 1st grade they dont know any difference on what's going on so we need to stay as a Virtual learning.

"During this unprecedent times it is very important to keep our children and teachers safe. There are many families that are taking seriously the social distancing and protecting themselves and loved ones. The idea of going back to school where children might not truly practice social distancing is scary to many. They may be carriers of the virus and pass it along to others, including family members, that are more susceptible to it.

I truly feel that we can still have the ability of having distance learning with the feel of the classroom if more teachers are willing to use video conferencing tools that will allow them to give their students the experience of a classroom without being physically in school. Only a couple of teachers for my kids were doing this and I applaud them for trying to keep in contact with their students and trying to help them feel they were still in a classroom from a distance.

For our family is also important that we protect teachers, who become in contact with over 120 kids per day. We need to look out for those teachers that take care of the education of our children and make them feel safe. For us in unfair to expose teachers to this pandemic that can have such a negative impact to their health.

It is important that we keep our community, our family and loved ones safe. Let's avoid situations instead of regretting them afterwards. It is better to prevent than to remediate situations.

Thanks for all the district has done for our children and for making sure they were able to finish their school year. May you and your family always be protected."

Each subject area is assigned a day to have a live class. Attendance for the students is required (if not in attendance, they must complete a video reflection on the recorded session). Class times are consistent across elementary, middle, and high school to ensure that if families are sharing devices, there is no overlap. For elementary, have two shorter meetings per week to accommodate the shorter attention spans of young learners if necessary. Once every progress report period, each student meets individually (virtually) with the teacher to touch base about their progress, reflect on their understanding of the content, etc. That week the live class would be optional. Two graded assignments per week, although other class activities can be given as practice and for feedback. Attendance will be taken by the live class only. Students who are not completing work will be called and/or visited by administration as necessary. No late work must be accepted after the end of the reporting period (progress reports and/or report cards). Weekly work should be posted by Monday 8 am to allow students to work on their own schedule/pace. Teachers should have at least 1 hour of virtual office hours daily so students can get 1:1 assistance in real time if they need it.

Earlier in the year I was for the blended option. However as cases continue to rise, lack of enforced mask wearing it seems impossible to believe it would be safe to reopen schools in 6 weeks. This does not seem plausible for the students, their families or the teachers and OCPS employees. Perhaps there is a varied approach based on school level but high schoolers are old enough to stay home and receive online instruction. Classes can be taught virtually and safely for all involved. Perhaps 2nd semester there could be a staggered return to campus, but for the entire population's sake do not reopen schools i. August.

"Either Distance or blending

If the kids can't be kids and they can't see their friends at lunch or do other activities why should they be going to school when they will have nothing to look forward too. It isn't really school to them anymore it more of a prison. Where they go sit and don't move not even for lunch. Good luck trying to get them to do homework when they get home.

Most the people who want the kids back in the classroom full time are not looking at the health and safety of the kids. One thing I read was no safety drills how do they know what to do when something does happen? I know some parents do not have the option to be working from home (but a lot of companies are figuring this out ) and then you have the parents who just don't want to deal with their kids and want them gone for 6+ hrs a day. Then you have the people saying we pay for the schools which I get trust me but if can't make the kids feel comfortable or have them waiting to wear a mask all day and not get to see their friends as a break from learning then how are we helping them and also if there is an outbreak in the school how is that going to be handled because unless the kids are in a bubble or have clorox wipes (good luck finding) and sanitizer to us all day long good luck.Until their is a vaccine we are not in the clear and it will more than likely hit again in winter."

Either start after Labor Day or go to distance learning till thanksgiving

El Niño manifestó sentirse mejor estudiando a distancia

"El proceso de reingreso seguro debe realizarse posterior a la disminución de casos de COVID en el pais. Considero que las clases deben ser a distancia, con un cronograma y horario por materia, temas a estudiar semanales y asignaciones diarias que deben entregar cada uno de los estudiantes.

Los profesores seguir hacer conferencias y videos instructivos que faciliten la interaccion y aprendizaje de los alumnos."

"Elementary- Face-to-Face

Middle School- Urban (Face to Face) & Suburban (Blended)

High School- Distance or Blended


Elementary students should be given a laptop to complete work at home. It be blended between assignments on the computer and paper based. Assignments should be in CANVAS by modules and in sequence where after completing one assigment the next one will open. Attendance should be every day and assignments should have a due date. Modules can stay open to review and submit late work.

"Entering a classroom with 18 smiling faces brings me joy. However, with the current pandemic, I'm willing to save the lives of those smiling faces along with my own by providing continued distance learning until the medical professionals can come up with something to prevent the spread of this virus. As an educator, I not only worry about learning gains, and data but most importantly the welfare of my students. This isn't about politics but about, "The children of our future." Thank you for this opportunity to share.


Entirely distant, students can come in for testing or extra services if needed, but instruction should be entirely distant with accommodations for students whose parents work, by providing socially distant computer labs where students can work with masks on.

Escuela a distancia

Every elementary school should provide virtual classrooms on each grade level to accommodate students and teachers who are at risk. For instance, if there are 5 first grade classrooms, 2 could be online and 3 could be face-to-face in the traditional sense.

Every member of my family has chronic health issues. With the continued rise in cases, we are feeling less and less comfortable with the idea of on-campus school returning in just a few weeks. We would like to continue with our school, doing distance learning, but will most likely switch to Florida Virtual if that is not an option. We really love our school, and don't want to switch, so we hope that Distance Learning is at least offered.

Every school in OCPS should have an option for face to face or distance learning. We should not have to withdraw/transfer from our neighborhood school in order to get through this time. Schools should have OPTIONS. It does not need to be a one size fits all. Otherwise parents will leave their neighborhood schools and go to private/charter schools that have options. Not every parent is comfortable with face to face learning. Please stop lumping us all together. Provide us with choices!

Every teacher will have one on one with their students to evaluate progress. No returning to school until it is safe for everyone. Several kids have health issues, and would be impacted by COVID19

"Expand Orange County Virtual School!

For middle/high schools:

Scheduled class times with teachers LIVE via webinar. Teachers could teach multiple ""classrooms"" at one time and use the rest of the time to schedule a time each to help struggling students and keep them from falling behind.

Improve and expand the use of Canvas and Skyward ... require teachers to communicate better with parents via these tools. Right now, all teachers are using them differently ... some put grades in daily. Some put grades in all at one time near the end of the semester and parents have NO idea how their child is doing.

Weekly emails from teachers to students/parents outline topics and assignments for the week."

Face to face learning should not be until vaccine and safe. Taking big risks with children coming together in tight classroom. Too many kids at a time together. Handwashing and hand sanitizer should occur constantly. 6ft apart radius smaller classes. Half a day schooling or 2 to 3 times a week face to face learning. Putting our children at risk horrible idea. The CDC should be making the modifications plans to follow where it will be safe.

Face to face learning will not be a good idea because I work in the medical field and I see how quickly this virus can spread

Follow the path that the virtual school uses.

Follow Virtual Classes. Teachers present in Virtual Classes for answers questions. Math Tutorial. Communication with parents on virtual Fridays weekly student summary.

For children with asthma,distance learning.

For high schoolers, consider block scheduling similar to college. Attendance requirements will need to be adjusted so that students do not have to sign in to all 7 classes, separately and in different ways, each day. Make attendance based on assignments or attendance at teacher lectures. Please encourage teachers to do more direct teaching instead of so much independent study.

For kids like kindergarten or 1st grade we cant expect them to follow CDC guidelines it's safer for them to do distance learning. Covid is not gone/eradicated unless the children had their covid vaccines (which is in the works but not been released) we cant be too cavalier. Muti-System Inflammatory Syndrome in Children is a serious/deadly disease relating to covid-19 virus. Safety First should always be the priority when it comes to our kids.

For many positions it is impossible to social distance. Just think- any employee such as a Dean or Behavior Specialist is putting EVERYONE at risk when they go to all different classrooms to handle behavior crises. Putting desks 6 feet apart won't solve anything while other employees are spreading germs from class to class.

For my kids safety learning distance

For the benefit of my kids I prefer Distant learning they get more of a one on one learning but Zoom is a better method instead of the big blue button that one didn't work for my kids and they didn't get to do any online learning because of it. I think ZOOM is the way to go.

For the continue of this year 2020, I rather for my child to have Distance Learning simply because of the pandemic is not over yet. Until we know for sure that is it really safe to do so, I want Distance Learning for my child. School classrooms are crowded and I don't see how social distancing can happen especially in a classroom of maybe 25 - 30 students; and plus if it's not mandatory for kids to wear mask and practice safety, it's not safe for any child.

For the moment, distance learning is the best result due to this covid. Teenagers are also getting sick and already 4 teenagers between the age category of 17 to 24 are dead due to covid. I cannot put a child's life in danger by opening up my classroom like nothing is wrong. When the number of infections goes down. Then we can do a hybrid model. Or only 10 students presents wearing facemask and the others will be online.

For the remainder of the 2020 school year, classes should be kept at a certain distance from the incidents of COVID 19. And by 2021, begin face-to-face classes after extreme hygiene and cleaning of school classrooms. But all identifying the incidences of the covid 19 because the crescents resulting from contagions that are still seen, the classes may continue to distance themselves during the 2020-2021 school year.

for the safety of our kiddos and staff we should do distance learning until a complete clear from cdc is given. in many county the infected number is still there, we should stay contain in quarantine until the count of infected people is zero.

For the time being I believe Distance Learning is the safest solution for students, teachers, staff and their families.

From what I'm hearing from speaking with friends, many parents are nervous about the kids going back to the physical school this fall. I hope that if the district is going to have everybody go back to the school full-time, that parents are informed early on so that they can decide to enroll their kids in virtual school.

From what is being reported, it appears we will still be facing problems with Covid-19 through September. I feel we should continue virtual learning at least through September. My children's' teachers did a great job & could continue school the same as they ended the school year. Once we see a diminishing number of Covid-19 cases, we could start bringing half the students back into the classroom at a time. Possibly split classes in half & students do face-to-face learning 1 week on & 1 week off. During face-to-face week off, they do virtual learning.

"Full distance with support of guidance for kids well being.

Maybe even add in required activities to help with wellness. They have had mental health classes so some attention to mental health would be compassionate"

Fully distance until COVID becomes more controlled so I don't feel scared to get the virus in school

Give each family the option to choose distance learning until the curve as flatten. Maybe alternate school days for the families who are not able to keep their child at home due to work constraints so that the classrooms are at 50% capacity.

"Given current circumstances around COVID, which we understand with the most accurate data available, the idea to return to schools in the fall is galling. If our governor allows school districts to make their own decisions, then OCPS should follow the recommendations and guidelines of scientists and medical authorities.

Today, Orange County not only doesn't meet the criteria for reopening generally,which call for a stabilization of or, preferably, decline in COVID and COVID-like activity in our hospitals and test results, but shows a measurable and verifiable increase in all aspects of virus transmission, particularly those of new cases, positivity rate, and ER visits.

OCPS has long been committed to scientific practices and their application to the profession of teaching. One would hope that they don't abandon those practices now. If they do, then people will die.

As a teacher, I am not comfortable to return to the classroom until the data supports it. My life is at stake."

Given that the average new daily "known" cases of COVID-19 are much higher now than they were when schools were closed, I feel it would be completely irresponsible of the school system, the state, and parents to push for the reopening of schools for in-person learning. When I venture out to the grocery store I've already seen about half the people not wearing masks or following directions for social distancing, and these are the same "adults" who will be expected to guide our children when they go back to school. Regardless of how much the school system tries to get the kids to wear masks, practice social distancing, and push for constant cleanliness; if the parents aren't also pushing it 24/7 at home then some kids will not take it as serious as they should. And while kids are theoretically less susceptible to getting sick (or as sick) from the disease, they make awesome little germ carriers to bring it home to parents, grandparents, etc. They will also carry it to teachers, staff, and other students. I personally believe we should remain with distance learning until there is a known safe and effective vaccine available to everybody, and kids shouldn't be allowed physically back in school without proof of immunization for COVID-19. I fully understand the difficulties associated with distance learning for many working parents, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Given that the state has chosen to open (and hide our infection numbers), I feel that it would be dangerous to both students and staff to return until we have solid numbers on COVID. After that OCPS should issue N95 to teachers and implement 0 tolerance policies for students who decide to ignore guidelines put in place for their, and our, safety. Until the safety of everyone on premises can be assured, we should continue distance learning via CANVAS.

Given the fact that our COVID numbers continue to rise I would be most comfortable with having my children continue to be distance taught for at least the first quarter. I understand that many parents need their children to attend school while they attend work. I think a system like some of the other districts have looked at where the families can choose which works best for them, distance or face to face, would be good. This would also help take care of the issue of social distancing and need for smaller numbers of students in the classroom.

Given the new world we are living in facing with school shooting, viruses and the rising cost of maintaining and running school facilities safely, distance learning would be the best choice that make sense. The biggest problem with distance learning is that both parents have to work to maintain a decent standard of living, so face to face will always wins. Our country is not at that level yet, but for distance learning to working for k-12, State government would have to be willing to hire 1 parent per households to stay home.

"Given the present circumstances and the uncertainty of how many families have been taking precautions, it is best to continue distance learning and re-evaluate the situation after the first quarter. Teachers can plan to deliver lessons via Canvas and BBB. If there are consumable books to hand out to students to facilitate their learning, these can be distributed at school or delivered by teachers if they agree. Parents should be notified as soon as possible in order to ensure that Internet service will be accessible. Teachers can have live sessions and parents should be encouraged to closely monitor that their children are completing and submitting their work in a timely manner. Once the data shows how Covid is progressing, a decision can be made for the second quarter. It's better to move forward with healthy students, teachers, and staff, than try to react to another outbreak. This would be the only decision that considers everyone's safety until more information is released from the government.

Additionally, if students and parents are struggling with distance learning, small group tutoring sessions can be provided on school campuses via appointments and as deemed necessary based on class participation and grades.

Teachers can provide feedback on Canvas and this way students and parents can check. Communication is key so try that teachers, parents, and students are on the same page.

There is no space inside a classroom to return at full capacity and social distance in an appropriate manner and per the CDC guidelines. The money tree that would go into plexi glass could be used for technology. "

Given the spike of cases in Florida over the past two weeks, the only safe option for fall is to continue the Distance Learning model. Teachers should teach via Zoom during scheduled timeslots, and assignments should be submitted via Canvas.

"Going back to school without an existing cure will be a big risk for our children and staff

We have children and employees who may have a pre-existing disease and don't even know it.

in class, teachers would have to monitor children all the time, to see if they are putting their hands on the masks or even taking them off. monitoring whether they are maintaining the correct distance and cleaning. This would bring wear to the professional and the uncertainty of an ideal monitoring.

At home it won't be easy, but everyone is safe.

Go back to school in January safe"

"Good evening.

I implore our School Board and the Governor of Florida to delay the reopening of schools in our state. The numbers of confirmed cases have been steadily rising and this pose a highly risky situation for all the Floridians. The scientific community on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook provide enormous amount of information from peer-reviewed journals/research to personal experiences caused by covid 19. They understand that this virus is new and it is still presenting itself in a unique, dangerous, stronger, and infectious state as it continually transforms and mutate into a new virus. Please check "" A New, More Serious Covid-19 Mutation to Worry About (D614G)"" on

I believe in OCPS mission which is to provide a safe, healthy learning environment so our student can flourish academically; but, we need to ensure that our students will still be with us after a couple of weeks or months. Plus, we need them to be healthy, not scarred in their brains, lungs, hearts, or kidneys.

We can still wait and we will know when it's time to go back. Our students are resilient; they will bounce back to a more enlightened awareness. By waiting, we would prevent the loss of more lives. "

"Good morning! I feel til this COVID -19 under control and we are back to normal ( without the use of face mask & social distancing) I would love to keep option1 Distance Learning. Our daughter has been doing very well with the distance learning. My other reason is too because I do not want her to get frustrated at school, due to learning will be a different structure. 100 percent I need her focus to be on learning and not how things will be different for her at school. All the online teachers have been Amazing and working so well with the kids . She enjoys getting online to be with everyone and learning is easier for her . Absolutely, what ever the school system decides our family are her to support. We appreciate all that you guys to and continue to do for our children.

Option 1 Distance Learning "

Good Morning, I don't believe it would be safe for us to come back to school, with everything going on and we still don't know when things are going to clear up. This is why I believe we should keep doing distance learning till second semester. You guys would like us to come back on August 10th but you have to think about how are the classroom going to be set because of this virus how are our teachers going to teach a regular full class with things still not being in the clear. How are students going to have lunch in the cafeteria? We have thousands of kids in one school not hundreds but thousands. How is all this going to work ?? I truly believe virtual learning is the best thing for us for our first semester. The last quarter was a breeze and students where actually getting work done. Most of the kids been getting higher grades. So I truly would like you guys to really go over this and see that putting students back in campus when we are not in the clear is a risk and very dangerous. This question is just like you going to the grocery store, if it's too many people in the store they would have you wait till people start existing. That should be a primary example of why going back to school is not a good look right now .

Half Day school days to reduce class sizes 50%.

Hard to predict the future but I think less exposure to other kids, teachers, etc is best right now as this has blown up with reopening society. Distance learning worked out well as they had structure and requirements to complete the assignments. I know it's hard for working parents to do this, but this virus isn't going away if we keep having exposure. My child absolutely loves going to school and we are all sadly missing that part of life right now, but I just don't feel like it's time yet. Thank you.

Have classes continue with distance learning until we get a vaccine. There is no way to keep a kindergarten teacher safe and healthy.

Having a compromised immune system creates a risk of health and safety; with an over crowded school.

Having a daughter who goes to school a d is Diabetic, I will like to take her home.

Having a large countertop (plexiglass shield in all school main office), remain all registration via email or online registration, no volunteers or visitors in the building.

"Hello, I have children who are immune compromised and worry about them being safe at the start of the new school year in the fall. I'm not confident that the district will be able to fully protect my students while attending class in a brick and mortar setting.

I am also concerned about the teachers safety while attempting to teach in class what happens for the kids that need more assistance but they can no longer be in direct contact with one another.

Please consider all students and teachers as well as support staff when drawing your final conclusion regarding this matter. It is our duty as parents, your duty as government and district officials to put the student body ahead of anyone's selfish agenda. "

Hello. Even though it is being hard to study through the distance learning program, it would be better for everybody to continue on the distance learning program. As teenagers, we ignore teachers when we want to do our pleasure even when we know that it is going to have consequences.we all know that teenagers are hard to treat since we don't follow directions as we should . not every body cares about life or someone else's life. So please lets keep the schools closed. There is a high risk of getting contaminated of COVID-19 if you guys reopen the schools. You guys have to think about all of the people that are going to get contaminated and maybe going to die if the schools are reopen. It is enough with all of the deaths that the country has, we don't want nobody else to die or suffer.

"Hello. I am a special education teacher at Cherokee School. I am hoping that our district would be able to consider all factors before making a final decision regarding the re-opening of our schools. In our special day school, our teachers, program assistants, and behavior staff are constantly physically-involved with our students when we are providing instructions, redirecting behavior, and showing emotional/social support. Our work is highly physically-engaging and we are constantly using verbal de-escalation. Our situation has a greater risk for our students and teachers in getting covid 19. Some of our students have underlying health conditions. Our students have short attention span and do not have the cognitive ability to fully understand the consequences of getting the virus; hence, they will need extra time and accommodations to fully grasp the whole situation. Added rules in the school will only further aggravate them and will be more inclined to refuse following directions and to incur physical and verbal aggression toward peers and staff such as spitting or screaming.

Currently, I am using BBB conference in teaching our students which is also presenting another problem of accessibility and availability of technology resources to our students. We should focus on how to make distance learning better, manageable, efficient, and effective. Dr. Fauci of CDC has already mentioned that it will take 12-18 months for the vaccine to be available. So, by understanding all these factors, the only viable option is to do distance learning.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to voice our ideas."

Hello. I prefer distance learning. I am not comfortable with my child returning to school to be around others and there is no vaccine. However, the distance learning material needs to be applicable for the correct grade. There were things my son wouldn't have known. Also if the material is set to submit correctly. There were items to type then submit but there was no field to type or submit.


My idea is to build a more intact and easily accessible distance learning system. Maybe use more live teaching sessions and students can join a virtual class. I think this idea is possible, so that students can connect with teachers and peers and also get content on live time. My concern is if we do a blended approach, our students with IEPS, may not get the services they need do to lack of transportation to school or a challenging routine for them and parents to follow. I think distance learning will be a great thing to start with, and then once the data shows the virus slowing down or effective medical treatments available, we could return to face to face learning.

Also, maybe high school and middle school could return with CDC guidelines in place, after training staff, but K-5 could be placed on a temporary distance learning program, due to their inability to consistently follow social distance and mask wearing.

Thanks for listening to my ideas. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue to discuss options. "

"Hi, I am student's mom. I think "Be Safe" is the most important thing for my kids. So I think study on-line is better. Thank you!

Best wishes."


Should be a regular schedule as school and every one should be connect at the same time like be at the classroom."

"High School and Middle School should remain on distance learning until Covid vaccination is available to avoid the spread in school.

Elementary can attend school in two sessions: AM one group and PM another group. Class size will be reduce in half and teachers can control social distance with a smaller group."

High school can be distance all year specially from 10th to seniors, and that space can be use for elementary students to do face to face learning because are the ones really need it. This way you can have more classrooms for them just need to tell the parents where the students go

"Hold the entire class virtually as you would face to face. Dramatic education does classes that are similar to physical education, science etc that are offered at school. They have a few mins in between the classes and get ready for the next.

I do NOT feel comfortable with my child attending school and would like the ability to make that decision. "

Home schooling

Honestly dont do it. Students are disgusting. they will cough purposely to get people sick and cancel school on the chance they get. not many people are self aware of who they are touching and what objects they left infected. I wouldnt want to purposely do this myself because its degrading and inhumane but other people will. please consider this to the board of schools. i know schools dont have the luxury to afford social distancing at home since some classes required to be at school. but please think about it and let other people gain a credit for classes that cant be done at home. They are 6 million cases worldwide and people think its ok to do so. Please consider people health top priority. not education.

Honestly i would rather go to school but this virus is not over with you don't know if the next person has it so reopening school is not a good idea the amount of things that can open when school opens it could get worse and we don't need that right now we're trying to work on getting better not worse, me personally i think it should remain close till we find a solution for covid and i think a lot of parents would agree they are trying to keep there kid safe and awat from the mix and going back to school right now would just add fire to it which we don't need i'm currently going into 12th grade and it sucks but health comes first we can still try to plan small things once in awhile but distance learning right now is the best way.

honestly since the rates are going up its safe to do the right thing and keep distance learning, people will get sick and your putting there health at risk

Honestly, I would have loved to pick face to face learning, I don't want to be a teacher but my kids have a panick attack anytime I try to put a face mask on them. So if going back to face to face learning means that the kids will have to wear a face mask all day then distance learning is the only option that I could pick. If there is a model where the kids can go back to school with out wearing masks please consider it. Thank you

How am I supposed to learn when I am worried about getting Coronavirus? I want Distance Learning so I feel protected. I don't want any of my friends to die just because some people think being in a building is better. Please keep us safe!

How will kids that have pre-existing respiratory illnesses be protected during face-to-face classroom learning? How do you practice social distancing of 6 feet in a classroom of 18-20 students?

How will you respond when someone in the school tests positive with COVID? One person in a school of a thousand or more children testing positive will have deadly results.

"I am a 9th grade high school teacher. Distant learning would be my choice.

It worked well for my students this past spring. I had ESE, ESOL and Regular students.

I have several concerns of face to face and blended learning.

1. High school teenagers think they are immortal. We as teenagers thought

we were immortal.

a. Social distancing

would be challenged unintentionally by them in the hallways,

courtyards and parking lots (with or without masks).

Can we efficiently monitor 2,000-3,000 high students?

b. Cultural customs

would be challenged. Certain cultures give small hugs and

kisses on both cheeks upon saying hello/goodbye.

Can we legally forbid that?

c. Liability (Unknown and known health issues)

of students and staff. If an individual from either party is

susceptible to COVID and doesn't know it and is attending


Who is liable,OCPS, teacher, parent?

d. Sick children

are sent to school by the parents, so they can work. (In the

past.) We send them to the nurse.

What if it isn't just a sore throat or headache that will go


There are between 2,000 and 3,000 students in most high schools.


I am a caregiver of my elderly father with severe heart conditions. I do not feel safe returning to schools until there is a vaccine. Will you be testing teachers, all employees, and students daily? And I don't mean temperature checks - I mean test. I can not risk bring it home. You just had an incident where a cafeteria lady had COVID and it spread. How do you plan to keep families safe when you have already proven that you can't with fewer employees in a building?

I am a high school student, and even though I miss my friends, I do not believe it is a good idea to start school normally. We can do distance learning until things get better in a few months. Students and teachers need to be safe.

I am a nurse and from the looks of things in my healthcare facility spread of COVID-19 has slowed but not to the point of safety. Children are very vulnerable. There should be distant learning for our children's sake. Children are dying. Please keep in mind the amount of illnesses that spread other than COVID in schools amongst children. We are not in the clear yet.

I am choosing Distance because I am high risk and so is my daughter. I can't imagine being able to teach children with a mask on all day while maintaining a distance of 6 ft a part. As long as there is no cure or official treatment, I suggest that we continue with Distance Learning.

I am concerned how classes will be covered when my kids teachers end up catching the virus. Distance Learning is the only option that makes sense to provide structure for our children while keeping everyone safe.

I am concerned with our state covid numbers on the rise. I cannot imagine how our students will maintain social distancing and practice keeping a facial mask on all day. We are putting our students at risk by having them ride a bus, eat in the cafeteria, sit or stand in lines while at school. We hear over and over again about the importance of social distancing. How can a elementary student understand not to hug his her friend. We need to wait until the January in order to start bringing students into classrooms. Maybe, at this time more information will be known about this virus and how to keep students and parents safe.

I am deeply concerned about returning to work without a covid-19 vaccine. It is difficult to social distance in a school building and I believe that students will be reluctant to wear masks at all times. Oftentimes, the cleanliness of schools are not adequate and frequently falls upon teachers to disinfect and sanitize classrooms. I have seen first-hand when students become sick some parents are reluctant to pick them up from school this also poses a risk. I would like to continue distance learning and believe that Orange County Public Schools has done a great job with the transition. As an OCPS employee I worry about becoming ill and possibly bringing it home to my family which I love and care for. I ask that you please listen to the medical professionals and research as a relates to this deadly virus. It is evident that cases are on the rise especially in children. The safety and health of all stakeholders should be first when making a decision.

I am extremely concern with prematurely returning to the face-to-face model at the moment due to the lack of a resolution/vaccine for the virus. The phasen1 process have reported an increase of individuals being effected in Florida. If the schools begin a face-to-face model without seeing a vast decrease of reported cases, I am very fearful of what the numbers will look like once the students and staff return to the Classroom. Don't get me wrong, I would like to return to some since of normalcy, I just don't think we have the necessary information yet to return to a face-to-face model.

I am honestly very unsure about sending my daughter to school in August. She will start 9th grade as a high school freshman. COVID Cases have spiked drastically just in the past few days here in Orange County. With no vaccine, I'm very uncomfortable with sending her even if some precautions are put in place in schools. What type of learning environment are students going to be part of? And for middle school and high school students, can't even imagine. And to have changed school hours or staggered times would be too crazy to manage for different families with different needs. I think distance-learning would be the best solution, at least to start the school year. One suggestion, maybe put in place some of the models that OCVS currently has. They've been part of the virtual Orange County system for many years now, with proven success. Can we use some of their curriculum and guidance so learning is a little more streamlined?

I am in total disagreement with the whole idea of opening schools for the upcoming school year. I am a mother 3; 7th grader with asthma, 2nd grader with serious allergies and a 1 year old with Idiopathic thrombocytopenic Purpura. My family and I are extremely concern of the High risk we are going to be exposed to if this schools were to open. I have been keeping them home safe and working on distance learning which we all agreed it was challenging but I rather deal with that then losing one of us along the way due to covid19. The risk is high and no child you be put in such position. I feel sick to my stomach to hear the ones who have agreed to such an irresponsible decision. My kids health are not to be jeopardize to increase Floridians economic mobility and agility. They can get the education they well deserve through distance learning until covid19 is under control, right now is NOT. We need to focus on keeping them alive, education will always be accessible to them. My question is "Are the kids safety really your focused?"

"I am not comfortable sending my child to school until the district can assure parents that a sick child cannot enter the school environment. There will be parents that send children to school with fevers and other illnesses... how can the district protect my child from COVID-19 if a mom without a babysitter sends her child to school with a fever and a runny nose?

"Distance Learning" until the district has a plan to prohibit sick children from entering the school"

I am pre-disposed to viruses such as COVID-19. As a diabetic for the past 14 years, I am fearful of the exposure that mass gatherings such as those that a face-to-face model on a daily basis would create. I was stunned to even see staffers at my school site over the past weeks not using face masks nor adhering to distancing. Also, as a teacher at the elementary level, children that young constantly hug and have little understanding of personal space much less staying at a distance of 6 feet. I can foresee parents being at odds with teachers for admonishing students for hugging teachers. School administration side with parents and I fear having to be called into my administrator's office on an issue of refusing to hug a child because the child wanted to hug. Additionally, once a face-to-face model is implemented, I fear that my class and school will continue to have parents send their sick children to school instead of keeping the sick children at home-especially in the Fall and Winter seasons. Many parents do not even answer their phone calls during the regular school year if the parents are at work. Some even flatly state that they will not leave work to pick up their children when the school nurse calls the parents to report that children are sick. Moreover, elementary schools only have one nurse working in its clinic. The nurse routinely sends sick children back to class saying that the children cannot stay in the clinic because there is limited space. The nurse instructs the children to lay on the classroom floor if they are not well. In sum, there are too many risks with a face-to-face model for 2020-2021 school year.

I am requesting that the District bargain reopening in good faith with CTA.

I am scared to go to school due to COVID and the teachers would have to clean the desks and tables and every single period

"I am still very concerned that students at the elementary level will not understand social distancing and will spread the virus if they have it!


I am uncertain at this time because we had family member pass away from this virus and we definitely taking it seriously. Plus my child father is high risk and we don't know a lot about this virus yet.

I am very afraid to come back to school in August This will be my 1st year in high school and don't think it is safe right now We did ok distant learning the end of this school year We should be ok a little longer Please don't open schools while this virus is spreading all over FL

"I am very concern on how to manage a high school population on social distancing in order to be healthy and alive. Classrooms are tot big enough, to keep the distance. The hygiene in the bathrooms areas either. Kids manner when cough and sneeze. Schools will become an infection center. Even when the distance learning it wasn't cream & peaches, the only huge problem I had was registering the attendance. Parents must be responsible that their kids report their attendance and the classwork on time. This is a situation where lives are part of the game. Everyone involved must be responsible for their part of the game. The District , the Administrators and from our side everybody complied with our commitment and responsibility. It did not see the same thing from parents and family side. Since they are under age, parent must be responsible for their lack of responsibility. Since our lives come first, I am in favor of the distance learning until a proven vaccine is available for the population.

Thank you for all you do!


I am very concerned about the reopening of schools at this time.

I am very concerned for my child's health. I don't think that most children would really be able to follow CDC recommendations.

"I am writing as a member of the community, a grandmother and a retired nurse.

I am very concerned about the children going back to face to face education. It is hard for adults to wear masks for extended periods of time. It is even harder for children. Touching masks contaminate hands. Moisture from breath contaminate as well. Once the mask is moist, it really should be changed since germs will wick through the material. It will be hard to keep social distancing, especially with young children. Meals will be hard unless they eat outdoors, but there is no guarantee of the weather as we are in hurricane season.

Without an available vaccine or treatments, and with Florida numbers going up significantly, we are jeopardizing students, staff, families and elderly members of our community. Please take this seriously and look at distant learning temporarily. And those in special programs should have priority for teen trance into the program when regular school resumes."

I Belice we should not espose our children to the pandemic by sending them to school. They do not know of good hygiene and it is our responsibility as parents to keep them healthy and safe.

I believe distance learning should be the only way just cause the cirrus will not ever go away therefore I don't know if school will be safe. To be doing one on one, should be done virtually live.

I believe distance learning should keep taking place until we have a more clear view of the situation and be able to go back to normal in the mean time the future still uncertain. And OCPS should not risk it for the students, the school personnel including the teachers. Thanks

I believe distance learning should still be in act because we have not yet found a cure for this epidemic. I don't want to risk my family especially my new born from getting a virus. Face to face learning is not a choice for me until a cure is found.

I believe distant learning is the best option until a cure is developed and tested to work. My husband and 2 of our sons are in the high risk category. I can't risk bring home sickness. The classroom is a hazardous environment. I believe if every student has internet service and parents are held accountable for their child's learning, distant learning will work. I had low attendance and participation due to parents not buying in that school is still in session. I believe if parents are told from district and school administration from the beginning distant learning is still school and not an option and true consequences will be exercised if their child is not in attendance.

"I believe if the cases flare up we need to do 100% distance learning.

If we are staying Staedy parents and students should be given the choice to do either distance learning or face to face.

You could limit the amount of students at school with a balance of distance learning and half day classes.

A AM and PM session. This would cut the amount on campus each day. "

I believe if the virus is still out there, having all the students in the same place is dangerous to them and there parents. Safety should be the first priority for everyone.

"I believe it is too early to determine what things will look like in August. The summer months should be the time to develop a uniform and cohesive distance learning program for students in the event things take a u-turn regarding this unprecedented pandemic.

Take this time to perform surveys from parents to see what worked and what didn't in order to develop distance learning procedures that would be universal across all schools.

Each year the schools promote the use of flu vaccines to maintain outbreaks within the school population, but we know the proper time for developing a vaccine for COVID-19 is at least 12 to 18 months in the making. Ignoring that would be irresponsible. Our children, our teachers, our staff, and our families deserve our due diligence.

I understand the need for working parents to get back to work. My husband and I are both working parents, I understand the stress it can put on working families. I also understand and sympathize with families that depend on school meals to feed their families. I am glad to see how the schools and the community have been able to help in that regard by continuing to distribute meals.

Even with those things in mind, I feel the Central Florida area was lucky to have reacted quickly despite a lack of leadership in Tallahassee and was able to prevent catastrophic losses within our community. There are too many ""What if...?"" questions at the moment that cannot be answered or ignored. This is the time to be proactive and not reactive with your leadership and decision-making.

As for the hybrid education option, it doesn't make sense to only expose our children and staff part of the week. We know this virus can go undetected for weeks and people can be carriers and be asymptomatic.

This is a huge responsibility."

I believe schools should remain in distance learning. Most schools are overcrowded and it'll be impossible to keep social distancing in place. It'll be impossible to be safe in general. We also need to consider handicapped students' in the building as they need special attention which will be difficult during this time. Sanitation products are very limited and it'll be impossible to clean every object and surface being touched. I do not feel comfortable sending my student back to school this August. There should be an option for letting students continue distance learning who do not feel comfortable going back to school.

I believe teachers should be given the option of whether or not they want to teach face to face or virtually. This will also give parents a choice of if they want their child being in the classroom or virtually. This will reduce germs and everyone getting sick especially those who have a weak immune system like myself!

"I believe that distance learning is the way to go for now until this issue with the pandemic is under control.

We need our students and staff to be safe. Having students and staff return to the building will increase the risk level of getting sick. We need to be wise about this decision because it will affect the health as well as the financial