Distance Learning Model - Page 2

The ideas below were submitted by employees, parents, students and others to the OCPS School Reopening Think Tank. The ideas were reviewed by work groups that summarized best ideas into a report to the Superintendent and School Board members.


Our students, their families, teachers and staff are safer with students learning from home. Teachers and staff should be working from home which can easily be arranged with platforms such as Zoom. The remaining staff should be separated , wearing masks, and have barriers between them and any students or parents that they have to interact with.

It is a shame that this has become a political issue with so many leaders

acting like the problem does not exist. "

Once we don't have any medicine neither vaccine for the terrible Covid19, I prefer the distance learning at this moment.

"One group goes in the morning and the other one in the afternoon. 7-11 and

1-5 this way you will have less people in the classrooms. 2 hours brake for teachers. And if you want to have less crow in hallway and less people in the court yard have teachers move instead of students doing it. This is done in many country's around the world for years and works. "

Online 4 classes in fall 3 in spring for middle school.

Online. They can bring the virus at home . They can also get teacher sicks... May be estaré with high schoolers and see how it goes. If the Jeep social distance and mask. I am for sure elementary kids will not

Online.. It is my priority for the health and safety of the smallest of the elementary school, they do not know how to keep these distance rules well. I also have children in high school. the best for now is online, there is no rush to take them to school

open area with thin the distance of communication.

Open via distance in August. Re-assess at mid September, and if data warrants, bring back face to face by end of September.

Opening schools face to face is still very early, not only do the numbers grow every day, but they put students, teachers and families at risk. Education is important but health is more, it is also enough with the stress that many students are living to also add a mask that I imagine will be required and not being able to be close to their friends. If you really love the students please make the right decision,

"Opening schools in the fall is reckless and irresponsible. The pandemic is not over, and putting teachers, staff, and students in enclosed spaces will only cause a spike in COVID cases, which will further spread to the community. Further spread will inevitably result in more illness, death, and even further destabilization of the economy.

The risk is unacceptable. "

Opening schools will not only affect kids but also high risk people that are at home. I do not think kids will be productive in school when they are constantly anxious of getting infected and will not be good psychologically if they blame themselves if someone in their household got infected.

Our children health is the most important issue now. The same way there was implemented distance education last semester, you can do it next semester. During it you can be evaluatiny 'covid 19' status and adjusting decissios; the best one for our children.0

Our family is in favor of distance learning but we realize that it is not the best option for some. Please consider giving families the choice to keep their students at home if it works for them, whatever model you implement. This policy should include IB families. Thank you.

Pandemic: No current inoculation is available. Keep this a medical health issue, not a political one. Distance learning is an option that is viable. Be leaders, child safety and employee advocates. In this pandemic, by using distance learning, you may also be saving lives at home as well as on campus. Why rush back to school during a pandemic?

Parent and student education of digital services like canvas, bbb, etc. Digital devices for all students and access to internet.

Parents should be allowed to choose distance learning for their child. I am concerned with large class sizes especially in elective courses such as P.E., music, and art. Large crowds in the cafeteria are also a concern.

Parents, students and teachers have become familiar with distant learning from their experience over the spring. Continue using distant learning for the first semester and then transition to face-to-face if the pandemic is gone.

Pensé que por la seguridad de los niños y todo el personal docente estarán realizando las clases a distancia como transcurrieron desde marzo a mayo 2020.

Perhaps use some of the established online methods/platforms/curriculum used by OCVS. If they've been doing it for 10 years, as our own OCPS version but virtual, they know what they're doing. Maybe borrow some of what they do to begin the new school year. At least it would be more streamlined.

Pienso que es mejor a la distancia por que no sabremos que compañero de nuestro hijo este contagiado, y así podamos contagiar más persona y se vas extendiendo, la escuela es un lugar donde asisten muchos niños y tenemos que cuidarlo

Planning for an all-distance leaning model is the best way to go. Teachers can begin planning now for effective distance learning, and be ready to go the first day of school. Sending kids and teachers back into the classroom will endanger the lives of teachers and administrators, as well as the families the children return to each day. It will be impossible to safely social distance in a classroom, lunchroom or hallway. Please do the right thing OCPS, plan for distance learning only.

"Please allow schools to have a 100% virtual option, where students with medical issues in their home can stay home and do everything without leaving home. There are students that have not left their homes since March due to family medical concerns, and do not plan to do so until vaccines are obtained.

To keep the teacher headcount at the local elementary schools, I would suggest having at least 1 teacher per grade level (or more based on student need) assigned to be a 100% virtual teacher for the entire school year. Those students/families who want this option could then continue enrollment at their local school, instead of transferring to OCVS or FLVS, where the local school would lose the funding and possibly staffing. Thank you!"

Please consider distance learning for Aug - Dec. Florida is considered a hot spot for COVID and adolescents are equally at risk. If we can reconvene in January, it would allow time for planning and a much safer approach.

Please continue this school year with distance learning offered by childrens zoned school& teachers.

"Please do not even consider face to face. Classified staff pulled back May 6th. was not protected! 90% not wearing masks (which weren't required) but they weren't social distancing either. Offices and classrooms not cleaned since spring break (I have pictures). Clearly we can not handle returning. The ""final wave"" had students jumping out of their cars, hugging teachers and making it the perfect photo op. Yes, some of us went to the principal and AP - nothing was done. Staff including our SRO said we couldn't make them social distance, they ""weren't afraid of getting sick."" The clinics are not prepared to handle any COVID-19 outbreaks. Parents leave their kids in the clinic for HOURS, they send them to school knowing they had fevers all because ""they had to work."" This won't change because of coronavirus. They aren't afraid. They will fight the policies - if there is even one. Students may return after 24 hours - and they always do and often they are still sick. I will not be sending my children back to school...I don't think staff can even follow the rules. Returning face to face is a terrible idea and I will not support it. IF you decide to return to school, definitely define what disciplinary measures will be taken against staff who refuse to follow the rules because believe me - you will most certainly have them.

I'm saddened that OCPS thought it was ok to make classified return with minimal safety measures in place and those that were in place were not enforced. Sad state of affairs. Classified are people too! We have lives and families just like the ever protected teachers. Thank you for your time in reading this."

please do not open school back up keep distince learning it is not safe my idea is reopen schools when there is a vaccnation to covid it is to risky to open schools back up . keep online learning for highschoolers for the next semester i mean for younger kids you can do blended learning and stuff . as it is i already do not like my school .



The school year should start in September to give everyone time to prepare for 100% distance learning. That is the only way to keep everyone safe.

School clerk positions can be turned into work at home positions since everything can be entered online at from home.

When thinking about school campuses, keep these questions in mind:

1. How would you get the students to keep masks on which is necessary for everyone on campus? What about visitors who should not enter without one? What about students not wearing masks on buses? They should not even be allowed on.

2. How would you social distance students in classrooms, hallways, cafeterias, gyms, and restrooms?

3. Are you willing to put money into installing glass barriers in every office which is necessary to keep employees safe?

4. Are you willing to put money into daily thorough cleanings of all classrooms, offices, cafeterias, and restrooms?

5. What about hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes in every office and classroom which is a must?

As you can see, distance learning is the way to go."

"Please do not start the school year until September. That will give everyone enough time to prepare for total distance learning. It will not be safe enough for everyone to be on school campuses.

Most school clerk positions should be transformed into work from home positions since almost everything can be entered online from home.

If someone does make the dangerous decision to send students back, these should be requirements:

1. Masks must be worn by every administrator, teacher, staff member, and visitor on all school campuses. If students refuse to wear masks, they should be sent home. Visitors must make appointments to see someone in offices. When arriving for their appointment, they must have on a mask before entering any office. Every student must be wearing a mask before getting on buses. If they are not, they must be sent away by the bus driver.

2. Plexiglass barriers must be installed in all offices. If big grocery stores can do it, then so can schools.

3. Every classroom, office, restroom, and cafeteria must be thoroughly cleaned daily. Hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes must be in every office and classroom.

4. Teachers and students must be put into two groups. One group will be on campus Mondays and Wednesdays. The other will be on campus Tuesdays and Thursdays."

Please for everyone's safety, continue with distance learning.

Please I consider distance learning until it is safe. I have a child in elementary and another in an overcrowded high school. Teachers, students and families need to stay safe.




Please keep students, teachers and their loved ones safe by extending distancing learning into the fall.

"Please keep the distance learning model you approached when we went on the stay at home order. I found it was a good approach for the kids and families and the best way to avoid spreading COVID-19. My kids attend sand lake elementary and Dr. Phillips High school and both schools did a great job with the distance learning.

Lets be realistic, as of today there is no cure or vaccine for COVID-19, Here in the US we have lost more than 108,000 lives to the virus. We need to keep teachers, kids and families as safe as possible until at least a proven cure is found.

Kids are kids, they wont follow all the CDC protocols to a T, the 6 feet distance, the constant hand washing, the face covering...our poor teachers will be more concerned for keeping kids safe than for teaching. CDC has stated that kids wont be able to play together in playgrounds or even have lunch in the cafeteria. CDC has stated that the safest approach is to keep each group in one classroom all day. And all the kids that ride the buses to and from school? how are you going to assure they keep CDC protocols on buses?, that is just a nightmare in sight.

I really dread the thought of seeing kids and entire families being hit by this virus if OCPS decides to open up schools before a cure is available.


"Please only allow us to go back to school only if it is safe. Many of us have elderly parents that we take care of. We do not want to expose them to anything. Children do not know what it means to social distance. They will also have a difficult time keeping their masks on.

Distance learning works best with middle and high school students because it will prepare them for the future. Many of them will take on line classes in college or work from home some day. If we can get a vaccine and it is safe to go back, we can resume. The blended model might be too expensive since we need to considerThe cost of buses and only 12 students per classroom. "

"Please start the school year in September and make sure it's distance learning all the way. I'm worried about my child's safety and my child is worried about her family's safety and that of her teachers.

With Florida's case numbers increasing like they have been, it's not safe for anyone to be on any school campus, and especially not at full capacity.

The safest way for learning is distance learning."

Please! children are innocent and depends that the adult protect them don't open the school . Is to dangerous for children and teachers as well , look at the numbers! Please continue with the remote education that work and safety as well. Forget about politician! they look for their on interest and did not care at all for anything else.

Por el bienestar y seguridad de todos deseo que se sigan dando clases virtuales, mi hijo es asmático y nos genera ansiedad y me perturba la idea de que tenga que asistir cara a cara. Es lo más seguro para todos. Gracias.

Por seguridad de los niños es mejor a distancia.

Protect our kids and families. Let's use common sense instead of government officials who are obviously not looking out for the safety of the public.

Realistically, I do not see how there is a way to keep students confined to one classroom all day and in one location (their personal work location/desk). Students, regardless of age, need to interact with others. It will be nearly impossible to put social distancing protocols in place.

"Recent data from the FL Dept of Health (source also used here: shows a significant spike up in cases in the last 96 hours. This cannot be assigned to Phase 2 as that just started today and I doubt much is coming from largely outdoor gatherings as respiratory droplets/aerosols disperse less in outdoor environments.

It's largely more crowded, indoor spaces with more stagnant airflow and less usage of facial masks that is the likely source. That describes a school environment exactly.

Add in kids wiping noses and touching mouths, chewing pens/pencils, touching doorknobs, railings, coughing, sneezing, etc and we're just begging for an increased amount of spreading the virus.

I first thought to wait until after the Christmas break but that will likely spark a lot of travel and indoor gatherings of larger groups of people. Waiting until early February, to use January as a sort of quarantining process, would be the EARLIEST I could see the schools opening for in-person studying and learning.

I know there will be much backlash from the ""civil libertarians"" but the safety of our students' health, and of parents as children can still spread the virus yet remain asymptomatic, is paramount.

I emphatically recommend waiting a full year before enacting in-person studying/learning. We've already seen reports from other countries where a 2nd wave has forced closure of schools already. And the fall/winter flu season will likely exacerbate the spread, too.

With no vaccine in sight, opening schools to kids in-person is a short-sighted exercise in what could lead to tragedy."

"Remote learning for all students.

Have teachers be mindful of work assigned. Work needs to be given according to quality, not quantity.

Assign Problem Based Learning and real life activities.."

Remote learning is safer for students. No fear of pandemic or school shooter. No cost of school buildings. No transportation cost. School times will be more flexible. Students can complete their work at their leisure. Teachers can use array of online tools to teach their classes such as Zoom, Google Meet and YouTube. Parents will be more active in their children's school work since they will be working from home. It's apparent that all the issues parents and school boards had with presents days schools can be solved with Remote Learning.

Remote learning only. Florida is choosing the wrong path in reopening. I won't sacrifice my children for the economy.

Return high school and middle school via distance learning. Use the buses from these schools to help facilitate elementary school students social distancing. Allow parents to sign up/choose between distance learning for elementary students as well to limit the classroom students to those who want their children there. Have one teacher from each grade in elementary facilitate online learning for the distance learners. Record the lessons taking place in class via zoom live etc so students who are home can watch. Also, zero tolerance for illnesses. Students must return with negative Covid testing if presenting symptoms. Students can sign up for in person tutoring schedules such as M, W, F for certain classes, and Tu, Th, Sat, for other classes.

Returning is not feasible. Very few at my school followed the guidelines in place and it caused me a great deal of anxiety and sleepless nights. Unless guidelines are lifted completely could you even think of returning to school. Our principal had no control over our defiant staff so at the very least, please come up with a plan as to how you will hold those accountable who refuse to follow procedures. Parents send their children to school when they are sick almost each and every day. So please do not think an "honor system" approach works for parents. No situation is ideal but please consider protecting your staff first and foremost by continuing distance learning. Without a vaccine it will be harmful to have students return.

Run the next school year exactly how the last quarter of the 2019-2020 school was run.

Safety first ! Thinking in everybody's health distance learning is the best option

"Safety for our students and staff to

Hand sanitizer masks distance "

Safety is good for all. Blended is a very close 2nd, but I am not sure if going into the classroom and being on a computer at home will become jumbled for the students and the teacher. I do think that there should be one platform used, Google classroom or canvas. Not sure the electives, like PE, art or music is helpful with distance learning. There should be a way for the district to provide laptops to help those parents who do not have one. I know that is easier said than done. If blended was to happen, parents need should be able to choose when their child should go into the classroom inuding the weekends. Please listen to doctors and the CDC, not politicians. There is no way to please everyone, so good luck.

Safety needs to take presidence. We cannot jeopardize the safety of our children and the teachers. Younger children do not understand social distancing or why we wear face masks so elementary schools will become a breading ground for this pandemic if children go back to school without a vaccine.

Safety of kids till a vaccine is introduced.

Same as during the quarentine. It worked pretty well, and it doesnt put kids and families at risk.

School from remotely on computer for high school students is appropriate in Corona time.

School is where you find the most germs. There's no way I'm sending my kid back in August. I'll be doing distant learning with my child on a daily basis.

School should not open until November it's too soon to open. Kids should do home school for now .

School system must design a web based curriculum using platforms like Zoom, Skype o Webex for students to have the opportunity to take classes online to prevent cross contamination of COVID-19.

"School year should start in September in hopes the case numbers would drop.

Distance learning must continue at 100% with no students on campus. It's not safe to open schools at full capacity with case numbers still rising.

All school clerk positions must be turned into working from home positions like the positions have been at the downtown offices.


"School year should start in September.

Distance learning should continue. There is no way to safely social distance in a school and trying to get students to keep their masks on would be a constant struggle. Many of them don't realize how important it is for their safety and the safety of others for everyone to wear a mask.

All school clerk jobs can be transitioned into working from home jobs and they should. Attendance, discipline, and registration information can be all entered online from home. Training can also be done online from home.

Schools are not safe places to be for anyone until an excellent at-home treatment for the virus is found or, better yet, a vaccine is developed.

Please do not risk the lives of our children and family members by opening the schools at full capacity. That will not work and cause a huge spike in virus cases. DO THE RIGHT THING AND CONTINUE DISTANCE LEARNING ONLY. Thank you"

"School year should start in September.

Students must continue distance learning ONLY. No students should be on campus with COVID cases are still increasing.

Everyone wants to get back to normal as soon as possible. However, reopening schools too early would mean more deaths.


"school year should start no earlier than September no matter what the governor said

my friends and I don't feel safe returning to school campuses. We, and many others, are doing great working online and everyone should continue to do so

temperature checks do not do any good since many do not show symptoms

everyone on every school campus should be wearing a mask even when they are not around others. What if someone sneezes without their mask on? Many particles stay in the air and others walk right through it and breathe it in

i want to be a doctor when I graduate to help others. i don't want to risk losing that future by being exposed while getting my education

get with the times, like some colleges already do and make every class online, also most clerical jobs can be done from home


"School year should start no earlier than September to give everyone time to set up for complete distance learning. It's the only safe way.

If some students still need to be on campuses, every administrator, staff/faculty member, student, and visitor must wear a mask. Any student not wearing one should be sent home. Any visitor not wearing one, who is trying to get into offices, should be turned away at the gate.

More needs to be done to keep employees safe. As many positions as possible need to be turned into working from home positions since everything can be entered online from home anyway. Even calls can be set up to be answered from home and then transferred to other numbers if needed.

Plexiglass barriers need to be installed in all offices. Offices, classrooms, cafeterias, and restrooms needs to be thoroughly cleaned daily."

"Schools are not be able to pay for extra teachers, extra rooms, etc.

In addition, as much as the teachers try they will not be able to control students behavior and distance.

It is not safe. Look at what is happening in other countries. They opened school, using safety measurements, and they are closing again because many students got sick."

Schools should continue Distance Learning due to the fact that we are still in the middle of a pandemic and gradual reopenings are not happening due to the current protesting in our nation. Social distancing is not practiced as it should be, putting us at risk for a second wave. I also don't see consistent social distancing in schools, elementary in particular. Children often have difficulty keeping still, let alone keeping their hands to themselves. Distance learning should continue until the threat is gone. We should not be rushing to return to normal just because quarantining was hard or people don't like staying home. Why put children, teachers and staff at risk? At the very least, give parents the choice.

Schools should not reopen in August. It is way too soon. They are reopening our counties way too soon. They say it is not affecting children under 18 but how do they really know that? Our children haven't been around other students in months. There is no way to control healthy requirements going back to school. You can't go back and keep children away from other kids. This virus is going to rebut again and it will be a big mess. If you do decide to go back it needs to be after Labor Day to give us more time.

Schools, like cruise ships, prisons, hospitals and nursing homes, have huge potential for infection and spread. Until the US truly gets a handle on the virus and daily cases are not increasing, I believe distance learning is the only real solution. The contact tracing alone, plus the quarantine measure if an infection happens, will be a constant disruption. 3,000 + kids in a high school is just to many. Not only are they exposed to one another, but also every single person that lives in that kid's household and their immediate contacts. Florida government needs to work with Spectrum to provide internet service to those that truly have a need and financially can't pay for it. The money saved from constantly cleaning schools and other safety precautions could go to help offset the cost. The other solution would be to have emergency only areas setup for kids in schools where they could be distanced and still have access to computers and internet. Teachers that facilitate this small group of kids would be paid hazard pay and accept the position knowing that they are more at risk of infection. Definitely, most middle school and high school students can stay home alone and work at home. It is not ideal but certainly better than kids being infected and continuing to spread it through to the community.

"Seems like the cases in florida are getting worst. I will no put my children at risk.

Daily work thrue a web site or class dojo or package ithat can be pickup at school and be turned in a specific day. Package if the teacher is willing to give out a week worth of work"

Should stay how it is distance Is better until coronavirus is no longer a threat

Should we start the year with distance learning, I think teachers should have the option to teach remotely from their school location. During the shutdown, teaching from home was okay because it was an emergency situation. Teachers need a quiet place to teach lessons without distractions. We need to have access to resources and other items in our classroom. Social distancing measures can be put in place along with other safety measures to keep staff members safe.

Since high schools have been digital for a while now and high schoolers are of the age to stay home by themselves, keep all high schools distance learning with the teachers. Then elementary and middle schools who still have to attend face-to-face can also use the now empty high schools to spread kids out even more for social distancing. Middle school might be digital, but unlike high school, can't stay home by themselves.

since the numbers are going up , we should social distance and go back to online work as things clear up and gets cleaner so students are in a safe environment with a less risk !

Since there is no vaccine for the virus for now, we should consider the students' health our most priority. Distance learning also help the students reduce chance to get sick. They also can learn maybe when they out-state or out-country in a safe place that the parents or guardians consider it safer for there kids. I know face-to-face learning give them more experiences and friendships, however, it might risk their health. We can arrange more video learning through the meeting tool online, so the students can make friend and go through their school life with more experiences. We should find the positive in the negative situations. With the distance learning, it'll be great for both student's and teacher's experiences.

Since this virus is obviously not going anywhere anytime soon, I suggest that virtual school be the new norm. There is no way that social distancing will be possible in schools.

Smaller class size like 10 max

So I don't think that is time to go back to school because COVID 19 is not done and for everyone safety is better continue the distance learning

So my daughter suffers of Asthma not sure if going back to school will be safe for her. I understand the concept that the school will be disinfected and safe. My concerns are the following what if a child left the state and parents are not honest because they just want there child to attend school. All children touch things and forget to wash hands. Kids will not keep the face mask on. Not sure if they came in contact with anyone who does have it.

"Some employees are terrified of the thought of having face-to-face instruction. We are concerned with enforcing safety guidelines. If a blended approach is adopted, perhaps teachers that are comfortable could be the ones to volunteer to enter the classrooms.


"Some teachers do not want/like distance learning at all and some do.

*Allow the teachers to choose between the two models.

*Allow those that want to return to have much smaller class sizes and those that choose distance learning larger ones to make up the difference-they will be able to have all of their grading automatically done for them.

*Dismiss earlier because of no recess which will allow more time to clean/sanitize.

*The buses could drive some children farthest out and parents the rest for those that choose to return in order to honor social distancing.

*Depending on the school warm body count, lunch in the cafeteria may occur because with smaller numbers, you have more space to spread out.

*Temperature checks before you enter school and midway through the day -say after lunch.

*Increase sanitation and handwashing and mandatory face masks. Children are removed if they do not/will not adhere and must go to distance learning.

*Hazard pay for those that choose to return.

*Minimal meetings done virtually."

Start the first months with distant learning, then, transition to face to face when everyone is safe.

Still doing virtual class with real teacher promise with their students

Still not safe to expose thousands of children, with no vaccine yet developed. I will like gor my children to continue with distance learning!

Students are given devices and access to internet (if they don't have it already). Core teachers should play a more active role in distance learning by doing daily live lessons (that can be recorded and reposted). These lessons shouldn't be longer than 25 minutes each (especially in secondary where there are 4 core teachers) to prevent screen fatigue. Until this virus is under control, I do not feel comfortable sending me kids to a school campus.

Students are the people that can't think far, some do, but some don't. What's gonna happen if we do face to face learning and some risks are gonna come from it? Just as what we usually see at school, students like to gather together. And some of them still think this virus is just some kind of jokes. I don't wanna be in the hospital, or be at home with sickness. Because the hospitals are not gonna let you in unless you almost die. So please, I wanna stay safe. I still wanna go to college, find a job and have a happy life. Please!

Students should be allotted resources to participate in distance learning. They should receive a laptop along with supplies that they will need to complete assignments. The laptops should be rented to them similar to students in upper grades.

Students should continue learning at a distance. Receiving classes online, to avoid contact with others especially because they will not have the discipline to use the face masks at school. As for the cafeteria food should continue to be delivered daily vi curbside pick up as it is being done now.

"Students should continue with distance learning as they were before the previous school year ended. If you reopen, children will not wear masks appropriately and they will not maintain social distance. If having them back on campus means they have to wear masks, stay in reduced size classes, go without interaction, what is the point? Issue laptops to all students who need them and focus on developing better online content. Parents already send kids to school sick, it will be no different with this, and it could cost entire families their lives.

Also, if you reopen and there is a positive case within the school, the teacher and entire class would need to be tested and quarantined for 14 days, and the entire school would likely need to close. It would put undue hardship on schools and families to go through so many transitions that could have been avoided if things just stayed remote."

Students should not be going back to school until COVID is under control. It's unsafe for them, as well as school staff and their families.

Students should start in September 10/15th, it will give us more time to understand the evolution of Covid 19. August is about a month away, We just entered phase 2 and the cases in the U.S. are still increasing so I believe getting an extra month would give us a better understanding of where this thing is going.

Students should stay home until it is safe to attend school. The only way to effectively do distance learning is to have the students attend classes online via BBB during their actual class time- following their schedules each day. ---Teachers would be expected to be online during each class time, teaching content and allowing times for questions/students to complete work. That would allow students to get direct instruction, ask questions and interact with classmates. School based staff would need to treat absences from class seriously and reach out to families for students not participating and logging into into the live sessions. When it is safe to return to school the students already know their teachers, classmates and how the class is run, The only thing they need to get used to is locating the classrooms.

Students that can stay at home can see the teacher virtually and listen the class or teacher can record the class and kids can watched later, also send classroom activities through emails so kids have the extra activities at home. They can send it back every week o every two weeks.

Students would remain on their same school schedule, with periods, bells, specials, electives, etc. It would allow students to have a routine and allow teachers to actually teach.

Teachers can go into work if they need to or work remotely as needed. Students are assigned a distance learning class for each day of the week. for instance Monday LA Tuesday Science Wednesday social studies and Friday's electives and Thursday math. This would rotate within groups so teachers would have a small group each day. And students would know what to focus on for the whole day. This would streamline their to do list and help parents focus on checking on them. If you know Thursday is math you know that on that day your child should be working on math and it would be easier to check their work and not be so scattered.

Teachers can host lessons via BBB in place of face to face meetings. Core classes can take up half a day each, max of 2 subjects a day (ex. Math has classes from 9:30-10:30am and 11am-12pm; Science has 1pm-2pm and 2:30-3:30pm). Attendance is taken only through work completion for the week. Parent contact is updated to include all email addresses. Students not completing work are recommended for Florida Virtual School instead because it is more self-paced. Parents are given more information on accessing Skyward for grades. It would help if Skyward was made more parent and student friendly for seeing grades and missing work from previous quarters is not shown.

Teachers can stream their classes from their classrooms, so, the kids can be taught in a familiar environment while being safe at home.

Teachers should be required to come on campus and teach in their classrooms virtually while the students watch and learn from home.

"Teachers would report to work for distance learning. They can pair up and co-teach with similar subject area colleagues if they would like. Students follow a set schedule similar to standard school day.

The teachers would have all of their resources to teach their class (props, whiteboard) like normal, while the co-teacher mans the chat box. They can take turns switching roles, as they will both be responsible for each of their students' success.

The school provides 3 holding rooms (elem, middle, high) for staff members' children that are engaged in distance learning (no more than 10 per room). Classified staff members man the rooms to assist with their online classes. This will assist teachers being freed to teach their classes without worrying about their own students.

Teachers would be given PD on how to effectively teach in a digital learning environment. They would be given tools for increasing engagement and monitoring in advance and time to adequately plan for this type of learning.

Parents are given workshops on how to set their students up for digital learning success and how to set up a work space and materials needed.

While these measures will not make it perfect, it will allow for a much better digital learning environment than what we experienced. It would allow teachers to still be the teachers and parents will not feel obligated to teach their students themselves. We may also want to look at the number standards taught and if they need to be taught @ a slower pace to accommodate this learning environment.

Additionally, teachers can not be release from accountability through the MOU like they were this time. Administrators were restricted from observing teachers' BBB & teachers were not required to give live sessions. This hurt students."

"Thanks for taking input!

As an elementary parent, I am concerned about how teachers and students would be able to maintain safe distance in their already packed classrooms, be able to safely keep masks on (and can those be a mandatory requirement?), and wash their hands regularly. Time and resources are already stretched. Also, who would have the resources and ability to test all students for fevers each morning? Also, how can sanitary conditions be stepped up during the busy days and who would be handling this? I think until there is a vaccine, it will be hard to ensure everyone's safety.

Distance learning is challenging for every family, but it is the safest model for most and we've had these months to prepare and experience the format so another few months wouldn't be that radical, especially if it means safety. Thank you!"

That's better because i as a parent would feel comfortable having my kid at home then at school with nasty germs and having the probabilities of getting sick

"The best way to continue education is to continue DISTANCE LEARNING.

This is not a political issue. It is about SAVING LIVES.

If school is opened for SOME who want on-site learning:

1) There should be TWO GROUPS OF STUDENTS:

Monday and Wednesday and every other Friday

Tuesday and Thursday and every other Friday

This would reduce the number of students and extra bus runs.

2) Require ALL students, staff, and visitors to wear face coverings or masks.These significantly reduce spread if EVERYONE uses them.

3) Install plexiglass barriers in ALL OFFICES like so many stores.

School office workers are on the front line just like store clerks.

4) Sanitize all areas nightly.

5) Arrange classrooms to require social distancing.

6) Take care of minor paperwork in classrooms instead of offices.

7) Have students eat at their desks.

8) Have plenty of hand sanitizer stations.

9) Have face-coverings or masks available.

10) Protect everyone by sending violators home immediately.



The corona virus keeps getting worse and worse and it's better if students for staying home safety,

The Covid cases are rising in Orange County and its dangerous to be in a school setting. Especially teaching elementary school. Too dangerous to teach face to face at this time without a vaccine.

The COVID cases are skyrocketing. It is absolutely not safe to resume school as normal. I think we should do distance learning for at least the first half of the year and then see if we can reopen after winter break in January 2021. If we reopen in August you are putting teachers like myself who are immunocompromised at extreme risk. Please consider this.

The COVID-19 is on the rise. We cannot expect these students to be placed in a class with one teacher and mask all day, I'm NOT supporting that decision. I would like for my kids to continue virtual learning.

The COVID-19 virus outbreak in Florida is too high to re-open. Please alert teachers and administrators now to proceed with planning for distance learning for the entire 2020-2021 school year. The risk of children becoming infected and then bringing it home to family members is a tragedy in the making. Distance learning is the only sane choice there is. Until a vaccine is discovered and distributed, it is not safe to resume school (traditional or blended) for our children.

The fall semester should be online, using Ingenuity or some other online format, that will guide students through the first half of the year. This will also ensure that all students will be at the same place when the 2nd semester starts. I also feel that late work should be collected at the discretion of the teacher. Taking assignments 2, 3, etc weeks late is not always beneficial to the students, especially when the concepts are building and they are now weeks behind. Some locations should be open for students that are homeless so that they will have a place to complete their work.

The hazards of having to close again after re-openning will have devastated consequences for the students. It will be better for the students to continue working in something that they have learn, the "new normal", until this Pandemic is under control and we can go back to the traditional system without interruptions.

"The increase in number of COVID cases in the past week is very concerning. This week along, two school aged children lost their battle with COVID-19. The alarming spread is definitely community in nature. If schools can't follow CDC guidelines completely, please consider opening first with a distance model at least the first semester. OCPS has a lot of students with underlying medical conditions, as well as staff. Every year the medical acuity level of students increases greatly for schools. Many schools do not have a medical license professional working in the clinics. Before spring break the clinic saw a devastating increase in the number of students being sent to the clinic. Some clinics were seeing up to a 100 kids a day. Kids were being sent home with high fevers, only to return the next day. A lot of kids sat in the clinic all day, because parents refused to pick up their kids or refused to answer the phone.This cannot happen when school opens up. A sick kid in the clinic all day will expose others to the virus as well as the clinic staff. Ventilation in the clinics need to be checked to see how the air circulates. Isolation rooms will be necessary to reduce the exposure of the virus. Stricter guidelines and protocols need to be in place. Clinic procedures that involve respiratory droplets, like vents, trachs, and nebulizer treatments need to re-evaluated. Can they be done at school safely?

I fear if we open up to a face to face model it will not fair well with the virus. Many individuals will be at risk at either contracting the virus or spreading. Students and staff who test positive must adhere to CDC guidelines and quarantine for 14 days. Students will fall behind in their education and staff absences will affect school operations. "

"The kids don't know how to keep the social distance and it doesn't matter how we try to explain them the COVID 19 is very contagious and risky for the whole family when they are at the school they just want share the school supplies and the lunch sometimes so we think like a family of two kids one in elementary and one in middle the best way to start this new school year it's been safe at home and doing the online classes.

We enjoy the time as a family doing the activities with the kids at home and it was so easy and interesting "

"The more places are opening up the more people are getting this. FL is up 42%. Keep the kids safe!


The number of new cases in this state and county are significantly increasing and is therefore unsafe for staff and students to return to work and schools. The safest option is distant learning as this will minimize the transmission of the virus and provide the safest option to protect the lives and health of Ocps students and staff.

The numbers are going up why open the schools that's putting risk on more people more students and more teachers. Even if the schools really want to open up August, August is to close the numbers aret going to go down that fast. Extend school opening Even if it's a month or two it was best for the kids and the teachers.

"The numbers are on the rise. We are not ready to go back. Students can not appropriately socially distance. Teachers shouldn't have to worry about that. Distance learning needs to have a little more online instruction provided by teachers and not just busy work please.


"The present design of OCPS school buildings does not allow for appropriate social distancing practices and/or proper sanitizing practices (following CDC guidelines).

OCPS lacks the personnel required to create smaller class sizes and/or to implement increased cleaning measures.

It is impossible to maintain 6 feet of distance - for children and staff alike. Restrooms are used by multiple students and/or staff members in any given hour. To sanitize between users would be an impossible task.

School offices, hallways, and other common areas see a steady steam of traffic from children and adults... all day, every school day.

I believe as an educator and parent, that the focus of school districts in Florida (where Covid-19 cases are increasing at record-breaking rates daily) should be focusing on providing appropriate and robust systems for distance learning in August.

To send staff and students into buildings at full capacity in August creates exponential risk for every person in the building. Tracking and tracing data has proven this is a dangerous proposition for an exponential increase in illness and death.

To send staff and students into buildings at full capacity evokes the image and analogy of sending sheep to the slaughter. It concerns and saddens me greatly that I feel compelled to write these strong words but we have a public health emergency and it seems local ""leaders"" are not responding in a manner that provides safety or protection.

Increased Covid-19 cases in our schools will also increase the damaging effects of racial and financial disparities education institutions should be actively working to change at this time. "

The problem we encountered doing distance learning this last quarter was that no one actually joined, there were no video lessons by teachers, they did not really involve as much as they should have. I think there is still risk out there and it is not safe to open our schools. If we just had specific timing slots for each periods, just like a regular schedule, it would work out well. The teachers can also see if we are working or not by monitoring us by LAN school, if possible, and by video conferencing. This in my opinion would be a great way to start the 2020-2021 school year.

The reality that there is no vaccine for Covid-19, the district should consider distance learning. Classes can be held online in a setting similar to a Zoom Chat or a BBB meeting. Class sizes can be reduced in order to açcomodate a more one-to-one learning environment and to reduce the stress on the teachers, students, and the internet. These smaller classes would require either a schedule time for each group, or the employment of additional teachers to help distribute the workload more evenly across this platform. The daily class schedules could mimic that of regular school: recess, lunch time, etc, but with some tweaks/alterations, e.g. lunch could be 20 mins since they'll be at home; classes could be scheduled between 8am-1pm. This would reduce their screen time, a and allow them more time to do other school related assignments, reading, projects, etc. Extracurricular courses can be substituted through other distance learning option, e.g. physical activities can be done at home in a fun way with other family members etc.

The reason I have chosen to continue distance Learning is because as a parent I am concerned about my children health. I have yet to heard how they planning social distancing in the classroom, or whether face mask will be needed and how do they plan on working it out when it comes to lunch time are planning on eating in the classroom. Plus with the rise in covid-19 case hear in Florida I as a parent don't feel comfortable with both my children being in a classroom

"The safety of all children should be a priority. Covid-19 still exist and I don't think it's worth the risk of having our children in classrooms while this deadly virus is still taking lives daily. I hope and pray that the Governor and school board officials have empathy and don't make a bad decision by sending kids back into the classrooms right now. I think distant learning is not only safer, but it is the best temporary option until the spread of the virus stops. I watch the news every day and this virus is still out there. Not to mention now that businesses have reopened and I see that a lot of people have totally relaxed and it makes me truly believe there will be an increase of cases in Florida. Long story short, let's use our common sense and have love, compassion for all of our children. Do not rush our children back in classrooms and come Fall/Winter this virus spreads worse than ever just to repeat March all over again.

Thank you,

A mother who is concerned for all children"

The safety or my daughters and my family is way more important.

"The same model as before can be used.

Daily Virtual meetings with the teachers instead of once a week. "

"The school year should start in September and we should continue with distance learning only. It is the safest way for our children to learn since the virus case numbers are still rising. Distance learning is working well for my children and they even seem happier and more motivated than they used to with regular school.

The only way I would even consider my children going back to school is if everyone were forced to wear a mask on campus, even all students and visitors. If the students refused to wear one, they must be sent home. If visitors don't have one, they must be sent away. Everyone's health is too important to risk and no one's life should ever be at risk because of stupidity and lack of compassion. Someone not wearing a mask is saying they don't care about others.

Plexiglass would also be put in front of the desks in all offices. All classrooms, offices, and restrooms must be cleaned daily. Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer would have to be in every office and classroom.

Class sizes would also have to be smaller to allow for better social distancing. However, social distancing is way too difficult to do well in any school. That's why 100% distance learning is the way to go until we find a better at-home treatment for the virus or a vaccine."

"The school year should start in September to give enough time to prepare for 100% distance learning. No one will be safe enough on school campuses until a better treatment is developed that we can do at home or until a vaccine is developed next year. I don't want my children getting the virus and spreading it to other family members. School is important but it's not worth anyone's life.

If students did return to school campuses:

-Everyone on campus would have to wear a mask, no exceptions! Visitors not wearing one and who want to go into offices would have to be turned away at the gate. Students who refuse to wear one would have to be sent home.

-Plexiglass barriers would have to be installed in all offices, again, no exceptions!

-Every office, classroom, restroom, and cafeteria would have to be cleaned thoroughly daily.

-Students and teachers would could only allowed to be on campus certain days, like Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays. That way, classes would be smaller for better social distancing.

-There must be no club or organization meetings after school.

-The only sports that should be allowed are the ones that offer scholarships.

My children will all be doing virtual school. I don't want to put my children's or my other family member's lives at risk."

"The school year should start in September. We need time to prepare for 100% distance learning. Our children and families have to be protected from germy school campuses.

For the ones who have to be on campus:

Mask must be a requirement for everyone on campus, no exceptions.

Plexiglass must be in installed in all offices. If huge grocery store chains can do it, all schools can, too.

All offices, classrooms, restrooms, and cafeterias must be thoroughly cleaned daily. Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer need to be in every office and classroom."

The social distancing really worked for me and insuring my children were safe. I have a little one and I don't think she will be able to go so long with a face mask. Also it's a bit hard having them stuck in one area for long periods of time so I rather them stay home and continue their education the way it was.

"The spike in cases in Florida (far more than were reported when schools switched to distance learning in the spring) makes distance learning vital. I liked the system of staying with our home school and would prefer that model to students individually switching to OCVS.


"The standards for face to face are nearly impossible and will not be beneficial to the learning style of the classroom. OCPS planned early with digital curriculum, so let Middle School and highschool students learn online ,.. and fill those schools with spaced out elementary classrooms. To open and shut if someone were to get sick will be a nightmare for all. It will be impossible to plan. Why not choose a plan that can survive the possibilities of spikes in cases, etc? Why not let these older students begin as we ended with all digital learning? The uncertainty of meeting face to face and all precautions and rules to follow are far too many. A CERTAIN plan and a plan that will give rigorous curriculum and learning for our students is available via digital curriculum and the big blue button face to face classroom options.

Why put students and staff at risk unnecessarily?

Start the year digitally, if cases diminish in the spring then reconsider.

This could be the year for digital for middle and highschool students and students can learn this way easily. As a 65 year old teacher, I do not want to be going to a classroom, trying to teach through a mask, worried with following all social distancing rules, cleaning rules, etc. DIGITAL LEARNING negates all worries and provides a sound curriculum. I VOTE digital only! Please!


"The start of the school year (and maybe the whole year?) should begin at home for the safety of the students. Lesson plans can be fine tuned to accommodate remote students and the teachers can learn instruction methods (like video lessons, connecting smart boards to Zoom classes, and other ways technology can be used to augment the learning environment).

Or parents can be given the curriculum and work to develop and alternative school environment at home (like homeschooling, but lesson plans from the school with teach zoom meetings with the class). "

The students are all online for attendance at a specific time. The teacher teaches the content for at least an hour and all students must be present during that time. After the lesson the teacher will provide classwork in Google Classroom for the students to complete and must be available for at least a total of 4 contact hours per day for students on BBB to pop in and ask questions.

The teachers would make us do attendance every week instead of everyday and we continue doing regular school work and test digitally.

"The thought of OCPS Public School plan to open in the mist of a deadly Pandemic is very hard for any parent to process, because parents are having to choose between education and playing Russian Roulette/Roll the Dice on a deadly Pandemic. Those are the only two options on the table. In a normal world, if a parent or anyone put a minor's life in any form of danger and/or neglect to protect that child law enforcement and the Department of Children and Family will get involved. So, why is it even being considered during a deadly Pandemic for the public-school system to put our children lives in danger if their life and safety is the number one priority? Is it because of sports, politics or just pretend as though things are normal hoping it just disappear without a vaccine or any medications to minimize or prevent the spread of it? Even though, there is a history of a 2nd and 3rd Pandemic wave and lasting for 12-18 months. My son is 12 years old, will be in the 8th grade in August and considered as a COVID-19 high risk individual due to having asthma and it would be hard for him to recover from the virus if he happens to contract it. What is the Orange County Public School plan for the students that have medical conditions, which will put those children at a greater risk being on campus in August? In my opinion, opening schools in August whether the child has a medical condition or not is purposely and recklessly endangering the lives of all the children and the teachers.

Vicky J"

The virus is real ,so the best way to fight it is keeping the social distance ,face to face learning is very risky and only will spike the cases of covid 19 up ,and at the end we will be forced to a quarantine.

The virus will not be gone by August and it is extremely dangerous to keep so many children in the same room! They will get sick and bring the virus home! Children are having serious complications all around the world and once we don't know so much about this virus, better safe than sorry! I prefer to have a "hard" time helping my son than getting sick, specially because he has asthma and I know about viruses because I'm a doctor.

"There are lots of shortage of distance, but when come to the safety of the kids. I prefer to distance and ignoring all the shortages.

For distance learning, I don't want it goes like the one we had for the end of spring semester. That is not distance learning, that is total learning from home. The distance learning should be a virtual platform with all the classmates in and a teacher teaching for the class in front of the computer. The kids can have several classes per day. They can have PE online, music online, even some scientific program craft online. The teachers can teach, share ideas in the computers instead of only check the homework they sent to the kids in the house. "

There could be a way where we have two half day schools. Half of my class would meet in the morning and the other half would be in the afternoon. There would have to be cleaning between the two sessions. This way we could comply with the CDC recommendation with groups of 10 or less.

There is absolutely no way children will wear a mask all day and stay 6 feet apart from each-other. The best way is for the children to distance learn until this virus is completely gone and everyone is safe.

There is no cure for COVID-19. People are still getting sick with our numbers growing at a steady rate. I don't want to put my children at risk of contracting COVID-19 which is a deadly disease by going to school when they have the ability to do Distance Learning.

"There is no way I would ever send my children back to school with the virus case numbers rising like they are. That would put their lives in danger and the lives of their family members, some of which are high risk.

We must continue distance learning to save lives. It's good to teach students to have more responsibility and prepares them more for online college classes. The school year can start in September to give everyone more time to set everything up for a whole year of distance learning. This is worth it and necessary.

Masks must be worn by every teacher, administrator, staff member, student, and visitor on every school campus without exceptions. It would be a constant battle for the students to keep them on and to social distance. Students can be sent home if they refuse to wear a mask and visitors can be turned away at the gate for not wearing one. However, schools are not made for social distancing. The classrooms and hallways are too small, not to mention the cafeterias and restrooms.

If the people making this decision really care about their community, they would make the new school year 100% distance learning."

There is no way to guarantee the safety of students in the fall.

"There is no way to social distance in our very crowded classrooms. Students should but most will not wear masks. No plexiglass has been installed where students come into crowded offices.Students are often asymptomatic carriers and can infect parents, grandparents, teachers, bus drivers, and any school employee.

With cases spiking, PLEASE ENCOURAGE DISTANCE LEARNING BY STARTING IT IN AUGUST. This will reduce the number of students wanting to return to classrooms.


There is still no solution to the problem with covid. I feel as if the first day of school should be atleast September for this year.

There need to be protections in place for high risk students and employees. I am pregnant and pregnant women are considered immunocompromised during pregnancy not to mention the potential health issues that come up during pregnancy that could make the pregnancy high risk and in turn put the mother and child at a higher risk for covid 19 complications. Distance learning seems to be the best for all.

There really isn't enough information on covid to know how it would play out in schools just yet. I'd feel more comfortable through at least the first half of the school year with continuing virtual learning.

"There should be distance between us because the coronavirus


There should be options available for adult ABE/GED students to want to have a teacher but not attend class.

"There's always gonna be a risk of somebody having COVID-19 on campus . I believe that chance should be brought down to a 0% & the only way that is possible is by keeping distance learning . I doubt students will follow the new rules if we do go back because some just don't care about the rules which is something everybody (including Staff) at our school knows ... There will always be a risk everywhere we go & with school having Thousands of students close to each other it will only raise that risk.


They can have 2 days at school and then have 3 days from the distance

"They could do their instruction time using zoom or watching recorded videos by their teacher. The work can be uploaded instead of using the workbooks.

Children touch everything and do not understand social distancing."

They must continue for the good of the minors since many small children and even adolescents do not take good care of myself. I absolutely do not refuse to send mine as far as this goes down or ceases or calms.

This is a deadly pandemic and it will definitely return before the Christmas holiday. That coupled with a bad hurricane season will make for an ugly school year. I don't think we should get geared up and start the year to only have to stop at some point and disrupt the learning environment and put lives at risk. I am a diabetic and over 60 and have major concerns about health. The think is finding ways to kill children as well. Let's be safe.

This is an excruciatingly difficult decision for the district as well as parents/students. As much as my son needs the face to face routine with teachers / friends, 1st Sem should be Distance. HS students CAN get this and WILL bring it home to parents/grandparents. The school is almost 2K overcrowded - I can't think of a scenario that can provide social distancing. They are inside crowded rooms for more than what is safe to prevent transmission. Regardless what our state gov't says, we are no way in a position to relax on any social distancing, masks and time spent in a crowded indoor area. The instruction to avoid that criteria has not wavered since the beginning of the virus. Our HS is that type of scenario unfortunately. Also, in addition to the enormous death toll, just think for a second on if you would want to go through the trauma of even getting this virus even with the % that you will survive. It's a horrific experience. If the district can't provide a VERY safe environment then we will all be on a messy reactive basis when it is rampant in the schools. 1st SEM can be the trial to continue with Distance and see where we are in 2021. Thank you for listening.

"This past Wednesday, June 24th, 2020 there have been 5,511 new coronavirus cases reported, a new single-day record increase in cases for the state. The numbers have been on a steady increase since our state began to re-open bars, summer camps, etc.

We are in a digital era, and proactively getting internet, computers, and basic knowledge on how to utilize these technologies to students and parents through this summer break, would prove to be vital to their success during these uncertain times.

I have two h.s teens, one who plays football and I do NOT feel comfortable with the h.s already emailing about sports physicals. It will be difficult, but if necessary, I will have to make the choice myself to NOT allow my son to play a contact sport in which social distancing would be impossible. More importantly, if the Orange County school district decides to re-open despite clear data showing the highly contagious Covid-19 is NOT under control, my sons will continue working remotely from home and via FLVS. Because times are so unclear, I enrolled both teens to FLVS. One has a language barrier and he is getting a lot of one-on-one with his English teacher and is doing great. It takes a2-3 hours out of their entire day to work on some academics which is not a bad deal.

I think it is imperative that despite the lack of support from the Governers office, we put the health & safety of our kids, all the school staff members, and their families first.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to seeing our Orange County public school district do the right thing come August. "

This virus is new and unknown our safety for everyone is best at home.

"This virus is still out there and it's not safe to send our children to school. Kids often get sick when they are at school and around one another, my child has asthma and I do not want her to be around anyone because she can get exposed to the virus and she will end up in the hospital and what happens to all the other children that have a sickness and if they catch this virus they will end up in the hospital too.

Kids don't wash there hands when they use the bathroom or they don't cover there mouths when they cough or sneeze. Children can't even stay away from each other, they will hug and touch each other no matter how much you try to keep hyphen apart.

The kids don't understand and school will not feel like school to them anymore, it will be very different and i personality feel like the kids shouldn't have to go back to school to be exposed to this virus and to feel like if they are in jail because they won't get to be free like they once was at school. "

"This will be my first year having my child attend public school as he is a first time kindergartener. I prefer distance learning at this time. I think it is better to start off by distance learning than possibly having to reverse it as the school year progresses as this can be confusing to children this age.


-Children attend school virtually

-Parents are given materials one week ahead so we can prepare and be focused on the lesson. (ie: on Friday the teacher would send work for the following Monday)

-Children would meet with teacher once per month one on one to check progress to ensure they are not falling behind.

-A learning guide (or 'how to homeschool') should be provided to parents on things that children should know before moving to the next semester so we can also gather additional resources to help get our child to that level.

-Children could meet on campus (outdoors) in small groups of five once per month to engage socially with each other and their teacher if Covid numbers substantially decrease to prepare them for in classroom learning since being absent from the classroom for so long.

I don't know what distance learning looked like in the Spring of 2020 so I apologize if my ideas seemed 'basic'. Thank you so much for asking for and valuing parent feedback! "

This year certainly did not end the way we hoped, but children did their best with distance learning and it was successful. I think with all this thing about pandemic that we are living in this moment distance learning is the best way to keep safe children, as we already did it with the last months for the last school year and it was good, I think we can continue in this way while things get better about Pandemic.

Those parents who want distance learning can enroll their kids in Orange County Virtual School.

Those parents who want virtual offer them virtual with the teachers from the same zone school they would be attending - those who don't return.

Till the pandemonium is over

"To All Board Members:

Please DO NOT put our children's and our lives at risk by sending them back to school. Virus case numbers are still increasing and that is not because of testing.

We must continue distance learning until there is a treatment we can do at home which will prevent hospital trips, similar to what a Z-Pack treatment does for certain infections or a vaccine that could be ready and safe by early next year. If we wait to send our children back to school, it will be worth it because it will save many lives.

Distance learning is great for many other reasons, too. Families get to spend more time together. It helps children be more self-motivated and more ready to take future online courses in college.

It is not possible to follow the CDC guidelines to keep everyone safe if all students go back to school. Many students do not understand how vital is in to keep a mask on at all times. One way to be as safe as possible is for every administrator, staff member, teacher, student, and visitor to wear a mask at all times while on any school campus.

Many clerk positions can be turned into working from home positions since all data can be entered online at home, like attendance and discipline.

Please do the right thing for everyone and continue distance learning (with no student on campus) while turning most clerk positions into working from home positions. This will protect our children's future and the future of their loved ones."

To have less children in the classroom and practice social distancing

To keep teachers, staff, and families safe it makes sense to continue distance learning until this passes. There is too much risk in reopening. What happens when a teacher treats positive? Sick time? Students testing? That class quarantined at home for a month? There are too many moving pieces in the puzzle.

To keep the teachers from getting sick and to keep people from spreading it like little kids. They touch everything and don't even think about washing their hands. It will make everything more dirty and harder to clean.

"To soon for our children's to go back on Aug. They will never keep their mask on and the stress level will increase not only to parents but teachers. All parents should have the choice to be able to either send their kids back or chose digital learning. We all have to keep safe in this pandemic. Thank you


To soon to reopen school in August

Today is 6/17/20 and the positive cases are still increasing. I feel it is reckless of the Governor and county officials to even consider placing our children and teachers in harms way. Distance learning is the only option until a vaccine is found!!!

Today is Thursday June 25, and the numbers of positive Covid-19 cases are hitting new record highs every day. The newest average age is between 20 and 30. Young people and children can get this disease and they can die from it. OCPS is filled with vulnerable students, teachers, administrators, and staff. It is not safe to have in person classes. We need to spend at least the first two nine weeks of the school year in distance learning. Teachers need to have the time to organize and strategize distance learning right now. OCPS needs to take a stand against the stupidity of the governor attempting to force our children into a dangerous situation. Masks and had washing won't be enough. Our children are safer at home. This is not a political issue. This is a PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY. We have never been in this situation and even though people want to "get back to normal" we just can't. There is no returning to how life was. This disease has changed our world and we need to change with it. Hopefully someday soon we can safely meet in person, but it will not be safe in August. It will not be safe when flu season starts in October. It still might not be safe in January. We have failed to stop this crisis before it got out of hand and we need to work hard to protect our children. I am not willing to sacrifice the lives of my children and all the lives of all the amazing people we have come to love at the OCPS schools our children have attended just to appease the government. Please, keep our children safe. Keep our teachers safe. Fight this disease the best way possible, by keeping everyone at home with Distance Learning.

Today, there are 3,493 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Orange County with the number soaring daily. The average age is dropping to 29. Students are often asymptomatic carriers which transmit the virus to their parents, grandparents, and would transmit the virus to school employees who are on the front line of exposure. Distance Learning should be the only alternative now with a possible partial school opening no earlier than September.Just like the Central Office, as many employees as possible at every school should be transitioned to work at home.

Too many people are getting it after things are opening. Protect our kids!!!

Too many rising cases. Distance learn until this is under control. Schools and buses are over crowded.

Too soon to open in August. I believe wait until at least January to do face to face.

Unfortunately I dont feel safe sending my children to school right now. Whether symptomatic or asymptomatic, each child, faculty and visitor can be a carrier of the virus. There is too much uncertainty to take any chances. Even with a hybrid model, what would the school do if even one person tests positive. You would have to trace everywhere that the person went and every individual they had contact with. Would we then quarantine also those people? Or just shut down the school for 14 days every time that it happens? What would the protocol be? Just too much in question.

unless there is a 100% guarantee that all schools can have all students and staff follow the CDC guidelines for reopening schools, then the school year should be all virtual.

Until a vaccine comes out officially, it's best yo keep everyone home.

Until a vaccine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until it becomes clear what happens every day with this pandemic, we cannot start classes ... such a magnitude of those infected by the daily covid_19 is impressive where there is no distance or steps necessary to prevent so many infections ... and they are adults ... so how can you control so many young people together in a classroom and when they are on a break? Do you have the amount of personnel prepared to watch that these teenagers keep their distance and use their face masks in classes and in sports? ... It looks like a rush since I have not seen a vaccine that stops this virus ... the most indicated right now is quarantine ... Let's hope we have a quick solution

Until the end of the year 2020, I think it is safe to learn at home. As you can see, with the reopening of Florida, covid cases are increasing again. I don't think that we are in a confortable situation yet and shouldn't put our guard now. Thank you

Until the numbers drop it is safer and more organized to continue to have the children continue to distance learn. This also makes education equl across the board for all students. Teachers have underlying health conditions and students too.

"Until the outbreak is controlled and we stop seeing new cases in FL, we cannot have our kids (2nd graders) getting exposed to other kids from a different household. There has to be control on the number of COVID cases, and assurance that other families are not getting exposed to people that might be infected. Since that seems impossible to do, we are not ready to bring kids back to school and do face to face, having them next to each other.

Also, if the schools decide to open face to face classes, the school will need to be constantly disinfecting common used surfaces, watch distance limits, etc. Just see how Wuhan has reopened schools and their procedures. It would be more cost effective to keep distance learning and focus on what really matters which is teaching students instead of in a disinfecting mode.

It is very unfortunate children will miss out on social interaction with their classmates and teachers, which is very important for their development, however, virtual meetings could do some help if it is promoted by school teachers.

Thank you."

Until the situation with COVID 19 is more table and people feel comfortable coming out of their homes and gather in public. We should consider continue the on line or distance education

Until their is a vaccine for this virus. Students should continue distance learning.

Until there is a better understanding, then it makes more sense to continue the distance learning for now.

Until there is a cure for COVID-19, the safest thing is to continue distance learning at home. I do not and will not feel comfortable sending my children to school in person. Even if masks are required, I still do not feel comfortable.

Until there is a way to prove to parents, teachers, and students a different way to clean, tracking temperatures of everyone, and precautions, you can't bring back students to an already overcrowded school and not expect to see a spread happen. If one child gets sick, you would need to test every student and teacher who came in contact with them. If you insist on bring kids back, you need to do INTESE cleaning daily, keep kids out of high traffic areas like the cafeteria, have temperature checks at all entrances, have 2 nurses (ACTUAL NURSES) at every school - 1 for minor/medicine, and 1 for sick/holding for parents to pick up. Any student sent home sick must be required to return with a doctors not as an excuse, after being cleared to return by a doctor. Masks, hand sanitizer, extra washing of hands, supplies produced by the schools and not expected to be produced by parents or teachers.

Until there is no vaccine nor an effective and efficient treatment for Coronavirus, we don't feel safe to send our son back to face-to-face school. And following the CDC guidelines would be really stressful for the kids, staff, and teachers. In our opinion, it would cause more harm to their mental health than good. We think distance learning should continue but with daily classes with the teachers and following the school hours.

"until this is gone i do not feel safe with my child going to school the traditional way.


Until this pandemic is at least 75% to its nearing end, keeping our distance is best.

Until we can make sure that it is safe I think we should continue with distant learning. I think that the district should give specific guidelines for the ampount of work to be given. During our past distant learning schools made up their own rules and some gave more work than others. Computers should be available for all students. I have a computer in my home and cable however, because my husband and I both worked from home it was not possible for us to yield the computer to our daughter, at the drop of the hat, for her to meet with her teacher for long periods of time.

Until we don't have a vaccine I would like my kids to continue with distant learning. It's just not safe; USA has now more than 2 million cases and that's just making everyone worried.

until we have a treatment or a vaccine it is very difficult to place 3000 students inside a school. During the class changes or lunch time will be very difficult to keep the social distance. Distance learning works very well and I thing the best is waiting until December.

Until we have a vaccine, the safest way for students and teachers is distance learning. Schools can't have 10 students per class and complied with all guides given by CDC.

Until we know that it is safe to be in school for everyone involved and social distance is in place, I strongly hope the county supports distant learning. There are too many considerations to be made in such a short period of time. I don't want to see my students return to school in such a strict environment as they are so young. The younger the students, the more difficult it would be to keep the distance, sanitization, movement etc. Also, until the district can ensure that all classes and areas in a school are fully cleaned, I don't think it's in the best interest of anyone to return to school. I can't tell you how many days and weeks have gone by where our classes were never cleaned, classes without soap, wipes never provided unless I PAID for them. Parents can't afford to purchase (nor should we ask parents to) wipes, soap, and lysol. OCPS needs to get on top of the cleanliness of schools, even outside of this pandamic.

"Until we really get this Covid 19 situation under control, I think we should continue with the distance learning model. You could implement a few live interactive class times per week.

This is especially important for children with underlying conditions. This year, my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and she already had asthma before that. We cannot afford to be lax in our prevention strategies. As I type this, there is an increase of cases in this state and several others. It would be foolish to go back to business as usual right now."

until zero infected patients are reported

Upgrade your computer software to better support distant learning to keep students and workers safe.

Use the new WUCF/OCPS TV channel to create instructional programming for students as follows: Elementary in the morning, Middle School in the afternoon and High School at night. Also create a live "Homework Hotline" TV program where students can call, email or text questions to a panel of teachers who answer them live on air. This was done for math in Hillsborough County ( It might be good to look at what Hillsborough County ( and other school districts are doing with their own TV channels.

Vaccine is not available therefore it's dangerous for the kids. If one person got sick the whole class and family will get sick too. Distance learning seem most appropriate for now.

Virtual classes with teachers until cases drop significantly.

Virtual classes/ online testing

"Virtual Home Room

This is your first and last period where a set # of students are assigned one HR teacher. You must check in each day at the same time each day. This gets the student on a schedule for the day. The times can be staggered to cater to different time preferences of the student. 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am and noon. The HR teacher has live zoom with 30 students by grade each morning. This teacher starts the day. Helps answer questions. Knows each student well. Has access to each students progress and making sure they stay on top of missed assignments. This teacher also has live meeting office hour times with parents to help parents navigate distance learning. This could be like a virtual guide ace counselor/home room teacher. attendance is required.

This concept is needed as students schedules are all over the place due to Covid19. Non self motivated students need this. The parents need this person as parents are not teachers, nor techies. Find the right HR teachers who can make the first period of school enjoyable and the kids look forward to logging in. "

Virtual learning feels safer until there is more information on what will happen if Covid gets worse.

Virtual learning until we get a vaccine for Covid 19

Virtual learning with live classes

"Virtual school should start in August and the regular school year should start in September. We all need to prepare for distance learning all the way.

No one will be safe on school campuses, especially with the case numbers rising.


"Virtual School should start in August to encourage more students to enroll. The regular school year should start in September to give everyone a chance to prepare for 100% distance learning. It's the only way to keep everyone safe. Cases are still rising.

All school clerk positions must be turned into working from home positions. Attendance, discipline, registration information, transcript requests, bookkeeping/payroll can all be entered online at home.

If someone does make the dangerous, misguided decision to return everyone to campuses, then we must follow these rules to save lives:

- Every administrator, staff member, teacher, student, and visitor must wear a mask AT ALL TIMES on every school campus. If students refuse, they must be sent home. Visitors must make appointments to go into any office. Upon returning for their appointment, they must wear a mask in all offices. If theme parks can require everyone to wear masks, schools can too.

Plexiglass barriers must be installed in all offices. If big grocery stores can have them, all schools can have them, too.

Every office, classroom, restroom, and cafeteria must be cleaned thoroughly daily.

Teachers and students must be split into two groups, one meeting on campus Mondays and Wednesdays, and the other meeting Tuesdays and Thursdays. That would be the only way to help with social distancing since the classrooms are too small and schools are overcrowded too much anyway."

virtual schooling is best practice due to spike of covid 19 and there are too many a symtomatic not practicing social distancing we will put in danger of familes that have elders or medical challenged individuals when students return home .... Covid 19 is out there keep our children and staff safe ....remember a symtomatic people live they spready to some one who cant not handle you are putting peoples lives in danger with covid 19 ...

vitual lessons

Wait Until there is a vaccine. There is no need to put kids life at risk

We are already doing distance learning. It was a rough start but once we got the hang of it everything was good. I do not feel it is safe for students to go back in August. There is no way to control or enforce safety and social distancing especially in high school and middle s hook settings. Students come to school sick daily. The decision should not be made by students and parents. It should be made by OCPS to protect our students and staff.

We are not complety sure how everything is going on after summer and the kids can be in high risk to contagious and spread the virus and can be worst than now. I beleve that they should be at home until Janaury and they see just the main assignment Math reading social studies and science. Music and arts just when they back to school is to much work for the parents. And they don't need at least in that period arts and music maybe PE

We are not equipped with PPE thus how will we stay safe? If you tell us now, we can start planning for next year.

We believe if schools open then parents should have a choice to keep their children who have respiratory issues such as asthma or weak immune systems at home. As teachers would teach in the classroom they should stream the class live online. Instead of just sending daily online assignments because students don't learn anything that way. Teaching them through online classrooms will still hold students accountable for showing up to class during the designated class time or period and they will still learn from their teachers and progress in their grade. My child suffers from sever asthma and I can not send her to school in a traditional school setting even with all precautions in place because I can't take that risk. I'm sure there are other parents who have similar issues.

We can continue doing school from home I believe if we open up now students have a higher chance of getting it because for example we have a cafeteria not full but with social distance rules I believe if one student with the virus enters it can effect a lot of students and just be a tragedy. It should just be held off until semester 2 or just hold it off completely and wait until next year.

"We can continue from home until Covid 19 have the vaccine or completely disappear. It's very important for Me my Kids health.

I have 2 kids on John Young Elementary


We can do a AM group and a PM group.

We can not properly social distance in a school setting. Elementary students can not wear a mask all day, parents will complain. Distant learning is the only safe way. Students not wearing masks will put us at a greater advantage for getting sick. Some of us have elderly parents and grandparents we care for. The second wave is such a concern. We can always make up academics, but we can not make up a life lost.

We can't risk our kids health. The teachers did a great job with the Distance Learning. As a parent, I know that the kids need to socialize with others, but as an OCPS employee we need to stay safe and avoid contact with others.

We don't feel safe to send kids to the school in this situation. Distance learning is safer and kids already know how to work with it. We are not ready to send kids to the school. Distance learning should be continue.

We don't know that much about this virus. Nemours is a great hospital but will not have the capacity ICU in the event the kids are getting infecting with this virus. I think we have enough with adults being infected. It is ridiculous to ask kids to maintain social distance and to wear a mask. Please think about the consequences before schools are open.

We have seen through this past semester that distance learning can work. With the Covid rates rapidly increasing and health officials continuing to warn of a stronger outbreak in the fall, it seems that it is complete disregard for human life to have these kids packed into classrooms. While the children themselves might be fine, what about our beloved educators, who are not guaranteed to survive a positive diagnosis? What about when the kids go home to their parents, and to their grandparents, who in turn go to work, and grocery, and church? Going back to classroom learning means we put our entire community at risk for a loss of life, loss that is completely avoidable! Distance learning does not have to continue on indefinitely, just until science catches up. We are taught history in school, so that we do not forget the mistakes of our pasts. Let's learn from the plagues of the past, so that we do not repeat such devastating outcomes, simply because we are afraid to adapt and change.

"We have to continue distance learning to be safe.

School campuses are not safe enough for anyone.

We are learning more online anyway without all the distractions and risks of bullying of school campuses.

Do the right thing and make sure there are no students on campuses for the new school year."

We have to continue distance learning. I don't want to risk giving anything to my family members. No student should be on campuses for the new school year. It's not safe and will not be safe even if we wait until September.

"We know that the best way for all our students to obtain the education they deserve is with in-person instruction. It is hard to beat it. But it really is not feasible right now. The way to get through this problem is for the schools to remain closed until there is a vaccine.

We can make lemonade out of this lemon, though! Imagine that the resources that would be spent on extra staff, extra buses (for safe transport of students), extra chemicals and the chemicals for that cleaning, and for extra hand sanitizer and face masks for schools to start in the fall was repurposed! Imagine that the money was not spent on children and staff DEFENDING themselves from the virus, but rather it was spent on making the digital resources we have MORE ROBUST. Imagine spending resources on training teachers so that they can teach more effectively through distance learning! This will not only help in the immediate future, but can have long-lasting effects as we transition back to the full time classroom experience. Every teacher needs more digital tools in their toolbelt, and this could be what I like to call a "crisitunity" - a crisis and yet an opportunity at the same time!!!


"We must continue distance learning (virtual school) to stay safe. Virtual school can start in August to encourage more people to enroll early. The regular school year can start in September to give more time for cases to, hopefully, go down.If case numbers stay like they are or even close to what they were when schools were first shut down in March, we must prepare for 100% distance learning for the whole school year.

All school clerk positions must be turned into working from home positions. That way, they do not have to worry about losing their jobs or risking their lives. Everything can be entered online from home anyway, even payroll/bookkeeping information.


"We must continue having only virtual school for the whole school year. That could start in August to encourage students to enroll early. The regular school year can start in September. That will give more time to prepare for 100% learning online. NO STUDENT SHOULD BE ON SCHOOL CAMPUSES! IT IS NOT SAFE!

Our governor is not smart or caring enough to put a law in place that would require everyone to wear masks. I have a bad feeling it will be the same way in schools. If everyone is not wearing a mask AT ALL TIMES on school campuses, that will put everyone's life at risk and cause even more cases of the virus.

If you care about our students, families, and school staff/teachers at all, you would make the school year 100% virtual school with no students on campus. It is the only way to continue learning while everyone stays safe."

We need to adopt more than just online learning, but intuitive programs that actually help students move through the material when the teacher is not there. The teachers have to be able to have some virutal time with students that is not going to overwhelm the school internet system. Distance learning is not the problem with students who do not work, the students apathy is. We need to find out what might get them to work that is not just giving them work or credit when they do not want to work. There has to be some real incentives.

We need to continue Distance Learning for the 2020-2021 School Year. Face-to-Face is not possible at all.In Face-to-Face you would have to limit the class size to half, about 15 students per classroom. Where do the other half of the school population would go? Even with half of the students in the classroom six feet apart, it does not guarantee that you will not get infected. Many studies by now demonstrate that you can get infected 12 feet away with a mask. One infected student in the classroom could infect at least 4 others in each of his/her 7 classes, including the teachers. Those others infected 28 can infect another 28 each, and so on, in one day you could have a large number of students infected and in two weeks you would have to close the school for at least two weeks. Teachers with underline conditions could end up in a respirator in the hospital. You could start having teachers calling sick and going to the hospital and there will not be enough substitutes for all schools, you will end up closing all schools. The risk is too high to reopen face-to-face. It's better to wait one more year to reopen face-to-face, instead of putting teachers at risk of dying, and having to close all schools soon after reopening. It doesn't make sense to reopen face-to-face for 2020-2021. Please consider the consequences, wait one more year to avoid a disaster, ending with many teachers in the hospital and having to close all schools soon after reopening anyway. I'm extremely concerned about my health and other teachers going back face-to-face. Thank you for the opportunity to share and I hope the leadership uses common sense.

We need to continue virtual/distance learning until we can protect our staff and students. I don't see how this would be possible without very small class sizes and we just don't have the staff to support this.

We need to pick one avenue or the other, but blended learning with various schedules (multiple kids, working parents, childcare, etc) just seems impossible. We want to support our kids without stressing families to the max in an already stressful time.

We need to reopen with safety first. I am a HS teacher,with 35 students at a time. I love my job. I have a son with chronic conditions. I had many students with asthma and other conditions. Distance learning works and can be organized better if needed until a vaccine or treatment is out by the end of the year. Wearing masks all day will be needed but uncomfortable for many for breathing and talking. Staggered schedules do not make sense. One student can spread it to many within a day. Please value our lives and safety over business.

"We parents are not prepared or confident to send our children back to school. They should continue with the virtual classes.

The situation is worrying and I do not intend to expose my children. We know that there are many students for each teacher and it is impossible for them to be aware of each one when it comes to hygiene. Sorry! but not all children are prepared to follow the disinfection protocol"

We should continue distance learning until they have covid Vaxin

We should continue our distance learning and not be on campus. It's not safe. Every student, along with everyone else on campus, should be wearing a mask at all times. But too many would refuse and then be sent home. We should all be learning from home anyway until a vaccine is developed.

We should distance learn until the CDC says it is safe for schools to return to regular business. That is the safest route for employees, students, and their families.

"We should have 2 options for parents to select: distance learning or face to face. Due to social distance, buses only able to carry 13 students and class size are smaller. There should be a cap to sign up for face to face so we can follow the social distance appropriately while providing transportation and education. Masks and sanitizer should be used everywhere

Lesson plans during the distance learning weren't the greatest. We should use the program from FLVS when we pursue the distance learning approach because the lessons were built by content experts and align with standards. Teachers/coach/para should be trained to use this program so they can provide appropriate supports to students/parents. "

We should meet as teachers at school then teach online to keep everyone safe.

We should not reopen schools considering the increase of corona cases again. It's not safe to risk all of our health. We should only resume face to face classes when corona is completely over and just continue online learning since we still have our laptops.

"We should only do distance learning and the school year should start in September.

If someone does make dangerous decision to allow everyone to return to school campus, these requirements must be in place on every school campus:

1. Masks must be worn by every administrator, teacher, staff member, student, and visitor on campus. If students refuse to wear a mask, they must be sent home. If visitors come on campus trying to get into an office without a mask, they must be sent away and asked to make an appointment. They must come back on campus with a mask when their appointment time arrives. MASKS MUST BE A REQUIREMENT NOT A RECOMMENDATION. IT TAKES EVERYONE WEARING A MASK TO MAKE EVERYONE SAFER.

2. Plexiglass barriers must in installed in all offices.

3. There must be two groups of teachers and students. One group would be on campus Mondays and Wednesdays. The other group on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This will help with social distancing.

4. All classrooms, offices, restrooms, and cafeterias/teacher's lunch rooms must be thoroughly cleaned daily.

Thank you for taking our children's and their family member's safety seriously."

"We should reopen school in phases, similar to the way the state of Florida and other states have reopened.

Phase 1 - Distance Learning (like that of FLVS). This could be done during the first 9 weeks grading period to give more time for collecting data on this COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the community. By the time we have our first recess from school, Thanksgiving Break, we can re-evaluate where we are at as a community / state and proceed with the next phase of school-reopening.

Phase 2 - Could be a hybrid model: part face-to-face and part distance learning. This would be based on those who want to take the risk and return to school and those who feel more comfortable learning at a distance for whatever their situation speaks to. Time frame, possibly during the 2nd 9 weeks grading period. from the fall to Christmas break.

Phase 3- The virus is curved and there are no more spikes in cases of people testing positive. Schools completely re-open, yet with health & measures in place to prevent any resurgence of the virus. Time frame, possibly at the second half of the school year, after returning from winter break in January 2021."

We should start distant learning and when it is safe for teachers, students and staff; then we can transition to face to face learning. Our health is first than anything else.

We should stay digital because it was very effective for me and my close mutuals

We start the school year later, in September but begin in August with just teachers on campus doing distance learning.

We still do not have a vaccine or treatment for covid patients. I believe we should start with distance learning until flu season is past it's peak or a vaccine is out by the beginning of 2021. It will be inevitable to prevent students and staff from not becoming infected. Class sizes in high school cannot be reduced. Young students in elementary will be hard to manage and stop them from touching their faces etc. many parents have been able to work remotely in middle upper income families. Students in low income neighborhoods most likely have 1 parent who does not work and receives federal assistance; therefore, students can be home. In terms of budget, there are no extra funds for additional teachers and bus drivers.

"We still don't have COVID-19 under control. There's no vaccine, no treatment and WE STILL HAVE SEVERAL, I MEAN SEVERAL parents who think it's just the flu. We also have those who refuse to educate themselves on prevention, whining that their liberty has been taken away because of a mask.

Just yesterday, June 3rd, FL registered the highest number of new cases since April 17th! Over 1,000 new cases!!!! Who are we kidding here?


I understand some parents are not okay with distance learning. I understand some parents do not have the privilege to stay home and work with their kids. For those cases, we all need to come up with other solutions to support them.


We think it's absolutely safer for children to stay home for distance learning although we miss the traditional face to face schooling with structured learning in classrooms and social activities in the playground and cafeteria.

We We should make sure that the children are able to get the full range of services. But also everyone needs to stay safe. The easiest and most sure way for that to happen is to do remote learning. We should be able to provide Are the other services that will be needed for the students remotely. While at the same time establish wraparound services that students and families can use.To make sure safety and our children's and communities health is the top priority.

"We were successful at the middle school level doing the distance learning with Canvas and launchpad apps such as the textbook (connectED) and BrianPop for 6th grade world history.

The only thing that we would need is to be able to properly do secure testing-which may involve just being able to use the lockdown browser. I am not sure about using the Unify. If we can't use Unify, and the district needs data, we would need tools for that that would not make teachers have to take an inordinate time gathering that data.

We would need to make sure prioritizing benchmarks so that work is not overloaded and some kind of accountability for student attendance to live sessions or to access recordings of live sessions.

teachers should have flexibility and autonomy for what would work best for them and their students and to be sure and work closely with CTA to make sure things are fair. This is an excellent opportunity to save money on the over use of testing and allow teachers the autonomy to use their own measures and be more flexible to student needs and interests. Teaching to a specific test is the antithesis of good education and it is my understanding the state did not require VAM any longer. It should be entirely removed as a consideration so that those without state tests are not required to be hamstrung. Keep in mind that distance learning is the only feasible, cost effective and safe method because the schools do not clean well on a regular basis, and ac filters are not changed often enough, there is not enough room to socila distance with 24 students in a class, or even 18. The hallways are extremely crowded and going up and down stairs to get a one way method would be extremely difficult with 3 floors. "

Well I think it is better for kids to be home and safe pulse little kids can not keep the mask on for 8 hours.

"Well I think the work sheet is good every week the teachers put on instructions on and we finish it a week what I dont want is the waist of paper


Well I think this could be the best method for now. Since we all know kids are a little more careless when it comes to having a mask all the time. On top of that is the weather, hot, raining, cold days could be a discomfort there as per the mask. We have being doing awesome with distance learning and my kids have better grades as well.

"Well, after our superintendent made it VERY clear that we do not have the budget to put only 12 students in a classroom or only 12 students on a bus, it is obvious that her only thinking is to bring everyone back and pack everyone in. The more bodies we have in seats each day in a classroom means more money for OCPS. Which says a lot. OCPS does not care about student, teacher, or staff safety...they only care about money. What about the many students in OCPS who have asthma or other underlying health conditions? What about the many teachers who have high blood pressure and other health issues? What about parents, grandparents, and teachers' families at home who have underlying health conditions? Do you really think elementary kids are going to be able to social distance and wear masks ALL DAY LONG? I will predict what is going to happen...everyone will come back to school packed in like sardines. Covid will eventually spread. Schools will ""close to be disinfected"" which is a joke because our schools are filthy on a normal day. I don't trust for one minute that schools would be properly sanitized if an infection did break out. Don't trust the ventilation in our old buildings either. I have an about every person who works in the ELC comes to the schools and teaches 12 students relieving teachers to having only 12 students

per class until the pandemic ends? That would REALLY be an example of OCPS being a TEAM and doing what is best for the community! "

Well, in the current situation, the cases of the current Pandemic are still rising. So, as a precaution, I would opt for Distance Learning till it is completely safe to send the kids back to school. I would suggest that it can be Distance Learning in a way that the students come to join online classes in the same way they used to attend the classes in the school. Like beginning at 9 o'clock till 3 or 4 o'clock with the breaks. They would follow the schedule the same way they used to do when they were actually at school. In this way, they'll be able to see the teacher on a daily basis, they would be able to communicate in pretty much the same way like when they were in a classroom setting. And they should be marked 'Present' only if they were there in the online class. The grading would be done on the basis of their submissions online like they used to do before.

Well, seeing as the covid 19 cases keep going up each day, there should be distance learning until we see how the cases will be. Also I think there should be temperature checks, masks worn and daily cleaning in the schools if the kids are returning, but until I know there is a plan to keep the kids safe at school, my kids will remain in distance learning.

What's the point of continuing face to face learning if we are at risk.I believe we are learning more than we did during face to face learning.We are learning to calm ourselves from finally being alone.School is not such a big hassle we don't have to worry about getting into danger at the moment because we are out of school.You say were safe but were really not you put things in place to make us believe that but all around were not safe.Kids get attacked,bullied and all sorts of things and have no choice but to deal with it because their parents wont let them stay home they rather them have some sort of interactions with people their age.Now you guys claim you are protecting us and bringing safety into hands but your making us go back to school and risk our families lives instead of maintain distance learning but make it better.You have 3 months to make changes to distance learning to improve it and what are you doing to help us?Let the governor who opens up the city while riots are going on and let the virus spread even more.You guys trust The governor that much to make the decision of thousands of parents in orange county and put their children in danger.I think the choice should be obvious we should resume distance learning until there is a cure and its been at least 2 months of them distributing it so it can protect as many people as needed.People need time to adapt or this is going to end up like the influenza.You are gonna take the lives of many children and family if we continue distance learning.I love my sister and she is a asmatic I don't want her getting hurt or god forbid anything happens to her because you guys there higher us make us go back with "safety measures in place"Man that shit is not gonna do nothing the safety measure could be compromised.

"When some of the schools are also used for hurricane shelters, figuring out how to do ""pandemic social distancing shelter"" has to take priority since we are IN the hurricane season already and will be through Nov 1.

Keep the distance learning. Make a decision about it now or soon so the teachers and other staff have as much of the summer time to plan ahead. Because even after school starts? It's still hurricane time and schools needing to be used for shelter. The less disruption the better.

Perhaps a plan that allows students whose families need the childcare to come to school cafeteria, libraries, limited classrooms to do their online learning. Then the other classrooms remains set up for pandemic hurricane on ""stand by."" "

Whether distance learning or blended, I feel teachers need guidance from virtual school to better understand ways to instruct over the computer. We need to know what will work best to support students whose parent did NOT choose to home school so that we can have the kids rely more on us as their teachers to give them information/ teach them. (It's great when parents can help, but we need to relieve them of this duty as they have their own jobs to focus on to support their families.) If we could have training sessions with virtual teachers -- or see what orientations those teachers go through -- it would be helpful to us if we can't continue in person right away. Especially for those of us teaching kids who will be new to laptops -- this has proved challenging enough in person the past two years with sixth graders... I can only imagine obstacles we'll have to overcome if we can't see them every day. The other thing, a friend of mine who teaches out of state did this past spring: they had a bell schedule kids had to stick to and log in for each class for 15-20 minutes of online instruction before being released for a half hour before their next class. During this time they could choose to take a break from their screen or work independently on assignments given. He said it was successful with everyone still getting to touch base every day with every student and held them all accountable without burning them out from a computer screen for 7 hours straight. I would love to see something like this implemented in Orange County with us recording the sessions for those who have to take on babysitting duties during the day if their situation requires it so they'd have the option to do it at night. Just thoughts...

While I am 100% not in favor of the distance learning model, I understand the current implications and understand this may be the safest model for all stakeholders. With that being said, I think it is foolish to enroll our Students in more than four (4) courses at once. Most successful online or virtual programs prior to the pandemic limit the number of courses to three(3) or (4) at most. Additionally, as a parent and educator I have exposure to the delivery of content and the end user. There seems to be a lack of consistency in delivery of content and expectations from course to course and Teacher to Teacher. Again, successful online programs replicate the delivery of content between courses (Canvas, Blackboard, Google Classroom, etc) and the expectation of deliverables. I feel the struggle many Teachers had was reaching out to contact Students daily or even weekly to enhance their level of engagement. I think a possible solution to this would be to limit the number of courses to the four (4) core subject areas (English, Math, Science, and Social Science) and utilize the elective teachers to help the core Teachers contact their Students. Many elective Teachers have a good working relationship with their Students. This can potentially help aid the core Teachers with contacting and building relationships. The patchwork system we created on-the-fly to pivot from the classroom to online learning is commendable amazing how smooth the transition was. This does not mean complacency can set in and we continue without trying to do better for our Students, Families, and Faculty. The current distance learning model is not sustainable and if we are faced with this option again, I think we can do better.

While I highly anticipate ultimately returning to the school campus, I worry that OCPS will not be able to guarantee the safety of all school staff and students if we return to campuses in August. How will we make sure that every student who walks on campus at the very least does not have a fever? Taking temperatures at the entrance to the school does not take into account students before they get on the bus. Even having bus drivers take temperatures would not be effective, because you cannot guarantee the safety/social distancing of all students at the bus stop. If a bus driver takes a temperature and turns a group of students away because one student has a fever, how would the school become immediately aware so that they can turn the other students away if a parent brings their student to school anyway? How does a kindergarten teacher make sure that no students rub a runny nose and touch items in the classroom? How does a middle school or high school maintain social distancing during transitions? I could continue with a litany of questions that I do not answer, but that is the point. There are too many possibilities right now for something bad to happen at any given school for OCPS to take that risk. We need to continue to distance learn for the next semester and then reassess in December. It is not ideal, but it is the plan that affords the most safety.

While I would love for the children to be able to go back to school so that they can receive the best instruction from their teachers and be around all their friends, I do not think opening up the schools is whats best for them at this time. The virus is still out their and not only have we not found a vaccine for it, we have not contained it!! This is not just some virus you get that makes you ill. This is a virus that can potentially kill you. Whether or not we THINK the worst has passed, the fact of the matter is, that it's still here and still spreading among ts us. You have people that refuse to follow the simplest of rules by wearing a face mask, washing hands, staying at least 6ft apart from one another.. The list goes on and on. Meanwhile you have all these politicians who have NO interests whatsoever in protecting our nation our people from a deadly disease. All they see is money and how they can profit from it.. I'm all for re-opening our cities and getting back to our lives, but at what expense do we do that? I recently lost my job and there is no worse feeling than not being able to provide for your family, but I will not put my life nor my child's life in danger, nor in the hands of people who simple just don't care i I live or die. Until this virus can be detained and ALL measures have been met and followed, I believe distance learning is the best moving forward with the 2020-2021 school year. At least for now.

While I would love to be safely back in the classroom with all my students, that seems unlikely in August. I do not believe we will be able to safely and consistently social distance in classrooms. My suggestion is that we follow all CDC and WHO guidelines. Specifically, I suggest we maintain distance learning until there is a safe vaccine, widespread vaccine distribution, and we are able to reenter schools safely without social distancing required. As teachers, we are not just educators, we are also child care providers. Closing schools has dramatic impacts on families. I suggest we continue to provide food for all children and families at school sites for pick up. I suggest that we provide every family with a device. Families with more than one child should be provided with at minimum one device per two children and preferably one device per student. Families with several children cannot be expected to share one device. In addition, we need to partner with internet providers to ensure free internet for all families regardless of internet payment histories. These alone are not enough to support our children and families, they are simply the ones my students and their families have expressed the need for most.

While not a new idea I feel strongly that you need to take into consideration the different climate we are looking at now versus when we first had to take the survey. With the daily spikes, there are very strong opinions that the children should not be test rabbits for the Fall. We need to just continue distance learning and reevaluate this after the first semester. Please remember that the current situation is far worse now with no signs of improvement than what was originally prompted to shut the schools in March. There is huge liability to consider and many parents do not comply with keeping kids home or picking them up when they are sick.

With all due respect, I think it is crazy that the Governor is considering reopening the schools, especially in Orange County, which is one of the counties with the most COVID-19 cases. Please I hope that the Major will also do something United School Superintendent with the Department of Health to protect our children and Teachers too. Please leave politics aside and think that this is a health crisis! Children are innocent and depend on adults to protect them!

With all the cases in florida i dont feel my daughter will be safe. This decision need to be reconsider ... as much i hate the distance learning, im not willing to sacrifice the health of my daughter. Not happy at all with the decision.

"With case numbers increasing, there is no way I would send my children back to school. That would risk their lives and the lives of the family.

Please continue distance learning with the school year starting in September. That would help everyone have more time to set things up.

The school clerk positions can also be transitioned to be all online (or remote as many call it).

Distance learning will save so many lives and maybe even stop a second wave of the virus.

Thank you"

With cases continuing to grow daily in Florida. Our kids should continue distance learning for 2020-2021. Our kids Safety and health comes first

With covid-19 being so unpredictable.and with no cure or vaccine in the near future.I would feel much more comfortable with my child continuing distance for the new school year.

With COVID-19 continuing to increase, I prefer a distance learning model. I hope for a model that allows for distance learning with teachers and students at my school. If schools need to reopen to accomodate families that need this, some teachers can be allocated to lead distance learning classrooms for those who opt in to this model.

With no vaccine in place, and no logistically sound way to ensure the safety of everyone in a school environment we need to look to enhanced distance learning. We need to have more frequent web interaction with our students. We need to incentivize showing up to class ready to learn. We need more interactive virtual lesson platforms that engage all modalities of learning. That would include games, project-based learning, and virtual labs/rehearsals/recitals, etc. We need a system of reaching out to students and families who are not showing up to the virtual classroom. We need better systems in place to reach parents and guardians. A lot of them assumed their students were doing their work, and this was not the case. We need a system that keeps students accountable as stakeholders in their education while also being sensitive to individual needs. When the time is right, we will be happy to welcome all students back into face to face classrooms with open arms. Let's wait for the right time, and the safest time.

"With OCPS schools being so overcrowded as it is, some by DOUBLE the capacity, there is no way social distancing can be implemented safely. 75% of students would need to remain home in order for proper safety measures to be taken.

If 25% capacity are allowed to return and 75% of students do distancing learning, that would satisfy those parents that feel it necessary to send their kids back.

This could be achieved by making a certain number of available slots per grade level for face to face learning, and having a sign up and then lottery system for those slots.

Also, increase the number of clubs and social opportunities for the students in lieu of P.E. "

With over 5,500 cases in Orange County, we beg you to continue DISTANCE LEARNING ONLY until at least September at the earliest. Crowded classrooms are breeding grounds for spreading the virus.

"With spiking cases of covid 19, and with no available vaccine available soon, safety of students, teachers & staff will be priority so I strongly recommend for distance learning.

As a healthcare worker, I am so scared when kids starting to go back to face to face learning. The virus is invisible & it is real. Peoples life matter & safety should be a priority.

Let us all stay safe. God bless us all."

With the case numbers going up, I would feel more safe continuing distance learning until the numbers go back down. I am an ese teacher so I see kids from multiple grade levels and from multiple classes. Some of my students have behavior plans for chewing on their fingers, spitting, etc. If masks are required by staff and students I would feel better. But the masks should be on, not hanging off someone's face.

With the cases of Covid-19 in Orange County raging, the only safe way to have crowded schools reopen is to keep distance learning until cases start dropping significantly. Students are huge carriers of the virus to their parents, grandparents, teachers, and school employees. To keep education at its peak, as many school employees should be transitioned to work from home as possible.. Then very slowly transition as cases decline with many protective measures in place.

With the cases of COVID-19 increasing, it is not wise nor safe to have face to face learning. Imagine losing your loved one due to this virus? You would spend the rest of your life wishing that it could have been avoided. This virus will increase more deaths and heartaches. If face to face can be avoided, then it SHOULD be. It is not fair for teachers Or students who are at high risk and or their family members who are high risk to all be exposed. Distant learning is a great way to ensure safety for everyone. I have children, nieces, nephews, and my friends children who all benefited and excelled at distant learning. You have to to do what you have to do to ensure safety under these unprecedented circumstances.

With the cases Rising I do not believe you should open up the schools they've already had two teenagers die in the state of Florida and all it's going to do is increase if you open the schools and put the kids back in there together. You need to reconsider and not open the school's up especially with the cases Rising the way they are, you need to do distant learning.

With the continued rise in COVID cases it is not safe to send our children back to school in August. We are risking the health and safety of all by doing so. It would benefit students, teachers, and staff to continue distance learning.

With the impending budget cuts, we will not have enough teachers to keep class sizes small enough to safely social distance. Even during the FSA, I have difficulty Teachers should continue to use Canvas to post assignments and videos for students. They can continue to hold weekly class meetings to go over assignments and have office hours each day for students to email or call them with any questions. Teachers should only be required to post one assignment for each subject. These are difficult times. We cannot expect parents to facilitate 6 hours of virtual learning. Also, many teachers will be in the position of facilitating virtual learning for their own children in addition to teaching their students. Paraprofessionals can also be available each day to help ELL and ESE students complete their work and work toward their IEP goals. In a perfect world, education would be better funded so that more teachers could be hired. However, with the current teacher shortage and more budget cuts coming, I think this is the safest solution.

With the increase on numbers everyday I feel that we are not prepared to handle 500-3000 students not including staff with protecting all students, staff and family members. We barely had enough subs last year, most being retired who are at high risk and there is not enough availability of sanitizing supplies. I propose we give each student a schedule, teachers return to campus, teach and record each class with a designated time period/periods each week for either group questions or tutoring. If done, I feel we need in person adequate training and all need to try and use the same format to make this easier on students.

With the new peak happening in Florida right now regarding the virus, I believe children should continue to do their school work distant learning style. Florida has now been named a hotspot and the government is encouraging everyone to wear masks and continue to social distance, I believe that would be very hard to do if children go back to school and classroom remain at full capacity.

With the numbers still being so high in orange county. I would like to see distance learning continued.

With the ongoing concerns of our adult staff regardless of age, I think with need to Minimize contact as much as possible. I feel as though distance learning would be the best solution but understand that there are so many variables to continue this way. My suggestion would be for schools to have students physically on campus no more than 3 days a week and grouped by grade level. This will minimize exposure to school staff and bus drivers, allowing for our custodians to deep clean in-between. Like a M-W, or a M,W,F.

"With the pandemic is not yet over and all the protests that are currently going on in the communities, we will definitely see the spike of the virus spread soon. For the first semester, I think it would be best to continue distance learning to keep the students, staff, and the families safe. I understand this will cause the hardship for the single parent families, but our health and lives are more important. I feel that distance learning will help to slow down the spread and is a safe model at this point or at least make it an option for the families who do not wish to risk the safety of their children and choose to continue distance learning for their children. I don't understand the blended distance and face-to-face model, so I can't elaborate on this model, but I do not wish to send my children to the schools in August. As with other families, we have adults at home who are high risk, and the idea of quarantining my child/children by getting infected disease through school does not sit well with me. Education is important, but our safety and lives are far more important.

Thank you for your consideration."

With the rate of covid infections already rising we need to rethink sending students to schools with hundreds or possibly thousands of other kids in a small building where distancing will not be possible. This will only spread the disease and cause this pandemic to worsen. Many older employees will also be affected and it is very probable that some will lose their lives. Schools should be almost completely virtual for the upcoming school year until the rate of infection drops significantly. There could be very limited students on some campuses due to disabilities or possibly only allowing reading and math instruction in schools with multiple sessions available in the morning and later afternoon for those in need. All other classes should be virtual with those who do not have technology or internet having it provided for them. This situation should change in the next year and it is not worth the lives of children, employees or the families that will be infected if all students return in the fall.

With the rise in cases it will not be safe for the kids to be in schools. What a huge liability for OCPS.

With the uncertainty of this virus I recommend the distance learning at this time. Maybe implement full online class we're teachers are actually live teaching the class. This will help the student keep a type of school schedule. Maybe split subjects between days. Example One day math, science and language arts. Then the next days, other subjects and so on. This will also allow students to interact more with teachers and other students.

With the virus numbers soaring in Florida I believe it would be in the best interests of not only our students, but also your staff and their families to continue the new school year the same way we finished the last school year.. from a distance.

Without a vaccine, we can't be sure students and faculty won't catch the virus, so I think we shouldn't open up until everyone gets vaccinated. It would be hard for students to learn in an environment where they have to constantly wear masks and be 6 feet apart, and some people probably wouldn't even respect those rules. I think we should keep this coming school year distance learning for the safety of our schools.

Working at home these past few months as a teacher and having the kids home yes was tough but we were safe, I'm not sure how it would go with over 4000 kids in the high school. It can be done and I think it should continue. My team has been working 10/12 hour days but think it's worth it in the end to keep everyone home and safe. Not sure you can tell us that our safety will remain if we go back. And have you ever work a mask for 6-8 hrs at a time I have it's terrible don't wish it on anyone.

Working in healthcare, we're cautious about distancing and masking up. While my daughter is good about wearing a mask, it's hot and she panics when she overheats. That aside, when she gathers with her best friends in the neighborhood, there's hugs first before distancing. They don't get the severity of the situation or think they can get it themselves bc they've been "cautious". We have a newborn and grandparents we take care of. My opinion is online classes until numbers no longer spike. I don't see how blended classes can be successful when children have no fear.

worried about safety of my child.

Would love to see more virtual teaching during distance learning. If every teacher could record a 20-30 minute lesson each day for their students to watch and then provide work for the students to complete to back up this lesson then this would model more closely to a typical face to face instruction. Many times just work was given and not instruction in this previous distance learning and I felt that students were really missing out on this learning piece.

You are putting the health and safety of all at risk by having us return in August. Who will cover classes when teachers are infected with COVID? Distance Learning is the only option to protect us all and reduce the spread of this awful virus.

You guys should just be patient to wait for the time when this Corona Virus stuff is over to open school therefore you guys should just close the school year 2020-2021 to distance learning.

"You have the lives of our children and their loved ones in your hands.

Please continue distance learning and have no students back on campus for the new school year. It's not worth the risk.

How do you except students to remain apart in the cafeteria? There masks will be off while they eat.

They will not social distance in the restrooms either. Even if the classes are smaller, it will still be too difficult to try to keep them separated. Teachers will be struggling to keep the students separated and their masks on instead of being able to teach.

As you can see, we have no choice other than distance learning."

"You should give parents the option of allowing their child to continue to utilize distance learning if the child or a family member they live with has an underlying condition. This allows for the child to not be a carrier and bring any virus/sickness into the home.

Thank you for your time! "

You should start classes online again

Zoom classes taught by teachers live every day as a normal schedule 5 days a week

Zoom/Skype with teachers TEACHING lessons. Not just paper work. Everything online. No having to go to the school to pick up and drop off paperwork.

"I think that we are living a critical situation that doesn't make us feel safe. My recommendations is to keep the school closed and do distance learning until December, after all this situations like, COVID, elections and unemployment get better, I think we will feel more comfortable to go back to school. It's a lot of pressure going on and I think the students are not ready to be together under the new school rules according to the health department.

Thank you for all your efforts and for spending hours figuring out how to keep education a successful one. "

"If we go back to school with distance or blended learning. Teachers should be allowed (and possibly required) to work from school. This will give a better sense of worth ethic and camaraderie as we are working in a different situation.

There should be county-wide requirements for grading at each school level. When it is up to the principal/school/teachers there is too much leeway.

EVERY CHILD NEEDS A LAPTOP. Many of my students did not do distance learning in the spring because they didn't have a device (even though there were cart-fulls sitting at school not being used), and by the time they got a device they were too far behind."

"#1 - Teachers should be able to provide enriching lessons via video in their own classrooms. This allows teachers access to resources, but also gives the kids a sense of being at school. Unions should not be dictating to districts that recorded lessons should not be required. As a parent of two children, the distance learning provided in the Spring was horrific. Teachers relied too much on Khan Academy and iReady lessons. There was zero effort put into ANY new lessons. Our children were left to teach themselves. Parents were furious. Only to find out that the UNION ""negotiated"" with the district to not require recorded lessons. Are you kidding me?

We need to be LASER FOCUSED on WHAT KIDS NEED before what is convenient to an adult. There is NO REASON why teachers cannot record their own lessons. The videos in Khan Academy and iReady are not the same as a child's OWN teacher.

This is NOT to say a video should be recorded for six hours a day or for every lesson. But absolutely for core classes and critical skills. BE CREATIVE.

Teachers can also share responsibility with other teachers in their unit.

#2 - Teachers should send home manipulatives for children to use during a math lesson.

#3 - NO iReady. I watched my child use iReady and it was riddled with errors and ridiculously confusing. My child was in tears. "

Worksheet with Canvas and UCFtv to broadcast grade level lessons to go with worksheets. Face to Face lesson and/or parent meetings via appointments only to ensure low capacity in the school for distancing especially in the flu season. temperature checks and request all persons entering to wear masks.

I believe we should be distance learning during the first quarter, blended second quarter, blended third w/ more face to face than in the 2nd quarter, then fully face to face in the 4th quarter. I believe scaffolding will help with keeping everyone safe. If we rush into face to face, and the country experiences another outbreak that may have a horrific outcome that we are don't want to face. I am also a parent of a student that attends OCPS schools and an infant that is in daycare. I would hate to be absent because they have become ill due to the urgency of being face to face.

Distance because yeah it may be harder for us to learn but it would be safer for us kids that have health issues and we are the easy ones to get sick so it would be better just to continue distance learning so nobody can get sick

"OLa, ainda acho que é muito precipitado um retorno escolar, precisamos dar mais um tempo para conhecer melhor essa doença horrivel que nos apavora nesse momento. Vamos dar mais um tempo, para que o governo junto com a organização de saúde, tome algumas providencias, como até mesmo a vacina contra a esse mal. Eu acho que uma reabertura da escola agora, seria um desastre total. Nao concordo, e nao acho sábio essa idea de retorno nesse momento. Poderemos seguir tranquilamente com o ensino a distancia, esse ano foi bom, e poderá ser melhor no próximo.


With covid cases on hike and achools being super crowded and totally unsanitary, dont feel comfortable for kids to start Physical school.

"Teachers should be required to report to the school building if distance learning is continued. This will help support necessary school professional learning, access to resources and collaborative opportunities with colleagues and staff. This will address concerns about access to high speed internet, etc.

This will also support administrators in being able to systemically and efficiently support teachers as they engage in virtual learning.

If distance learning is continued, I would recommend changing the name to virtual learning. Distance learning describes the district's response to school closures and the pandemic. If any type of remote learning continues, it should be called virtual learning as it will be critical for instruction to move beyond crisis response to authentic instructional experiences in the virtual setting."

"More zoom type calls for at least 30 minutes should be required for each period. many of classes can mirror Fl Virtual lessons, videos, etc but kids need face time with teachers for engagement and other students/classmates for mental health. This can keep everyone uplifted during these times. Even interacting on a live conference call via video can help keep kids and teachers committed to the lessons and accountable.

Standarized test offerings, EOC tests, and any additional testing should be put on hold for another year so kids and teachers can focus on subjects and class offerings via virtually

****Allow kids to stay enrolled thru their specific local schools and let them take all Florida virtual classes via approval of their home school guidance counselor.. this will assist social distancing if their is some school on campus but the kids that go virtual will still feel apart of the school and not totally left behind.****

Volunteer Hours should NOT be required for the school year of 2020-2021

Work with University of Florida and other Florida Colleges ""on line"" programs so high school students can participate in the programs if there is availability.

Parents need to know the plan of public schools soon, so they can figure out the best thing to do with their child next year( Virtual, private school, etc)"

Distance should be more organized. Every student should be able to utilize an OCPS laptop with more live lessons and live special area lessons with each grade.

If distance-learning is necessary, allow us to use our classrooms as a homebase. This way, we are in our rooms in our resources are available to us.

After teaching my students by using distance learning for the last few weeks, has given me the opportunity to appreciate being present with my students in the classroom. However, I'm greatly concerned about the start of the 2020-2021 school year. One of my main concerns is how will teachers be protected that have underlying conditions? Will they be provided frontline protective gear? How will teachers be able to speak/teach wearing masks and be understood by the students? How will teachers be able to help those students who require one on one help being six feet away? Is there a plan that's be considered for students who have underlying conditions? I know that we need to get back in the classroom, but at what cost? Innocent lives are at stake. I think that distance learning should continue until at least January 2021 which would give time for a covid-19 possible solution. As a member of the bargaining unit, I would like the reopening of schools to be bargained as soon as possible.

"In order to provide social distancing, I don't believe that it is in the best interest to meet face to face as safety is a concern. While we love our children, we know they don't wash their hands and if so not well. Many roles can be performed remotely which can be maintained such as parent involved meetings even with the absence of signatures.

OCVS and FLVS (purchase courses from them if needed) could expand course for all grade levels and hire more teachers preferably those who have some virtual school experience. "

Students and teachers participate in only distance learning. However, students who absolutely need to physically be at school (due to child care needs, etc.) will be assigned to a classroom. This classroom will be monitored by a substitute teacher or other staff as appropriate. The student will stay in this classroom all day and work on their laptop to complete the distance learning assignments and activities. Bagged lunches can be provided to these students to eat in the classroom. Due to social distancing, there would be approximately 12 students in each classroom, so most likely multiple classrooms would be needed for this. While this may not be the a very enjoyable school experience, it would provide necessary childcare and schooling, while following social distancing guidelines and creating a safe environment. Thank you for accepting suggestions and ideas as we work toward creating a great school year for our students!

Until it is determined that close contact is no longer a safety concern, I would feel better with following social distance.

"I am choosing distance learning because I am fortunate enough to be able to supervise my children at home, but I would also need some major support from the district in the form of an online course or 'how to' book or something as I am 45 and was educated in a very rural part of Wales in the UK.

Kids are learning in a completely different pass these days. I have 3 children entering 3rd, 6th and 8th. My third grader has just been diagnosed with ADHD so distanced learning works way better for her educationally but all these kids will need some kind of outlet away from the home too.

How can we protect our kids from turning into screen addicted zombies when EVERYTHING is on a screen. This is one of my concerns for ALL the kids.

If I choose for my children to continue distance learning, I will need a professional educator to check in face to face at least once a week. Maybe give us all the OK to continue onto the next task, maybe a kind of question and answer session in person or via Zoom. Would that be considered as a 'blended' ?

The district should evaluate every family's situation. If I was a single parent that had to work there would be no way I could do this. Families with situations like that should have first choice and supported. Otherwise the repercussions of a large majority of uneducated individuals would be disastrous for the country's future.

Thank you so much for your time during this effort. Very hard decisions to be made. You will not be able to make everyone happy. I think that those that are able should just step up and take care of there own so that others can be supported."

I was able to work closer with my child. In a secure safe menner. Where they were comfortable and more open to learning without distractions of bullying and competing. They were comfortable at home which allowed more learning. As well the work became a family lesson we were all on the same page learning together. The younger ones looked on and learned as well. It brought us closer. We prefer distant learning.

The number of Covid cases in Florida is rising. It is impossible to keep children from touching each other and getting very close to one another, such as at P.E. or recess or lunch. Masks make my children feel dizzy and sick because they have to breathe in their own Carbon Dioxide, which is tortuous during an 8 hour school day. They won't be able to focus as a result. An excellent program for each grade level within Florida Virtual School is the best option at this time. Parents should definitely be encouraged to choose Florida Virtual School for the safety of their children and all family members who come into contact with their children.

As a teacher of 6th graders, I do not believe there is a safe way to proceed this August through December. To have them go get food in stages to bring back to the room (would take hours) or adding extra buses for transport (not sanitary and costly) or doubling teachers and classrooms for social distancing (no extra room or $ for hiring) would not be safe or feasible. As much as I miss my students it is not worth anyone's life to conduct school in any manner other than distance learning. Scientists have projected a hike in Covid 19 this fall. Distance learning is the only practical and safe way to educate until we have more information in the fall.

"If families want to pursue distance learning they should be forced to enroll in virtual school. If teachers want to teach virtually, then teach at the virtual school.

Don't push distance/ virtual learning on everyone."

Continue distance learning until numbers flatten or their is a cure for the Covid

"Until the COVID-19 has been resolved, we need to protect our teachers and our children. Distance learning, although challenging can be accomplished. Having three school-aged children, the hardest part of distance learning was the lack of cohesion. Schools should use one standard platform (Canvas) and not use google classroom or any other platform the teacher prefers because they do not like canvas.

Elementary/Middle School- Teachers cannot expect children to learn by reading and watching videos on their own. The virtual school platform should be utilized and students should have daily interactive lessons, they are not in high school and should not be treated like they can self learn efficiently.

Have teachers conduct video lessons - Not 1 of my child's middle school teachers taught him a virtual lesson.

1- Use ONE platform only.

2- Provide itemized schedules for the children(elementary kids need structure).

3- Interactive lessons.

4- Require teacher's to actually teach live virtual classes not just pre-recorded videos- encourage opportunities for communication and engagement.

5- Require students/parents to take a quick virtual etiquette training(students should be ongoing).

6- OCPS - Stop waiting and having these surveys and take ACTION. Start working on those virtual class environments, COVID is not going away in 3 months. Parents need time to prepare for distance learning now. "

My concern is that if we do blended learning teachers would have more work to do.

I think we should go distance learning at least in the fall since there is so much uncertainty about this virus.There is no way to socially distance children or get them to wear masks all day.The classrooms are too small, and it is not conducive to have 10 children per class with most schools are already busting at the seams.And those who have to ride a bus will not be able to get to school at a decent time.We also need to keep in mind that in Florida we are not only battling COVID-19, but hurricane season.It makes no season to start a school year with the very real threat of a virus and an unpredictable hurricane season. Also, it appears the children are the carriers and they can take it home to compromised parents, grandparents, siblings,or other family members.I think we need to at least focus on distance learning and depending on how things go, a blended environment in the Spring.We need to ensure that the students, teachers, staff, and Administrators are SAFE. We need to make a decision NOW so that the parents, staff, Teachers, and Administrators know how to plan and come up with strategies that will work for their families.

"Distance Learning-My daughter is in the Two-Way Dual Language program at Hunter's Creek Elementary. She will be entering 2nd grade. Distance learning is our family's preferred option until a vaccine is widely available and in widespread use. I am contributing my ideas/concerns as a member of the community, as a parent and as a nurse. I truly believe that the health and safety of the students, staff, and community at large should be the highest and guiding priority.

Ideas & Concerns Related to Distance Learning

- [ ] Have option of Distance Learning until vaccine widely available and in widespread use

- [ ] Digital Access-assess access to internet and necessary technology. Address gaps as needed by loaning equipment or providing internet access

- [ ] Encourage teachers to provide a weekly agenda and daily lessons/assignments-this worked well during the last few weeks of distance learning this past school year with my daughter's class

- [ ] Allow for asynchronous learning along with brief (no more than 30min sessions) of live, video conferencing (voluntary, not required)

- [ ] Any videos should be less than 15 min, particularly for young elementary students K-2nd


Option 2 definitely not possible especially for middle or high schools. How would kids change classes every 50 minutes safely with social distancing and arrive in rooms disinfected after each period? Social distancing on the buses is not possible as we would need 5 times the number of busses and drivers. Kids would never arrive on time. Masks? Lunch time with social distancing? NONE POSSIBLE! Start planning for distance learning OCPS unless we all accept the possibility for getting COVID this year. What would happen to any student who gets sick or has someone in the family sick? They come in contact with hundreds of kids and adults throughout the day....Online learning is the only feasible and safe option.

"Distance Learning will be the best at the moment as some of us have underlying conditions that make us target and otherwise might not be able to go back to work. Teachers can go to school and work from there minimizing all meetings. We can teach in the classroom and use the equipment and tools at our disposal.

Rght now many of our laptops are obsolete or don't have good system of audio/microphones. The laptops do not have enough USB Hubs. If we are working at home we need adapters so we can extend the capabiity so we can connect mouse, a larger screen, microphones and/or pen drives all at the same time.

Some special programs like Cambridge and others have resources on cd and the computers do not have the capability to play it, so we will need an external cd drive and obviously a larger capacity of the systems that the district uses.

Lastly, maybe we can have a little more freedom with the funds receive in the teacher cards so we can buy the technology items we need. "

"I am very concerned that a child may come down with the Covid and suddenly ALL children are infected....

I think the parents who are wanting a return have no day care options...

But I am VERY worried...the Covid is just going UP UP and more UP"

"Distance until after Labor Day. Then scattered days... if they can't play outside or eat in classrooms make it an option for half days

If some need full, fine... others can leave early.

Do classes on line and in school."

Many people are dying and I'm afraid about it

It is un safe for children to return to an enclosed atmosphere. Being around other children and adults other than their own family members is un safe. How do you practice safe social 6ft distance from each other and sharing of germs we all know with children that is quite impossible too do plus unaware if the child is bringing germs etc.. from home. Sorry unsafe for children hopefully next yr will be a better safe year taking risk like this exposing adults & our children is very irresponsible of it even being an option regardless if statistics say children are not at risk, far too many people have lost their lives to this virus not taking the chance my children get sick.

This pandemic is tooo dangerous for close contact, we should not put at risk, especially when are breaking records for the state with the highest cases

I believe with youth groups and summer camps opening this summer there will be a drastic increase of children contracting this Corona virus, thus, I believe, for the continued safety of my fellow staff, students, and their families, it would be best to continue distance learning until everyone's safety can be more guaranteed. It would not be realistic to expect elementary students, specifically, to wear masks, sit 6 feet apart, play outside for recess/P.E. 6 feet apart, and not touch one another every day. Classrooms are not well suited for each child to sit 6-feet apart at desks and also allow for teachers to give solid, rigorous instruction to meet state level exams. There is no way to meet the rigor necessary if classes have to be cut to half the size in order for space to be made between students. Elementary students have now had exposure to distance learning these last couple months of school, so why not improve upon that until this virus is safer for all. I personally would not feel comfortable coming back to teach in August with kids being out at camps over the summer, nor would I want my 2 girls (2 years and 7 months) in any sort of school/Daycare either. It is simply not safe without having more answers to how children contract this virus. All it will take is 1 child to come to school, asymptomatic, for an entire school to close down in a heart beat. This should be avoided at all costs. I wouldn't want my kids exposed, nor would any other parent.

"There have been no plans shared with teachers or the school community about how OCPS will ensure schools are sanitary and safe for students and staff. This past year the school I worked in did not have soap dispensers all year in the boys bathroom, for a two-three day span did not have toilet paper in the girls bathroom or in one of the staff bathrooms closest to classrooms. Soap was regularly either no available OR the dispenser did not work correctly and did not dispense soap.Until I have reassurance that there is a clear and specific plan for cleaning (that can be checked, monitored, and reviewed for efficiency and upheld with fidelity) then I do not have evidence to believe that OCPS can successfully sanitize schools to ensure student safety.

I also work at a school in a very affluent area. I can imagine other schools around OCPS that do not have many resources and perhaps have disproportionate minority populations would suffer more from not have a sanitized school. Couldn't this pose a threat to student equity and in fact continue to contribute to the disproportionate impact of black students and other students of color who could contribute OR be asymptomatic carriers to their family?

I need to see a a plan from OCPS before I can give an informed decision on how to move forward. OCPS should release a very specific plan and then ask for feedback on that. "

distance learning. maybe one day of face to face school for PE and Music class.

"Distance learning for first quarter

Blended for second quarter

Back to normal third and forth quarter. "

I am aware that education is very important for our children's future but my son's life and health is the most important. If I lose my son because of a virus no one is going to get him back to me. As teenagers you can be sure that they won't keep distance or take care of themselves, and I now how my son and me are taking care of ourselves but I know that other's aren't doing what they are suppose to be doing. I would love if schools are going to open that as parents we can decide to take them to school or to keep them at home in long distance learning. Right now we still don't know this virus and every day there's something new about it, and people are still getting sick and dying. My son's life and heath are the most important things in my life. Thank you

Due to the fact that children are not as conscious of germs and how they spread it would seem distance learning would be the safest option during this time. Moreover, it seems my student does better distance learning because there is a lot less distractions and more emotional support. During the time that my student participated in classes from home his grades improved tremendously as well as his Focus. I was no longer getting constant messages from teachers that did not know how to interact or manage large class sizes. I think the teachers benefit from being able to teach online and not have to worry about keeping children from playing with one another. Also eliminating the FSA was a good option as well because the children learn things that they will need later in life. I was pleased with the overall structure of distance learning and the updated curriculum. Overall it is a win-win for everyone.

"I do not see how we will be able to safely have our children at the physical school. It is hard enough to keep him from people now. I can't imagine when he is put in a room with 12-20 of his closest friends.

Updates to distance learning would be 1zoom call in the morning, then independent work. A second zoom call after lunch and then independent work. I feel like children will be more productive having to answer to their actual teacher rather than their parents.

Re-evaluate then going back to physical school after Christmas. "

While everyone is eager to have things go back to normal, I am eager and determined to keep my children safe and healthy as well as the rest of my family. I do not agree that schools should reopen anytime soon considering the current situation which has not improved whatsoever. Distance learning is the best option so I will have my children attend virtual school if I must.

"Thank you for asking for input. Thank you to Dr. Jenkins for her leadership in this absolutely uncertain time.

As someone who is a member of the ""classified"" staff and ordered to return in early May, there is no way it will be safe or feasible to return in a face to face module. The school I work at was not even cleaned. Many of us have photos to prove it. How will custodial staff be able to keep up with the day to day cleaning when they had 7 weeks to do it and nothing was touched? The school I work at also did nothing to enforce the social distancing guidelines. Even our Principal blatantly violated them. So then who do I turn to? I will not be sending my children back to a face to face module for the mere fact that when OCPS told me to return, they couldn't protect me; what happens when I send my child back to an overcrowded school? Who will be enforcing the policies when our Administrative staff do not even follow them? Health are you protecting students who go to the clinic and the school nurses? Do you know the clinics are often packed during school hours - it is far more than handing out bandaids and ice packs! There are too many issues that I do not confidently feel OCPS can handle. For the parents who need to go to work, I am sorry - however, schools have never been nor should be used as a babysitting service. This is a pandemic, they will need to figure it out. I cannot tell you how many times students have come into school already sick - high fevers, parents don't care, they had to get to work and trying to get them to come to school to get them is often a nightmare of it's own. While distance learning is not idea - neither is losing staff to this horrible disease. One life is simply not worth face to face learning. "

because of the uncertatinity of the virus and to put kids as well as teachers/staff in any area of possibly contacting or spreading, I am ok with Distance Learning until there is a more profound way to avoid the spread of the virus.

"Distance learning saves schools money from transportation division and food services. I know this may some furlough employees but it keeps those employees safe and our children safe. I'm being from being a Transportation employee. The only schooling should be open is ESE children and K-3 grade. Schools should remain open for face time face schedule tutoring and maybe the ability to continue grab n go. So there will be work for some but not all.

I'm suggestion is coming from being a school transportation worker who was recently quarantined due to a school closer that spreaded to a transportation compound without warning. Because officials choose to keep it a secret.

As a parent I rather for my children to be safe. As a school worker in transportation I rather sacrifice loosing my job for my children safety n others. "

Being in a classroom for a number of years it will be extremely challenging to abide by current covid-19 guidelines in a school setting. Ensuring that guidelines are strictly followed will take away from students learning. Reminding a student to wear their mask or wash their hands and not tonhugntheir friends,etc is challenging. In addition, you have students who simply says "no" when instructions are given. What are the consequences if a student chooses to not follow these guidelines.

Virtual School is my preference. My son is asthmatic. He is high risk for COVID-19. This is why we prefer distance or Virtual school for him. he will begin 4th grade in the 2020-2021 school year.

"Teachers actually give a class thru video conference, even if the class is shorter that usual for Elementary School, and they only do the core classes.

Giving an Elementary School kid videos to watch and study on their own is not teaching."

Please require all teachers to record themselves actually teaching and explaining the lessons as they would if the students were in school physically. During this last quarter of school when it was exclusively distant learning, Orange County was one of very few counties in the entire country that moved along teaching all new material, with due dates and graded as if they were actually in school. Unfortunately, only 2 of my daughter's 7 teachers actually taught the material by recording themselves teaching the lesson and providing access to that recorded lesson in Canvass when the child needed help understanding. The other 5 teachers just phoned it in basically by listing all the assignments the student had to do for that week or two weeks (which was all new material) to be graded (not audited or on a pass or fail or bonus only system like most other counties did) but actual grades. So that was a huge responsibility for me as the parent to learn the material myself and teach it to her which took a lot more time than the 45 min per subject time standards that Orange County implemented. It was very stressfull and we had the best possible circumstances, my child is a 4.0 student, I was a former teacher who was not working at the time so I could help her, and we were all healthy. I let it slide since the covid shutdown took everyone by surprise and the teachers only has a week after spring break to prepare, but now that we know Covid could come back and teachers will have all summer and from my understanding many workshops to attend this summer to prepare for distance learning teaching. There is no excuse not to actually teach the lessons this time around. I hope that would be the case whether we are full time distance learning or part time with some school attendance.

"VTCs no longer than 30 min. for 4th and 5th, not more than 15 for younger. VTCs must be every hour instead of once a day, so as to give the kids 30-45 minutes in between each VTC to complete tasks. That way, the child will be engaged with school work as a normal school day. Instead of asking kids to send videos of their exercises, PE should be a group virtual exercise class. Same with all other Specials like Music and Clubs.

VTC must be cyber-secured for child safety.

Same software must be used by all teachers, for uniformity. Using apps or other things must be approved by school administration to make sure the children are safe from online predators."

Kids at school play too much and I don't wanna risk getting this virus cause of a class clowns or a accident it's just not worth the risk. Some kids never listened to the teachers before imagine now that they basically have a weapon (coughing) to disturb the class.

Each grade level at each school has one or two teachers that teach distance learning. This allows students who might be waiting for a vaccine before returning in person to continue along with their school's curriculum. That way when/if they join in person in January they are right where they should be. Special areas have to write lesson plans anyway, so they can submit those online. That way kids can still be part of their school without going to the physical building. This will help class sizes stay smaller, and it will allow for teachers to continue teaching who won't feel comfortable going back into the school. It will also help keep those Students who opt for this feel involved and a part of their school. Offer this option in addition to regular (in person) learning for those students who would prefer to go to school.

I am not safe unless we have a vaccine. Social distancing is not being respected by youth or adults and masks are not worn

Teachers that are in high risk group (age and or health issues) should be considered for distant learning.

"For the first semester at least to get them started. Things are still not clear on how to stay safe in a large group setting. A classroom, with seeingnabiut 200 students a day, is a large group. I want to make sure we are all safe.

If we do a mix: maybe block scheduling - 9-11th are A days and 10- 12th in B days or something like that. And maybe the same with MS. Which can help.with those kids at home (maybe).

I just don't feel that in Aug. We can do face to face yet. This keeps everyone safe and still learning. "

Distance learning with accountability guidelines for teachers, students, and parents.

"Distance Learning 2.0 - I believe distance learning promotes the safest and most responsible choice to educate students and not risk the lives of the school's staff; especially as cases of COVID-19 are multiplying at alarming rates.

-We can remediate education once the pandemic situation passes. We cannot revive the dead or reverse the permanent issues that may come from contracting this virus.

-Child care will be difficult but not impossible. Summer care options could continue, just like they have always existed. Summer camps and daycares typically have smaller populations and would be safer than a school.

-Distance learning with training, preparation, and a consistent bell schedule for classes IS feasible. The infrastructure is already set in place and could be built upon through effective planning and training during pre-planning. It would also have minimal cost increases when compared to building and altering current classrooms and transportation services.

-If we set expectations of distance learning in advance, it CAN be done effectively. I agree, it is not always as effective as face-to-face learning, but considering our situation, I think it is our best choice.

-Through distance learning, a teacher can still have more person 1:1 approach as needed. That type of communication would be avoided in the face-to-face situation.

-Some colleges are starting to mandate all distance learning and public schools should follow."

I think that if we continue with distance learning will be more engaging or direct if we do it from the classroom. We have all materials, manipulatives, resources, technology, and no interruptions than from home.

"I don't think it is a safe way to let all students go to school. I hope the school could give the parents an option, go to school or distance at home. No matter which option the parents choose, their kids will be monitored/instructed by the school teachers. For each grade, besides face-to-face classes, the school could open a distance study class.

I know many families are thinking about attending OCVS now, and we all hope the zoo schools have their own distance study class.

Please think about it. Thanks!!!"

At our school we did distance learning effectively this spring. Using Google Classroom and regularly scheduled meetings with children we were able to continue instruction. Mornings were for teaching. Afternoons were for tutoring or parent conferences. I enjoyed it and would be interested in continuing this style of learning.

Hi! When I said distance learning, I would like my daughter to be part of her middle school by having a Distance Learning program run by her school. It is very important for us that her school is fully funded as she continue to be part of our Public School System. Also, I would like for her to have an easy transition from distant learning to in person classroom during the year if we decided to send our kids back to school after a 1st quarter or the beginning of 2nd semester.

"Only someone who has worked in the battlefield, meaning an actual school with an actual real scenario in an actual reality, knows it is almost impossible to implement and follow so many nonsense rules. The rules are made up for a school in Fantasy Land. The reality is another story. Putting those rules in place will take forever and at the end the amount of time left for actual instructional time will be negative zero and let's not even talk about recess time students should have during the day, in case you forgot they are not robots, they are humans like every other human who needs a break throughout the day. On top of that we have seen how parents and students do whatever they want with schools, rules and personnel because everyone is quick to say they have rights but no one wants responsibilities and unfortunately the system has allowed this. This will make it all fragile and it may end up affecting school personnel and their loved ones. It has been already demonstrated how vulnerable the situation is and how fast it can backfire. Rules were designed to supposedly protect students but teachers were never a priority and neither were compromised patients living with teachers. Let's not forget the fact that everything is opening because economy is being put first in the list of priorities, not because everything is safe to go back to the usual and normal.


I believe distance learning should continue until there has been a substantial number of little to no new cases of the corona virus and deaths. With supporting distance learning better resources, tools and suggested curriculum should be made available for teachers and staff to use. For younger students meaning possibly pre-k - 2 they have a half day program that they use. Older students I believe can maintain a distance learning schedule one that is suggested for parents to use.

"1)Phased approach - ONE TERM AT A TIME OR

2)Options for parents to choose from : Not one fits for all

We have faced and facing so many abnormals this year..when one school year is different... it's completely okay!

We can earn money, earn jobs, lose a little money, lose a job, with some extra efforts can cope up with academics too... or struggle a bit to get there. It's perfectly fine.

Not at the cost of health any of these, please. Keeping anyone's health and life thereafter at risk, and going to work, sending to school ... and ending up with infections, spending that money to regain health or a life is not what anyone is looking for obviously. Be it a life of a teacher, a bus driver, a non-teaching staff, Admin, student or the family back home. There's no substitute for Ourselves.

Let's not do it for the FALL OR THE FIRST TERM ATLEAST. We will definitely do better with this option, and can open for the winter session atleast... else end up with prolongation of one full year with the consequences that happen with our hurries, by giving the health the back-seat now. Ending up with the same and more worse situations for a longer period of time."

As a high school teacher with 30+ kids in each class, there is absolutely no way to observe social distancing. And we do not have the facilities or the teachers to lower class sizes.

Given the rising number of COVID-19 positive cases specifically in Florida, in an abundance of caution it is best to safeguard our youth. The behaviors and jovial interactions of children cannot be fully maintained for the purpose of social distancing. While there may be good faith efforts and intentions, the human nature of children will not allow for adhearing to related practices. Until a vaccine is available its best to err on the side of caution. My child WILL NOT be returning to a classroom setting dispite precautionary measures put in place.

"The county should continue online learning for at least academic year 2020-2021. There's uncertainty with this covid 19 and it's too soon to send the students back to school. Parents that are able to telework can let the schools know so that students can stay home safely. Until there's a definite success with the covid vaccine schools should remain closed. Thank you.


Have virtual classes with an actual teacher giving an entire school day worth of education so that parents are still able to work from home, with an option a for a limited group of students with extenuating circumstances (i.e.- Parents that are health care workers or unable to work from home) to be on campus with a Proctor using social distancing and masks (using computers or laptops-still attending the same virtual class with the same grade teacher that the students at home learning would attend). Convert cafeteria to a universal space with desks 6 ft apart with laptops and headphones and utilize existing classrooms for smaller groups of proctored children.

Distance learning will be safer for my children. Covid -19 hasn't improved and seems to increase rapidly throughout the world. Kids should be protected. It would be too much on teachers ‍ to try and have students wearing mask all day, and not be able to congregate with fellow students in the lunch room. Not fair to teachers or students.

give dynamic classes as if they were online conferences with the students. not just submit jobs to do.


I want to start by saying that I have a science education and deep understanding of biology and disease pathology.

Personally, I am on the wait and see how this pandemic continues plays out (especially since I can afford to).

The lockdown seem to work and it does not seem to be as bad as initial reports from China were making it.

But there is additional information to consider:

1. Most people who die from COVID-19 (~80 Y/O) are above the average age of death (~78 Y/O).

2. Treatment with early HCQ and zinc (and vitamin D) seems to lead to zero cases that are stronger than a mild flu.

3. A large portion of parents use school as a way of child care. Without access to free and available child care (schools) they can't/won't work.

4. Masks and social distancing work. However, this is irrelevant at my (and every school) as kids will not.

4a. Social distancing does not work indoors because of AC. The air moves around the room. This means that if school resumes in classes then just bring back everyone. Don't try anything cute, like half the school comes M/W the other half T/Th.

5. Children are usually not affected or lightly affected (kawasaki disease).

I think OCPS set up a system and let parents and teachers decide how the class will be. I can teach from home just as well as in school. Just place these students and classes into an auditorium with people watching them.

If students stay home, all work can be accessed through canvas and teachers can record lectures as needed."

"Many teachers, staff, students, and parents have underlying conditions that could be harmful being in closed areas that cannot provide appropriate distance learning. Class sizes are already too large and although the CDC has stated guidelines of having classroom desk 6 feet possible, that is not realistic with a shortage of teachers, and even if we did not have a shortage of teachers schools and districts would still make sure that classrooms were full beyond capacity.

Desk six feet apart would indicate that the class sizes of 20-25 are not acceptable. To meet this need we would need class sizes of 10-12, and I'm not even sure that would give us six feel apart. Collaborative learning would have to be halted, at least in the respect of forming clustered groups, as social distancing will be required. Teachers do not have enough money to buy supplies for 150 students to ensure they have their own, unshared supplies and in the realistic society, students do not bring their own supplies for various reasons, including poverty.

While distance learning is difficult for some students without WiFi , it would be safer that this continues and that students are help to the highest responsibility with administrative staff calling those not working, as teacher's cannot chase down non working students each day or week as they focus on those who are working and have families that are appreciative and care about their learning. The district also has the power to ensure that negotiations are made with local companies such as spectrum or at&t that our stun sets have reliable internet access.

There is too much risk of having us go back, and while we always look to the safety of the students, the safety of staff and teachers is often ignored due to professional duties. "

"- My child will be in 1st grade during the 2020-2021 school year. Here's my feedback/ideas for moving forward.

- During the 2020 distance learning (DL) kindergarten experience, I was disappointed the teacher didn't spend a couple hours a day providing instruction via zoom or another platform. Instead, we had worksheets, iready, and youtube videos. Teacher could have created pre-recorded modules for students to do at their own pace. A syllabus or outline for remainder of semester would have been helpful.

- I am considering homeschooling because my child didn't do well with DL as experienced with worksheets, iready, youtube. My child needs hands on experiential learning opportunities. It would be nice if OCPS could offer a distance learning curriculum that could offer differentiation options, so parents could tailor instruction to their child's individual learning style.

- For 2020-21 allow parents to choose from regular face to face OR DL.

- For parents who choose DL, create a closed FaceBook support group; parents can choose to team up and share DL responsibilities by taking turns hosting/supervising DL.

- Offer DL parents something similar to homeschool but assisted by an OCPS teacher, who will lead activities in core subject areas via zoom, modules, or other platform. OCPS will cover only CORE subjects = Reading, Writing, Science, Math, Social Studies. Let parents come up with activities to meet Art, P.E., Music.

- Offer DL parents the curriculum with a syllabus/outline for semester and then let parents develop schedule/activities to prepare students for meeting clearly outlined benchmarks.

- Provide a list of homeschool resources that parents can use to supplement their child's education (nature based, art, P.E., Music, Yoga/Meditation, Life Skills, etc.)."

I feel that there should be adequate training provided for teachers to ensure that the assignments are meaningful and relevant based on the state standards. Also, the students and parents should be given appropriate guidelines for distance learning activities prior to the 2020-2021 SY beginning. I also feel that the communication regarding the digital learning platform needs to improve dramatically from the Superintendent, to Area Administrators, school level Administrators, teachers, parents and students.

With all that is going on in the world with Corona and riots I don't feel safe sending my child to school. I don't think the just sanitizer and washing hands is enough to keep corona or the flu away. I don't want my child to witness racism of a child saying they can't sit next to another child. Or having to deal with more lock down lay downs. It's so sad that this kids even have to practice these drills. Unless there is medal detectors at each entry of the school doors and extra security then I (amongst other parents I've spoken too) don't feel safe. We as parents need to feel that our kids are safe and will not go to school in fear. The media is already saying a second wake of Corona is coming. It's too scary and risky opening up schools again. I VOTE FOR DISTANCE LEARNING FOR ONE MORE YEAR THEN RE OPEN THE SCHOOLS WHEN ALL OF THIS MADNESS HAS CALMED DOWN. Thank you.

I am concerned with my child who is high risk being in close proximity to other children whose parents may not have the same concern with the pandemic that I am in keeping my child safe. All it takes is one student , one parent, one teacher, one staff member to be infected to be in contact with my child. Not intentionally, but taking their temperature now may not indicate that they are safe as the illness may not identify itself for 14 days, A person may be infected without knowing it, not currently have a fever, and still infect my asthmatic child!! Then what ???

"I think parents should be given two

options either Distance Learning or face to face. Let those who don't feel comfortable continue with distance learning. If parents feel It is safe then let them have face to face classes. This way in class are lower class sizes. Personally, I am not comfortable and want both my kids to continue distance learning, especially because my daughter is Type 1 diabetic. I don't want any of my children having to go back to classroom learning till it is safe. We finally were able to navigate and have a routine by the end of the school year. I don't want to switch them out to OCPS virtual or FLVS because their are select classes that my daughter can't continue. Those classes aren't offered. I have already contacted both homeschool platforms. If she is in the same distance learning she can continue those classes. This is just my opinion. I know I will have to choose a homeschool if distance learning is not an option but I hope the county gives us an option."

"We are not ready to go back to Traditional School.

I appreciate the suggestions from the Governor,but the classrooms don't have the required space to have children 6' apart from each other.