Face-to-Face Instruction Model - Page 1

The ideas below were submitted by employees, parents, students and others to the OCPS School Reopening Think Tank. The ideas were reviewed by work groups that summarized best ideas into a report to the Superintendent and School Board members.


Face to Face Instruction better meets the needs of our students in Orange County. The underserved population is falling more and more behind and the achievement gap is widening. The homeless, multi-family living, lack of internet access, computers needing repair and no car to get to school for computer repair, much needed camaraderie with peers through social interaction of sports, classroom settings and lunch, and the love, understanding and expertise of teachers in face to face settings all speak to the many benefits of face to face instruction. The students with no voice will have many difficulties in their future endeavors with yet another time lapse of face to face instruction. Better sanitation, temperature checks and maybe even staggering school times can provide the education our students so desperately need for their future and for the next generation. We must provide the best for the students of Orange County!

" Follow CDC guidelines but students need student teacher interaction. Much of Society is returning back even City Walk.

More information has been gain since March. Meds and Treatments have been seen to work on many people. Students need life to return for Social emotion support as well as parents. Students learn from each other as well. "

" - put chair yes and chair no;

- break on the patio;

- ventilation with open windows;

- use of masks on school buses;

- don't permit group more 6 students;

- temperature measurement before entering the classroom. "

" Children need to be in school full-time for social interactions, special areas, and for childcare issues. Most parents have to work and do not have the luxury of sitting home and even if they do, who's to say they will follow through on distance-learning. The older children when left home alone with parents working will for sure have too much free time on their hands and get into trouble. Everyone needs to be face to face.

The little ones literally come to school and don't even know how to hold a pencil, how to color, cut, glue, etc. Keeping them on iPads 24 seven is doing nothing but causing headaches, glare issues, and the inability of how to write legibly."

Ensure everyone including students and all personnel wears face mask. Create hand washing stations on school campus. (Not just around bathroom areas). And provide each classroom with Hand sanitizers, wipes & other disinfectants. Teachers should ensure students use Sanitizers before entering & leaving each classroom.

"- face masks required

- up scaled security- ids required in order to enter campus

- have lunches delivered to students in their assigned class when it's their lunch time

- railings, poles, desk, classrooms and elevators sanitized In between classes "

" I believe that face-to-face learning is the best option for the students' learning, but it needs to be done with safety in mind. I recommend temperature checks before entering the school. I suggest having half the class come in the morning and the other half come in the afternoon. The teacher can have a break between the two classes combined with her lunch. Children can eat at home. Teachers can send home homework or assignments as necessary. Young children will need a physical activity break. I recommend not using playground equipment, but lining up the kids 6 feet apart and having races. Play duck-duck-goose but tap the person with their elbow. Use hand sanitizer immediately upon returning to the room. The county should create a 'booklet' of outdoor games with modifications for teachers for a 15 minute break or have PE teachers be responsible for breaks. Students should have their own supplies (crayons, scissors, play dough, manipulative) in a container and kept in their backpack. Parents should be responsible for sanitizing their supplies each night. Teachers could hold class outside whenever possible but there would need to be a schedule for the school so there is no overlap. Any videos the teacher wants the kids to see should be assigned as homework. Distance learning creates problems for parents who work. Who will watch the kids? Who will monitor & facilitate the learning of the young child of the parents who have to go to work?


I think we should have face to face contact not only does it provide a safe environment for students but it helps the students interact with others and be able to express themselves and find what they really have a passion for and me being a fellow students i will prefer face to face cause not only students but teachers cause students work better with teacher interaction face to face cause if you don't understand you have your peers to help you that's why i think we should have face to face contact cause it more suitable and it's more helpful to students who are not the best at socializing.

I wish to select face to face learning because in home I have to manage with two kids different classes and also do my homework's .Last two months it's big deal to sit with kids sometimes Missed some works and text with class teachers and finish the work. If in face to class mean teachers will handle subjects easily.Face to face class is better way with safety things .So I select face to face.

If precautions are made this would be better for the employees so they can work and get paid. A lot of jobs depend on schools being open

"- RN in every school (remove LPNs and SHAs)

-Schools with large populations should have BOTH an RN and either an LPN or SHA as an assistant

-No longer require clinic staff to remove themselves from providing student care and monitoring to complete non-medical roles (i.e., asking clinic staff to leave the clinic daily for lunch duty, car line duty, etc.) It is important that continuity of care be provided and monitored throughout the day by trained medical professionals.

-Provide an area for isolation of students presenting with potential COVID symptoms. It is not hygienic to have an ill student waiting for parent pick up within the same, often times, small, contained and non-ventilated area, as other students who present to be seen for non-COVID health issues.

-Ideally, the isolation area should adjoin the clinic in some manner, allowing the RN to monitor the ill patient while still tending to other students.

-Reconfigure the method in which children are sent down to the clinic. Reducing the amount of non-medical/non-urgent visits will be essential to reduce population flowing the clinic. In class kits should be available for all teachers in the classroom to deal with minor issues (i.e. paper cuts, etc.) Students (non-emergency) should visit the clinic on an appointment type basis, allowing the RN to triage the students coming to visit in order to importance. Limiting the number of students sent down to clinic at one time will be important.

-Properly trained substitutes will be important to fill in for clinic RN. Non-medically trained individuals should not be used on a consistent basis to fill in for an RN. In times of a pandemic, front office staff should not be held to determine signs/symptoms of potential COVID.

-Provide complete and proper PPE for clinic"

Schools should resume to there pre-COVID operations.

Simply clean hands and clean school regularly. Additionally encourage all children and students and staff to clip fingernails so that it's easier to have clean hands. The students need face-to-face learning and any teachers not willing Ask them to help in administration

We definitely need to start thinking on providing the "normal" way to come back to school with safety regulations, of course. Our students did not finish in a regular way and lots of children and parents were confused. I worked with gen ed and autistic children and my daily communication with parents and students were the "familiar" face they needed to understand the situation at the time we started Distance Learning. I understand that it will take a lot of preparations and changes from the district and school sites but we believe in OCPS and our teachers and staff. Thank you for your attention!


It is important that children can return to school with all the biodiversity protocols such as:

1.The use of face masks must be mandatory.

2. implement specific hand washing points.

3.Sterilize the shoes every time you enter a classroom.

4. Each student must have antibacterial soap in their backpack.

5. It is the responsibility of the students to clean common areas such as desks."

"#1: Bus rides can be MANDATORY face coverings & gloves while on the bus.

#2: MANDATORY face coverings & No talking on the bus for SAFETY & HEALTH reason... less talking stops things from coming out of mouth... The child's health & safety is far more important then their social life and it's a ride to school usually lasting 15-30min.

#3: Every elementary route have a bus monitor to help ensure all are wearing face coverings and being quiet to help protect their health.

#4 ONLY 2 per seat and NOT 3 students... One per seat will NEVER work at stops where there are 80 kids.

I believe if it is explained to the children/parents in advance why they must be silent on the bus ride for their health in advance it can be doable even for middle and high school students and how do I know? Because I have in the pass enforced a silent bus ride for up to two weeks for seriously unruly routes (middle school) and it worked."

""Never have schools subjected children to such an unhealthy, uncomfortable and anti-educational environment, so science cannot precisely define the total harm it will cause. But science does tell us that risks from COVID-19 are too minimal to sacrifice the educational, social, emotional and physical well-being - to say nothing of the very health - of our young people.""

"1- Fewer students per classroom.


3-Temperature check

4-Disinfect classrooms every day

5-Place desks 6 feet between them

6-Promote hand washing within the classroom every certain time by determining."

"1) Bring lunch to class room

2)change teachers instead of students"

"1) Build schools in growing areas sooner so that they are not over crowded or at 200% occupancy before a relief school opens. The high density of the student population is dangerous.

2) Doctors see patients everyday without getting sick but every time they enter and exit a room they wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.

The benefit of face to face learning out way the risks.


"1)Auto dispensing hand sanitizers in every classroom and across campus

2) Motion sensor water faucets in sinks w/auto dispensing soap dispensers

3) Actual paper towels - no blowers

4) face masks by students & teachers on school buses and classrooms and make it mandatory.

5) no cell phones for students at any time - they share and spread germs

6) sanitizing wipes in every classroom w/custodial staff wiping down doors and light switches frequently throughout the day throughout campus.

7) temperature checks by school bus drivers before getting on bus or getting out of car in carpool lines. Literally takes 2 seconds.

Anything else would be beyond challenging.

Kids need to be back in school. This past 9 weeks has been very detrimental, socially, mentally, and emotionally to our students. SEL will need to be a focus for next year to help our students try to gain some sense of normalcy.

And do not eliminate the Arts. That will emotionally cripple so many students in myriad ways, not to mention how the Arts help students in their other subject areas as well."

"1. Daily screening of temperatures upon arrival to school. Create a checkpoint for students, teachers, staff and visitors.

2. Smaller classroom sizes by rotating 10 kids to special and lunch at a time per class.

3. Increased daily sanitation by classroom. This will probably require additional custodial crews to clean / sanitize classrooms during lunch and specials while kids are out of the classroom.

4. Rearranging desk all face forward in rows to reduce usual touching amongst kids and increase social distancing w/n classroom.

5. Directional lines on floor in corridors to eliminate hand holding or side/by/side walking.

6. Hand-washing breaks throughout the day.

7. Immediately isolate a student, teacher or staff who feels ill and require a doctors note in order to return. "

"1. In middle schools and high schools, have students stay in the same classroom throughout the day and have the subject teachers rotate from classroom to classrooms. Students also stay in same room during lunch.

2. Limit all field trips and activities to students in same class.

3. Limit exposure to other students and staff outside of class."

"1. It is imperative to my children's mental and social health to get back to school. For my family, dying of COVID is less tragic than the consequences the lack of social interaction has had on the mental health of my family. We're either gong to die from COVID or mental illness; for my family, we'd rather take chances dying from COVID.

2. If my kids at home, I can't work. Employers of Central Florida waiting on your decision before they can re-open. How is it safe and acceptable to leave children home alone while parents work?

3. Some families prefer virtual or social distancing. Have them registered NOW for virtual so you have actual numbers for who wants to go back.

4. If blended learning must occur, we MUST have supervised core courses (ELA, math, science, social studies).

5. Any virtual learning MUST be conducted by teachers TRAINED in virtual/online pedagogy.

6. Face to face classrooms can contain the same kids from similar geographic/neighborhood area (especially the core classes). Kids in my neighborhood have been together and shared germs throughout pandemic. Let them stay in the same class and rotate instructors through classroom.

7. Keep kids together in same classroom from one neighborhood, even if different grades/skills.Kids could complete virtual lessons with teacher guiding kids through lessons and nagging at them to complete work.

8. I have 3 teenage kids. Each kid 7 classes. That's 21 teachers with different online expectations. I'm a single mom who needs to work full time. I can't do it."

"1. Make it mandatory for all students and teachers to wear masks

2. Distribute tissues to every desks.

3. Make the school day 1 period shorter

4. Decrease administrative pay. The excess funds should be focused on preventing students from vaping. Smoke detectors, more cameras and better use of the administrators time for checking restrooms for vapers would all help. Preventing vaping would decrease the vulnerability of students.

5. Social distance all school lunch tables .

6. Cancel all non-essential activities that include large gatherings (pep rallies, jrotc, football or other sports competitions)

"1.Limited student capacity per classroom.The teachers of all the classes go to the classroom rather them the student move classroom.

2.At the beginning of the day they announce the school lunch on the speaker in the class room saying what they are going to serve. Then the students tell the teacher what they want and then the teacher tally's up what the students want. Later the teacher would call the office saying room 435 for example needs 6 pizzas 4 hamburgers and 2 cheeseburgers. Then they would come to the ros with the food. This would help because it helps reduce the amount of mobility going on and can help prevent covid-19 from spreading.



"10 student per classroom with 6 feet distance, with soecific schedule for every all students at the same time

Could be Monday one group and tuesday the other group and wendsday came back the first group"

10> numbers of students in class, more teachers, more breaks to allow smaller number of kids in recess

"100% back in the classroom

Both my children will attend Bridgewater middle school."

100% face to face with protective measures in place like temperature checks upon arrival, sanitizing throughout the day, lots of hand washing. Maybe no field trips for ghe time bring. But you MUST reopen.

"10-12th grade should be given the change to dual enrollment at Valencia. Also do 2 schedule. 2 Full days for A-M and the other 2 days N-Z. Those that don't want to do traditional can do virtual. 9th graders do blended school. As a parent I would sign a waiver and get my child tested prior to starting school.



2- Take the temperature

3-Disinfectant every day "

20+ countries have opened primary schools, high schools and day cares and are reporting no meaningful rise in cases. Also, Dr Fauci has indicated that it is time to look at reopening schools. Children appear to be very low risk and there is no significant evidence that they vectors of the virus. Please return to face-to-face learning. Thank you for all you do.


A educated society is a strong society. Clean hands frequently. Cleaning school each day. Allow teachers to teach and the ones that don't ask to do administrators work. Have students at school and focus on healthy habits and keep the normal order of things. Cleanliness alone will make for a amazing year. Also focus on physical fitness and healthy outlets for stronger emotional healthy for students and staff.

A focus on distance and keeping students out of the hallways. Have a designated home room where students in that grade level meet with their core class teachers (teachers move classes) and then have lunch where each lunch lady delivers the food to each room. All desks should be spread as far apart as possible. Masks should be required by all employees and students. All emergency drills should be suspended. School busses should sit one student per seat, all the bus windows are rolled down to allow for circulation, and each student wears a mask.

A lot of student will lost focus, hope, and dreams in distance learning and because of been home too comfortable and relax there mind aren't focus on learning.

"A new dress code regarding the pandemic. Older students and teachers must wear either a facemask, face shield, or gloves. Preferably all. But they are required to wear at least one. Younger students can wear these things too. Younger students can also wear giant carboard wings, or pool noodle hats for social distancing.

Make social-emotional learning/trauma sensitive teaching a requirement in school's curriculum and safety encouraging the importance of taking care of each other during the pandemic. Teachers can have PDs with Psychiatrists and Therapists. We are living in times of death, poverty, and mass hysteria. Therapy is much needed.

Everyone eats outside for lunch. We clean our hands before AND after we eat. We clean our hands after we eat because we put our hands near our mouths and then touch other things.

If someone is diagnosed: their class will be taught outside and lessons will be available online. Document all flu/covid incidents in the school. Include any parents who have interacted with coworkers with covid.

When teachers write the date on the board, they must include the number of covid cases in the county and change it every day just like the date for students to be aware and hold themselves accountable.

Spray down building every night.

Include more vitamin C fortified foods in school lunches.

Remove old-fashioned water fountains. Replace them with those water dispensers that have paper cups or the ones designed to refill water bottles.

Individual Hand sanitizer stations in classrooms We don't share hand sanitizers in classrooms anymore.


According to WHO the virus doesn't live as long as previously thought outside the body. The children need to return to classes.

"Administrators set examples for their staff. All teachers/staff are expected to encourage/enforce implementation of COVID-prevention measures.

Temperatures of all staff taken daily. PPE provided to teachers, upon request.

PSAs created and shown daily to instruct about hygiene - how to maintain 6' distancing, how to wear masks, keep hands away from face, how to wash hands, not to touch items unnecessarily, how to clean equipment that has been used, etc.

Reminders scroll continuously on TV monitors and are posted throughout the campus.

Install additional hand washing stations/hand sanitizers throughout each campus. Keep them stocked with soap/sanitizer/towels.

Provide adequate cleaning solutions/supplies to every teacher.

Students bring own water bottles to school. Hands-free fill stations are available throughout every campus.

During specials, students wash hands at beginning of every activity, during every water break and at end of class. If equipment is used (should be non-porous), students help clean at end of class. Entering students clean equipment before using.

Install toilet seat covers.

Physical education classes should occur outdoors. Students should not dress out. Hooks should be available to hang backpacks.

Personal spaces should be marked in every location throughout.

One way movement through halls.

Table dividers used when tables/desks are too close.

Change air filters regularly.

Open windows when available."

After seeing how this distance learning went during the COVID-19 pandemic, I would absolutely not want my child doing distance learning from home. It is best if these kids go to school with face-to-face instruction. We, as parents, have responsibility- such as working. We can not be teachers too. It was left up to the parents to help our children with all of their school work. It is not healthy for the kids to not be in an environment with other kids. I have also learned during this pandemic that online classes ARE NOT for my child. She doesn't do well with teaching herself the material and I do not have the patience to teach it to her. I would imagine most children are experiencing the same thing. Also, the cost of having someone watch my child during the day when we are working- it's not something we can or want to spend money on.

"All children should have hand sanitizer attached to their backpack

A sanitizer dispenser should be installed outside every classroom door.

Hand washing encouraged with interactive cartoons

Socially distant classroom seating

Everything disposable in the cafeteria.

Sanitary Spray station for backpacks

Thank you "

All enter through one location. Temperature checks upon entry.

"All kids back in school.

No mask mandates."

All schools reopen with increased access to hand sanitizer and soap. Allow extra time for students to use restrooms one at a time or in small groups. Increase access to outdoor time such as recess and study breaks, with approval from the FLDOE regarding time in each subject area to allow for more outdoor time. Everyone needs to review actual data that shows our young people are in the lowest risk category and keeping the children home is not setting them up for a successful future, and in fact, is probably ensuring a dim future.

"All student tables spaced apart and facing the teacher with 6ft distance between students. Lunch in the classroom, recess at different shifts. Children with special conditions vulnerable to the virus, should be in smaller classrooms all together and EVERYONE will need to be checked temperature as son as they arrive.


All students need to go back to school like normal. The children and parents both need this desperately.

Allow children to attend in person school. No mask mandates but mask choice. If my son who will be going into 1st grade had to wear a mask, sit in one spot all day distanced from others he will Not thrive. It would be harmful to his social and emotional development. He will not be able to attend school under those extreme conditions.I am a single mother and a business owner and it would be nearly impossible for me to homeschool my son but I would rather homeschool my son then force him to wear a mask in such an extreme environment. He will need to breathe, play outside, learn in a fun environment with hugs and high fives. He knows how to wash his hands and respect people's spaces but he is a young boy that loves to play and dance and connect with friends and teachers. Not an environment of fear or judgement. Please consider our children and their emotional and Psychological development. Each child is different so there has to be a choice, no mandates.

Allow children to go back to school like normal with just extra cleaning and more diligence in keeping sick children at home. The rest of the state is going back to normal and kids are visiting family, friends, going to sea world, playing sports and socializing again so why make school much different? No masks. Younger children won't be able to see facial expressions, understand or comprehend what is being said. I want this to be a place for learning and socializing. I don't want my kid going to school worrying if he/she is too close to someone else or worrying about any virus. We cannot hide from sickness. What should be done is high risk people should self isolate until there is a vaccine they are willing to take.

Allow each school to function as one of the models, for example (I live in College Park, so I will use my neighborhood schools), Lake Silver Elem becomes a face-to-face school, Princeton a blended school, and Killarney a distance learning school. All families would need to re-register from one of three schools in their home area and pick a school of their preference model. Teachers would get to pick the model they would want to teach and would be either be reassigned or pick the school at which they would want to work; administration would be the same. This would be for the 2020-21 school year only; faculty, staff, and families would automatically go back to their home school for the 2021-22 school year. Allowing the teachers the freedom to stay at their 2020-21 school might be a nice incentive. If you notice a pattern of one model preferred, then you offer more of those schools from which families can select. Hopefully, this would also appease the CTA, as no teacher is forced into a situation with which one is not comfortable. I previously taught at Colonial High School and have an incoming Kindergartner (currently enrolled to start at Lake Silver), so I understand no matter what is done for the 2020-21 school year will be a logistical nightmare, but allowing folks some flexibility would provide for some sense of peace. Our household is hopeful for the face-to-face model, as the social aspect is an essential piece to a positive experience for Kindergarten. My husband and I will be supportive of my son, his school, and his teachers no matter what happens.

"Allow families to choose 100% face-to-face school or 100% virtual school. Do not require teachers to instruct a blended model. Teachers will not be able to accomplish the requirements of a blended model because it is essentially two jobs.

With in person, face-to-face school, do not require the use of masks. Wearing a mask for an extended period of time is not best for the health of all employees and students because of various issues including asthma, anxiety, claustrophobia, or individuals who are deaf/hard of hearing. In addition, clear communication is a necessity for the safety of all students and employees. Masks diminish an individuals ability to communicate and understand which is a safety concern.

In face-to-face school, masks cannot be required. Families who do not feel comfortable with this should be offered virtual school."

Allow families who elect to send their children back to do so. If you need parents to sign a waiver indicating we understand the risk, we will do so. Match high-risk/immuno-compromised families and at-risk teachers to virtual curriculum. Run a normal school schedule without masks or social distancing (which children won't understand) but with additional emphasis on hand washing. Run random temp checks as needed, but not everyday. Allow children to continue developing socially with the benefit of daily in-person, consistent instruction. My younger elementary children need exactly that, and will not "get" non-verbal cues through masks. Perhaps look at a more year round schedule and a longer winter break, if you anticipate a flare up during cold and flu season.

Allow for those who choose to use FL virtual school the rest return. Increase cleaning of campuses and classrooms install hand sanitizing stations, etc , mask if necessary and let's get the kids back in school. Let's close those achievement gaps!!!!!

Allow our kids to be kids. Allow their immunity to fight against this the way it would any other virus.

Allow regular class model.

Allow school to resume as normal. It will be impossible for lower elementary students to keep their distance from others, and it will be extremely irritating for them to wear face masks all day, especially the ESE students. Wearing masks and gloves throughout the day is doing nothing but weakening everyone's immune system. There are flu and RSV cases (both of which are more dangerous than COVID-19) in schools all the time. Please, do not play a part in brainwashing the children to make them believe they are going to die if they play with their friends. If restaurants, bars, and shopping malls can reopen with no mask requirement, so can the schools.

Allow students who would like to, and are able, to return. Encourage social distancing as much as possible, but the threat to students has been proven to be extremely low. Students whose parents do not wish them to return may choose to complete schooling virtually. This may even be assigned by the teacher for whom the student would have been assigned . Additionally, teachers who are high rush may be assigned to students choosing to complete virtual learning. As teachers can be out of field for a year (at least), they could be matched. Many parents must return to work and need schools to be open in order to do so. The mental toll this has taken on my high school daughter had been tremendous. As a forger teacher and parent, I have great concern about the mental well-being of our students, especially our disadvantaged youth who look to us a safe place. The benefits of re-opening far outweigh the scientific data that has been gathered thus far.

"Allow the option for parents to enroll in distance learning from home, if they are not comfortable sending their child back to school. They would then follow an OCPS curriculum and complete school through OCPS distance learning instruction and teachers. This would be separate and not connected to the child's zoned school.

Allow the use of face masks within the school.

Mark the hallways, cafeteria, and classrooms with arrows to allow for a socially-distanced flow.

Have staggered arrival and departure times. Allow students to enter the classroom, as they enter school."

"Allow those that are comfortable with returning get back to normal school days and activities as this is not only hurting our children educationally but also emotionally and socially. Have a waiver/hold harmless signed releasing OCPS of liability if their child gets diagnosed with COVID. Also, please don't require face masks as they're annoying and a false sense of security. I'm sure strict cleaning and sanitization practices will be out in place already so let them eat lunch together and move about the halls together as we're taking their innocence away by making them afraid of every little cough. We already have active shooter drills now a days so that's hard enough for these sweet kids to deal with and understand.

For the parents not comfortable with their children returning, there are already so many distance and home school programs so let them utilize those. Same for teachers uncomfortable with returning.

We must also remember that we are no longer in the 50's where homes only had one working parent, so the distance learning would cause households to decide which parent must quit their job. With these decisions comes added stress and instability. What about the kids that have school as their only safe haven, do we really want to take that from them!?!? Or the kids that depend on a good meal at school!?!?

Let's put the kids back in school and do what's best for them and their future. What will our society become with unbelievable amounts of undereducated youth entering adulthood. Don't let the legal teams and fear mongers take our children's livelihood and future from them.

Please get our kids back to their regularly scheduled program and structure!!

Signed a worried parent of two lovely kids"

Allow those that still want distance learning to stay home and allow the ones that want face to face to return to normal classrooms. This will lessen the amount of children in the classroom.

Although the district did the best with what was available, distance learning is no substitute for in class learning. I have a middle school student and a high school student. Our children need the interaction with a teacher and peers to learn. They need social interaction to grow. We are able to open hair salons and amusement parks we must get out children back to the classroom. For those who are not comfortable or with health risks those children should be enrolled in FLVS/OCVS but we need to move forward and get our kids back to full education.

Although the idea of Blended seems like a good idea, I worry about the parents of small children. Also it is clear that the content and rigor of lessons was not as high through distant learning. To achieve the best possible education, students need to be in class with help from teachers and peers. Safety measures can be put in place like no hall passes, sanitize hands when leaving and entering the room, and no group tables/collaborative seating.

Although we are facing some very unprecedented times, I still feel that having face to face learning and teaching for students alike teachers is very imperative. In order for teachers to accommodate students' learning needs I still think it is vital to have face to face instructional time. I know that there are many concerns with social distancing. I believe if instructional videos can be created to teach the students, practicing cleansing habits on a daily basis, distancing themselves six feet from others, and other important routines to keep themselves safe and healthy, students will become accustomed to these helpful habits and there will be a safe environment for everyone.

An idea might be staggered drop off times and pick up times

An interaction with other students and teachers is a better way for learning. Students are not at the mental maturity to handle online schools. This is done in a university setting because its beneficial for those who work and gives more flexibility. As a parent I would prefer my son to get an education from teachers that he can reach out to in person vs having to send an email and await for a response.

Anything more than increased hand washing will result in me pulling my child from the public school system and going with a homeschool curriculum. I will not subject my child to fear based models.

"Arrange desks in rows to limit close face to face contact

Require personal hand sanitizers

Eliminate Perfect Attendance awards"

As long as the schools practice safety precautions I am ok because the CDC is making recommendations not regulations. This might mean that students are no longer over packed on buses and classrooms. It also means that title 1 schools that receive less might actually be on the same level with other schools. The students need to return after school staff and administrators are trained and safety is put in place. If the world is on phase 3 why would the students stay home?

As a counselor, I understand the importance of engagement and social interaction. Most students don't do well home due to lack of connections. My concern is for the mental health of the students who are home. School has been a safe haven for most kids.

As a former teacher, having children wear face masks will only create more of a problem. Face masks are not solutions. Smaller class sizes or simply just adding more hand sanitizer and checking temperatures would work. My husband is an ER doctor at the children's hospital, he strongly thinks all kids should go back to school face to face with no masks. Learning about good hygiene and knowing when to keep your student home would be a great start. Kids need to be in school for the sake of their mental health.

As a mom and family physician, I believe our students need face to face learning for so many reasons. I also believe we can be creative problem solvers to keep our schools and communities safe. Vulnerable student and teacher families should be encouraged to participate in virtual school. Others should be allowed to go to school full time with data driven adjustments as necessary. I fear that keeping students out of school will contribute to a dramatic increase in adverse childhood events which have been shown to have lifelong health consequences. Yes, some faculty and families will not be comfortable sending children to school, but we can't let that subset dictate what will likely be best for the majority.

As a mom for a fifth grade kid, I find it is useless of distance learning. Not only me, but all my friends complain from distance learning.

As a parent and employee I would like to start the school year face to face following all the necessary precautions.

"As a parent I am ready for students to return. Parents that are concerned should do virtual programming.


As a parent I think we should have school, there are kids who need help with their works and will be hard for them to learn online and all kids should bring hands sanitizer and face mask to the school and teachers should have spray bottle for a class so for every period they clean the tables and chairs

As a parent if an incoming kindergartner and first grader, face-to-face school is imperative to learning at this age, not just acedemics. Distance learning was a waste of time for kindergarten. I believe, as a healthcare worker, it is safe for children to return to school in person. If there are parents that are still concerned, virtual school or homeschool can be options for them. Same applies for staff and teachers, virtual positions may be needed for the possible increase in students. Young children cannot be left home alone, therefore, daycares would be needed for them anyway. I would prefer my child in a school environment with certified teachers with degrees than in a daycare. It is also unrealistic to open an economy fully without a place to send these children. If parents of older children are uncomfortable sending their children, they can stay home and do work on their own. Elementary school students cannot do that and it isn't realistic to expect a parent to teach their young child after working a full day. The children will suffer acedemically, emotionally and mentally. Please reopen schools to in person learning, for the sake of an entire generation.

As a parent of 3 elementary aged kids, blended learning nor virtual learning would be a way for me to maintain my position at OCPS full time and still make sure my kids are getting all the help they need for schooling. If blended schooling was an option, it would not benefit my family unless all of my kids went to school for face to face learning on the same days and I had a school program to enter them in for the days it is virtual since I would be working. We look forward to all being in the school building with face to face learning and a classroom environment to thrive in.

As a parent of 3 in OCPS and teacher, I 100% feel that we are ready and must return to school in the fall. Our kids need to be back not only for educational purposes but for their emotionally well being. I don't believe we need extreme social distancing measures in place either. We can practice good hygiene and have strict policies in place in regards to sick students and faculty/staff, but that is ALL I think is necessary. If there are families and staff not ready to return in August, then they can continue with virtual school/distance learning. We need to take everyone's wants and needs into consideration. Thank you.

As a parent of a special needs child and a teacher myself I am advocating for in school instruction. Students have lost valuable learning time. Special needs students are particularly vulnerable and without those services they will fall further behind. I am also not happy with the the work that has been provided for my nonverbal autistic child. The work was not appropriate for him and I had to do his work. We have limited options for him to have someone to care for him while my husband and I work. It was a struggle for us and working from home made it nearly impossible. I did not feel that online instruction worked and many kids simply didn't do the work provided or attend classes regularly. They also weren't being held accountable for not attending. While the risk of infection is high but not targeting children please let them return to school they've lost so much already. Put safe guards in place move to block scheduling for middle/ high school if need be.They need a return to normal and to see their friends.

"As a parent of three students who will be in OCPS next year, I feel the best model is going to be face-to-face. While my children's teachers worked very hard during distance learning, we often had to do their coursework after I was done with work. I wanted to make sure they understood the material that was being presented to them. This often meant we did not finish their work until 8 or 9 pm in the evening. If a blended model were to be implemented, that would put undue hardship on the family as trying to figure out which days each would be in school, and which days they would be home. Also, would someone be home to watch them?? Going back to school and having face-to-face learning is the best option.

As an employee, I also feel the best option is for the students to return to school. I work as an ESE Para, and the students all had difficulties with distance learning. The students and families made multiple comments that their children did not want to get on the digital meetings.

Thank you for your time. "

As a parent of two OCPS students and an employee, I hope that we go back to face-to-face instruction in the Fall. Remaining on distance learning will have long term consequences including widening the achievement gap, lack of services for ESE students, lack of active learning during the early grades that are so important for developing the building blocks to reading, etc. In addition, this choice would force parents to remain home and lose employment or pay for childcare that they cannot afford. The blended approach would continue to potentially expose students and teachers because children would be placed in childcare programs for the days that they are not on campus or parents would suffer loss of employment to care for their children during the off days. A return to face-to-face instruction is the only method that truly protects our students and families long term. In order to move forward with face-to-face instruction parents should be given the option to continue with distance learning if they choose. Teachers with underlying medical conditions or who are of an advanced age and at higher risk could be given the option to assist with distance learning so that the burden does not fall solely on the teachers who return to campus. I do not agree that schools should forgo recess or that they should require children to wear masks as this could have potential mental health and social-emotional consequences and will place additional stress on the teachers and students. Teachers could take temperatures of students as they enter the classrooms and halfway through the day. If an outbreak occurs in a specific class then that class can be sent home and quarantined for 14 days before returning to school, rather than shutting down the entire school.

"As a pediatrician and a mother of a teen, I understand the challenges our children face. Socializing with peers is critical for teens and maintaining their mental health, but we have to be careful.

I suggest for Middle and high schools:

Staggered schedules

Large classes- such as band / orchestra can be held outside to social distance - weather permitting.

Instruments need to be thoroughly cleaned if they are shared, ideally each student should have their own if possible to avoid cross contamination.

high school and middle school students and teachers can wear masks.

Hallways can have designated traffic flow(like grocery stores)

Install purifiers/air scrubbers in AC units.

Temperature checks by school staff in hallways/ classroom doors.

Elementary schools:

Pick up/Drop off: place markers on floor for students to know where to wait to be picked up. this can be super specific - eg: using alphabetical order to determine where each child stands (last name with A, B..etc.)

Dismissal can be staggered as well by grade..etc

Elementary school children can have an option to wear a mask/face shield depending if child can tolerate and use appropriatly.

Elementary school kids to stay in class and not travel to other areas.

Recess can be staggered, lunch served in the classrooms.

No backpacks and children can be provided their homework in plastic bags or sent via email to parents, or try to do as much homework online as possible to minimize transporting fomites back and forth


As a person who works in the medical field I think we are at a point in this pandemic that it will do more long term harm to the children socially and to their education. The lasting effects from this temporary situation could be more permanent if we dont get the kids back into their routine. I am not a teacher. I have the utmost respect for people who dedicate their lives to education. The kids gain no benefit from staying at home with 2 working parents who are just trying to work and complete the minimum. The virus is little different than the flu with a far less death rate. We have done our part to flatten the curve and should be free to live our lives as normally as possible. The option for virtual school is already there for parents who do not feel comfortable sending their children back. I do not believe it is fair to the rest of the children or the teachers to be punished for the fear of other parents who frankly are ill informed. There will be no opportunity for low risk populations, such as children in this case, to form the immunity they need if we keep hiding in our houses. I respect that each family has the right to make the decision that is best for them but by making us do 100% distance learning takes away the choice from parents like myself who are comfortable sending their child back. I have talked with many parents and there are lots of us who feel this way. What is it to be a child if all the joys of childhood are taken away by adults reacting too quickly out of fear? If Universal Studios can open for entertainment purposes, my child should have the availability of an education taught be people who were educated to do so.

"As a plan needs to address every possibility/situation:

1. For those students that have received medical clearance for their PCP and have not come into contact with COVID19, please let them resume face-to-face learning which is more robust and effective. Obviously, since they will need to travel (or be around more than just students), they should wear PPE for their safety until we get an 'all clear' (if possible).

2. For those students that have contracted/come into contact with COVID19, they should continue distance learning for some time - as medically directed, due to fear of relapse (if any).

3. For those students that are currently sick with COVID19, obviously let them resume distance learning (if they are well enough).

4. For those parents who are adamantly against resuming traditional, face-to-face, learning; allow them to sign some waiver requesting their child continue distance learning - since they do consider it to be endangering their child's welfare."

As a preschool director my school remained open through the entire covid shut down and I was taking care of essential workers children and homeschooling my children in the evenings around my full-time job. I know that my children did not get the quality education they deserved because I did not have the opportunity to provide that for them. They missed the social interaction with their peers, they missed the sports and structured activities at school, and most importantly they missed the quality of face-to-face teaching. There is no replacement for real-time learning. In the midst of an online lesson if my child ran a cross a problem they would have to send a message to a teacher and then get an answer perhaps the next day or the day after when the teacher had an opportunity to review their question. This really slows learning and it makes them lose interest when they are faced with a challenge. Also we had several teachers who did not grade in a reasonable time or respond promptly. While I believe online learning is fabulous for some children, my children were not prepared to spend so much time on a computer. I'm concerned about the length of time that the children have been away from school and I look forward to the opportunity to have them return to a healthy learning environment

"As a student going into their junior year, I believe that face-to-face learning would be mist successful for me and the majority of my peers. I believe that parents and students should have the option of choosing, so that immunocompromised students are protected, but generally speaking, face-to-face learning would be, in my opinion, the most successful.

Movie theaters and bars are open as of right now, so I think that in the future, it'll be even more safe to open the schools back up as well."

as a student, i am a hands on learner and i think face to face will ultimately be better for everyone. the seniors of 2021 deserve a good senior year and this year for juniors will be tougher than usual. school allows us to interact with other people and see our friends, and some kids depend on school lunch to eat at all because they have problems at school

"As a teacher and father of four children ages 4 to 11, I can tell you that distance learning was extremely difficult for us. Just distance learning too about 4 hours per child. My wife and I spent 12 hours per day to keep up, and that was just distance learning. Any kind of real instruction would have taken more time. We also struggled with limiting screen time. Our children spent way too many hours on a screen which really affected their health. They also developed a fear of going outside and suffered mild psychological problems from the experience, including lack of physical activity and social interactions with their friends.

Viruses don't just go away. We're only delaying the inevitable that we'll all come in contact with it eventually anyway. We need to go back to school as normal as possible. We can't live in fear of coming in contact with viruses because we're just lowering our immune systems. People need sunshine and a healthy diet to combat illnesses, not masks and hand sanitizer. "

As a teacher and going through the distance learning experience for the last few months I learned something. That's not the type of teacher I am. I want to be with kids. They need to be in a classroom. There parents try but we will lose so many kids if we dont return to school. Kids need the structure and stability for academics and for the emotional toll. I am a mom and I love my kids but I am not there teacher. They need that other person.

As a teacher and having children attend the school I work at , I will find it difficult to do a blended model with different schedules. Please take into consideration the difficulties working teachers will have if they go to a half day or certain day schedules. Perhaps we can consider having some kind of option for staff children to come in should a blended model be chosen in order to allow us to continue working vs taking a leave of absence or even having to resign from the position completely. I am Most nervous for the blended model due to scheduling and childcare.

"As a teacher and parent I will prefer face to face! Kids are no ready for distance learning!

Our society needs to learn rules , routines and skills that can not be teaching at home because they needs to be supervised by teachers! Students need to be teaching an school environment and also they need to be able to interact with friends and teachers!


As a teacher in primary I watched student involved drop to a shocking low. Absenteeism was unbelievable. Parents would not be supportive getting their children to engage. Those who elected paper packets did not complete them with integrity. We need face to face to reach and teach the youngest. There was no accountability. We need to be in the classroom face-to-face at this age.

As a teacher that had most students that were sick in December and January with "virus" , I believe this pandemic has already spread and recovered in our schools. The students need the face to face lessons,interactions, and social lessons in a classroom

"As a teacher, I am most nervous about the blended model as I have elementary-aged children. I feel that if they are on a different schedule than my school schedule it may result in me having to quit my job due to child care difficulties.

If using a blended model, I would suggest the possibility of having a virtual department and face to face department for the school.


As a third grade teacher, I fully support teaching face to face this school year. I personally had to purchase many resources to adequately teach online this spring and it was not the ideal medium for teaching 8 and 9 year old children across all subjects. The resources provided by the county (reading, math, science, social studies) do not meet the current standards and are not easily accessible online for students to complete and turn in. I was able to adapt these resources to meet current standards easily in the classroom but was not able to do so online. Teachers and students who wish to continue online learning have many opportunities to do so including OCVS and Florida Virtual School. Teachers and students who wish to continue face to face learning should be able to do so. We can maintain social distancing in the classroom and have special area teachers visit the classroom instead of traveling to different locations. Students and teachers could wear masks and cleaning procedures could be set in place.

"As a traditional teacher, of course I want face to face learning and teaching. I know that there is no way we can fit 1/2 the kids in the classroom. Where would the other 1/2 go? I certainly do not want to teach 14 classes if the district shortens the periods. Teaching would not happen. We will have 25 kids, that isn't safe for me or my students.Wearing a mask for 8 hours isn't going to work for any of us.

As for distance learning we know that kids never showed up once and passed 4th quarter. That isn't fair to the students who did the assignments every week. If we do a blended online classroom then I will not do both, it is either one or the other. I am not doing 2 jobs for the low pay.

So I guess that I am still wanting go back to school with my students face to face. I know this is a difficult position. Maybe we can do distance learning for August and go back to school in September.I know none of this is ideal.

Thank you for asking for our input.


"As a working parent face to face instruction is what works best for my family. My daughter is an only child and in elementary school. She needs social interaction as well as a strong foundation of education in terms of reading and math skills.

Though I'm very proud of what OCPS was able to accomplish after Spring Break it was very minimal "instruction" and when children are not independent readers it requires parents to be side by side to help navigate the technology and do assignments with child. I view education responsibility to not be the sole responsibility of the school but a partnership between school and family but as a working parent it was a struggle when the balance shifted. My daughter was also struggling with feelings of isolation with distanced learning.

I also want to add I say this from a place of privilege. I know there are many families served by OCPS that have greater challenges and kids who need to go to school because it's their safe place both physically and emotionally. I fear for the kids that have been disconnected for this long from school that are in negative environments that aren't conducive to learning which will magnify the learning gaps that already exist.

I know safety measures will have to be put in place but it can't be like a jail either. There has to be intentional measures that balance safety with a positive learning environment that acknowledges the social emotional needs of the students. "

As a working parent, I am unable to maintain full time employment and continue to hone school my children. Simply decreeing that "you will distance learn" does not resolve this insurmountable burden you place upon my home. It nearly cost my job during the month I was working full time and attempting to satisfy the distance learning demands. I'm not even a parent in the service industry...I'm a professional engineer! I can't even imagine the damage this time away from school does to parents that aren't as fortunate as I am to have a"flexible" job.

As a working parent, I need school to be open for my child to get a proper education. I do not have the time nor the ability to teach my child on a daily basis. I am all for implementing additional safety measures but school must be in session.

As a working parents that are extremely involved, we believe it is extremely important for young children to have a pier to pier environment. It's important for grown both of mental and social skills. We did great with homeschooling because of our commitment to our children's success. However, there are family not so fortunate that rely on the schools, teachers, counselors, and students as their "village" in helping the growth of their children. I understand that each family and circumstance is unique and believe we should open schools and allow people to make the choice for their family to homeschool or not.

As a working parents, working 12 hours shift, can't monitor the progress of my child, From what I experienced these past few months before the end of the school year, what she learned is not enough compared to going to school physically. They lack encouragement and motivation to do their homeworks, projects, etc. What she learned is very limited, she's not learning enough. I know, safety comes first but follow the CDC guidelines strictly. Limit the number of students in each class so they can practice social distancing, limit extra curricular activities that is not necessary, use strict precautionary measures, ask students to wear mask in school, encourage students to bring their own hand sanitizer that it handy. Accessible hand washing area for everyone.

As an agriculture teacher it is most ideal to teach in a face to face model. Most of our standards have a hands on activity or are best taught through hands on application. The 3 circle model that our standards and curriculum have functioned with since 1929 best serves our students by giving them real world knowledge and the ability to enter the workforce. Agriculture happens outside of the computer models. Students need to be able to grow plants, raise animals, learn how to handle tools with safety and develop face to face communication skills that will serve them their whole life. I absolutely think this can be done safely while following CDC guidelines. Students can learn in an outdoor environment which allows room for social distancing and proper health precautions. Continuing distance learning robs some students the opportunity to experience these life skills.

As an educator, I taught online for the last nine weeks. It was ineffective. Students need to be with their teacher and learn best face to face. This requires special measures to meet CDC guidelines, but is possible. Most parents work full time and are not teachers. If businesses are reopening at 50 to 100% capacity, then schools should do the same.

"As an elementary school teacher with two elementary school aged children, the Blended model would be hard for working moms, as they would have to make childcare arrangements which negates the whole idea of kids being out of school and away from other kids. Also when kids are out of school they run around and play in the neighborhood with friends or they will be at the theme parks. They won't stay home.

I think models may need to differ between high, middle and elementary school. I can see distance or blended for older kids but the younger kids need to be in face to face school. "

As an ESE teacher I believe face to face is the best option for next year.

"As close to normal as possible. Treat it like flu season - extra attention to washing hands, extra diligent about kids with fevers and visible signs of illness staying home - and get them back to school. Let their immune systems be exposed and gain antibodies as they are meant to do.

Anything shy of nearly ""normal"" and we will be pulling our son out of OCPS and going with a private school that will offer actual school. "

As close to the traditional school model as possible

as i student i'd like to start school on normal timnng. we could still use social distancing rules.

As long as everything is kept sanitized and clean constantly, I believe my child is still in a safe environment. We're already quiet educated in a virus symptoms and as long as we keep the symptoms in check and stay home if we feel any changes then we should be safer. I am for schools open because it's more dangerous to keep a child isolated in a house then the fear of the virus.

As regular fit but if they need to wear masks, only indoor.

As seen by research, the risk to children from covid is extremely low (in fact significantly lower than flu), and my child did not respond well to virtual education. He needs to be in a classroom, engaging with his peers and teacher. I absolutely feel it would be disadvantageous to continue virtual school for him. I do not believe masks, and extreme social distancing measures would be appropriate for the elementary population and essentially impossible to upkeep. Proper hygiene measures should be taken such as frequent hand washing and disinfecting. But I believe k-5 students need to be in the classroom, not behind a computer screen. Thanks!!

As someone who enjoyed school growing up, I think that children should be allowed to do something they enjoy, and to be able to have a outlet, at the same time. Just as teachers stepped up to ask for more money from the governor for a raise, why isn't anyone stepping up for the children. Ask for extra buses, hand sanitizer, masks, hiring of staff to take temperature checks, whatever is needed to provide the children with a safe learning environment. Children need accountability. Virtual learning doesn't give them that. When a child is with a teacher, and his peers, it makes them feel important and valued. It is sad to say, " all I did was sit in front of a computer screen, when I went to school.'' What about the teacher, or someone in the school who had a great impact on a child's life? It is about the children. What makes them happy, motivated, and excited, about school. THINK about the children, and please put their needs first.

As the mother of an incoming kindergartener I think in order for her and other young kids to learn something it will need to be face to face. She isn't going to be able to sit for long periods of time in front of a monitor and she doesn't do well trying to learn at home.

"As the parent of an incoming kindergartener and two other elementary students, I am not a fan of digital learning. So much of their education at this point is social. They need face-to-face time with their teachers and friends. I can tell you that distance learning this spring left a lot to be desired. My middle child rarely had any interaction with her teacher or class. As the majority of her work was iReady, her handwriting really suffered. Our days were filled with crying and fighting just to get the minimum amount of work completed. All this from a child who loves school, is pretty smart, and is generally motivated to do her school work.

I would love to see our kids go back to school in the most normal way possible. However, I understand that going forward things will look different. We need to keep our kids healthy and safe, but that means considering all factors, not just the threat of COVID-19.

My ideal solution would be having all kids at school every day, potentially with some shifted bell schedules to accommodate social distancing at drop off and dismissal. As well as other minor changes, like lunch in their classroom or mask use. If this is not possible, I feel that my children need to be in the classroom, with their teacher, a minimum of two times a week, preferably all 3 of mine at the same time. This will allow me to effectually work from home.

I ask the school board to consider different accommodations for each school level. What works for high school students is probably not the best plan for elementary students.

Finally, a framework needs to in place to allow temporary transitions to distance only learning for a school, if there is a local spike in cases, or for a student due to exposure or increased risk. "

"As we approach the new school year. Please consider the following 3 reasons regarding the importance of face to face learning.

One of the key elements of the learning process is the dynamic relationship shared between a student and classmates and a student and the teacher. Face-to-face learning fosters these relationships; such dynamism is lost when training is undertaken on a distance or virtual format.

Remember over 90% of human communication is through body language.

Material retention is also scientifically proved to be much higher in a classroom.

Kids need other kids! To talk to play to see.

Can you imagine if you grew up as a child and did not go to class? You spent all your kids years through a screen? How would you feel?

Since you remember things when you tie them to an emotional experience. Being in the classroom is way more emotional than virtual school.


Scientifically speaking and proven the the kids are not transmitting Covid 19 to adults.

The kids are leads than 2% of Covid patients world wide.

Also look what we learned from emergency care providers for the children of front-line workers.

"among 916 centers serving more than 20,000 children, just over 1% of staff and 0.16% of children were confirmed infected with the coronavirus."

That is incredible !!


Lastly not all schools and teachers are on the same playing field technologically to be consistent in virtual school. It is easier and way more fulfilling for the staff to be in the schools in person.

Thank you for taking time to read and acknowledge this concern."

As we did the distance learning this year I have learned that these kids need their teachers. I am so glad that my son graduated this year, but if he was to have one more year I would definitely would want him to go back to these kids need to have the learning that only their teachers and coaches and staff can give them. I'm all for them going back. Not reduced sizes either, full classes.

"Ask that teachers and students wear a mask during classroom time, so the kids are effectively learning face-to-face. Have a hand sanitizer station available at the door and require everyone to use it upon entering and leaving the classroom. Allow the younger students in elementary to wash their hands in the classrooms or near by restrooms when needed. Distance learning will not work and does not work for all parents or the students so it should be on a voluntary basis for those students who can learn and succeed in doing so, which will help with decreasing the classroom size. Distance learning or even a split of face-to-face and distance learning will be detrimental to those students who need the help of a teacher; again that should be voluntarily not forced. Have sanitizer stations in cafe and other open spaces in school.

Riding the bus, the CDC states that if it's possible to decrease the amount of students, in Orange County that's highly impossible and will become drastically problematic; however, if the aforementioned students are given the choice to volunteer for distance learning then it too will help decrease the amount of students. If the number of students are still high then install hand sanitizer units on the bus and require students to use upon entering and leaving the bus. Only allowing 12 students a bus will most definitely not work as transportation is already short of drivers with the numbers constantly decreasing. Students would be late to school and there's not enough drivers to have 3-5 buses pick up at one stop, drop off, and come back for the remaining students. Have the drivers sanitize the bus after each student drop off and at the end of the day mandate that the driver thoroughly clean the bus prior to the next morning start of his/her route. "

"At a minimum all staff should be required to wear protective equipment, especially face shields, not masks! Young children especially need to see their teacher show them how to form sounds with their lips, tongue/teeth and even be able to smile at them while being safe. The emphasis should be getting quality schooling over quantity of schooling so for the sake of distancing, not every child should come on every day. Only essential testing such as the DRA should be used to assess reading (since a child cannot guess the correct answer) to chart growth and remediate areas needed. Take away non-essential standards to deal with the reality we find ourselves in. A must know checklist should be generated for each grade level. The traditional age/grade should not be a factor and students who achieve the essential standards ""early"" can be rotated out to a predetermined next step of standards/different teacher. Teachers should not have to do time wasting activities and observations at this time. You must stop asking teachers to be the miracle for everything. Much like the police, we have too many responsibilities and not enough time to do them all.

As both an educator and parent, no matter what I or my children's teachers did, distant learning could not take the place of face to face education for young children during this crisis because everyone has too many unique situations. Blended learning is not possible for the same teacher to do as each position has too many responsibilities. "

At first I was fond of the virtual learning idea. After speaking with my daughter, niece and nephews I've learned that they prefer being in school. They've shared that they love the virtual idea but, it's much harder. They love they idea of seeing their friends and classmates. This is why I changed my liking to face-to-face learning.

"At least, the ESE self-contained classrooms should be on campus face-to-face.

Self-contained staff should receive hazard or bonus pay as we deal with bodily fluids daily. Both now and beyond CIVID.

ESE students are already behind the norm. Distance learning isn't working for them. They need 1:1 or 1:3 instruction in academics, life skills, job skill, social skills and physical activity. These skills are IMPOSSIBLE to teach through diatance.

ESE students have goals and standards in their IEPs that are not being met.

My students parents and the other ese classes parents at my school are ready for them to return."

At some point we all have to overcome our fears. I'll be 65 in November and yes, I will be more vulnerable on getting sick as I get older. My ability to fight off infections will get weaker as I get older. That's just a fact of life. My parents taught me that when you cough or sneeze, to turn away from others or towards the ground. You should also wash your hands after: sneezing/coughing, before every meal, and after using the restroom. If you're feeling ill , do not report to work/school.These common practices have been around for years and need to be reinforced by being taught at an early age. I know that by wearing a mask protects yourself and others but is it worn properly? Was it mishandled and contaminated? Has it been used over and over again and not been replaced with a new/clean one? Or washed? I want to see your smiles, your emotions, hear your voices/ words clearly, shake your hands, hug and embrace you. Don't be afraid. I want to interact with you, FACE TO FACE! (of course, with a little distance between us)

At this time I feel face to face learning will be the most beneficial. ChIldreb are suffering staying home. I am a very involved parent in and outside of school and I feel like my son has regressed being at home. We are harming our children and this was already around even before we went into spring break and practicing cleanliness we were fine. I think adding extra measure of social distancing our children will benefit from schoolm Also will OCPS provide free after, home or child care if half day or distancing learning is the way they go for parents that need to work. What will working parents do with their children. By the time school starts we will be in phase 3 or above meaning nearly everyone will be at work at that time.Does Orange county have a plan for those needing to stay home and can't afford childcare. Hope this is taken into consideration.

Back to "normal" it was before restrictions...

"Back to face-to-face and back to NORMAL PLEASE.

We are ALL possible carriers by this point. Every single one of us. The thousands on the beach, the thousands that will be heading back to the parks. The thousands that are protesting. The thousands heading back on cruise ships or flocking to the Keys. The Thousands back at restaurants, retail shops, gyms, sports, camps etc. The Thousands that are slowly heading back to their jobs, in all aspects. The thousands that are beginning to travel again. Everyone is getting back to it but we can't have a NORMAL classroom setting by mid August? All of this can happen but we can't sit next to each other in a football stadium? It just doesn't make sense. We have all had an opportunity to have been exposed and be a carrier of this virus, even just by the light shopping we've have had to do since March. I am just trying to understand why all of these are allowed to move forward but our educational system might not until 2021?

I absolutely understand that a healthy student can be a ""carrier"" and can pass this along to a adult staff members, teachers or other students but so is all of the above. The majority of staff members, teachers or adults in the educational system have already been exposed, especially by August... I can think of many adults who didn't wish to go back to work to expose themselves and then bring it back to all of their family members but it was time and they had to do what they had to do or they were essential and didn't have a choice. I have had an elderly retired and special needs individual serve me at Publix March to Current... they are working and exposed but out. Please help me understand why it is any different for the educational system...

It is time to get back to it and face this. "

"Back to full face to face classroom learning on-time or at least by Labor Day. Eat lunches in classrooms if necessary and stagger bell release schedule between classes. Florida Vitual School for those parents and teachers who don't want to go back. Expand parking options at High Schools to avoid busses for upper classmen and those with siblings and neighbors who can drive them.

Have an option to join their regular classes via Zoom for online participation if a student is sick. Too many kids don't want to miss school when they should be staying home due to the amount of work and testing they have to make up so they go in sick, spreading germs. Tje that fear away from parents and students.

This applies to most Middle and High School kids in OCPS. Elementary my look different."

"Back to normal


Back to normal not the new normal! No masks, no separation, no lunch in classrooms, no one classroom all day. Let them go back to the way it was. Maybe add washing if hands more often. They are children they need peers, the body needs connections with others to survive. We will have far more problems with mental health if we continue on this path.

Back to normal please!!! 5 days a week - in the classroom.

Back to normal with temperature checks each morning and hand washing breaks hourly. Separate the desks so each student has their own space rather than sitting in groups at tables. If parents prefer distance learning, make it an available option. Some families, in which both parents/caregivers work, cannot accommodate distance learning.

Back to normal!!!!

Back to normal, the virus seems to be mild for Students

Back to normal. We can not live our lives fearful of the future. Get back to as normal as possible. Have hand sanitizers at kids disposal. Otherwise...GET OUR WORLD BACK TO NORMAL!!!!!!

Back to normal. Let kids live their lives not worrying about every little thing they need to socialize with friends and be around people

Back to school like normal with extra cleaning.

Back to school like NORMAL. Virtual school and homeschooling options ARE ALREADY AVAILABLE to those families who are nervous about the virus. Let the kids who want to get back to normal, go back to school! Face to face! Like REAL HUMANS! STOP treating everyone like diseased robots! It's disgusting. If families are scared of the virus, THEY CAN DO SCHOOL AT HOME. The CDC says the death rate is .26%!! The flu shot has a death rate of .6%! Read the inserts from the manufacturer. It's in there.

Back to school with masks.simple.

Back to school with sensible precautions.

"Barring any recurrence of the virus over the summer, I am of the opinion that a traditional in-school environment, with reasonable precautionary measures such as health screenings, face masks, extra cleaning and disinfecting measures, will be perfectly acceptable for us as parents by August (particularly for the elementary aged children).

Online/distance learning programs will be more effective and more easily managed at the older grade levels, so the County should focus its efforts and resources on a quality distance or split program for high school and perhaps middle school, and keep the elementary schools on as ""normal"" routine as possible."

Based on current trends and the August time frame face to face learning with close to normal operations should be fine. Suggest face mask to be worn when individuals are closer then 6 feet. Children could be close to normal class size if they wear masks. When further then 6 apart mask are not necessarily.

Be diligent with hand washing and keeping sick children home (without penalizing them for absences) and continue as usual.

Because is better is to hard for the kids in a computer with out a teacher explaining then

Because is going to help both the students and their parents

Because there is no better way to educate our kids than have that great teacher in front of that child.

"Because we learn better in school then at home


Begin school day after Labor Day Weekend

"Below are my suggestions:

-Testing every student will get us off to a good start. Of course, for those who test positive provide distance learning for the rest of the semester. Testing again after Holiday break in December.

-Daily temp checks when entering school. Perhaps ask for volunteers. I would volunteer.

-Ask parents to docu-sign a form stating will not send child(ren) to school with a temp, cough, running nose, exposed to someone with Covid19 and people who have traveled abroad, etc.

-All students, teachers and staff should wear a mask. Maybe can school brand for a PTA fundraiser.

-Schools should be disinfected from the top-down daily. May need to outsource or hire custodial staff.

-For middle and high school, do not change classes. Have the teachers move. May need classroom monitor for class changes or appoint a student. May need a couple of breaks/recess throughout the day.

-Create outdoor teaching spaces.

-No contact sports. Perhaps explore golfing, bowling, archery, chess, and other contactless sports."

Better cleaning procedures. Temperature checks for students.

"Blended- Adjust schedules to reduce class sizes. Have two schedules on the same day or every other day. This would allow for teachers who cannot return to face to face learning to monitor students when they at home doing their online component. For face to face, it is important to ensure all classrooms are equipped with sanitizers and cleaning supplies


"Blended Learning - 4 x 4 with Modified A/B Days

(High School/Middle School only)

• Traditional schedule - teacher has 6 periods of 25 students plus 1 planning = 150 students/year (full credit course).

• This idea reduces the number of students in a classroom at any given time to 11 (per Superintendent's statement for social distancing).

• Each semester, teacher teaches 3 classes/one planning period; students take 4 classes (8 total for year). Divide each period into A/B sections: Semester 1 = Period 1A/1B, Period 2A/2B, Period 3A/3B, teacher planning Period 4. Each section has 11 students.

o 1st period A = 11 students; meets face-to-face M/Th

o 1st period B = 11 students; meets face-to-face T/F

o 2nd period A = 11 students; meets face-to-face M/Th

o 2nd period B = 11 students; meets face-to-face T/F

o 3rd period A = 11 students; meets face-to-face M/Th

o 3rd period B = 11 students; meets face-to-face T/F

o 4th period - teacher plan (this could be scheduled for any period)

o Other three days are distance learning. Teacher works in person M, T, Th, F; Wednesday is online with "office hours" (except for planning).

• 3 periods of 22 students = 66 students per semester

• 2 semesters (for full credit courses) = 132 students per teacher per year (less than the 150 on a traditional schedule by 18)


• Blended learning

• Teacher planning could be scheduled for any of the 4 periods.

• Periods would be of longer duration (nearly double a traditional class period), but for one semester (full credit course) or one quarter (1/2 credit course).

• Longer periods allow for more lunch shifts (some classes could be split, with lunch in the middle) for social distancing.

• Reduces the number of students on campus at one time (in classrooms, cafeteria, and halls.)


Block schedule. Only core classes 3-4 days a week. Rotational set of electives only on 1-2 days a week. Temperature checks at school access points (including getting on bus) and walkers. All classes can be attended via a zoom (or other online) meeting. Tests are handled in person, but electronically via school supported laptop.

"Block schedules would limit the exposure of each student and teacher. Extending the time. Having night school block schedule in key locations for meeting the needs of all students.

Seniors could graduate early and night school blocks would allow for working to continue during this time. Teachers could be given a stipend for night school or a second shift of teachers would come in.


Bring kids to school by parents. Parents can.not go inside the school. Kids will sanitize hands before enter school and temperature check for all employees and students.Teachers and all school personnel will have masks. School employees designated to clean and sanitize common areas. Nightly fogging (spray)of sanitizer in all classrooms.

"Bring us back! I teach at a middle school, and I know that the children want us back, they have reached out to us via email and remind. This is a non negotiable in my eyes, we work for them so if this is what they want then we need to make it happen.

Logistically, desks further apart and perhaps shortening class periods to aid in multiple transistion times across campus. But we need to be back face to face with our students! "

buenas noches, mejor idea que se me es que garanticen que los estudiantes con síntomas no asistan obligatoriamente a clases, deben garantizar la colocación de sanatizadores en todos los salones y pasillos, uso obligatorio de mascaras, colocar los escritorios de los estudiantes a mayor distancia, evitar aglomeraciones en el comedor.

Business as usual. No required masks for anyone. Purely optional. No social distancing requirements. Those who feel uncomfortable with this should feel free to use Florida virtual school or any other method they deem appropriate to continue their child's education.

Business as usual. Those who don't want that can school their kids online through Florida virtual school or some other means.

"Busing have every student if they choose to ride a bus wear a mask. No exceptions.

I dont know if it would be feasible but each bus driver could do a temperature check as the students board the bus. That would entail the county buying thermometers for the drivers to use. But they could be signed for. Any student with a temperature would have to return back home. Parents would have to be aware of these procedures before agreeing to put there children on bus routes.

Students need to be aware if they dont wear the mask the whole bus ride they will forfeit bus privileges."

"By the time we get through two more months, protests, riots, people not caring about social distancing, and theme parks being open, restaurants being open, malls being open, etc etc etc, the largest portion of the Florida population that is going to get Cornavirus will have had it. If the medical system can keep up, we should be continuing with our daily lives.

Home school has been available forever. Virtual school has been very successful in Florida. The simple answer is: Parents who are living in fear need to select one of those options. Those of us who are being safe, following CDC guidelines, washing hands, sneezing into elbows, sanitizing AND teaching all of this to our kids, should not be punished. At the end of the day, if my kids don't have a place to go, I can't work, therefore I can't afford to pay my bills. I promise you I'm not the only one in this situation. While I wish I had the luxury of time freedom, I don't.

So start messaging now about the existing options and help those parents with whatever resources you have to get them enrolled in home school programs or existing virtual school programs.

Thank you!"

Camps and daycares are open. Follow their protocols with sanitizing procedures and smaller class sizes. If other parents don't like this then have the option for virtual learning for their child. I want my child to get back to a routine learning environment with a teacher and classmates.

Can parents that are NOT concerned with keeping social distancing sign a waiver stating such and place them a regular classroom environment. The other students can then be placed in another environment of social distancing.

Can the school be reopen on September

Career Technical Education/Agriculture Education should have face-to face instruction and teaching to students. With hands-on projects, leadership training, laboratory instruction, classroom instruction, etc. this is very important.

"Check students temperature at the entrance (maybe even someone at the bus to check before entering)

Hand sanitizer dispenser everywhere

Activity with less number of kids

Mask should not be required for Kindergartens or first grades (they won't keep it anyways)"

Check their temperatures ever morning and have purel in every class room. Make kids stay home the are sick . Have registered nurses at the school

Check videos of Asian countries were they are back to normal without making such a big deal. We need to start learning how to live with this virus we can't be shut down for the rest of our lives. We as working parents can't have a combination of school, the risk it's there wether you go one day or multiple ones so either we go or stay home. Not mixed it's my honest opinion.

Child need education, socialization. If they can be at restaurants and theme parks...get ventilators for room that work against virus and require touch less temp checks

Children are not dying from Covid, they will be behind from distance learning in Q4 so please give them grace and do not expect them to be up to speed

"Children benefit in numerous ways with in person learning, including trained teacher instruction and peer interaction. I strongly feel there are ways to implement safety measures without requiring distance learning. Not only would distance learning place a financial and emotional hardship on households where both (or single) parents work, but it doesn't hold a candle to the structure and education classroom instruction provides.

I respect families that are not comfortable and they can choose virtual learning, as that program already exists!

I also do not feel it should be up to parents and guardians to make these decisions to come up with ideas on how it will work, but value that we are able to provide feedback on our preferred format for the next school year. If in person classes do not resume, we will most likely be forced to relocate somewhere where they will. Thank you."

"Children have different learning styles. Learning via distance learning can be difficult for some. There are students that need the hands on and visual aide to help them learn and understand the concept being taught. Children also need social interaction with their peers.

Face to face learning accommodates parents that physically have to be at work and that can not afford to leave work or working from home is not an option.

Some students attending school is there safe place and the only place they receive a meal."

"Children need face-to-face learning. They need to see their peers and teachers. Distance learning does not work for younger kids and will prevent parents from being able to go back to work.

Temperature checks, hand sanitizer readily available, discuss hygiene and hand washing, and have a stricter sick kid policy. No masks on children. Let them be little!"

Children need human interaction, not to stare at a screen several hours a day and virtually teach themselves. If this worked for my children I would have already signed them up for FLVS but it doesn't. Covid is extremely unfortunate, but it is not a catastrophic event in Florida. If parents want virtual school they have that option. Let the rest of us send our children to school.

"Children need social and emotional interaction as well as academics. They need to be able to get hands on help. Too much screen time is hurting them.

More PE and recess with peers is also necessary. This time at home while difficult I feel if it goes on much more is damaging to our kids. There can and should be health checks at the door. No one should come to school if they are ill. NO EXCEPTIONS. "

"Children need social interaction with their teachers and peers.....face to face.

And parents have to work...what will they do with their smaller children all day long??? Most can't afford daycare

And then after they come home to have to teach them

Parents are not teachers/educators

Make the class sizes smaller and please make face to face teaching work"

Children need to get back to face to face schooling for more than academia- the distance learning model is hurting social emotional development and widening the gap among students in the same age range with different home environments. School serves so many other purposes besides academics and if we can all cram in to grocery stores and go to nail salons then we need to open schools. Parents also needs to get back to work to support the economy.

Children need to go back to school and return to a face-to-face environment. Distance-learning is not an acceptable solution.

children need to have their routines resumed, with safety, hygiene and the cooperation of all.

Children need to socialize and share with other children, following all protective precautions, they learn better when they are in classrooms.

Children return to school as usual but with lower classroom numbers that allow them to keep distance while sitting in class. They have lunch in classroom and PE is limited to two classes at a time. Recess is limited to two classes as well but must stay on playground assigned and alternate it with basketball court or field assigned day. Teachers can wear masks if they feel the need. Screen children for fever upon entry, hand sanitizers at each desk to do when they arrive and depart their desks throughout the day. Lunchroom could be used for lunch for however many classes can fit safely every other seat. The lunchroom could alternate who gets lunchroom lunch and who gets classroom lunch.

Children should have the option to go back to school in August. There are plenty of virtual learning options for families that are not comfortable sending their kids to school. The county should have regular deep cleanings of the schools and install additional hand washing stations. Temperature checks can be available for any child identified as presenting symptoms.

"Children will not have the same concentration studying from home.

A child encourages another child to study. At home the distraction is greater."

Class size should be smaller to offer face to face class.

Class sizes should be limited so that students can resume a normal school environment. It is not realistic for staff or students to be required to wear masks all day or learn in environments that prohibit social interaction.

Class sizes would be limited to 12-15 students. Students would be given a squirt of hand sanitizer upon entering the classroom. Students would make sure there is an empty chair in between them and no sharing of supplies. Tables or desks would be wiped down every 1-2 hours with Lysol wipes. Rooms to be sprayed every time students leave the room. I would also like to have students shoes sprayed with Lysol before entering the classroom. Hand sanitizer to be given every time a student leaves or enters the classroom. If a student gets sick, an admin or other staff must immediately come and remove that student. Classrooms cleaned and sanitized again after students are done for the day. If students use computers, ipads, headphones etc. these items would need to be wiped off. Students will need to be reminded about putting their hands in their face or mouth. Continuous washing of hands every hour or a squirt of hand sanitizer.

"Classes to resume in fall as scheduled with no reduction to daily timeline. Reduced class sizes (maximum 20 students) to allow for some sense of social distancing and provide enough space for student desks to be spaced 6ft apart. Additional staff in classrooms. Additional janitorial staff to enhanced cleaning measures. Temperature checks before entry into school for all students, staff, and teachers. All staff and teachers to wear face coverings. No required face coverings for elementary aged children as they should not be expected to be able to comply with proper mask procedures in order to avoid cross contamination. Hands washing stations in classrooms and reinforcement of proper hygiene after touching communal materials, outside play, restroom trips and other activities. Really many of these things our schools should be doing regularly already.

If parents choose to keep children home then they can enroll their children in Florida virtual school for the year or explore other schooling options.

After care programs must maintain affordability and be protected and regulated ensuring that working parents are confident in the continued safe care of their children and should follow the same guidelines as the school day.

A solid program needs to be in place for when I situation like this happens in the future. The idea of thrusting ""distance learning"" on working parents during a global pandemic to complete a school year was completely absurd and unrealistic. Our scool is amazing and thre teachers adapted, but a pandemic of this nature is NOT the time top be winging it with the ""distance learning."" Maybe a re alignment of thre school year to include the time off in some way would better serve children, teachers, and parents."

Classroom set up has desks set up 4 feet apart. Students can wear masks, teachers are required to wear a mask around students. Hand sanitizer through out campus. Coughing / sneezing on another student is level 3 referral. If a student gets sick / has a fever at school, parent must come pick them up immediately, no exceptions. If parents choose to keep their child at home, school will accommodate this student through distance learning.

"Classroom: Face mask, and hand sanitizer in each room.

Cafeteria: need dividers, hand sanitizer and more time

Bus: face mask and dividers "

"clean hands

clean school each night"

Clean more often, change classes less. Everything else normal. NO masks.

cleaning each night and frequent hand washing.

"Cleaning hands frequently for students and staff.

Directional lanes right side one way left side another. Students need the competition that face to face offers and they get to ask questions and get immediate feedback usually as the teachers are good about that in a classroom. Focus on a healthy school topic each day to reinforce good eating and hygiene for strong immune system. Stress out door exercises before and after school. Thank you "

Cleaning school daily and students and staff cleaning hands frequently and do a plexiglass for teachers desk and encourage minimum teaching.the grocery stores have been fine and so will the school. Students need face to face traditional school. Thank you

Come back exactly how it was before.

con proteccion y distaciamiento pero que vayan a su escula, la educacion en casa no es igual

"Concerns - I'd like to know your ideas for students with sensory issues and how they handle changes with social distancing.

I teach early childhood (3-5 year olds) and what is a realistic and safe plan to teach this young age and abiding with safety protocol?

This young age touch everything and are just learning to how cover their mouth, many of them with sensory issues, are very oral, not potty trained and this young age are very needy and sensory seeking. As a teacher, I'm concerned how to move forward with this to keep us all safe."

Conduct 100% test for students and staff monthly and Temperature check at school entrance

"Consider eliminating departmentalization at the elementary level

1. minimizes number of children adults are exposed to during the day

2. minimizes exposure of students to different surfaces, different groupings as well"

"Continue to watch the COVID numbers, not just the positives but the sick ones. We will have more positives with more testing. Thats just the facts. Kids are in general a healthier population.

With things opening up more and with the lack of social distancing we've seen across the country....we'll know. It will be very telling if this thing will light on fire again or not. We can't stay apart forever.

Face to face classroom teaching is essential with good hygiene and social distancing as much as possible. "

Continue traditional face-to-face learning with no restrictions. Children need the interaction. My child did not get a lot out of the virtual learning in the spring. With two full-time working parents it is impossible to give our children a beneficial education at home.

"Core classes maintain the same group of students together, limiting the contact with a large number of students. Core classes might also want to rotate the teacher not the student to limit the contact of surfaces that students have access to if they move from classroom to classroom. Furthermore, grouping students as closely as possible depending on the elective classes they are taking.

Best of luck determining the best solution for all! "

Covid-19 has not proven to be as dangerous as originally thought, especially in children. What is dangerous for children is social isolation, especially in older students. I would love to see face-to-face learning return without masks, lunch together in lunch rooms, & full days. We will do more harm than good to students in the long term by keeping them socially isolated or making it difficult for them to socialize with teachers & peers. My daughter did a full year of true virtual school in the past & it was not a good fit for her at all. She thrives in a classroom setting with teachers who can get to know her. We now have a lot more knowledge about COVID-19 & can isolate people when they are sick. Thank you for considering this option. Our kids deserve the best chance at educational success & I truly believe that is in a classroom setting for all grades.

CTE Skills require lab work, hands on. I do not want soemone who understands the theory of repairing the brakes on my wife's car. I want someone who has the experience of actually doing same and the understanding created by an experienced instructor.


Currently I am approaching senior year, my senior classes require face to face, I don't wish to continue distance learning as I believe teachers cannot assign properly at a distance from my previous experience.


A consideration regarding schools that are opening in other countries - they often utilize a system where the teachers move from class to class but students are stagnant with the same group of kids - however realize that the program nature of these schools is largely standardized with content that is spiraled in mastery and rigor.

Very different than the American system. So to compare you'd need to analyze systems in place, not just ‘they went back to school.'

Elective classes - some electives should be shifted to those which promote distancing and can be easily shifted to online if there is a spike (things like Team Sports become solo aerobics based). Class Numbers need to be reduced so social distancing can occur. Additionally Chorus needs to be closely looked at in consideration of the group spread events that happened nationally at choral practices. The force of singing is akin to coughing.

Special Programs and Rigor

Programs like AP / IB / AICE have set hours and content that must be covered - what considerations for rigor are being taken into consideration? How do we affirm the achievement of both our struggling and high performing students?

I have notes on safety items as well but in consideration of the word/character limit I have put down those instructional concerns less discussed."

Daily temperature checks and Readily available antimocrobial hand soap in all bathrooms and hand sanitizers in all classrooms for children's use.

Data clearly shows corona was never the risk we thought it would be. It now has a .26 mortality rate, less than some years seasonal flu. Kids need to interact. They need to play. If you don't resume schooling or do some prison type in person school, you will have mass withdrawals.

Day cares have been open the entire time and there have been no reports of any daycare having covid 19. They do not social distance they only reduce the number of children to only 10 plus the teacher because the CDC suggests not gathering larger than 10. Now we can gather up to 50 so why lower class numbers and try to sit students 6 feet apart when there is no true way to keep each child in a 6 foot bubble. Day cares are working just fine with no issues. So why do we have to change everything else? Keep school the same. Let the kids be kids. Do not wear masks. Do not do blended learning or distance learning. The rest of the state is opening and the children and parents and teachers and employees can go to the movies, eat out, shop so why stop them from going to school normally?

De acuerdo a la experiencia me he dado cuenta que el aislamiemnto social no es la forma ni la manera en que los seres humanos nos debmos comportar, nuestros hijos estan buscando nuevos amigos y el sentido comun nos dice que deben interactuar cara cara, ademas la mejor forma de aprender es estar rodeado de sus companeros los cuales aportan un 50% del aprendizaje, por este y muchos mas motivos creo que desprender a los ninos de sus companeros por el miedo a contagio de un virus que hasta el dia de hoy pareciera irreal o por lo menos no tan letal como los medios propagandistas quieren hacerlo ver. No sacrifiquemos el futuro de nuestros hijos por un caos que se formo de algo o de aguien o de una nacion que si observamos la mayoria de sus recomendaciones fueron o han sido un desastre y ellos tranquilos y cuando se acerca el fin de este 'VIRUS" vuelve y juega la manipulaion del contagio y el riesgo que representa, por nustros hijos no os dejemos intimidar por algo que no es lo que se esta diciendo.

Death rate are lower than expected, asymptomatic people are less likely to spread the virus, young people have higher chance of dying in a car accident, but you guys still wanna keep everything close talk about useless government officials

"Defiantly need to be face to face and get back to school! Calm down on all the hype associated around this and look at the numbers. Kids are at little if any risk statistically speaking. It's very difficult and in most cases just impossible to teach from home and have the students do the projects from home. It's too much to go into here, but I had about 70% of kids NOT turn work in or do anything on that last round of ""distance learning."" There was no learning going on, it was a vacation for the students and grades plumeted!

Get back to the class room, wash you hands and don't touch your face--any doctor will tell you that's 95% of the battle right there, all else is hysteria by the media to keep you in fear.

For everyones mental sake, we need to get back to a sense of normalcy and a routine. I want to go into work and SEE my students. I do not fear."

Delay school opening until after Labor Day

Delayed start date for all students; starting on time is to early to determine what worked for camps. We should begin after Labor Day to see what worked for summer camps and evaluate the cases of Coronavirus as a result of camps. Also, how did these camps deal with a diagnosis of Coronavirus. Did they shut the entire camp down or quarantine campers and staff who had direct contact with the infected camper. What percentage of new cases were accounted for that were directly related to the camp? Camp information should be given to OCPS through the City of Orlando and Orange County Park and Recreations. (If available info through private care was provided that would give more of an outlook.

Delayed start to the year and regular cleaning. Temperature checks before entering the classroom. I cannot imagine wearing a mask while teaching or expecting the students to do so either. Especially while teaching reading. Hire teachers at the county level to teach DL classes. One teacher cannot successfully do both face to face and DL at the same time. Parents can opt into DL, but must stay on that path for at lest 9 weeks at a time. No back and forth.

Desk 6 ft apart.

Different students go every other week.

Direct and provide resources to FL virtual school for those that do not want to send their child to physical school. But open the schools with as many safeguards as reasonably possible so face to face instruction can occur.

"Distance education is not working well for my children. If they were actually learning and retaining, I would have kept them in FLVS.

How about schools open for four days a week? Fifth day could be homework or project day. Or Schools could be open 4 days a week, and the school year extended.

Please cancel all rallies, assemblies, and state-testing."

Distance learning did not help the high school kids. Face masks in class and in halls and temp checks in first period. Lunch can remain in the classrooms. But with sports starting back in FL kids have not been social distanced. They are having beach trips with their friends. If any parent is not comfortable they can continue with distance learning.

"Distance learning did not work in our household. Too much screen time and not enough retention or impact made for elementary-age students. We'd like to see them go back to - face-to-face school environment.

If social distancing is still the concern in fall, offer a half day of school sessions - either 8-11 or 1-4 - offer boxed lunches to take home for those that need OR on arrival, as they do currently for breakfast, but there would not be a traditional lunch shift during the day. No distance learning after dismissal since kids are only recommended 1-3 hours of instructional time depending on age and they'd get this without distractions (lunch, recess) in this setting. Teachers will have a chance to take a break, sanitize and prepare for next class of day. Also allows them personalized instruction with smaller classrooms.

Offer extended day, like they do now, for kids who need it (afternoon classes you get morning and vice versa). Work with local businesses to supplement if there's a need for working parents. "

"Distance Learning didn't work for us... My kids prefer to have presencial teachers, they thinks it's more productive.

I can't stay at home with them, charging them all time, it was exhaustive for me.

I think until August the pandemic situation will be better, we're having progress with the gradual reopening. I hope we can return to face to face school safely."

"Distance learning does not work well as a long term option, especially for my younger student in first grade. My wife and I both work and the last two months have been incredibly difficult because what used to be school hours where we could work have dramatically impacted our ability to work. It is not a sustainable or long term option. We cannot sacrifice the learning environment and our children's progress because of hysteria or because public officials are afraid to follow common sense and guidelines. I do not think that major, impactful decisions like the format of the entire school year be decided by mob mentality.

While we need certain safeguards in place, we cannot and should not hide forever or keep children away from others indefinitely. It is over reacting and pandering to public anxiety - not actual safety advice from the experts. If parents are worried and want to do distance learning they should be able to - and this will decrease class size for those of us that feel face to face learning will be perfectly safe.

I work for a hospital system and we are effectively managing a close quarters office setting and clinical setting safely. Florida has not seen the same volume of cases that other states have. Our climate and decreased density of Orlando are protective factors. "

Distance learning doesn't really help us learn nothing because we don't have a teacher their too physically teacher us the material.

Distance learning doesn't work for every child. That's an option already for parents who do not want to send their child face to face. Enforce PPE's, clean and sanitize.

Distance learning is fine for a short period of time, or for one class. It is not a replacement for interaction with students and teachers, which is needed to foster learning. Online learning is very isolating. Our high school is a community and humans need to be in community. The mental and emotional health of our students is as important as the physical. Desks can be distanced and faced toward the front of the room, temperature can be taken upon entry, sanitizer should be at the door of every classroom and students should be encouraged to use it entering and leaving the room. Provide sanitizing wipes for students to wipe desks before and after class. Encourage social distancing in common areas. Those with symptoms stay home. Classes could be live-streamed for those who are sick at home. If someone is at risk for health reasons and needs to learn from home, they should be allowed to attend virtual school. Lastly, the data on masks is mixed, it should be studied further before making it a requirement, especially for the healthy. Wearing masks during physical activity has proven dangerous for some. Youth are the least likely group to become sick from the virus, especially if they are healthy and the data on asymptomatic spread now shows it is far less likely than originally reported. For all these reasons we are hoping for a return to school and our beloved TC Regiment band program.

Distance learning is not effective, especially for elementary children. There's virtual school for those that don't want to send their children to school, for the rest of us, give us normal face-to-face!

"Distance Learning isn't fun.

Believe me I know. People thrive on social interaction. What if you take that away?

What if nothing will be the same?"

Distance learning only works in homes where an adult is available to fully implement the plan. The value children will get from proper interaction with authority figures at school and other children will make up for the strangeness of extra cleaning and social distance. I think a surprising number of families will opt for distance learning to care for at-risk older family members, helping the distance issue without requiring more physical space. For many families like ours there absolutely needs to be a face-to-face option or these children are really going to suffer.

"Distance learning should remain an option. If face to face attendance on campus is the only option at any given point (whether through full-time attendance or blended model) students should be permitted to register with FLVS/OCVS.

*However, those students in magnet programs should be granted the opportunity to re-enroll in their magnet program once a vaccine is widely available and in widespread use.*

Of course, an assessment of their academic readiness should be assessed prior to re-entering the program but they should have priority. We prefer our child to remain in the Two Way Dual Language magnet program at Hunter's Creek Elementary, but we are very concerned about her health and safety, the health and safety of the staff, and ultimately the health and safety of our community at large."

"Distance learning was a complete disaster for my son. He needs the stimulation of other students in the classroom to keep his attention and make learning both purposeful and fun.

This is his senior year. I need him to enjoy it and he needs to that, too.

Classroom education will probably never be the same again. I understand that masks are a necessity, because social distancing is sometimes not possible. Many businesses I have seen recently have hung clear plastic shower curtains or erected plexiglass dividers between work stations. I don't know if that is even feasible in such a huge school system.

Unfortunately, I don't have any new or original ideas. I only know my son must be in a classroom in order to get thru the coming school year. Thank you."

Distance learning was not good at all. The program isn't well designed and it's hard on kids, even for myself as a parent. I would suggest face to face learn at school, school must/need to have more janitors and also more parents volunteering to help sanitizer the schools on the daily bases.

Distance learning was not the best for us. Going back to face-to-face please.

Distance learning was very hard for our family. Our children benefit from in person instruction, where they can engage with their peers and get instruction from educators.

"Distance learning widens the gap. Students from low income families most likely have parents working shift jobs that can't be home for their child, therefore, work will not be getting done during normal school hours, if at all. Children in daycare won't be doing school work during school hours, either. Distance learning is not real learning nor real teaching.

Going back face to face is the only way to truly teach our kids. Social distancing is never going to happen with elementary children, let's be honest. We can keep surfaces wiped up, limit sharing of materials like scissors, crayons, and markers. Separating kids on the bus is also ridiculous. Kids from the same neighborhood have probably been hanging out anyway, so why not just let them sit together on the bus. Different neighborhoods don't sit in the same seats for now. "

"Distance learning will not work as it is challenging for a lot of parents who have full time work. Means we have to work and then come home and homeschool a child. Usually lower elementary kids need help with computers.

Blended approach - I don't think it makes a difference if it's face to face school or blended as kids still go to school and get exposed be it 5 days a week, 2 or 3.

Face to face- eill only work if there won't be any restrictions in place. Kids won't keep masks all day breathing their CO2 for 6 hours. And teachers and not there to cintrol 15-20 kids and discipline them on wearing masks, hand washing etc. "

Distance learning works best for older students; however, for lower grades, it forces the parents to become teachers and be involved. I teach VPK, and a big part of their learning is related to social skills - learning routines and procedures for the first time, playing with others cooperatively, and participating in learning centers for the first time. These little ones see the teacher as their surrogate parent, and not seeing the teacher in person will prevent them from feeling connected. The little ones need a lot of hands-on activities and tools that are not available at home in order to keep them engaged (eg: manipulatives, specialized DVDs,and materials). Many of the above cannot be replaced in a home environment, and it would be a shame for these little ones to not really take advantage of an in-person teacher who can not only teach them, but show them love, caring, and understanding.

Distant learning does not work for every student and family. It would be great to separate the students who request the distant learning vs. the students who need that face to face learning.

Do not continue distance learning. I believe we should go back to traditional face to face schooling with some extra cleaning procedures throughout the day and possibly an end of day full clean of communal areas.

Do not continue distance learning. Let kids be kids and return to school face to face. Everything else is returning to normal and they can go everywhere else so why not school? Also do not make them wear masks. Just practice good cleanliness and don't allow sick students in the classrooms.

doing school from home was more like teaching ourselves for me and my friends and didn't really learn anything since spring break

Don't think they realize not everyone is able to stay at home with their child and help with virtual learning. Some families have both parents working and virtual is NOT possible !! It is not fair to have these kids teaching themselves . They need teachers , books, and socializing with their friends . This is all part of their development.

Due to the fact that more and more studies are being published about Covid-19 and we now know that it doesn't get transmitted by asymptomatic patients, it's not air borne, and doesn't actually live on surfaces (as with ALL viruses). It doesn't make sense to not go back to school and do face to face learning. How are parents supposed to go to work to support their families if schools don't reopen with a normal schedule? Parent rely on schools as a place for their child to learn, but also for a safe (and affordable) place for their child to be cared for while they are at work so they can actually support those children.

During drop off every child should have their temp check before entering the building as well as every adult entering the building and hand sanitizer to their hands. The students desk should be distanced. Lunch should be in their classrooms or a designated outdoor area (weather permitting). Please consider that every kid is different and what's best for some will not be good for others. My child personally did not do well with distance learning. She had way too many distractions at home so continued online virtual school would be disastrous for her learning.

During the last quarter we had to deal with many students that needed that extra help and many that did not do any work at least. I'm afraid that if we don't go back in the classroom the students will lack the extra help and not be responsible enough to do their work. I believe.coming back to the classroom we would need to protect ourselves and student alike.

"During the time that they did distance learning, me and my son felt that he did not learn as much as he would have face to face.

High school is so important. They have AP's classes, Decisions on what colleges to go, SAT's, TESTING which that all need.

My son is in a performing magnet program and they should be in school for these classes.

We can start by making sure the ENTIRE SCHOOL is CLEAN at all times. They should wear masks and maybe students can wipe there desks before they leave to each class! "

"During this time I have had the opportunity to learn so much about covid19.

Because if it's rarity to affect school aged children,

And because of the negative health impacts of wearing masks for extended periods,

I request that masks NOT be a requirement for students upon their return to the classroom. Nor for the teachers.

I ask that masks be an optional decision for students and staff.

If masks are to be required, we will switch to 100% home school.

Thank you for your time."

each classroom has under 10 students the students will be 6feet apart. when working together students will stay 6feet apart. at launch, students will stay 6feet apart and the rules are no sharing food no touching other people's food.

Easy for face to face and teach kids in person than distancing

Either return as normal, or continue distance learning. The A/B rotation schedule is not feasible for employees, planning for their families, and taking teacher health into consideration. Having teachers see every student on different days is still putting everyone at risk. If it is not safe enough to return as usual, it is not safe enough to return.

"Elementary age: An am and pm set of students. Students get smaller class size face to face instruction. Am students run from 7:30 - 11:00. Wipe down and teacher lunchtime/planning. Pm students run from 12:15 - 3:45. Adjusted for Wednesday's to allow for early release.

Middle and High Age: Receive core classes as face to face instruction and electives online. Am and pm sets as well, staggered from elementary for bussing purposes. (7:00 & 11:30)"

"Elementary and Middle School:

School hours divided into AM and PM and runs from Monday through Thursday only.

Option A: 8am-11:30 pm

Lunch: Grab and Go on Car Line at 11: 50

Option B: 12:30pm-4pm

For example: Mrs. John teaches fourth grade. Mrs. John has a total of 25 kids. Thirteen of her students attend the Option A class schedule and the other twelve students attend the Option B class schedule. School runs from Monday through Thursday. On Friday, teachers do not go to school. Meetings are held on Friday through BBB (one Friday will be assigned for Faculty Meeting and one Friday for PLC. The two other Friday of the month will be used for planning purposes.)

High School:

--> Block Schedule ONLY for core classes

Monday and Wednesday: example: Science and Math

Tuesday and Thursday: History and English

--> One group attends the am session and the other group attends the pm session.

am session runs from 8am-11:10am

pm session rungs from 12pm-3:10pm

Lunch: Grab and Go at 11:30am

All other non-core courses, such as Spanish, PE are taken online.

Jacob's Schedule

Monday: 8am-9:30am Science, 9:40-11:10 am Math

Tuesday: 8am- 9:30am History and 9:40-11:10am English

Wednesday: Science, Math

Thursday: History and English

Friday: Used to complete electives such as Spanish.

On Friday: Core teachers use this day to lesson plan and work on PLC.

Non-core teachers attend school location twice a week to perform duties and/or administrative tasks, such as phone calls, etc."

Elementary needs face to face especially when no one is home and parents are working.

"Elementary needs Face to Face. Elementary learn best in a teacher led classroom and small groups. Many parents of Elem students work during daytime hours, so a chunk of students would be in daycare during the day - playing and not doing studies (or home alone).

Mid and HS are a bit more responsible when it comes to online learning.


Elementary school distance learning was challenging this past 4th quarter. Young children learn best through play, exploration, and interaction with each other face-to-face. No Zoom session or other online tool can compensate for that needed face-to-face time. I should know as I am a university professor who teaches both online and F2F. While online formats work well for older individuals who are self-starters, children need each other during this critical time in their learning. And this is not even considering the burden on single or two family households that work full-time; households that do not have access to basic needs, including technology; and children who rely on schools for meals and comfort. Please reopen schools and allow F2F instruction. Anyone concerned about F2F should enroll in virtual school.

Elementary schools 8-11 am every day with max 11 kids for AM session. Students for PM session go 12 - 3 pm 11 students max. This way every teacher still can have 22 students and go to school 5 days a week. No gatherings for lunch Special area classes taught within the 3 hour block. Lunches served off campus like during distance learning. Middle and high students can continue with online learning. Teachers not comfortable with face to face can be given the option of teaching online to those students who prefer that model.

"Elementary schools will not be able to be departmentalized.

Middle School and High School students can have a Homeroom where they ""attend"" their daily courses through Canvas. The students would stay in this room for the day, and access their assignments through their Canvas courses.

This way parents with primarily elementary & middle school age children do not have to pay for child care for days they have to work, but their child does not go to school"

Elementary students need structure and consistency found in face-to-face instruction. They are unable to advocate for themselves to ensure they set a time for learning each day. They need hands-on guidance from their teacher to facilitate a differentiated approach to learning. The students in a low-income area don't have parents who have had enough education to help them learn at home. Sometimes their parents aren't home because they are working two or three jobs to simply survive. The school environment for these students increases their opportunity for a safe place to learn while providing breakfast and lunch they may not get at home. It is important for elementary students to have the chance to learn at school. Virtual or blended learning is not the best option for PreK-5th students. They need to return to education in the building with health and safety measures in place.

Elementary: Desks spread apart; carpet time with specific circles or spaces for each child (provide carpet circles or other to teachers); thorough cleaning after every day (hire and completely train more custodial staff to clean more than just bathrooms, but also computers, desks, doorknobs and railings); leniency on transition times in hallways and stagger times for nearby classrooms; lunch delivery carts to classrooms by supervisory staff; custodians and supervisory staff clean up/collect trash after; special areas teachers teach in open areas (outside) or in regular ed classrooms; allot time for hand washing upon entry, before lunch, after lunch, after special areas, etc.; temperature checks upon entry; resources available and embedded for teaching without small groups working together- edit current practices and strategies to allow distance; storage for each child's belongings- no community supplies; provide soap and hand sanitizer to all schools; sanitizer stations at high contact points- kept full; homework only non-paper items- online or other options or just not required (no longer part of grades); testing (and classwork) done online as much as possible (elementary needs 1-1 at this point); computer cleaner provided; conferences and meetings with parents- send paperwork to sign or meet online/by phone; meet the teacher, curriculum nights, open house, etc- all done virtually

Employees and kids temperatures should be taken daily. Have designated hand washing times for staff and kids. NO MASK wearing for staff and kids. Have more cleaning requirements and hiring more custodians. And making it a requirement for parents to pick their children up from school if their kids are sick. No exceptions. Making students be fever free for 72 hours before being allowed to come back to school. I beg you, please please please don't make kids and staff wear mask. It is not helpful for the children and for their education. And it's not helpful for the staff. Thank you for your consideration!

Employees who don't want to do face to face simply want to stay home in their pajamas and work three hours. I personally want to teach and I truly miss my students and my real job of 23 years. It's time to let our immune systems take care of us. The numbers show that isolation at this point is not changing anything. Time to live again!

Employees who have school aged children have major child care issues if we go to a blended model where students don't attend school daily.

Enhanced cleaning. Everything else the same.

ESE and special needs kids do not thrive in a special needs environment they cannot distant learn this goes against the American disability act and opens the school district up for a lawsuit ! Children are being left behind and this is not fair. Many parents who are essential workers are losing their jobs . They cannot teach at home . Many have language barriers and cannot teach at home . Many rely on employment with schools for t he ir businesses and are losing jobs ! Special needs children deserve more than to pushed aside by distance learning ! We need to allow the students back to school and allow those who are medically compromised to distant learn

ESE special needs children cannot do distance learning they will suffer this is not inclusive and can open up ocps to lawsuits there are people who are contracted by schools out of work right now . There are also essential workers who are getting fired because they have to stay home to teach their children . This is crippling families let those who want to distant learn distant learn but do not make the special needs and others suffer

ESOL students need to have more personalized attention, be in front of the teacher, and have the opportunity to practice in the four basic areas of listening, writing, conversation, and computer practice. They need to ask questions and get answers. Some students aren't good with technology and this limits them.

"Esta situación es algo que dependerá más de la correcta alimentación de los niños, que de aislarlos y poner a prueba su balance psicológico.

Medidas de higiene y velar porque los alimentos obtenidos por el sistema de cafetería escolar sean potencialmente elevadores de su sistema inmunológico será más adecuado que tapar sus sonrisas con una mascaras y crearles el temor de compartir con sus compañeros, que serán sus amigos para toda su vida "

Everybody should have masks, gloves, sanitizer first of all. Secondly, when we come into the class or hallway, we'll go in one at a time to ensure social distancing. My third desire is that we should get a cleaner, or even the students and teachers themselves, to clean the surfaces which they may think isn't clean or they've touched. We should also stop group projects as it requires people to touch the same surfaces over and over again. All the desks should be separated and kept 6ft apart from each other, to follow social distancing guidelines. Adults should kept in the hallways or stairs at all times to ensure everyone is following the guidelines and washing their hands. That is all I will suggest for I can't think of any more ideas.

Everyone can wear masks if they would like. We do not learn well enough online. Opening schools is the best idea. Just wash your hands often and don't touch your face.

"Everyone on campus should be REQUIRED to wear a mask.Since there is NO way to keep all students 6 feet apart we need to make masks mandatory on buses in classrooms and in hallways.Dont be afraid to send kids home if they don't have a mask.We can't let this slip from mandatory to recommended.Students will not take this serious unless there are immediate consequences.We have a lot of teachers who are very at risk.

No touch hand sanitizer dispensers should be in all classrooms.If they are in the hallways they will be damaged more often than if in the classrooms.


"Everyone should use face masks.

Constantly washing hands

Temperature measured everyday "

Everyone should wear a mask at all times. Especially OCPS employees to protect themselves and others.

Everyone using masks and desks being apart

Everyone wears a mask to school every day and social distance in the classroom.

"Everything back to normal.

No masks

Recess specials and lunch


Everything hinges on accurate SARS-CoV2 testing and quick quarantine of isolated individuals: testing of staff (arguably the highest risk), testing of students, and it needs to be free. If testing occurs at regular intervals, there is a lot less to worry about. Testing should be coupled with distancing protocols and minimized exposure (keeping all of the kids in a single room all day). Yes, this is unfortunate. However, school used to be taught in a single classroom K-12 a long time ago, and this is temporary. I also just want to elevate the voice of people who absolutely must have all guardians work; childcare costs are an extreme hardship for many and may not be available. And those kids most at risk of losing ground on their academics are those who do not have a parent or guardian at home to homeschool them (or monitor their online schooling). I attended half-day kindergarten. Perhaps there is a compromise there--splitting the class in half to make a hybrid day.

Extra cleaning precautions with hand sanitizer availability. Kids will NOT be able to wear masks all day (it is uncomfortable and unhealthy) so my vote is no masks. Otherwise resume regular learning in a classroom setting.

Extra cleaning protocols. There is no way working parents can distance learn and work full time. If parents are concerned for their kids safety they can enroll them in FLVS.

Extreme cleaning and disinfection measures are needed

Face coverings required and sanitizer available. Or split classes into 2 groups; some join online Monday Wednesday then come to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays where the other group does the opposite.

"face to face students are effective learning

distance learning has low effect that students learning


Face to face 5 days a week

Face to face because this whole thing is bull shit and kids should go back to school.

Face to face class and cleaning hands frequently and school cleaning daily. Additionally even though not needed if people felt it was needed make cubical like at work years ago. students need school at school for social, competition, emotional and healthy theme each week like rest adequately, eat smart etc. for students and staff

"Face to Face Classrooms

Clean Areas Regularly

Wash Hands Regularly"

Face to face has worked all these years, with all our challenges thus far. Don't fix, what's not broken.

Face to face if it is safe to do so. If we do distance learning again from the teachers must actually teach or I will unenroll both children and do Florida Virtual or my own home schooling. I would also be open to a 4 day week with masks for all staff and kids.

face to face in a safe environment smaller classes kids need social interaction not just the education they receive at school that is important but the socialization is key as well temperature checks

Face to face instruction is so important, not just for academics but also for social/emotional learning. Also, parents have to go back to work and would have a very hard time doing a short day or blended day while working 8-5. Who will pick them up? Who will watch them and help with the distance learning? So if we are going to send all the kids to after school care or day care for the second half of the day, we may as well just send them to school.

Face to face instruction with additional cleaning measures and sanitation of classrooms and workspaces.

Face to face instruction with the proper health precautions is best for everyone...

Face to face instructions following the CDC guidelines as much as possible. Requiring every single individual walking inside school grounds (students, parents, personnel, etc.) to wear a mask. No mask, no access.

"Face to face is best . It was really difficult with having 3 kids at home for this long ! I also have a 2 year old which made it more difficult. I think they definitely learn more in a school setting .

I'm hoping they are still able to distance themselves but at the same time interact with the other kids some how .

Thank you ."

Face to face is best for students and teachers. The face to face gives that chance for rapport with students. Desks can be kept apart, but not 6 feet. Have all students have own materials. Have one class at a time having recess.

"Face to face is going to be the best option at this point. Things have been blown out of proportion in my opinion. Blended distance and face to face should not even be an option because it will cause SO many issues with attendance/truancy, make up work, discipline, students needing to speak and work with teachers. The confusion will just escalate.

Maybe now the county will take a look at where money needs to go instead of wasting money. We need to look at the custodial side of things with pay and proper staffing so that we can keep things clean for our kids and staff. The district blows too much money on items that have not worked for other counties and states but think OCPS will make it work. Wake up and use your head. Properly allocate money. Take care of the employees that are at the foundation of a clean and safe school across our great county.

From talking with parents and kids during our distance learning period, kids need the interaction with adults and classmates. That is crucial in the development of the student and society. Together we can do this as long as we use our heads to think with and not our agendas."

Face to face learning children understand better. Even they do not understand, they can ask questions and get explanation.

"Face to face learning has been the most efficient way to educate students for as long as we know it. Some children started doing much worse because they require such education for better understanding. Some families only have one parent and don't have the time needed for proper teaching. Certain kids have vision or migraine problems. Increase of technology will logically increase issues as such.

A social life has always been necessary for a person's mental health. The education system has been promoting face to face interactions in order to increase attention spans, enjoyment levels as well as decrease anxiety and bad technology impact. Face to face schooling offers more opportunities and provides students with the needed experience.

Even without the pandemic, families home school their kids and have others do school virtually.

Many public places are now open and will continue to increase in capacity. Schools hold some of the biggest importance to our future. Reducing face to face schooling will cause major unemployment and students' desire to learn and interact. The best choice to satisfy all is to provide a form for parents and students who decide in favor of face to face schooling. It is beneficial for families to acknowledge the risks of the pandemic and therefore the schools wouldn't have to close down. Whoever is willing to attend would be aware of the details and will take necessary action when needed.

Students today need social interactions and shall not be deprived of the experience face to face schooling provides."

Face to face learning in a regular classroom setting. Hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes available in each classroom.

Face to face learning is best option for children to learn. Children learn better with a professional educator. Plus, children benefit from social interactions with other children.

Face to face learning is better. The students can get the more out of the class work and better undestanding. While they have the preasent of the teacher in the room. And for those who need more help they have the assistant of the teacher. And the students will have the interaction of their classmates.

Face to face learning is critical

Face to face learning is important for kids.

"Face to face learning is more effective. We can wear masks, have smaller classes and less classes in the cafeteria so that we can practice social distancing. Also the county should place plastic shields at every desk in the classroom as well as in cafeteria.

We may have to limit the use of Kagan Strategies and co-operative/collaborative structures until after Covid is gone."

Face to face learning is the only way. Distance learning does not work and the children slip further behind everyday. I want my children to have the full school experience; classrooms, teachers, friends, social interaction, play time, sports, after school activities, all of it. There is so much more to "school" than sitting in front of a computer at home trying to learn something. School is about learning to live in society, about becoming educated, about learning critical thinking and all of that is lost with distance learning. It was a fine stop gap measure, but it is time for it to end. It would now appear that the risk of COVID is very low, and the benefits of attending school in person, with all of the lessons our children will learn, greatly outweigh any risks posed by COVID. And along those lines, do not forget about our children's mental health. Children are not meant to be cooped up for days, weeks or months on end. After two months of distance learning my 12 year old was showing signs of clinical depression. When I spoke to her and got her to open up, it boiled down to one simple issue, and I quote, "I miss people. I miss my friends." Please, please, I implore you, open the schools back up and let the students go back to class and have a normal school experience.

Face to face learning is the way to go. Distance learning is overall an ineffective education and an isolating one as well. Covid data not showing to as deadly as once predicted and the young are least affected. If people are afraid for their children they can homeschool with FLVS.

Face to face learning is very important for students and abetter sociology wised

Face to face learning please and thank you. My daughter thrives only in the classroom and is really missing be at school.

Face to face learning please. My child thrives in the classroom and is really missing be at school.

"Face to Face learning should be held in 2 sessions, A in the AM and B in the PM. For Middle and High school students, only core classes would be face to face. The A group would take the core classes in the morning then , eat lunch. Busses would bring the B group and take the A group home. The B group would then eat lunch and take their core classes. All students would take elective classes online.

All core teachers would have the option to teach A, B or both sessions. Elective teachers would backfill the sessions that needed core teachers, with the state of Florida giving exemptions to teaching out of field.

Elementary would similarly be half day. Specials teachers would be filling in just like elective teachers in secondary. "

"Face to Face learning, each morning before a student steps foot on campus the temperature is checked.

When they get off the bus some is there to give temp check and it is recorded.. Have entrances areas manned with someone there to take temps"

Face to face learning. Kids need this type of learning for many reasons. Many parents still work and it allows the kids to be somewhere supervised and learning. There is also children who need that environment because of a broken home or issues at home and school is an escape from that. Face to face will allow the kids to learn and be comfortable without stressing and without their parents or guardian to stress how they are supposed to watch them and go to work. Keep the cleaning going, all classrooms need hand sanitizers, let kids run around for recess, wash hands more frequently. Check temps in class rooms. Be proactive with cleanliness and strict sick policy. Please don't cancel in person school, kids thrive on this!

"Face to face learning. Temperature checks at home before coming to school. Encouraged to wear face masks but not required.

Children need to learn how to socialize with their peers They also need an outlet away from home in a new environment. "

Face to face mask and 6f distance ( mascaras faciales, menos estudiantes por salon)

Face to face model split in 2. A morning and afternoon session. Half of your class would come in the morning for instruction. Then the other part of the day would be specials, iready/ computer, focus etc. Then the class would switch. The afternoon class would come for instruction It could be broken into 2- 3 hour sessions.4 days a week.

Face to face please! Kids need to be In school with your well trained professionals! We love OCPS! However, we do not think it's healthy for our kids or the staff to wear masks all day and will choose a virtual option if there are masks and no arts programs! Thanks for taking our ideas! Have a virtual option and a face to face option with more cleaning but absolutely no mandatory masks for kids and staff!

Face to face schooling but with precautions such as: surfaces cleaned regularly, maybe have three lunches instead of two to have less people during lunch, desks seperated further apart than normal, santizing stations around the school, maybe more time between classes tog ive teachers time to clean their rooms.

Face to Face sounds perfect

Face to face spaced out desks

Face to Face students will be able to do hands-on labs. Teachers will be able to give answers immediately. Now, this is providing everything is clear to go, based on medical advice.

Face to face teaching has a positive impact on students. Attending school, develops social skills among students, allows learning not only from teachers but from peers. School is a safe environment where students enjoy resources and instructional support. On the other hand, we need to establish the necessary precautionary rules, such as, wearing masks, social distance, among others.

face to face the distance learning was a disaster bc students did not have the equipment/devices. teachers were not trained as they should have been and parents were to involved and students were not held accountable enough. i'm not sure what you want me to share-open schools fewer students per class make adjustments in the cafeteria and hallways walking to and from places. it can be done. day cares are open, restaurants are open. jobs are open schools can open. no shared supplies-all students must have their own pencils paper etc. nothing insides desks avoid touching areas keep in backpacks

Face to face wearing masks. I think they should be able to have normal days in the classrooms let these children go back to normal life's, if we see a major increase then sit and look at the situation

Face to face where it will mandatory to keep sick students at home, even without fever. Any sign os sickness has to be enough to stay at home. Masks for students or staff with health conditions. Deep cleaning of the classroom, with the teacher's help, many times per day. Hand sanitizer stations around the campus.

Face to face with appropriate measurement and precautions

Face to face with less class size

Face to face with MO restrictions. Let the kids go back to school as it was in March before this. No mandatory masks! Provide ample soap and sanitizer and encourage frequent hand washing.

Face to face with no masks.

Face to face with no restrictions! Camps are running. Children are not vectors for this virus. Per the norm, if children are sick, stay home. Wash hands.

Face to face with precautionary measures, since there are many parents who have to go out to work. Minors of a certain age cannot be left alone at home. When the child is taking school at home many parents could not work.

Face to face with safety measures. Teachers could wear masks, smaller classes and students eat lunch in class.

Face to face with safety precautions.

Face to face with safety protocols like wearing face masks, social distancing, hand sanitizing stations, and temperature checks every day during first period.

Face to face with small amount of students in each group and having strict rules, Social distancing, make use of mask , gloves. Being this hard for small kids to maintain on mask school hours should change students coming out earlier.

"Face to face with smaller class size to maintain social distance sanitize often and wash hands.

board should find out how many people will enrolled in school as I see some parents will do virtual instead os face to face so we will probably have smaller classes anyway."

Face to face with smaller class sizes and eatting in the classrooms

Face to face with smaller class sizes, decreased movement throughout the day (aka going to specials or cafeteria), check temperatures daily, increased cleaning measures, and supply teachers with necessary cleaning supplies to sanitize throughout the day.

Face to face with social distancing. Proper rules be put in place.

Face to face with students only attending school part time, for example students attending half day. ESE services offered entirely online via Big Blue Button.

Face to face with the new normal rules . Hire more teacher to a cap size of groups to be smaller.

Face to face would be awesome!

Face to face would be best. These children need to be with friends and learn from the teachers who are qualified. Blended would be difficult with scheduling and children having to be alone while the parents work. I would have to quit my job if my son had a different schedule then me. He's on the spectrum and I have no family here.

Face to face would be better as students are getting the work done but lacking in every other aspect such as friends and others

Face to face would be better because u get to ask questions an details

"Face to face

Add more processes first cleaning/sanitizing, temp checks, etc.

Working parents cannot continue the distance learning model- too difficult!! "

Face to face, but if the student needs to spend time away from school due to illness, a distance option should be readily available for seamless transition. So the student isn't penalized for absences.

"Face to face, exactly as we've done in the past.

Staff and students should NOT be required to wear face masks!"

Face to face, with all the CDC guidelines whenever it is possível, washing hands constantly and avoiding mixing the classes too much.

Face to face. Children need structure and socialization to thrive. I have a child on an IEP that needs accommodations that will be unmet in a distance learning environment.

"Face to face.

People need to connect that way all the time. The students need to stay in visual-face contact, the student need to feel teachers contact, that help encourage them in each step.

It is very important that for each classroom need to be no more than eighteen students. This is the time that the school need to support each student. Thanks."

Face-to-face in-school learning. Get the students back in a classroom setting.

Face-to-face is much easier for me and i have asked other students too.When you're at home, you're in an environment where you relax but if we have to do school at home, its like you're setting us up for failure! At home we're more likely to procrastinate then we are at school.

Face-to-face is the only option that makes the most sense. Distance learning and blended learning are not sustainable. Adjustments can be made to help with comfort for all students and staff if needed.

Face-to-face learning

Face-to-face learning with just more hand washing opportunities and maybe more time to get to class so that there could be two different waves of kids going to classes, not all at the same time.

Face-to-face learning with some safety precautions. Allow children to have lunch in the lunch room or outside and not in classrooms

Face-to-face learning, teacher-student interaction is very important and it is key in the learning process. Teaching is an active and dynamic process. The presence of the instructors is integral to achieve interpersonal interaction and activities that come from a "real person". Interaction increases student satisfaction and, by extension, their motivation to learn and succeed. We hope it can be accomplished in the new school year. Thanks.

Face-to-face please as it will be the best for our family!!!!!!

Face-to-face traditional school should be in place as usual, however distance learning/virtual school should be an option for those families that prefer staying home. Perhaps that will lessen the numbers of students in person at school to make for smaller class sizes. It is important for so many reasons to maintain face-to-face instruction, & it is still important to incorporate specials, recess & all the usual extra-curricular activities. Proper hand-washing/sanitizing throughout the day, enhanced cleaning of classrooms & facilities, & enforcing that kids stay home when sick seem to be the best measures that should be taken. I personally feel masks for the elementary ages should NOT be required.

Families need to have a choice to do virtual or face to face. We should be able to make the choice based on our own family's medical history and the demographics of our homes. Parents who work full time are not able to fully engage with their kids to actually teach. We need an option that won't require us to lose our jobs to become a teacher at home. It is a completely unfair expectation and not sustainable for working parents.

First graders need a teacher. Not a computer or a teacher on a computer. We will build our immunities and we will be fine. Please consider face to face and let's get back to our lives. Thank you!

Florida and most of the country will most definitely be in or past Phase 3 of reopening by the time school reconvenes. I think it is imperative for children to be able to resume attendance as normal. I do not think that extreme social distancing measures are required. I believe parents can and will be responsible in monitoring any obvious signs of sickness and keep ill children home if needed.

Follow strict cleaning guidelines, regular hand washing, and socially distance, when able. I think we should resume regular schooling. Most daycares have been open for months, why not open schools and give it a try?!

Follow the CDC guidelines, student lacks motivation when they are at home.

Follow the ideas of layout and rules implemented by Denmark.

Follow the lead of China!! Add no touch hand sanitizer stations throughout all schools. Add some form of disinfecting before students come into the school. Provide a constant supply of masks for students and staff.

For blended or face t face: Masks must be required for all and should be provided for all. Hand sanitizer stations should be provide and readily available in all schools.

"For Elementary Age Children:

A. Optional face masks. Or separate kids into classes where some wear masks and others do not.

1. How will kids be able to understand pronunciation or reading in early grades muffled under the masks and not being able to see their teacher's mouth?

2. Masks will be lost daily. Masks will not be cleaned properly posing spread of germs potentially worse than by not wearing one. Think kids coughing in them or wiping their noses in them then taking them off for lunch or recess and leaving them laying around on their desks like dirty tissues.

3. We live in FL and dehydration and heat strokes are concerns for forcing kids to wear masks all day inside but especially outside.

B. Individual desks or seat kids every other seat at larger tables.

C. Temperature checks in the morning.

D. Daily cleaning and disinfecting classrooms and common areas after school each day.

E. Communication sent home to parents if someone in the classroom tests positive."

"For elementary school:

1) For all students to attend 5 days at week, divide the class in half and have an AM and PM class (like how kindergarten used to be years ago).


2) Divide each class in half to attend for full days on a rotating schedule. Ex: Group 1 attends M, W, F and Group 2 attends Tu and Th, then the groups flip days for the next week.



When schools reopen we have an opportunity to level students for math and reading. This way 100% of their daily time in class would be at their level.

We also could departmentalize teachers to strengthen the application of academics in elementary schools. Build on teacher strengths for easier teacher evaluation.

Give students an FSA type test for their grade level at the beginning of school and the same test at the end to gauge progress.This would also give you a level to place the student. Teachers would be evaluated by the student gains.

This would be the optimum situation to close achievement gaps due to COVID-19.

Students could move between levels for maximum benefit and teachers would not be overwhelmed with a wide range of students. They could virtually do MTSS daily, all the time.

Now is the time to make this rearrangement."

For elementary schools, they need to go back with enhanced cleaning. My first grader struggled significantly with distance learning. There was not nearly enough to keep her engaged and both my husband and I work full time. If there is some sort of blended or distance learning next year a lot more work, structure and teaching assistance is needed. Maybe helping families to create mini-schools with other kids at the school might help, but they need extensive lesson plans and activities to ensure kids are engaged.

For high schools, we could bring back early departure periods for 1st, 2nd and/or 7th periods in order to stagger arrival and departure crowds. Many juniors and seniors do not need extra electives or may opt to take an elective on FLVS at home instead.

"For middle and high school ... have different grade level bell schedules to limit activity in hallways.


"For our family, distance learning was a waste. It wasn't structured enough and repeated "missing assignments", that were turned in was a frustrating part as well.

The level of learning declined, in my opinion.

I believe OCPS did their best considering the circumstance, but it's definitely not a long term option.

If OCPS decides to distant learn (I pray they don't) it needS to be live classes, each hour, live teachers for the 50 min class time, just like regular school time.

I am an RN and I personally think it's time to get them back to school. "

"For secondary school, interlocking shifts, half of students come in the morning am to 12:00 pm and the rest in the afternoon 12:30 to 4:30 to 5:00 pm. Usually the seniors have less classes in the last school year. They can be schedule in the shortest interlocking time.

High school lunch dismissal staggered as it is done in Elementary School. For High school two big lunches wont work.

Utilize school auditorium and gym to have students with same class in the same place at the same time while observing social distance. Hence the gym or auditorium. This will also shorten the time at school because many students will be taking the same class at the same time versus waiting for their respective periods. "

For special needs students the distance model is not ideal for learning or socialization.

"For the Covid-19 is very dangerous, but when the children stayed at home is no physical activities and is very difficult for all of parents.

I hope jesus will protect all children

Is my opinion I want my son go back to school "

"For the F2F instructional model, school admin will ensure temperatures checks daily i.e. ed paras will be assigned a grade level for teachers and students. Masks/gloves are on all supply lists. The district will provide masks/gloves to teachers (180 minimum.) Covid testing is required.

At 50% capacity, desk space is invaluable. To be fair, a lottery will allow families to select schools without compromise. In Lee County, FL, the district required school choice applications for all. Students within a school's zone were given priority, but parents could forfeit that and choose up to 6 other schools in the learning community, ranked in order of preference. Unless they entered the district after the initial enrollment deadline, students mostly got their 1st or 2nd choice. Then, many parents transported their kids; when families moved, school transfers weren't necessary based solely on zip code. Since many families will be displaced, consistent instruction is attainable if buses transport kids within 1-2 learning communities. Usually parents didn't allow their kids on 1-2 hour bus rides. But those who did were committed to attendance because of the school's competitive magnet programs.

Parents must sign an agreement to comply with all health protocols and be accessible at all times. False/misleading contact info could lead to remote learning for all children. Frequent absences without serious medically documented reasons will resume remote learning. SRO visits will be conducted or another truancy intervention program to maintain F2F learning. Each school should have two permanent subs to cover classes for teachers who may become ill or have appts. This is to limit the need to split any classes at any point in the day.

Lunches and recess are important. Find a way. "

For the families who wish to send their children back to school, it should be their choice. Virtual school has been available for 10 years now. That should be the other choice for the families who do not want their children to go back to school. Keep is simple. Face-to-Face learning or Virtual. Using both is too disruptive and really makes no sense. These kids needs schedules and continuity. They also need socialization and normalcy in their lives. Bouncing in and out of school on select days is ridiculous.

"For VPK...

Other than significantly reducing the number of students in the classroom (limit 10), ""social distancing"" will be EXTREMELY difficult to impose given their stage of development.

This probably wouldn't pass for an idea, but it's reality.

Thank you for the opportunity to share."

For VPK: Given the importance of social interactions and the fact that these children will have no prior school experience, face-to-face instruction is very important to the success of the program. This could be achieved with a split class of 20 with 10 students attending in the morning (3.25 hours) and 10 students attending in the afternoon (3.25 hours). This along with safety measures in place (cleaning between classes, frequent hand washing, etc.) until a time when we return to "normal" operation and the two can be combined for a full day program.

"Frequent hand washing

Outside recess

Stay in class w spacing and specials teacher rotate

Temp checks for staff and students


"From a parent that has two children that do best with hands on, face to face instruction, I believe my kids and many others like mine will benefit greatly going back to school face to face in August.

Thank you "

Full re-opening with hand sanitation stations available at the entrance to each room. Possible temperature checks for students, faculty and staff entering campus. PPE for adults. The students are not the ones in danger. The adults are the ones most likely to succumb to the illness. I don't think we should do anything differently, but I know we are trying to create the illusion of safety.

Gaps in student achievement in Math and English will continue to expand if distance learning is maintained. Parents, for the most part, are not academically prepared, both in substance but also in "how to" (didacticism) in performing the role of a teacher at home, in addition to having other life responsibilities such as working, taking care of younger children, etc. The face to face can be accomplished in a school setting or any setting where there are clear rules and guidelines. If that were to be revealed as impossible, our health care system and food supply production and distribution, which inevitably include the performance of tasks that require social interaction, would have collapsed by now.

Get kids back to school because distance learning is taking a toll on their mental health because teachers are overloading students and scheduling zoom meetings at night and my kids entire schedule is messed up but I also see the concern with the pandemic still happening.

Give the choice up to parents. Many kids wont survive a year in distance learning. Some kids thrive in it. With the recent pandemic many oarents will choose to keep their kids home and should have resources available for them to do so.

Go back to how it was, with the exception of sanitizer stations and scheduled trips to the sink to wash hands in each class.

Go back to normal including all academic, club and sporting activities.

Go back to normal school days before the corona virus. It does not affect kids for the most part, so let them be kids again.

Go back to normal school. Possibly more breaks/time in the sun/nature but masks should NOT be required of any student or staff and can cause significant trauma.

Go back to normal. There is no reason to keep these kids at home doing distance learning. My child learned nothing in the two months we did distance learning. We need our kids back in school to learn and socialize. This virus has a low fatality rate. We should be going back to normal and let our kids back in school.

"go back to regular school, with all the activities, clubs, etc. Any other model will deprive children of the social and growth opportunities and cause a delay in development.

Not to mention the parents that work outside the home, ones that depend on bus transportation, scholarships for sports, etc

Do not be guided by political bias and do what is actually RIGHT for our children"

"Go back to school as normal. If the governors already allowing groups of 50 in phase 2 ,classrooms of 20 to 30 will be fine.

The virus has on over 98% survival rate.

Please give our children back thier education, community and childhood. "

Go back to school as normal. Take more safety precautions. Any sick students or faculty must stay home or go home immediately.

Go back to school like normal. Just give teachers and schools supplies to keep hands and surfaces clean. We're al going to be fine.

"Go back to school like normal. No distancing. No masks. Possibly masks optional if a parent really wants their child to wear a mask or a child has a medical reason to wear it. CLEARLY with the recent protests anyone with half a brain can see life needs to go back to normal and obviously these events have sanctioned by leaders across the country. Why should school be any different? There is scientific evidence that COVID is disappearing. These two articles are for your consideration."

Go back to school like we normally do. Parents need to work.

Go back to school, masks optional, smaller class sizes, limited PE/sports

Go back to school. Those who don't can home school. Do what we normally do. Wash hands and sanitize things. Just stop all of this already.

go back to school/the world is all better

Go back to the normal way of school and incorporate more hand hygiene and infection control.

Go back to the traditional system. Distance learning is a problem for a lot of parents as they have to work and are not able to assist their children.

Go back to the way it was- students do not get Covid. Allow options for high risk adults on campus- plexi barriers- (cashiers, front office) virtual school positions for those that can't return.

Go back. Social distancing WHEN POSSIBLE, increase awareness of hygiene. Teach them that living in fear is no way to live.

Go to school with strict "no sick" policy. Any cough or uncontrolled runny nose, send home, no questions. Give grace with absences.

Go to school, have everyone wear masks or gloves if that's really necessary. Close off the cafeteria and benches, so people have to go around the school, six feet apart- small groups of up to six allowed. Students clean their seats and anything they touch, just like you would after using equipment in a gym.

going back to face to face learning but requiring masks and keeping desks farther away from each other

Going to block scheduling or 4x4 - less movement.

"Good afternoon.I think classroom sizes need to be taken into consideration for this new school year, specially for younger kids (K-2). I also think that younger kids need to be helped when trying to stay clean and washing their hands (my 7 year old still does not wash his hands the proper way which concerns me a lot when returning to school). I also think lunch should be given to students in their classrooms and not in the cafeteria or set up a schedule that allows fewer students in the cafeteria at the same time.

Thank you."

"Good morning. Thank you for considering all ideas. Since there are already blended (Flex ) and home school (Florida Virtual School) options for families that want their children to stay home at least part of the day, I think the focus should be on how to realistically set up school for kids that need to be in class. The truth is that like most professions right now, some employees may have to step into a different role this year. They're amazing, and we appreciate all teachers and admins. This is idea for elementary schools...

Staggered arrival times with temperature checks at each classroom door. You don't enter the classroom if you have a temperature.

Parents need to supply hand sanitizer & wipes (for surface) for personal use at each student's desk. Students should sanitize at their own desk as needed and wipe down own desk at the end of the day. Wash hands at sink with soap and water before lunch. Lunch in classroom. They can pick up their lunch if they are buying and bring it back to classroom.

Students have the option, but strongly recommended that they wear a mask. Same with employees.

Gym outside (walk, jog, skip around a track maintain social distancing), indoor workout videos if it rains. Keep kids healthy and fit. This should be the only time they leave their classroom during the day. Unless it is their day to go to the library.

Library - disinfecting station for books. Reassign cafeteria helpers to help in library or to other specials.

Music and art teachers travel to each classroom for class and choose parts of their curriculum that can maintain social distancing. Students use their own supplies or supplies are disinfected between use by teacher.

Staggered departures. K-2nd 3-3:15pm and 3rd-5th 3:15-3:30pm


Half as many kids per classroom for social distancing by having two shifts. This may only work if we do the 3rd option of blended distance & face to face learning.

Half day kindergarten, in two sessions. Actual time to wash children's hands before lunch which I know for a fact was not there before.

Half days in the morning with one group of student, half days in the afternoon with another group of students.

half of the students come in the morning and then the other half come in the afternoon

hand sanitizer required for entry in each classroom. Masks also required

Hand sanitizing stations set up. Temperatures taken at arrival.

Hand washing, a smaller class size, strict rules on children coming to school without temps...

Hand wash's Poster. Desk at distance. No contact games. If a child has any symptoms of sickness, do not come to the school and monitor if it is a coronavirus, so the child should be on quarantine with distance learning for maybe 2 weeks.

handwashing stations and extra cleaning of the schools.

"Have a full class come half in am and half in pm so at least they are at school everyday.

Following quarter flip the students pm to am.

When not in school give enough assignments for fill in hours."

Have a homeroom where all the kids in a classroom have the same core classes and teachers and let the teachers for the different subjects move classroom to classroom instead of all the kids.

Have children have lunch in their own classrooms. Hand sanitizer before using communal property. I think we still need more information before we can decide.

"Have each grade level come every other day. So K, 2, and 4 will be on campus together and the next day 1,3,and 5. Teachers will pair up with another grade level teacher. So,K and 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 4th and 5th will each pair up. On the day that Kindergarten students are there, they will be divided between the K and 1st grade teacher. This will allow for social distancing in the classroom. Each class will have about 10 kids.

Each grade level teacher will be responsible to giving their partner teacher the materials and lessons. So a 4th grade teacher is responible to giving the 5th grade teacher the assignments. "

Have hand sanitizers and frequent hand wash stations

Have masks as part of the school dress code. Allow students to eat in classrooms if they bring lunch and those who eat in cafeteria stagger the seats so there is an empty seat in between each kid.

Have normal face-to-face classes. Everybody is required to wear a mask, and students have to be dismissed at different times

"Have schools open 4 days a week and extend the school day by 1 hr each day to make up the 5th day. (8:45-4 Elementary) This will help with cost of the school running plus have the kids home 3 days a week without missing instruction. Teachers/staff would also work 4 days. If needed deep cleaning can happened on day 5 every week.

Parent events and in person pds postponed at this time to limit extra exposure.


Have sinks in all classrooms so kids can wash their hands before snack and lunch. Take temperatures daily. Above 99.8 should be sent home (when my child tested positive for flu he was 99.8 the entire time). Only have students wear a mask if they have a constant cough (or send them home). Otherwise, please let them be kids. Let them have recess on the playground. Let them have PE, music, art, etc. normal learning. They've been through enough.

Have staff and students enter school and wash hands. Make sure all classrooms and equipments are sanitized and cleaned. Limit space amount of students in cafeteria during meal service or activities.

Have students and teachers wear masks, spread out the desks, use whole group instruction, eat in the classroom, limit of one class at a time on the playground, temperature checks

Have students sanitize hands before and after class along with allowing time to wipe their desks down. Allow them to sit every other desk if possible and if not, wear protective face covering to prevent spread. Enforce staying home if you feel ill, but allow video conference of class and ability to complete assignments along with classmates while home.

Have the principal announce each grade one by one, for high school and middle school, for example... 9th graders leave their classes first and wait outside the hallways with while the 10th graders leave their classes. Once the 10th graders leave the 9th graders will enter their classes and the process repeats for each grade level (from middle- high school).

Have the students stay I. The classroom only the teachers rotate that's would be easy to clean.

"Have the teachers were masks, let the kids be kids and build there immune system. There isn't a vaccine and won't likely be for sometime. Kids are at low risk and need to have there immune system challenged daily (not just from this but from all common cold and such.) They also need interaction with there friends and all the ""learning"" that isn't book taught, but picked up along the way (such as how to navigate complex interpersonal things on the playground..I.E play and games with there friends, or not so great friends, or even dare I say it, bully's and other kids.)

Remote learning FAILS in every way in these aspects. Remote learning doesn't provide interaction with friends, doesn't provide adequate instruction and guidance from teachers, and most importantly doesn't allow for proper grading and development milestones. For children who have IEP's, remote learning is a horror show, plan and simple.

Perhaps for parents who wish to keep there kids home, remote learning is a OPTION for them, but for the standard, it needs to be classroom instruction in school, with all the pro's and con's that come along with it."

"Having three kids on spread out age groups.

I see their learning and emotional needs on various levels.

Kids in ore school are devastated.

Kids in elementary are confused.

Kids in middle school are simply depressed.

Wake us and take control of your schools.

Let teachers teach and kids to learn and play.


"Having two separate school days sessions with smaller class counts and direct instruction.

Session One: 7:30am - 11:30am

Session Two: 12:30pm - 4:30pm

With this model you can staff teachers per session.

Also teachers would be staffed to work with smaller online groups for credit recovery or Edgenuity. This could take place during the remaining hours outside of their preferred session.

All other non-instructional positions classified positions and position outside of the classroom would stay in tact. "

"Hello OCPS team.

The learning from home has an avalanche of limitations and problems that brings to the families. However I want to focus on the main benefit of school which is is knowledge.

Knowledge does not come form books and laptops alone. Knowledge is knowing how to behave and deal with face to face human interactions.

The social skills that a kids acquire during those precious times are imperative to the development of the kids characters, this setting them up for success later on in life.

Locking the kids virtually indoors for the last few months has already caused damage to their emotional well being. The kids get the job done because ether have to, while feel penalized that they are loosing their forests and anything fun that the school environment has to offer. They miss their teachers face to face interaction.

Most important lesson of all is that no matter what the situation we can solve it by conquering fear and letting our hearts and minds come together for the right solution .

Especially for the state of Florida that had been impacted the least from Covid 19.

Closing the schools while everything else is re opening is simply unnecessary.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider the parted points of view.

By providing a clean school and by promoting great hygiene habits, our kids can go back to school and be happy kids while learning in person."

Hello Teachers and Administrators. After months of dealing with the Coronavirus, I think it is time to look at returning to normal. Yes, infections of all kinds are spread in schools. Colds, flu, etc. and the COVID 19 virus will occurs as well. But there needs to be a strategy of taking temperatures, cleaning surfaces, and quality hand washing. Washing hands upon entering the school, as well as before and after meals. Using hand sanitizer between hand washing, and sanitizing desks every period. Send kids home if they have a cough, fever, or malease. Use of masks should be optional. Breathing freely is important to oxygenating the brain properly. Proper air circulation is important. Please work on bringing kids back to school full time. Study the European models that are already working. Kids are generally at lower risk for major complications of the virus, as evidenced by daycares that have been operating since the beginning to care for the children of doctors and nurses. Look at the facts. It's time to return to school full time, Monday-Friday. Children cannot learn well in front of a screen all day. They are experiencing more depression from isolation, and fear. They are not getting enough social time, not enough exercise. Bring them back to this very important learning environment, and reverse the negative learning trend of social distancing. School is as necessary now as it has ever been, if not more. Thank you.

Hello, I that if you decide to do a blended option, the children that should be concerned are the children with IEP's, and 504's. The reasoning upon this are because most student that do not have special needs are able to do distance learning upon my research and surveys with other parents. I personally have 3 children that have special needs, and they could not focus, got frustrated (emotionally) because they are not used to change, which is not their fault due to their disabilities. I choose face to face with my children because they need that interaction with other adults, and children. They focus better in a classroom setting. I know we have to consider all of our options, but please consider our children with special needs first. They are struggling more than others.


Classrooms Pods:

The idea is to have small groups of 5 children led by one teacher. It could be conducted based on neighborhoods. For example, groups of 5 children from my neighborhood could get together on a daily basis for 4 or 5 hours. We would meet in an outdoor location or facility with plenty of space. A teacher (or willing parent) would lead the daily instruction. Perhaps some of the parents of the children could rotate leading the day's session, if that helps. Or they could rotate weeks. Parents perhaps can maybe help by also paying $25 for the week's worth of instruction per child...and also supply masks/materials, safety materials, etc. I understand that the logistics of this may be extremely challenging based on the large student population that the county supports. There are parents that may be willing to help organize and take the lead with the ""classroom pods"" if you there would be hundreds of ""pods"" to coordinate. It is a way to keep classrooms contained, focused and allow for social interaction in a safe manner with kids/families from the same neighborhood (i.e. pods of students).

Just an idea...needs more finessing but wanted to put it out there.

Thank you."


I teach a self-contained class of students with Autism. My school opening suggestions are to open school similar to the medical profession adhering to the CDC guidelines, daily temperature checks for staff and students, scattered lunches or lunches in the classroom, whole group areas with no more than 10 people sitting together. If we contain small groups together (students and teachers) then we are more able to identify and control the spread of Covid while beginning our face to face instruction."

Hello..My idea is the traditional school face to face because children need and to socialize with others children, play together with due precautions can be done. I think it is very important to them.

Hepa filters/ air purifiers in each classroom.

Hi there, my idea is for Middle and High only as Elem. is easily quarantined in their specific rooms. Block scheduling for all periods, core teachers ( Science, SS, Math,ELA) rotate instead of students transitioning within a team to limit exposure..would need block scheduling for set up time, etc. if there are 4 teachers for each subject, there are 4 teams ( A,B,C,D) that only rotate within their team. A Team only goes to A team rooms, and so on.. Of course there still will need to be transition for some students, but the bulk of students will stay within one classroom per day. Each teacher eats lunch in their room, to limit contact while eating, potentially alone or with the same group of students daily. Masks are worn by all staff, and students, when you come in to first period or the school entrance have potential foggers with disinfectant ( safe) and hand washing zones set up before entry. Everyone is basically sanitized before entry.. limit entrances and exits, teachers escort students for dismissal in waves, 6 ft apart. measures are put in place for students that must transition to keep 6 ft apart in hallways. Hand sanitizer/ portable washing zones in each classroom and done multiple times a day....or same group of students transition together from room to room, if teachers cannot rotate.


Children need face to face interaction. We have 3 elementary schoolers. If our kids can't go to school and play with other kids on the playground and interact with them we will hit the road and do virtual school while we travel around the country.

We prefer they are in school face to face full but if they have to distance and can't play with others and have to wear masks we will chose virtual and do some traveling.

We can't keep doing this forever who know when there will be a vaccine!

If you do virtual - needs to have a Friday's off. 5 days of school work at home is too much.

Let kids be kids.


"High school should be remote

Let Middle schoolers use high school campus to spread out

Let elementaryburilize elementary and middle school locations for smaller class size

No virtual unless a family opts in!"

"High school students need to move from class to class.

A science, art, music, PE, theater, TV production can't be expected to move to the students in high school.

High school students don't travel in packs with nearly identical schedules.

Moving teachers to students in a high school would be a scheduling nightmare.

I want to go back to my classroom, not as some roaming teacher in a building. Besides, if teachers have to move, when do we get to pee? I know that I have 6 minutes passing time when I can relieve myself currently, if I'm the one moving, this can't happen.


"High schools could go to block scheduling. Students would have four classes a day v. seven. This would help with limiting movement (hallways/passing) and student-to-student contact. Longer passing time would also allow teachers and/or students to quickly wipe down desks between classes. High school students would interact with 100 classmates and 4 teachers per day (in a block schedule situation) v. 175 classmates and 7 teachers per day (in our current schedule).

Lunch periods need to be increased to 4 (v. current 2 a/b lunches). This would assist with spacing.

Hands free sanitizers should be placed in every hallway and/or bathroom. Bathrooms MUST be cleaned - top to bottom. Custodial positions MUST be added to insure cleaning EVERY day. OCPS needs to provide Chlorex wipes for every classroom (100 a day for classroom teachers). Hand sanitzers shoudl also be provided in EVERY classroom. Facial tissues should be provided in EVERY classroom. Teachers should be provided with disposable face masks if they want to use them.

Every student should have their temperature checked before entering their first period classroom. Provide touchless thermometers to every first period teacher."

Hire more teachers and allow less students in classrooms.

Home learning is not for everyone. Not everyone student learns the same way. Please re open the schools .

Honestly the blended idea will not work, causing major attendance issues. This will provide an excuse for students to be more absent and very hard to keep track of a student's learning progress. I really don't believe distance learning is working at all, teachers are NOT held accountable for keeping in touch with their students. Many teachers are not connecting to computers to even try to conduct somewhat of a class. Parents are having to reach out through email with tons of questions and their home packets do not even match with what levels the students need to be on. How can the district continue to allow teachers (most teachers) to just get paid while they honestly have only had an extended Spring Break vacation and NOT attending to their students. Teachers happily announce that it is NOT mandated for them to attempt to teach since they have home packets - how is this justified. I understand with the pandemic the district may have not been prepared however I think the district can save a whole lot of money if we do continue distant learning by only having 1 or 2 teachers per grade level conducting classes on zoom and hold them accountable instead of giving them free money to sit at home or go to the beach on tax payers dime! Our students will return even more behind and will cause major issues later trying to pass state exams. So I think traditional learning is to return or more structured distant learning need to be in place instead of the mess that actually took place.

How will parents that have to work full time, Monday through Friday setup their first time Kindergarten student with distance learning. We can't leave our kids at home and little computer experience alone with no guidance or care.


Please do like this!!

Make parents take a final decision soon, so you can plan!

No face mask, only in the bus

No let parents change the option, until finishing the semester

Great plan

I want my kids back in the buldings

But it is hard for you to plan without a students count

Make parents choose


I absolutely understand the need/want to return to a semblance of normality but I don't see how it would be possible (at this point in the Pandemic) to return to a face-to-face model. I just think the risk is too great. As we have witnessed with the "re-opening" of the country, people misconstrued this to mean "everything's okay" and seemingly jumped head first back to "normal." What people see as now "allowed" has NOTHING to do with what's "safe." The two things are mutually exclusive. This country grossly mishandled one of the worst events in the history of history. It appears "we" were not willing to due what was necessary to quell this horrible tragedy. Science and rational thought gone. Another spike in needless cases/deaths is inevitable and expected. Without specific, proven, safety protocols in place I'm skeptical. In my case, working at the Front Desk of an extremely busy Middle School where people overtly coughed and sneezed on us on a regular basis BEFORE COVID-19, me and my fellow Front Office co-worker used to joke that we need to be enclosed (like at a bank), or wear HAZMAT suits. Now, this is no joke, it's life and death. Recommendations: 1) It's an absolute MUST to install some kind of barrier(s) at the Front Office Desk, just like every other business has done. (Disney has to place these at EVERY Point of Sale location in the parks that are opening!) 2) Limit the amount of Front Office visits/interactions. 3) REQUIRE that masks are worn for the limited visits allowed. 4) People will NEVER be honest. THEY (parents) come in sick, and knowingly send their sick students to school. So, at the least, temperature checks should be mandatory. Of course this will do NOTHING as far as asymptomatic carriers. Just doesn't seem possible without knowingly great risk.

I acknowledge there is a rising number of cases, but I also see that the number that the number of deaths is not rising in the same percentage, it is not rising at all. I think students need to return to normal. Our quarantine was advised to flatten the "curve " it did. It gave our hospitals time to prepare. My kids need their friends and interactions for their well-being! Please look at the whole person's needs and not just today's headlines.

"I am 100% supportive of reopening schools for students.


I am a bus driver whose economy depends only on driving students to school for the last 21 years. Face to face return with precautions is the only alternative I have. Health is important and and also the economy situation we are going through .

I am a firm believer that schools need to open up in a face-to-face manner. If families do not feel comfortable sending their kids to school face-to-face there's always the option for those families to do Florida virtual school. I believe the schools need to be opened up because I strongly believe that that is the safest way for children to continue to learn. As parents continue to go back to work many parents will not have the money or option for childcare and school is the only safe environment for those children. I do not think that masks are unreasonable however I think expecting kids below fifth grade to wear a mask without it causing more problems in a classroom probably isn't a good expectation. However masks in the upper grades I think would be more reasonable to work with. Teachers themselves could wear masks when they are working within close proximity to a student but when they are teaching at the front of the classroom and have more than 6 feetBetween them and the students I don't think a mask is necessary for them.

"I am a high school teacher and a parent of a 6 years old. After teaching my child in Distance Learning she shared her feelings about how she missed her friends and teacher. She was sad and upset constantly. I realized how important that social interaction is for a kindergartener.

As a teacher and a mom, I need the high school and the elementary school reopening to be aligned. Thus, I can do my job efficiently. I love teaching at the high school. I need that interaction as much as the students. However, I can be flexible and accomodate to the best of my abilities. Know that I am a committed educator. But I am also a mom, and I have to watch for my daughter's well being in all aspects of her life. If we have to stay home, I'll be working twice as much, teaching my regular students and my child. That's without considering the household responsibilities.

In short, as a mom and a teacher, I prefer face to face learning, taking the necessary precautions to avoid the pandemic. I would go for blended teaching and learning if the schedule is flexible enough for me to teach in school when my daughter also goes to school.

Thank youu for your consideration."

I am a single mom that has a full time job and my elementary aged daughter is not learning anything from distance learning as I cannot teach her correctly. I agree that the kids have to go back to school I do not think that the kids should have to stay in the classroom all day or be forced to wear masks all day that would be tough for a young child. I think that washing hands, smaller classrooms and if anyone is showing sick symptoms they would not be allowed to be at school without a doctors note that they are clear from Covid. I also think that if a parent has the luxury to keep their kids home and distance learn then they should be allowed.

I am a special area teacher in an elementary school. I see over 800 students each week. I am concerned that if I were to become infected by a student, I may start out being asymptomatic and unknowingly expose hundreds of students and their families to the virus. My suggestion is that special area teachers pre-record their lessons in a digital format that students can do in their classrooms. These teachers would need planning time to prep the lessons. And then during their teaching time, they could be assigned to a cohort and each day they could assist/relieve teachers in that cohort so they get break time. It would be important that they stay with the same cohort each day, or the risk of spread that I described earlier would still be present. The CDC has suggested keeping students in cohorts, with as little movement between teachers/environments, will help prevent spread, and I think this idea helps this quite a bit.

i am a student that needs to learn with a teacher face to face because i like when teachers take there time to explain stuff to us because online you can't really explain it the way you want to and i focus more when we go to school because at home i get interrupted a lot

I am a substitute teacher in Orange County and I feel that it is very important both academically as well as socially for students to return to in class education while maintaining appropriate safety measures.

"I am a teacher and a parent of two girls at Pershing and Boone.

I feel my girls learn best when in school learning from their teachers.

This distance learning was just OK.. I do not believe in teaching from a computer.

As an educator myself I feel it is all of our jobs to teach our youth.

How on Earth will they learn from a computer.

Just open all the schools with a plan in place to make sure all are safe at school.

Open up for next school year."

"I am a teacher and would like to see schools open normally. I teach elementary school, and I can't imagine trying to teach with a mask where my students can't hear me and where they can't /won't keep them on all day.


"I am a working parent and there are personal challenges with distant learning -

1.i can't stay home to monitor my child

2.i can't provide the help/assistance with work, like teachers would do during face to face learning.

3. My child needs the environment where he can see/hear/feel the materials to learn.

Distant learning keeps them in isolation and I think it's not good for their brain development."

"I am all for kids returning normal. I biggest concern is the kids returning to school in a militant environment where all the fun of going to school is sucked away. No friends. No hanging out. No cafeteria.

Also - my vote is NO masks. They can be recommended but not required. If a parent wants their child to wear one, that's their choice. "

"I am concerned because of a lack of teachers already, that we will not be able to meet the social distance guidelines by the CDC in any of the OCPS classrooms. We are talking about less than 10 students in each classroom.

Florida has a class size amendment that is not being followed by the intent in which it was meant with a class size of 18 students per classroom/teacher for K-2. However, OCPS see the need to say this is by grade-level and still allowing 3 or 4 teachers on the grade level and still giving each one 21 or more students with no para. Case and point, I have had 21-25 students in my kindergarten class for the last few years.

So, I need my Union and more colleagues (K-12 classroom teachers) to be a voice on the Task Force NOT a bunch of administrators who does whatever they are told to do. Teachers are the people that are on and will be on the front line with these students and parents every day and we need to be heard. The Task Force committee does not need to consist of a group of people that come up with their ideas and not allow EVERY MEMBER on the committee to SPEAK. Especially when that group of people have never been in a classroom or has been out of the classroom for many years and have no clue what it is like today with that many students in one room.


I am hopeful we will be going back. I teach kindergarten and all children need person. I don't use desks (not little people appropriate), so I assume my recommendation would be for smaller class size.

"I am hoping everything goes back to normal soon and education continues to be the usual way face to face because otherwise I am afraid physiological problems will start showing with our children. But on the other hand if Covid 19 will not be under control by August 10 then I would be afraid to send my daughter to school for face to face education. I really dont know which will be the best since I cant foresee the near future unfortanetly


I am hoping/praying for kids to be able to go back to school. Distance learning was NOT fun or productive . Children should be screened for illness , and sent home if they are sick . Hand washing and good hygiene should be part of their school day . Hand sanitizer available. Kids should eat lunch in their classrooms and maybe no specials/PE .

I am in the class of 2021. With my senior year upcoming I would love to get to see my friends again after not being able to these past few months. The class of 2020 was deprived off prom and graduation. It would be a shame to deprive the class of 2021 of even being in school with their friends and teachers. Many students cannot learn online and have suffering grades because they need to be in a classroom face to face setting to grasp the information. Some classes also cannot be transferred to digital learning such as chorus and science classes with lab components. As a rising senior, all I want is to be able to see my teachers and friends and experience the end of my childhood. Students that prefer digital learning should choose to do FLVS but please do not make all students do digital learning if it is safe to go on campus. I understand if things may not be back to normal and we will have to social distance but face to face learning is the best option for teachers and students. I want to make the most of out my senior year in this time and I fear that while many events I look forward to could be cancelled, being able to learn face to face would make it better.

I am interested in school re-opening with safety measures in place to protect all students who attend and have to be on campus . Would like to see the front office clerks such as myself , have some type of pixie class for a covering since I (we) are the front line point of contact for all who enter the campus building . I would like to be assured in moving forward with whatever OCPS chooses they have my best interest in mind to help protect my overall health as well as others . And that it be enforced that no students should be allowed to attend school who are sick and have a fever as to stop the spread of the virus from infecting others . A doctor;s note should be required first before they can even enter the campus building , not afterwards when it is too late and that they must remain home and work from the their laptops to complete all class work assignments as required . Parents , are the biggest rule breakers ever , because they are fully aware their student has an illness/sickness and persist by sending them to school anyway . If OCPS can make it mandatory for them to adhere and abide to the terms , rules and conditions such as these , that would be a win for all . Thank You for your time in letting me express my fears and concerns in this matter .

"I am parent with a student with heart condition

OCPS Elementary.. That has some learning issues and we are concerned he will fall behind further.. He Has ADHD multiple 504 accommodations and is hard to focus and learn via a computer . What is the plan for the kids with 504/IEP so that they don't fall behind further this new school year while still providing a safe environment..


I am so against distance learning. It is truly not for every student. I am a working parent with a daughter that has some learning disability and this was the most challenging time for her.

I am totally happy about returning to school and continuing with face-to-face instruction. However, I am concerned about wearing a mask. I hope teachers are not forced to wear masks while teaching. I do not think it is healthy to talk all day in a mask and re-breath our own breaths. That would make me sick. I think that wearing a mask while teaching should be optional.

"I am very much in favor of schools reopening as close to normal as possible. Masks should be optional. Not required. Eliminate classroom supplies. All children bring and use their own.

Do no take away the kids opportunity to socialize and be with their friends, ie lunch, communal areas esp in middle and high schools where a lot of kids will hang out prior to or between class.

We are exposed to viruses every day but Covid is just getting a special mention and attention in my opinion.

Let's try to reopen schools and do what we can to make it as normal as possible for the kids. Parents who are uncomfortable have virtual as an option and always have. Please open as normal and let parents decide what to do. "

I appreciate OCPS willing to hear from parents on the reopening and what is best for our students, faculty, and staff. I am a new Pershing parent, my child will be starting K in the fall. Both my husband and I work full time and are unable to support a blended approach to schooling. Not only would this be a large burden on our family, I do not feel blended learning will enrich my child's life, learning, and socialization. d I think there are appropriate measures that the school can put in place for face-to-face learning to be successful.

I believe all person accessing school should have their temperature checked, if any kid or teacher or working adult has a fever , they cannot enter the premises. Also constant sanitation of high touch surface and time to wash kids hands too

I believe children need socialization. I think that in a school/classroom setting, they are better able to learn, and seem to retain the information longer. Teachers not only love our children, they have routines that are very different than home, and classrooms have that structure that is needed. At home it is very easy to say, "I'm done", or "I don't feel like it anymore". At school, you are to follow their rules.

"I believe distance-learning would work perfectly fine if they keep kids 6 ft apart from one another and lunches in class room. Allow physical education as well as other specials with limited amount of children per section. Also distance learning for those who decide to do so. But with the way the economy is parents must work to make a living and cannot afford to stay home to educate their children, as well as it becoming difficult to educate four different grade levels on a daily basis, as I would have to. I hope my opinion can help make a decision toward better education for our children! Thank you and god bless.


Mother of four."

"I believe face time face learning is essential to children as it is needed for social interaction and most children learn by hands on in a learning environment.

Parents who don't want to send their children to school should be able to enroll their kids in FLVS.

While the parents who do want to send their children to school can send their child to school face to face

Why ruin it for everyone?

If you don't like the fact of sending your child to school then YOU homeschool them."

"I believe face to face is the best option for our students because distance learning isn't enough. They can't sit in front of a computer all day and get an education. Children need social interaction as well. They need a certified teacher teaching them. Students with IEP plans can't get the help they really need. I also feel if students/teachers make sure kids are washing their hands frequently and sanitizing the classroom area, they will be fine. This virus is definitely contagious, but based on statistics children aren't as ""at risk."" The other problem are working parents. They need their children in school, so they can go to work. Some parents can't afford babysitting. Also, some children depend on school for nutrition and socialization. Some children are in broken homes and they would rather be in school than with parents who can't give them as much as their teachers/school can.

If families would rather keep their kids at home then I'm all for it, allow them to enroll in OCPS virtual school and allow others who want to send their kids to school, send them to school. I'm not judging anyone, but our students need to get back to school, face to face! Thank you for your time. "

I believe face to face is the best way for students to learn and do better in school. Being in school gives students the ability to make friends, be in sports , have school spirt and get ready on a day to day basis. Going to school could help students learn better by the ability to get help right away and have more motivation to get work done. Being at home all the time can make students sad and bored and maybe unmotivated to do work, going to school is a good way for students, and teachers to get out of the house and get moving and do something with there day.

I believe face to face learning Is better because children learn better. We can make it work by limited the number of students to 10 per class room. Also get everyone including children to check their temperature every day and to wear masks. Children can have recess and PE but while using distance learning. Lunch should be limited and distance learning.

I believe face to face learning is most important especially during the beginnings of a school year. It was the best choice last year due to everybody knowing their roles and what the school process for each class and to reduce spread of the corona virus, but for the start of next year it is almost necessary to have on campus schooling in order to get into the rhythm of school life and to establish norms for each class.

I believe face-to face learning works best for both teachers and students. Following the CDC guidelines while in school is a must.

"I believe it is important for our children to be back together. The separation causes detrimental damage to the kids wellbeing.

Thanks for asking."

I believe it should be Face-to- Face because i know a lot of students have struggled with Distance Learning as they had no one to fully explain the material they were supposed to learn

I believe live student-student and teacher-student interactions must be part of a healthy learning environment. We need to do what is best for the students!

I believe my daughter needs regular interaction with teachers and other students on campus. Her personality is not cut out for distance learning and so I feel it is a big disadvantage for her learning to not be in a physical class. I believe students need to be taught to properly disinfect and keep themself and their workplaces clean and safe. I believe they need to go back into a normal as possible situation for their mental and learning state. If some parents aren't comfortable with that then I believe an online distance option should also be provided.

I believe OCPS should ask for parents who are uncomfortable returning to officially commit to the virtual option. Then using the number of students who will be returning to face to face as a guideline. By determining the number of students who will not attend face to face will help in the other stages of planning. Teachers cannot be tasked with a blended model. If they are to teach face to face they cannot effectively do distance learning. Having cleaners available to not only custodians, but teachers as well would help. Adding portables to support smaller class sizes for schools whose classrooms are smaller and cannot accommodate social distancing guidelines. Asking the state to waive standardized testing again for the 20-21 school year so that teachers can effectively implement proper cleaning and hand washing procedures with students. Elementary students need interaction with other students and the continuous instruction and guidance of teachers that distance learning cannot provide.

I believe our children should return to school fully worh precautions. I believe every temp child should be temperature checked daily as long as the parent or Guardian dropping them off or the school bus driver. I feel they should wear masks only in the hallway. I also feel they should eat lunch in thr classroom. I do believe they should still have recess and pe with the option to change clothing after and of course hand washing.

I believe school should be open for face-to-face learning because special need kids, such as my sister with her special need son, need more resources to learn and is hard to do so at home. Face-to-face learning can be safely done with the proper precautions seen in grocery stores, retail stores, and theme parks. I strongly stand with the idea of opening schools up this upcoming 2020-2021 school year.

I believe school should go back to normal. Our students have suffered through online learning as many kids don't thrive learning that way. I don't believe the risk of Covid is that high anymore and our students should be allowed to return to normal. As long as cleanliness is followed, we will all be ok!

I believe school should return to normal in the fall.

I believe school should, for the most part, go back to what it is. Require more hand washing, allow masks if wanted by the parent/student individual, be more stringent on staying home when sick (and thereby more lenient on the amount of absent days allowed), FLVS is already an option for families that aren't ready to send their kids back to school

I believe schools should open as normal. I don't think teachers or students should wear face masks. Kids need to be able to see each other and their teachers faces. I understand some new safety measures will need to be put into place but I also feel kids need to get back to some sense of normal.

"I believe students need face to face but if there is a need to shut down and go to distance learning per governor orders I am agreeable.

We need to go back to face to face and teach our childs in person. So much is lost in virtual school and with lack of parent support(unavailability whether they are home or working), understanding of technology and/or the availability of technology including internet to our entire student body the kids are the ones that will suffer. "

I believe students should return to school full time for the same number of hours as in the past. Every s