Face-to-Face Instruction Model - Page 2

The ideas below were submitted by employees, parents, students and others to the OCPS School Reopening Think Tank. The ideas were reviewed by work groups that summarized best ideas into a report to the Superintendent and School Board members.


If mixed learning, alternate days of in class and at home to limit numbers.

Students showing sickness symptoms of any kind are to be sent home, temperature or not"

I think if the Florida Governor says that schools can reopen for the fall with face to face instruction than that is exactly what should be done! We should not do something different than what the state says. So OCPS should wait until they hear from the Governor regarding this matter and not make their own decision. If parents would like to do virtual school they still can...that has always been an option. There will be a lot of upset parents if OCPS goes against what the Governor decides is the best and safe thing to do. Also, I think that Seminole County and Orange County should do the same thing as well. Thank you!

I think is better for us to have classes face to face because in case we don't understand a topic we can get a quickly response but if we go through distance learning is hard to get a quickly response we mostly have to wait like 3 hours!

I think it is better to start the school year on time in case we have to go digital later.Parents that don not want to send their children can opt for digital right away. I think children should be subject to temperature checks. I think it would be impossible to temperature check every child, unless each first period teacher or homeroom teacher had a temperature gun and checked before the students entered. Class sizes should be smaller if possible. No more sharing school supplies. Would also be nice for schools to figure out a way to eat lunch at a safe distance. For elementary, incorporate some sort of recess time with lunch. Most kids are done eating within ten minutes. Or have more outside seating and classes take turn eating inside and out. I also like the idea of going digital in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. So many families travel. If they choose to travel, two weeks at home digital until they can return.

I think it is extremely important that our students get direct instruction from a certified teacher. Many students struggled greatly during this pandemic. Many parents did not lose their jobs and their were students that were left at home to fend for themselves. Whether it was for meals or their own education. Students that are learning to read or learning the foundations of math will not be successful doing at home with a parent that is not qualified to each or worse, no one guiding them at all. Gaps in education will widen. Some of these lower students will never catch up. It will also be near impossible to social distance in a traditional school setting. Recess, physical education, lunchtime in the cafeteria and collaborative learning will be non existent. These are all very important to the growth of a child/student. We should go back with discussions on hygiene and crack down on parents that send their child to school sick. If a child has a fever they stay home for a 3 day minimum. School resumes like normal.

I think it is imperative for students to receive face to face education. 80% of those who died of covid19 were over 60 with many in their 80's & 90's. Give everyone their lives back. The death rate is similar to the annual flu. If parents don't want their kids in school there is always FLVS. Face to face is the best way to learn fir most.Many parents work and their young children need to be in school. Teachers who have serious illnesses may need to go on leave/and or team teach virtually with an in person substitute. It is unhealthy mentally for students to not have any socialization that school has to offer. Sports and extra curricular activities are fundamental to building an amazing, well rounded person. Bring our kids back to school and get back to normal. We all need normalcy and more effective teaching. Simply assigning a bunch of homework is not cutting it.

I think it is important for students to return to face to face education. Safety precautions can be implemented with staff and students wearing masks, sitting facing the same direction, eating lunches at their desks in their classrooms, etc. Though I think precautions are definitely needed, I feel the lack of face to face education is far more detrimental to our children in OCPS system. They will not receive the same quality education at home as they do in the classroom and I fear they will be behind as they progress into higher grades. The social interaction is also a crucial part of their growth and development as well as their education. We have been blessed with amazing teachers each year at Brookshire Elementary. I feel the children will benefit most from being in the classroom where they can be inspired by everything these teachers have to offer, raise their hand and ask questions and interact with their classmates as well as gain understanding of each other's ideas and learning from their classmates in addition to the teachers. I feel virtual learning worked for the time it was needed but not as a long term plan.

I think it is very important for students to go back to the classroom, so long as it is safe to do so. It appears that restaurants and other establishments are opening back up so I am hopeful that in two months, schools will be able to open fully again. Students have already missed out on critical social interactions and academic time that distance learning simply can not meet. This being said, I think our classrooms will look different as we aim to keep students safe, which will mean lots of cleaning, washing hands, hand sanitizer, etc. I don't think it would be advisable to go on field trips this school year just to be safe but I believe it to be critically important that we fully return to school in August.

I think it should be face to face because distance really effects everyone's motivation and it's hard without being able to see friends and socialize. So please, I also want extra curricular activities because it motivates me to work harder in school, and I miss it so much.

I think it should go back to normal. Thank you.

I think it's better to go back to school for the simple reason it's way better for the students to learn there nothing better then being in a classroom

I think it's important that we return to school in the fall. I teach ESE students and distance learning was not a good fit for these students regardless of how hard I tried to reach each of them and their unique needs. If we go back to school in the fall, I think the main practice that should be implemented is better cleaning of our schools. Before the closure, little was done to keep the school clean and prevent the spread of colds and the flu. If custodians would wipe down commonly used surfaces daily with sanitizer and not just water in bottles, this would help. These common areas include the cafeteria, desks and tables in the classroom, and bathroom areas. Before Covid, most days I had no soap or paper towels in my classroom. These things need to be addressed and will help in the spread of any illness. Even if teachers are provided cleaning supplies to help, I'm sure many would use them and help out in keeping their classroom clean.

"I think it's in fair to take away school for kids, they need social time with kids and they love the field trips and etc

They need the interaction with other people and kids. "

I think keeping the areas clean..... Having students wash their hands frequently.. And keeping desks apart like during testing. Checking temperatures frequently.

I think kids benefit best from face to face with both teachers and peers. I also do not want leisure times such as recess, PE, or lunch time taken away as these are where kids learn social emotional skills which are critical to developing. It would be a huge disappointment to lose that time. I'm open to modifications in times/days and even hybrid distance/face to face but would like to keep school as normal as possible for them. If theme parks are open I think schools can be open with some modifications if necessary!

i think kids get disctracte at home at home, would be better and more focus to be at school but i think that smaller classrooms would be better to keep social distance ant to fill out any gap that they could face due the distance learning from last school year situation.

I think kids need to be back in school in a class room. I don't think they need to be surrounded by plastic or wearing masks. Kids need a hands on approach. This last 9 weeks was difficult for both my kids and myself. My son had to log into no less then 6 different platforms to make sure he completed all of his work. There was almost no way to confirm it had all been done. His math grade dropped by 2 letters. He was not able to focus sitting in front of a computer, way too many distracting options near by. The kids will be alright if we go back to normal learning like it was before.

I think kids need to go back with safety precautions in mind but some kids don't do well with at home learning. Some kids need the face to face teaching experience.

I think kids NEED to return to face to face school... They learn more, they learn better, and they have the ability to socialize with their teachers and peers... It is a complete learning experience that helps them grow into people who can interact and function in the world... Beyond the benefits to the kids (which I could expound on in much more than 300 words), no form of distance learning is remotely possible. I was laid off from my job and that is the only reason I was able to be home with and assist my elementary school age children with their calls and questions and obligations.. Distance learning only worked for families where parents were engaged and home. As soon as I find a job, what happens then? Do I leave my 5 and 8 year old home alone all day and tell them to log on to their calls while I drive off to work? I cant afford a nanny or babysitter? I have no family nearby to watch them or help them? If the world is going to open back up, schools have to lead the charge... Be cleaner, send kids home with runny noses or fevers, remind them to wash their hands all the time and not to touch their face... But let them have their learning back, and let parents return to work...

I think kids should go back to school as they did previously. Just have lots of hand sanitizer. Parents who don't feel safe should home school their kids. Staggered or distance learning is an awful idea.....both parents won't be able to work. My daughter didn't learn anything at all through online learning she learned more through ABC mouse. I think it should be up to the parents to either allow their kids to attend school as it was last year before covid 19 or home school their kids. Distance learning and staggered days are just not ideal at all for parents, we have to work. Besides trying to get my child to sit in front of a computer for classes....won't happen. Most parents will end up doing the school work rather than battling their kids to try to get them to do it. It was pure hell distance way can I do that again and many parents I talked to feel the same.

"I think most kids can safely attend school with some precautions. The following are my ideas to share:

1-temperatures taken before entering all school and buses

2-masks required, hand sanitizer, hand washing

3-limit bus riders to those students who live the farthest from schools for germ control (sign waivers for bus riders, encourage parents close to walk kids to school and farther away encourage parents to drive their kids)

4-stagger arrival times

5-middle and high schoolers only 3-4 classes per day and rotate days/classes and maybe a study period

6-eat lunch in classrooms/play games inside for recess you see grades

7- in elementary school have specials teachers rotate rooms instead of kids moving around

8-limit outside visitors and volunteers

9-in high school and middle school more times/staggered for switching classes

10-no hugging or kissing among the students (we have a lot of kids from other countries in our area who do this in our local high school) "

I think not letting kids go back to school hurts the children. The teachers try their best but some kids just can't do distance learning. They are having to teach themselves or have parents do it, they are easily distracted, they are able to cheat honestly and not actually do the work. I say with OCPS having a virtual school prior to all this those parents that do not feel comfortable with their children returning to campus should enroll their children in virtual school full time. Let's not hurt every child. Mine went from A/B to Cs and even a D.

"I think OCPS should reopen school in the traditional face-to-face model with increased sanitation, including the addition of more janitors at each site. Parents can then choose to send their children to school OR choose to enroll them in FLVS, since that is also a free, public school option. If this results in the decrease of teachers needed in the school building, those teachers should be transferred to FLVS (with those at-risk given first priority for teaching virtually). This would give parents the choice and provide students with a consistent education (all face-to-face or all virtual) from the beginning of the year.

In my opinion, a blended model is very unrealistic for elementary-aged students. Even with a reduced amount of students in the classroom, it is not developmentally appropriate to ask students to stay apart, not play outside, etc. It is also unfair to ask teachers to clean, keep students apart, etc. "

I think our child need face to face education. She was not able focus at home and also she needs to be social with other kids! Please no mask for kids! It is very unhealthy and she is getting already eczema around her mouth. Thank you!

I think our children should have a good education. As a parent of 3, I feel, and my kids, that they do way better in education then distance learning. I think we should reopen the schools.

I think our kids should go to school cause if you think about it there really not learning anything on online school and they need to interact with people

I think school should open back up for the 2020-2021 school year

"I think schools should open 'business as usual' and we should implement temperature checks before entering. This will cut down on sickness in general

We should continue teaching our children about the importance of washing hands and sanitizing, but we cannot live in fear.

If parents want their children to wear masks they can do so, but it should not be mandatory. It should be case by case and up to the individual parent/child/teacher if they want to wear one or not. "

I think schools should reopen and they should provide masks for each student, wipe down desk before each period, keep the desk at least 3-6 feet away from each other, and provide more buses so it can be easier for the kids to be distant.

I think self-contained ESE students need the routine of daily face-to-face instruction to attempt to close the academic gaps that grew leaps and bounds from being out the last 9 weeks. I also feel that ESE self-contained teachers, paras, and behavior specialists should get hazard pay because we will need to be much more hands-on due to the nature of our students, as well as the close proximity we will have to work in. As well as all of the bathroom help we need to give and basic hygiene needs, these things put us at a higher risk and deserve to be compensated for such.

I think some adaptations need to be made to Meet Your Teacher and Open House events. These events are important, but are generally crowded. Teachers definitely don't want them to last all day though. Maybe have something like a three hour window where parents sign up for time slots. As a teacher, I also would not feel comfortable shaking hands with all of the parents like I normally do.

"I think students should go back to school full time face to face. Allow for smaller class sizes if possible. More cleaning of the school and classrooms. The younger kids will be tough to mandate them to wear masks all day. I think if the administration and the teacher stay on top of their teachers and students to make sure they are washing hands or using hand sanitizer often would help. Clean the rooms throughout the day. Check temperatures every morning before school. Bus drivers check temps in the morning before allowing kids on the bus and the staff checks it at the door of the school.

These kids need the schooling, for mental and emotional well being. Not every parent has the luxury to stay home and if they do they can't be a teacher and homeschool their children. Some don't have the time, have other children of different ages and it would be very hard for them to do that and care for the other children in the home. A lot of the parents need to work to survive. A lot of kids depend highly on school structure and highly on being at school as a ""safe space"" for their well being, whether they are abused at home or don't have a good home to be in with someone who will help them, feed them or take care of them. Please don't take that away from them.

If you want to split the classes smaller, do half in the morning and other half in the afternoon, 5 days a week, maybe that could help too.

I just think after we all had to stay home these past few months many realized kids need school and to be at the school and not home. Offer both in person and virtual and a parent can choose whether they want to bring their kid to school or not. If they do virtual, teachers can have a camera for those who are virtually tuning in to watch and attend class that way.


I think students should go back to school like normal.

"I think students should go back to school. I believe that many students need the intellectual and social connections. As difficult as it may be, I believe they should wear masks and have temperature checks upon arrival at school. The same protocol should be taken for the faculty and staff.

Osceola county schools are already starting summer conditioning for athletes. I believe that Orange County is behind on making a decision."

I think students should have their own table and should be mandatory measure the temperature at the entrance.

I think students should return to regular, face-to-face classrooms. The district and state offer virtual classes already. Anyone who doesn't want to return to school, can explore those options. The logistical nightmare of a blended or hybrid model for working parents or those who have children at multiple schools is not realistic. Many of those children will end up together at daycare or after-school programs. I hope that facts and research are used to guide decisions instead of fear and optics. Students should return to regular classrooms as they did last year. More time could be spent cleaning and sanitizing, but creating co-horts, wearing masks all day, getting rid of recess or PE or sports, is over-reactive and unnecessary. Please consider that virtual options are already available and that children need to be at school with professionals.

i think that all students have to come back to school, but they need protection, like all the chairs have to be 6ft apart, and they have to go with masks and gel alcohol.

I think that as long as staff is performing temperature checks and following deep sanatation processes children should be able to return to face to face school. I believe that for some students not having that face to face school is detrimental to their mental health and is going to have them fall behind academically. I'm a parent that works full time and I have to work full time. Virtual school will be almost impossible to do with my three children. I also did not go to school to teach therefore trying to help them understand the work is impossible especially without proper material. Thank you.

I think that as long as we all wear masks, wash our hands as much as we can, and social distance as much as we can, we will be okay. A lot of students have struggled with distance learning and i think it would be much better starting the year face to face. We have to go back at some point. Also i think the bathrooms should be cleaned more often and the soap dispensers should be filled regularly to practice washing our hands often.

I think that by August schools can be reopened and ready. Government and people together do good job by following all the rules, therefore covid19 cases decreased. And most of places started to reopen and everything is going okay right now in public places. I am totally sure that kids will be glad to come back to school.

I think that face to face is better than distance learning because in the online world many things can happen that can affect students negatively, for example network outages or wepage timeouts. In face to face the teacher is there to help with anything and if online work fails, alternatives can be assigned on the spot

I think that if you let us students learn face-to-face then it would be better and cause less problems. Yes there might still be covid, but if everyone gets it, the people who die, die. and that way the people who get over it are immune. Natural selection to me is the best option.

I think that it will be safe by agust to comeback to schools, students needs to go back to the classroom.

"I think that kids should go back face to face. Possibly spread desks out a bit more and require frequent hand washing, especially before lunch/snack, but also regularly through the day.

School supplies should be for each child and eliminate communal supplies (even if it means parents need to send more in) to reduce everyone touching the same things.

There should also be designated times of day when everyone in the classroom cleans and disinfects their desks and commonly touched surfaces.

I do not believe face masks should be required. "

"I think that kids should return Back to school in August. Just like the flu and any other viruses and colds this new virus will be around and cannot stop the way of life and education. I am a teacher also and a parent and I think that everyone should return back to school and that there should just be new disinfection and safety measures in place.

I don't see how they split distant learning and face-to-face as possible while parents have to work and return to their jobs. Who would watch these children and provide them distant learning while mothers and fathers need to work"

I think that kids who have symptoms of Covid 19 should be encouraged to stay home, so their absence should be excused. I know a doctor note is usually required, but in this case, maybe an exception should be made? Or maybe a COVID test could excuse the absence?

I think that most students work best in a traditional classroom environment. I would love for my daughter to go back to school in the Fall. I have no issues with social distancing, mask wearing etc but would love for the schools to open up without restrictions.

i think that my child should go back to school cause it's better the teachers can help them and they will understand more cause it's better for them and for my child .

I think that our children's learning will be more optimal with face-to-face assistance.

I think that school should remain the same. Students need face to face interactions Amor only with their teachers but with their friends as well. The students have already sacrificed months of instruction and desperately need it!!! They also need to look forward to thinks such as Band, Sports Clubs...etc.

I think that school should reopen because for a lot of kids this is there last year of high school there are events and memories that you can never get back and for a lot of students this is there last year to get things together for college or to even try to earn a scholarship for college yes there should be more sanitizing and cleaning in areas but I think schools should reopen

"I think that serious consideration needs to be made about the following, before any decisions about how face-to-face learning will take place:

1. Is there any SCIENTIFIC evidence that suggests young children have passed COVID on to other young children?

2. Is there any SCIENTIFIC evidence that suggests that COVID poses a greater risk to children than something like the flu? (There's no mandated precautions taken to protect against the flu, not even with the existence of a vaccine).

3. Has any research been done to see what the effects are of children spending time wearing masks? If not, I don't think masks should be required.

4. Has there been any research done on the mental, emotional and social impacts of social distancing and other measures on children?

From what I have observed in the greater society, a great deal of emphasis has been put on doing things that seem to protect against COVID, without always doing what is actually logical. There has seemed to be a gut reaction without regard to what research and evidence is actually available or is possibly missing. So until someone can tell me what the longer term risks and benefits of a 5 year old wearing a mask for 6 hours every day are, I am going to be skeptical of making a decision that forces children to do that.

Before there is any research or evidence to suggest that children are at an unreasonably high risk of getting seriously ill or passing it on to others, I would be skeptical of making large changes for "social distancing."

As always, I believe hand hygiene and following general precautions of sanitation are vital. But I also believe that providing children with as normal an environment as possible for learning and social interaction is crucial.




"I think that should have 2 options

Virtual school and face face


teachers for virtual school and kids who choose to virtual stay virtual

Face to face ( will be less kids in the school) and this will be 100% face to face

My kids need to go back to school.... I can't work and I need to work!!!"

I think that student should go back to school because I am tired of them

I think that students and OCPS employees should be back to normal for next school year.

I think that students should be able to return to school in the fall. As teachers, we can make sure that students have ample opportunity to wash hands and use sanitizer. If we do have to go to distance learning at some point in the year, it will be easier on both the student and teacher because a relationship has already been built.

"I think that students should go back to a regular model of school. Kids and teenagers need contacts and a variety of experiences for their good development.

But teachers should also use some distance learning strategies for each class. For example, students should have homework they have to complete online for each subject. So if there's a second or a third wave, everyone will be ready and more confortable with distance learning. "

"I think that we should adopt the same idea like in Japan, where the students stay in one room and the teachers move from classroom to classroom. Lunch and electives should be taught in that room as well.

Temperature checks when students arrive to school. "

I think that we should go back to work as normal. Same schedule as usual, same class sizes, and same protocols. Although I have learned about a lot of cool features available on canvas like BBB and more. I'm going to be implementing some recorded lectures using canvas studio and some after school tutoring through BBB for students that want to participate. So I'll be using the stuff I learned because of this distance learning, but I think that we should be fine to go back to face to face learning like before.

"I think that we should keep face to face learning because for young children especially it's more effective. Also, think about the possibilities of adding special times like 10 min time during mid day where

The class takes a break and wipes their own desks down. There can be hand sanitizer stations placed around school and at kids tables. Think about inputting special

Clean up times, besides kids need to learn how to keep themselves and their belongings clean and it builds responsibility. After all, we do have health time put into the schedule. There can be special times like before lunch where we wash our hands and wipe tableS built into the day. There will always be sicknesses around we shouldn't close school. Maybe make distance learning available for those who opt that but parents who work

Want and NEED to send kids to school. This pandemic has taught us to take extra safety precautions

That can be placed into our schools. Keep face to face learning."

I think that You need to take children with IEPs into careful consideration as distance learning is difficult for them. Something should be taken into thought as to providing ESE students with small group instruction in a regular classroom with a teacher fulltime. Or if they are doing half days in the classroom the other half day should be in a library or other room in small groups with a teacher or para to help them to navigate their learning with more hands on activities so as the most vulnerable students do not get left behind.

I think the children should go back to a normal classroom setting with wearing a mask and multiple breaks for hand washing.

"I think the class have to back to normal. The people have to reaction, no fear.

We need to encourage our sons and daughters or we will have a fear generation. There're many people dying every for others kind of disease.

Reaction America!!! "

"I think the county/state will have to commit to either a full virtual or a full face to face start of the school year.

While I can see in theory why a blended model would be posed as an option, I do not see that actually working. One of the most important aspects of elementary school is the social environment in which kids learn. We as teachers have been taught the importance of grouping our students in multiple ways in order to propel their learning forward. You cannot take the social aspect out of school. A blended model would put more strain on teachers and families than is worth for probably the same outcome as full face to face will have. If students are brought back in the elementary level, they will no doubt be touching the same items and using shared spaces and all the germs will be there regardless of the day students show up. I want a normal school year. However, I just do not see how that is possible if a vaccine does not come out.

If virtual is the chosen path, then I would ask that there be a voluntary meet the teacher in person still for a shred of normalcy. "

I think the key would be smaller class sizes, extra disinfecting of everything in the school, extra restroom breaks for hand washing. No drinking fountains. Recess breaks with only one class, etc.

I think the kids need the structure and social interaction of being in school with their peers and friends. I think continued distance learning can lead to depression and isolation.

I think the kids need to go back to school. they need the interaction with the teacher and the other students. As for the parents who work a full-time job, we don't have time to work and teach our kids, not meaning we can't, but I think the kids and parents also both need a break away from each other also. Some kids learn better from teachers rather than their parents, so I am all about opening the schools up for the upcoming school year.

I think the kids need to see each other again

I think the kids should go back to school as long as there's special sanitation and a way to keep them safe. I would like to hear the ideas that OCPS has to possibly return the kids to school.

I think the kids should go back to school as normal. Do not cluster the desks together, Separate the desks as much as possible and keep it moving.

I think the kids should return to school like normal. If anything, the schools should just have cleaning requirements and procedures put in place to limit the spread of any virus or bacteria. This would help in general regardless of COVID-19. The kids really need to return to school and see their friends and teachers. Classroom environments at home (especially with working parents) is not the best for kids. They really miss out on all the projects, playtime with friends, and learning activities in the classroom with their teacher and friends.

I think the parents/students and teachers that want to do face to face learning should do so. If there are parents/students and teachers that aren't comfortable doing face to face then they should do online learning. That way everyone is happy and there will be less people in the school so social distancing will be easier.

I think the schools should definitely open but at a later date. August 10 is way too early to open in normal circumstances, and in this situation I would hope the opening would be held until September. Open the Tuesday after Labor Day like the northern schools do. That gives one more month to be isolated. I would love this to keep the following years too.

I think the students need to get back to school with regular activities just like before school went to distance learning. I feel if you do a hybrid, teachers will just be spending class time explaing what needed to be done at home. If parents are not ready to send their student back to school they should enroll in vurtual school.

I think the students need to go to the school and have a face to face learning with the teachers, because most of the parents are already working and the students can't stay by themselves at home.

I think there should be minimal changes. Increase sanitation around the schools, ensure soap, paper towels and hand sanitizer is well stocked. Ensure students and staff who are ill or have a fever are sent home. In the cafeteria, tables and frequently touched surfaces should be well sanitized frequently.

i think they should go back to school

I think things should remain as previously just a few more reminders or breaks for washing hands

"I think this district has a great plan for Elementary.


I think trying to do face to face is good thing but children are not always good with personal hygiene to keep everyone safe. Lowering the number of children In a class would be hard on schools. It's going to be a hard decision to make . There are good ideas about each way and some not so good.

I think VPK should be 10 kids with one teacher for 3 hours, then after a short break another group of 10 kids with the same teacher for another 3 hours. This way they could be Face to Face. Distance learning is too complicated and hard for the 4 year old children.

I think we can go back to regular school face to face learning 5 days a week with limited class sizes

"I think we can safely allow children to go back to face to face learning while

Still incorporating strict hand sanitizing and cleaning procedures. A lot of parents don't have the luxury to school their kids because they are working during the day. Especially those parents of young kids like myself. They cannot simply learn independently online like older kids."

I think we can work as a team to make the schools clean and safe for all involved.

"I think we need to allow the kids to go back to school. Kids need to have the interaction with other kids. They do not do well when they are isolated from there peers. kids immune systems are made to be exposed to germs and bounce back.

I think we need to implement hand washing and hand sanitize stations as part of the kids daily routine. There should be hands sanitize stations set up at each doorway leading in/out of the building as well as at the doors to the lunch room.

As weather permits, kids need to be outside more.

Spread the classes out during lunch on a rotation with some classes eating out side and some in the lunch room.

Use the stage area to add more tables so they are spread out more during lunch also.

On days when it is storming or raining to hard for them to eat under the pavilion outside, There should be other rooms set aside for them.

I believe the kids need to go back to school and have as much normalcy to there life as can been."

I think we need to do face-to-face learning. Learning over the computer is not the same as being in front of a group of students. There isnt the personal interaction that takes place when everyone is in the same room. Also even with each student having a device there is still in inequality. There are students (and families) that can't or won't get on. They don't attend online meetings, there parents don't respond to any communication. We need to attempt traditional school but practice for distance learning. We need to offer classes (in person) to parents that need it. Given in the language they understand. We can't do these classes online because many of these parents don't know how to access the programs.

I think we need to get these kids back to school full time face to face. At risk children are in danger and parents can't handle this anymore. The things that should be changed are no field trips and elementary teachers should teach all content areas. Each teacher should have a thermometer and check temps as the students enter. High school and middle school students should wear mask in the hallways from changing classes. We need to get back to school full time!

I think we need to go back to regular school. I don't know that social distancing in schools is possible. I think kids need to wash their hands, maybe teachers change classes instead of students, like the bell rings, teachers switch and go to other rooms rather than kids switching. That's my best solution. I think if this is a disease that will be around and co to us to be around like the flu it doesn't make any sense to keep hiding from it.

I think we need to go to face to face with rational precautions.

I think we need to return to normal for the sake of the mental health of our children. This has been way to much on them already and continuing to further the way we are living now is only going to hinder their mental health, social skills and ability to have the social interaction we need.

I think we OCPS students should have the opportunity to have Face to Face learning and hands on instruction because it's hard to do Distance learning when you are enrolled in an Automotive maintenance program at Orange Technical college and that we Automotive students requires to have an instructor help us work on a vehicle together at the school as we can't learn by doing distance learning we need to have that physical face to face learning in a classroom as it's hard enough when you have to work online from home and that not everyone will be on the same page everyday and that it is not fair to us Automotive students that have to be away from the shop it's like how are supposed to turn our Education into a career if we can't be in the shop to learn? - Patrick

I think we should go back to school but in a safely manner. I really hope this because i feel like lots of students and i are visual learners and need a teacher right in front of us to guide us and so we can understand more. Another reason is because even iff the high schoolers can do it the little ones can't. For example my 2nd grade brother didn't understand much even when i helped him. And lastly,many students in the class of 2021 and i would miss out on a bunch of things we were looking forward to for a while and it would be really sad to sit home and do distance learning for all of our senior year. I really hope we can go back in a safely way.

I think we should do a face to face school year and consider reopening because I noticed from other people that because of the online school their grades are getting worse from face to face school. People have realized that they need teachers to actually sit with them and go over it instead of emailing or texting. It's just harder for students to understand. I've seen plenty of opinions from students and what they want.

i think we should go back to school because i really miss my fiends and online school is really annoying and i don't like it one bit so please take this into consideration

I think we should go back to school because some kids may not be good with distance learning and may be a hands on learner like me, I am a hands on learner. We can be safe with this by having kids wear a mask at school and keep the social distancing rule of 6 feet apart. We could separate desk so kids aren't all bunched up. We should try it never hurts to try and let kids go back.

I think we should go back to school face to face because 1 it's easier to learn and 2 I think it's time to re opening . A lot of kids want to see their teachers , friends , etc .. but Yh I think we should go bk to reopen face to face

I think we should go back, but take more precautions. We need extra cleaning of everything.

I think we should implement daily temperature checks, face masks for everybody. But make it fun so the students don't feel stress. We could have mask with school mascots on them. When students come in via bus, car, bike or walk will all get a temperature check as well as the facility and staff. Then everybody should be given a washable mask to take home to clean and wear daily. As far as social distancing have student take lunch in classroom until this health crisis is over. We could also have lunch outside under cover patio. Do all pupil assemble via tv in classroom and schedule playtime with alternate days and grades. So everybody has recess equally. Implement health education in all schools to instruct on how to take of yourself and your family to keep from getting sick. I believe that students will benefit more from going back to school. I also believe if the school shows the parents that we will take all necessary measure to ensure their child will be safe in a school environment.

I think we should push the start of school to after Labor Day in order for more time to prepare and get schools ready to attempt face to face learning. By not having all the state testing the instructional time lost in August will already be made up by not losing the usual time lost for the numerous testing and test prepping days/ weeks. The extra time will also enable us to see how other schools in other countries/states are doing with whatever model they chose and gather data on the status of the virus, as well.

I think we should start the school year at the regularly scheduled start date with face to face/traditional learning. If there is a student becomes infected, we could quarantine the class for 14 days with digital learning and then resume face to face learning. If a teacher becomes infected, we should also quarantine the class and hire a sub to continue the distance learning. All subs should be trained on the digital learning platforms and procedures.

I think we should use a double session model. When I taught is Vegas we used a double session model to help with overcrowded schools. We start school at 7:30 am for session one and go until 11:00 am and session two starts at 12:00 and goes until 3:30. All elementary teachers will teach both sessions. 1/2 the students in am session and 1/2 in the pm session.

I think you can do face to face or part distance without having everyone at the same time in school. You can probably alternate days in school by grades or morning and afternoon sessions. Depend of the school, transportation and making sure students eat their lunch in school.

"I thinks if kids wash there hands often in school that will help a lot.

For example:

Morning arrival as soon they get to there homeroom class they need to form a line to wash there hands, then for middle and high sense they have to change classroom they need to put hand sanitizer every entry of a classroom but first they need to wash there hands in there homeroom class on there arrival. Before and after recess or lunch they need to wash there hands. For recess they should invest in portable hand wash stations and put them next to the door so before the kids enter the building they need to wash there hands, same in the cafeteria at the entrance and exit. As soon they get back in classroom hand sanitizer because they just wash there hand in the cafeteria and before school is over they need to wash there hand to prevent spread in the school bus and homes. I know this steps will prolong the time in school but like other bacteria, viruses and infections every of them can be preventable by a good practice of washing hands. Everyone wants to go back to ""normality"" but if we don't practice washing hands is impossible, not only we can prevent COVID-19 but the flu,stomach virus and much other.

BY adding 15 to 20 min on the morning arrival and other 15 to 20 on the afternoon dismissal I thinks it can be manageable. Hope this help or refresh any good ideas. "

I thinks school has to be the same. The family that is not comfortable always could choose distance learning tough.

I totally did not like distance learning. I need a schedule and routine. I missed my routine and teachers helping me in person. I did not like to email and ask questions. I did not like BBB discussions. I did not like my parents driving me crazy to do work. Also guitar class was no fun at all without the teacher and my class. Please let us go back to school!

I truly believe our students and children need to return to face-to-face school this fall. I believe when I speak for each parent when I say we LOVE our teachers and so appreciate the good work they do. We are NOT teachers! Our students need their teachers, face to face! Parents who have the ability and desire to have their kids at home can choose to do that via OCVS or FLVS. This is an option that is always available, so "forcing" that upon those that do not want it really goes against what we desire for our kids in their public education. Schools in other parts of the world are fully back in session. Select summer camps are back in session. We are still 2 months out, we will be ready by then to return. The hybrid option is not an option, in my opinion. What about parents who work? How on earth will this work? Will you assure all siblings at 3 different schools attend on the same day? This seems like double the work for teachers as well and I can't imagine the teacher's unions will find this acceptable, and the logistics to figure this out seem like a nightmare. If parents are fearful and they are able to have their children at home using virtual school there are ALREADY 2 options available for those parents to use. We don't keep all our students at home when there is bad flu season, and this honestly no different. If schools don't go back to "normal" then our economy and society will never be able to. Require masks if you must, but let our students return to school! Allocate funds so teachers have hygiene supplies like soap, sanitizer and wipes (not having to rely on parents to purchase these for the classroom and running out). Make sure all the bathrooms have soap all the time (my child's school soap pumps are ALWAYS empty). Common sense not hysteria is what we need

I truly believe that we should return as we normally would, but with masks and new cleaning measures. I do not support a blended model. At the high school level, I feel like having 2000 kids on campus each day would basically be the same as 4000. If we all wear masks and are diligent about cleaning, I feel like that would be the best effort to make sure kids will learn best. I think blended would present too many logistical problems, and we would not be able to cover as much curriculum, not to mention how many parents wouldn't want their high school kids at home unsupervised several days a week. I think upperclassmen would also choose to work, and fall behind with their schoolwork, which is what happened often during distance learning in April/May. I understand that there is a risk of Covid regardless of what we do, which is why I think we should go about school as normal. If we all wear masks and practice PPE, that should cut down the risk. I am a teacher, and also the parent of a student entering an ocps preschool this year.

I trust our schools will abide cdc guidelines and keep our children safe. It's important for our children to have the proper education by educators who are trained and certified. Also, both my husband and I work full time and the other two options do not work for our livelihood.

I understand concerns with face-to-face learning. I understand, especially on an elementary level that germs get shared, but I also have three special needs children whose educational needs were not met during distance learning last year and who fell behind. I don't know what the answer is to keeping germs at bay but I do know that distance learning, while perfectly acceptable for neurotypical children, is leaving the vunerable

I understand that we should keep our children and staff protected during these unforeseen times, however, we have had these prevalent issues ongoing for years and we have adapted. Thru the spreading of germs, sneezing, coughing and so many countless other conditions that society is making out to be a threat to our country and our way of living. We have been able to be sustainable through maintaining the social distancing and personal hygiene and putting other precautionary measures in place. How long do we take the highway of the injustice we are posing on our students; and lets not forget about the parents. I had the opportunity to teach during this pandemic. I have seen an awful hardship this has caused our students because they had to propel their way through virtual learning, although, for some it was easy, but not for our primary level students. They are accustomed to face to face learning style education. Lets not forget that we need this journey, this platform to educate our students in the most profound way for them to learn; for their minds and actions to be relevant. State and local government base the reopening of schools on the number of Covid-19 cases. To ensure that we are taking the right measures in the safety of our students, both parents and school authorities need to mirror each other in their efforts of keeping our children safe. This includes improving hygiene, washing hands, respiratory etiquette, on-going classroom cleaning practices. I think this is crucial to reopening safely with the support of their dedicated administrators, teachers and parents.

i understand we are in a pandemic and we need to be safe but i'm going into my junior year which is one of the most important years for colleges and i struggled with distant learning and felt like i didn't learn anything and i know i'm not the only one who struggled with online school so i think we should go back to school face to face.

"I very strongly support the need for students to return to in person learning with their peers. Please allow them to play on playgrounds, change teachers throughout the day so they can be exposed to music class, art class, PE, etc. They NEED these outlets, physical activity, and specials classes now more than ever!

I have a rising Kindergartener and I have concerns about face masks being required. How will children learning phonics and learning how to read do this if they can't see their teacher's mouth?! It is very important to SEE how sounds are being formed, as well as hear clearly (and we know it isn't very easy to hear/understand someone through a mask). "

I want face-to-face in-school learning with the distance safe protocol.

I want it to be face to face because if it's online it's harder for me to understand anything and I get to see my friends and do sports and music

"I want my child to be back in school.I also feel strongly that they need to continue to have access to their extracurricular activities.Many parents are being vocal about not wanting their kids to go back to school. Those parents should register their kids for Fl Virtual or OCPS Virtual, they should have a deadline where they must notify the school that their kid won't be coming next year, and it should be a full year decision.By doing this schools would have a better idea of how many kids will actually be attending. From what I'm seeing and hearing I am willing to bet at least 1/4 (most likely even more)of students will not be attending in person.These students gone will automatically reduce class sizes and make social distancing more attainable.The desks can be separated or have partitions, kids and teachers can wear masks, and funding should should be provided to invest in air sanitizing units to be run at night.Virtual learning is not for every daughter is a straight A student with consistent 5's on testing, and she was struggling. Extra

curricular activities are a must!!!!My goes to Howard for performing arts. Eliminating these programs would have a detrimental impact on these kids. They are social, they are outgoing, they are creative and so smart and the need access to their theatre, band, show choir, guitar shows and performances. Not having the arts available for these kids is dangerous to their emotional and mental health. I saw it in my daughter this year she went from being on top of the world during school to rock bottom with virtual learning. Illness due to Covid is not the only thing to take into consideration, I feel that Anxiety, Depression, and even Suicide could result If we don't get things back to close to normal ASAP for these kids "

I want my kids to go back to face-to-face instruction. My kids have struggled with the video conference and online formats and I don't think is is conducive to all learning styles. I think it has to be in the physical classroom in order to meet the educational needs of my children.

I want my kids to have traditional face to face instruction. Distance learning was just busy work and my children didn't learn anything at all. This people who don't want to send their kids back to school can always utilize FLVS

I want school to go back to normal

I want to do face to face school because some kids don't have a device to do school on, or internet access. And what about extra classes, those will be har to do online. Also it is way funner at school, you can make friends, And if you do school at home you can easily get distracted and sometimes you understand more face to face, face to face will be way easier to focus, and the if we do blended it will be super confusing. Also face to face will work for some families because, Some guardians work, and I'm pretty sure are Care takers won't like us being stuck inside the whole day. School is just a way better learning place. Have a nice day. I hope you consider. Be safe in these horrible tough times. 🙏🏽

I want to have a normal HS experience in the arts. That is not possible with blended. Singing on recordings is not the same.

I want to see me friends

"I wanted to bring to light that some students (mine) have 504 plans and struggle academically, but also have medical issues that complicate some requirements of social distancing such as wearing a mask Or eating in the classroom. My daughter has severe anaphylactic allergies and her face must be visible at all times for her teacher to view/observe for signs of anaphylaxis. Additionally, eating in the classroom can bring her closer to being exposed to allergens. These complications need to be considered. Please think about these things when bringing students back to school.

She also has severe eczema. Her skin can not tolerate a mask being on her face daily. "

I will under no circumstances choose to send my child to school with face masks, temp checks, or any of this other "new normal" ridiculousness we're expected to subscribe to. Additionally I will not be using virtual school. Homeschooling will 100% be my choice under those circumstances and I will absolutely encourage every parent I know to do the same.

"I wish for my children to return to face to face learning in August. There is a massive benefit to being able to interact with their peers as well as developing skills, like effective communication. In classroom learning provides the most focused opportunity for the children because they are being taught by someone who is highly trained to do so. At home, parents aren't that knowledgeable in teaching, especially when they have students in different grades. The children's education suffers due to the difference in quality of instruction. Plus, they would all benefit immensely, after this difficult time, with being among their peers and socializing, while learning.

Perhaps the option for parents to have their children return to classroom instruction in August, or remain at home and complete distance online learning, is a perfect solution. That way those who are not yet comfortable sending their children to school can continue the home learning until they are, while others can return to their school education."

"I work full time in healthcare single parent of daughter with ASD. Don't feel that she gets the support face to face that she needs. She refuses to do virtual; feel all the resources that are available to her at school is not the same at home. Plus with many parents returning to workforce who is going to take care of kids if they are kept home? It's a challenge to find childcare if you don't have family &/or friends that can help.


I work full time. It will very hard for me if my children dont go back to school. I will have a kindergarten, first grader and a high schooler. They wont be able to do their classes until I get home from work.

I work in healthcare and I don't see this going away any time soon. However I also see that the media and false numbers have made this virus a lot worse than it actually is. Every virus including the flu can be detrimental to anyone who has any pre-existing health conditions. I think distance learning platforms such as OCVS and FLVS should be available for parents who do not want their children returning to school due to underlying health conditions. I also think that teachers who have underlying health conditions should move to teaching on these same platforms. Children attending school with peers is more than just academics. They grow socially and learn skills necessary to function in society after their education is completed. There are also classes that need to be done in person that can not be done digitally (band, chorus, theater and others). I also believe the teachers do not have enough time to learn how to teach digitally prior to next school year. My daughter had 8-12 hours a day of work just so she could turn her work in on time. That is not going to work next year. The parents who want their kids to stay home can move to one of the above platforms.

I work with disabled children and there is no way that they will be able to be educated through distance learning.They also will have no access to all their accommodations that they receive being in school.

I work with ESE children in elementary and middle school with cognitive and/or physical impairments. This group of children has minimal benefits of virtual learning due to the families are overwhelmed with care, limited access to internet, language barriers with family, and for a majority of the children, behaviors. The school provides the structure to help the children learn and follow directions, as well as direct therapies for those who receive them. The IEP is a legal document and it is difficult to serve these students virtually. However, these children will not keep masks on and a lot of them still mouth objects, drool, etc. To be able to keep cleanliness and distance in the class and provide services, maybe attend 3 days a week one week for one group and the other group is 2 days virtual, then alternate the children the following week. Thank you for listening.

I would be happy to send my children and work without restrictions by signing a waiver that would not hold OCPS accountable if myself or my children contract COVID.

I would be interested in an option that would possibly delay the delay the start by a few extra weeks in order to get a firm grasp on what is happening with the virus and to make any necessary precautions like extra cleaning and installing hand washing/sanitizing stations in preparation for face to face learning. I would strongly oppose and option that limits socialization, enrichment and face to face connection as it is vital to a child's overall well being. I would be onboard for longer days or going into summer to make up for the learning and enrichment hours necessary. Thank you for all that you are doing !

I would encourage families who are more comfortable with distance learning to enroll in OCVS. Teachers who are at risk or feel uncomfortable should teach on line. However, there are many of us, both students and teachers, who are willing to come back to school. I'm not concerned with COVID and would love to continue teaching in a face to face environment. Blended learning will be ineffective. Let's offer choices to the families, there are many comfort levels with COVID. I want to return to school to teach my students in person! I want my child to attend face to face classes as they are more effective for him as a learner. The social isolation is more of a detriment to our students than COVid at this point. Additionally, wearing a mask needs to be optional --- a choice for those of varying comfort levels. Let's not over-think this -- let's go back to school!

"I would feel comfortable sending my child to school with extra safety measures in place to keep the kids safe and healthy.

Wash hands when get to school and often during day and before lunch. Temp checks, available Covid testing for teachers, students and staff. No masks!

Smaller classes, extra cleaning.

The kids need the social and emotional part of learning and need to be with other kids.

No tolerance policy for sick kids at school.

Thank you for all you do! "

I would feel safe for my children to be back to school face to face, if there are hand sanitizer stations throughout the school, less than 15 in each classroom, and lunch should be outdoor in a courtyard, if weather permits, it not, they eat in their classroom, lastly there should be constant PA announcements to remind the students to wash their hands and keep their distances.

"I would go for face to face to meet the students and teachers for long as it goes unless if there is distance learning pops up. However, I would like to have a clear and open mask for me to read lips with other staff who I work with.


I would ideally like for my personal children to be able to go back to school, and I would like to go back into the classroom. Some suggestions include providing hand sanitizer, soap, and paper towels for all classrooms on a frequent basis; having adults only clean the tables in the cafeteria; staggered dismissal times for walkers, bus riders, and car riders so that not all students are congregating in the same areas after school; get rid of perfect attendance awards; not penalizing families for late arrival or early dismissal due to medical appointments; and limiting the areas used for after school clubs and programs so that classrooms only need to be cleaned once after school.

I would like both my kids to go back to school, but not on August 10th. I think we should wait a little longer due to the recent spikes in positive cases of Covid 19. I'd like to see school start after labor day in hopes that the positive cases of Covid 19 will be back down and vaccines will either be available or closer to being available. The virtual school was different for each of my girls. My oldest who will be an eighth grader at Bridgewater really struggles to maintain focus and with self discipline to get her work done and stay on track. She missed the structure of classroom settings, and the change of scenery every 45'ish minutes and of corse the socialization. My younger child thrives wherever she is, at school she excelled easily, at home she was very focused getting her daily assignments all done in a couple hours. They've looked forward to this opportunity to be at the same school for the past couple of years. I'm just hoping everything is safe and ready to proceed when it's time to start a new school year. Bridgewater is a great school, my kids need your teachers and sports. It makes them more well rounded.

"I would like Face to face and I do not want my children to wear a mask all day long in school

If masks are required I will not send them back. "

I would like for face-to-face school to resume as close to "normal" as possible. I do not want children having to wear face masks all day, missing recess, etc. I think that parents who do not wish to have their children in the regular school environment have great options to choose from through the county virtual school or FLVS. But those who want their kids to attend school are wanting their kids to be able to return to school and have a great experience - I don't want it to feel like a prison where the kids aren't able to be kids. I feel that any kind of "blended" environment is just going to put more stress on the parents and teachers alike... it's too much too juggle. Personally, if school isn't going to resume and at least be mostly a normal environment, then I will choose to withdraw my students from the district and enroll them in home education so it gives me the freedom to find a curriculum and schedule that will work for our family (I have five children enrolled in OCPS and juggling the distance learning for all of them, while also trying to work, was simply not sustainable over the long-term). My first preference of all is for my kids to return to school! They miss their friends and teachers. They are already participating in things now through church and summer programs where they are interacting with other children and adults, and it's been going great!

I would like for my child to return to face to face learning. I think the main practice the school could implement is proper cleaning of common areas. At our school the cafeteria is disgusting and never gets cleaned. The kids are made to clean with bottles of stagnant water. Custodians should be cleaning common areas with disinfecting spray each and every day. Classrooms need to be provided with paper towels and soap and students should be washing their hands regularly. Last school year, we had to supply the classroom with cleaning supplies like hand soap, sanitizer, paper towels, and wipes. The school should be doing this.

"I would like for my kids to return to face-to-face classrooms but only heavy health and safety measures in place. Check temperatures before entering school, social distancing and no eat lunch in their own classroom. Kids should stay in same classroom and reduce class size by half for spacing. Need to have extra and way more frequent cleaning of the restrooms and heavy public touching places. No crowding hallways by having more different release time (Perhaps start releasing at 3:20pm). No more sharing classroom supplies either. I do not want staggered school start times.

If above is not possible then I'd rather blended schedules with 3 days face-to-face (Tues-Thurs) and 2 days virtual (Mon & Fri). Virtual days have to be live lessons with teachers teaching just as much as if they're in schools. Maybe this can also help reduce class size because kids can alternate physical days at school. You can't take away face to face completely because then we wouldn't be able to do extracurricular activities such as the Howard Middle school dance team.

School definitely can not operate just like before the quarantine and should not require vaccine proof either due to personal reasons. "

I would like for students who want to have a normal school experience to be able to go back to school. Those who want to be online or feel uncomfortable should be able to take classes with FLVS or OCVS but fully in-person school should be an option for those who feel comfortable doing so.

I would like my child to attend school. I think this is the best for my child and other children as well; unless there are children with special conditions and compromised immune system. I don't think children should be all day in front of the computer without any interactions with other children. My child did not enjoy staying home away from his teachers and classmates. I believe it is not safe for children to stay home all day without their parents or any adult supervision because everybody have to go back to work. Only few students have the privilege to have mom and/or dad staying at home with them; most of our children's parents need to work in order to pay bills. I believe children need to socialize with others in order to have a healthy childhood. Staying at home for the whole school year is not the answer to this pandemic. Please allow healthy children to come back to school and go on with their normal life.

"I would like my child to go face to face full day but if not. Here is my 2 ideas.

1- half day at school and half day distance learning.

2-three days at school and two days distance learning.



"I would like school to be face to face as it is easier for my special needs child to get the individual help that he needs.

I have seen in the front of the classrooms a sanitizing station. That way before they come into the class they must sanitize their hands.

I also think that the child should use their own supplies and the lists shouldn't be a classroom shared list of supplies.

After each class the classroom desks/chairs will be wiped down and sanitized before the children can come into the classroom. The teachers will be given ample amount of time/ extra transition time to do so so they will not have too much extra work or stress. "

I would like school to resume in normal format In August or September. If there is a large outbreak in the fall, this could be adjusted back to distance learning but we don't know if that will happen. Based on current situation, I believe children should go back to school. I am not in favor of children wearing masks. Anyone who wants to should be able to but I do not think it should be mandated.

I would like schools to open up if it is safe for all people involved.

I would like the option to teach face to face with strict health and sanitation guidelines. It would also be beneficial to reduce class size to make students and staff safer. Expanding instructional staff and students enrollment resources for distance learning through OCPS virtual school should definitely be an option for those families who are not ready to return to traditional face to face schooling.

I Would like the state to get more honest about the covid numbers so parents can feel more comfortable with the decisions they make for their children.

I would like to go back normal time. Those who do not want to come due to the spread can stay at home without penalty but must pick up work. Those who attend school MUST wear a mask to protect others. Everyone must bring hand sanitizer.

"I would like to go back to face to face learning. My children need to be around their peers to learn to socialize and make an independent decision. If we continue with distance learning I believe my kid's behavior and mental health will change. Their immune system will decrease. They will develop a fear of being around others. The excitement to learn will diminish. The joy for reading, science, and history will disappear.

As an OCPS employee, how will I continue to work at my job site? My kids cannot stay at home and learn on their own. I will need to work from home. Kids need to be around kids. "

I would like to go back to school because we can have fun with our friends and so we can learn more. I do not like distance learning it is not fun at all I can not see my friends or my teacher only on virtual meetings. I think that it is best that kids like me go back to school and interact with my friends. Also we can learn more at actual school. Well doing distance learning I did not learn as much as I would if I would of gone to real school. Another reason is that the fifth graders are going to middle school soon and no one wants to miss the first day of middle school! The same applies to the middle school students who are going on to high school. Why would you want to miss your first day of high school or even collage! And we students are sick of staying at home. On the first day of school if we go back everyone will be so exited to see their friends. So please consider we want to go back to school!

"I would like to go to the face to face same model as usual - same amount of kids in each class. I believe that we could be more lenient with giving students schoolwork and extra time when they are sick so they do not come to school (like they may have in the past).

I believe it should be stressed that they stay home when having any symptoms and do work from home if able.

thank you for your consideration. "

I would like to return with some attention to cleanliness

I would like to see children in transitional years be given priority for schooling at the campus - K, 2nd, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 12th. These years demonstrate a major change in learning, work level and laying the foundation for the the next level of schooling.

I would like to see face to face learning at school. I feel my child learns best in this type of environment. However, our Windermere High school is so overcrowded with the relief school not opening until next year. My hope is that the county can rezone some students who live closer to West Orange High School to that school this year. If the virus should come back this fall it could potentially affect many student at WHS and spreed like fire throughout the school. Please OCPS, for students safety consider rezoning WHS this year to reduce the campus size. Also, please try to make face to face learning possible for our students. Thank you for asking for parents input, I do appreciate you listening to our views of the situation.

I would like to see fewer transitions between classes to mitigate virus transmission while allowing student to participate in a proximal learning environment. I believe that can be accomplished with a block schedule. Student would see 3 to 4 classes per day with an A/B schedule day schedule that would alternate daily and weekly. Students would be advised daily and weekly of the schedule day to remind them of which schedule they should follow. Classes would be 95 - -100 minutes. Students would go to lunch during 2nd and 3rd block.

"I would like to see my child return to school in a normal face-to-face classroom environment with the same class time hours as held last year. I don't mind morning temperature checks upon entering the school. Also I wouldn't mind if my child was required to wear a face mask. I'd like to see more sanitization and cleaning of the schools. Hand sanitizer should be required for all students to have on hand daily, but cleaning staff should be required to do an increase disinfection of handrails, desks, and common areas.

Teachers should also enforce social distancing rules. "

I would like to see school returned to as normal as possible. Encourage more hand washing, talking with the children about how they feel. I cant see dividers etc working especially in an elementary class setting. I especially feel it would be detrimental to mental well being as small children. I think high schools & middle schools would be much better at handling more stringent details with distancing but theres no way kz3 could be expected to follow those ki d of giidelines

"I would like to see schools reopen as close to "normal" as possible. I believe our kids' are in dire need of socialization and the emotional support that school brings.

I would like to see more opportunities built in for increased personal hygiene. Students should have the opportunity to wash or sanitize hands immediately upon entering the school. They need built in time to wash hands before lunch (this was never given in the past) and after recess. Please make sure recess and play is an priority!!!!

While I am not in favor of mandatory masks for students (I can only imagine my own children and their inability to wear one correctly for an extended amount of time) I believe volunteers or visitors may need to wear them if they enter the buildings. I say this because I think volunteers can help sanitize cafeteria tables and doorknobs on a regular basis. I don't think eliminating volunteers is a good strategy, so if a mask is required in order to volunteer in the school, I would understand.

We need a procedure to follow if students get sick but we can't close the school for every sick student. Our school had a huge number of flu cases last year and we didn't close, we increased sanitation. We need a manageable contact tracing procedure of a student tests positive.

I think temp checks are pointless. We all know parents who have given Advil before school to get their kids in the door.

Our kids need routine. And structure. We can make up the academic ground lost, but we can't have an entire generation of traumatized and scared children.

Thank you for listening to parents' input. "

I would like to see Schools Return back to face to face with of course Some safety precautions but also allowing them to have lunch in the cafeteria

I would like to see schools return to normal with normal interaction, with the exception of a more intense usage of hand washing. I think it would be a great idea to have hand washing stations at the entrance that way each child can wash their hands before entering the classroom and before eating lunch.

I would like to see the students have there temperature checks in the mornings. I think keeping them in one class all day would help and one class at a time for PE. When it come to keeping the classrooms sanitized teachers should have kids sanitize daily and teachers lysol the class rooms daily along with the school bathrooms.

"I would like to suggest an in-person student schedule which would be a full week (5 days). In order to achieve this I would suggest a class size of nine students for each teacher - 9:1 ratio - instead of class size of eighteen students for each teacher - 18:1 ratio. This would allow for social distancing and avoid the use of alternating schedules which would be very confusing for everyone involved. I feel there are other options for classroom space that could be created to achieve this ratio (perhaps portables could be acquired/purchased if there are not enough or a creative use of space - cafeteria space with some sort of dividers?). This would also create more teacher jobs to accommodate this student: teacher ratio. It is EXTREMELY important for students to have in-person, regular/daily, student/teacher contact and learning.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


(mother of a future second grade student)"

I would love for students to be able to attend school normally with extra precautions for sanitizing - like handwashing every hour, sanitizing the classrooms everyday etc.

I would love to see students and staff back at school!! What would parents that work do with young children? I think it's a lot more work for teachers and students to do distance learning. What about our ESE kids that don't learn well with the distance learning and need the face to face interaction? Would school staff have jobs if it was distance learning? Send kids home that are sick so the other children can stay and learn.

I would prefer face to face learning as my husband and I are not teachers and it has made learning very challenging and hard.However if this means students wearing masks and eating in the classroom instead of the cafeteria with no play outside time then this is not going to work. Kids can't be expected to adhere to those type of learning environments. They are kids that need an outlet for play and exercise and being out of the classroom. So if this is what returning to face to face learning looks like then I would prefer distance to remain until things can return to a normal learning environment.

I would rather return to face-to-face learning because I feel that I did not learn as well during distance learning and I did not get the social aspect that comes along with school and that is very important. Students and parents who are uncomfortable returning to school should have an option to do FLVS but those who are comfortable should be able to return to school like normal.

I would really like to return some normalcy with reasonable guidelines in place. My daughter has disabilities and I am a teacher of students with disabilities. All of these changes are really putting these students at a disadvantage. I understand that we need to take everybody's health into consideration when making decisions moving forward, however we also need to put into perspective our governments handling of this crisis. The media reports that the death toll is rising, but I know from friends that work in hospitals that they are officially reporting any death as COVID-19 even if the person only has symptoms and was not tested. This practice will artificially inflate death rates and is unethical!

"I'd appreciate our kids going back to something resembling the school they left behind. They didn't thrive during distance - they need much less screen time and much more socialization than what this model will provide. Plus they dived into it with out the proper "training" for it - most not ever using a keyboard and suddenly needing to type lengthy responses and without any proper guidance in safely using the internet.

There may be a need for shorter school days to maximize smaller classrooms, and if that is the case, I propose school in shifts. 8-11 and then 1-4 to break up classroom size. Allow students classroom time to learn the fundamentals and send them home for lunch as the second shift is prepared. Provide the option of after/before care for those that need it in smaller numbers."

I'd like to see daily temperature checks and smaller class sizes. Extra bus sanitation. Possibly eating lunch in the classroom with a lunch aid coming to them.

I'm a student going into high school and I feel like the students input is being ignored. Everyone is talking but not asking the kids. Most of us didn't like virtual school and miss our friends. I want to go back and just be cautious by washing my hands and being a sensible individual. My mental health like some of my friends has suffered being cooped up, learning on a computer and being without social interaction. We can't hide forever but we can take steps to a new normal. Please let us go back.

I'm going into my senior year and I want to be able to experience what I couldn't at the end of my junior year. This year is very important to me and I want to be able to do everything I can possible do before I graduate. I really want a face-to-face senior year. Please.

I'm okay with face to face. Maybe smaller class sizes. My sons Class was 30 kids which is way too many in general. I just said small class sizes. These kids need to be in school

I'm open to a year-round school model where students would be assigned to 1 of 4 tracks to attend school. They do this in many California schools so one site can manage student populations and limited resources (i.e. buses). It could be a win for parents & staff that don't like to vacation or schedule dr. Appointments when everyone else does during traditional summer break.

I'm sorry but the numbers don't justify the action to only offer virtual. Where was the concern when more than half of a classroom and huge number of students and faculty in school were out with Influenza A/B? I'm not a teacher, I'm not a therapist but my kid needs a teacher and a classroom setting and now is also about to see a therapist because of the toll this has taken on her, she can't process what's happening, why she can't see her friends and couldn't say goodbye to them or her teacher.My children thrived in school, they're traumatized from this. If a teacher isn't comfortable in the classroom then teach distance learning, if a parent isn't comfortable with their child in the classroom then have your child distance learn. For anyone else's let them back to a more normalized classroom environment.

I've been looking forward to my senior year for so long and I have so many thing to look forward to this school year, but tang can only happen face- to face. My passions and what keeps me going is theater and without face - to - face I lose all of that. I've works so hard to become president of my theater department and I want to get to experience it. Also I do so much better with face to face learning. This online school has been hard on me to stay focused and get things done. I need the structure of face to face school.

"Ideally if someone wants distance learning then they should enroll in ocps virtual schooling. I strongly believe we need to be focusing on a safe face to face education. Suggestions for face to face - work CDC guidelines for safe interaction with teachers and students . While some rules might apply for high school may not apply for elementary. Schools vary from demographics and size and that should also be taken into consideration. Make this simple for everyone especially working parents, blended families and most importantly the children. Be prepared for a potential distance learning if government mandates it. Create a task force per school (similar to a SAC board) to be prepared for the chance face to face learning may have to go virtual. Sick guidelines, calling in - how many absences are executable should be addressed. Children have individual cleaning times and supplies i.e. desk and only personal spaces at school. Just like when you leave the gym you clean off the equipment you just used. Over all cleaning procedures addressed. Flexible lunch and specials . i.e. specials run a rotation in classrooms , lunch outdoors, indoors make it fair for everyone. Let specials like PE be optional for children in elementary. many play multiple sports. Limit the amount of school supplies . So much waste of paper for a binder or note pad per class. No need for all these supplies most kids don't use and or most use laptops. Face to Face is so important on so many levels. please get everyone back to the ""New Normal""



"If a parent does not want their child exposed to other children's germs, then they have the right to sign up for flvs for next year. There are inherent risks in everyday life. Walking a cross a street, slipping in the bathtub, etc. we cannot protect them from everything. covid is going to be around for many years to come. Flu/covid season. our kids need each other. Teen suicide attempts have risen sharply since the quarantine.

Go face to face and let the kids/parents make the right choice for their family. Teachers may be given the same option.... teach flvs or in person. I know several teachers and they all choose to teach in person.


"If able to I would suggest a type of A/B schedule. One week is A classes and then less than the 7/8 courses for MS and HS. 2nd week is B classes..if a week is too short maybe a month for each, that I'm not sure about.

For elementary students I would suggest that the music, special classes and so on come to the classroom of the student instead of the students constantly moving. They also won't wear masks too long. Playgrounds need to be cleaned after every class is done but not allowing kids to play is not fair to them or to the teachers for the kids to get energy out.

For both I would suggest that constant hand washing is needed, entering every classroom. Wearing masks for a long amount of time is unhealthy, esp for kids but if changing classrooms then wear masks for the change but not in the classrooms. (If you're in hallways or open spaces mask must be on).

During class time all lockers, handrails or anything that is touched during class changes need to be wipes cleaned.

Cafeteria masks need to be worn while in line for getting food but once seated in small groups masks can be removed for eating. All visitors to school must wear masks in offices and abide by rules of students/teachers.

Of course all of this might not mean anything in the Fall. We are not one of families highly concerned about this pandemic for us. We are healthy and have good immune systems and good hygiene. "

"If budget allows I think it is very important to have a registered nurse to be put back in the schools.

Have all students take home temperature checks then as they arrive to the schools they are checked by the staff again prior to entering the school.

If child has symptoms/sick/fever a Dr visit should be required before returning back to school. Of course a note must be submitted to the school.

I'm not a opposed of the kids wearing face masks. Hand sanitizers should be required for each child to have in their possession and can not be shared.

All lunch spaces and PE equipment to be sanitized after each use.

Teachers or custodians to sanitize the classrooms after each school day. The children can actually do this at part of their close out of the school day. Each student to have Lysol wipes or similar to wipe down their desk spaces.

Less students per classroom is ideal as well to allow a good distance of seating for the classroom and lunch time.

I am all about these kids to get back to school. I hope that a good plan can be put together to ensure that this happens.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts.

Have a great day and be safe! "

If children are able to safely now begin to attend sports, summer camps, gyms and even travel tournaments without restrictions to 100% capacity, there is no reason why we all can't safely return to school. Extra Cleaning and encouraged hand washing will be sufficient with the current health risks that data is showing. If a student or staff member becomes ill, then a Distance Learning option can be encouraged at that time.

If distance learning is necessary teachers need to have more freedom to be creative. There should be a minimum requirement for teachers to be in touch with each child either by phone or video conference. If an elementary teacher has 20 kids 1/2 an hour per week for each child should be the minimum required. This is possible! Recorded classes and or live classes where the kids can ask questions should be provided. Simply assigning on line work, as they did is a waste of time. Teachers could seek guidance from teachers that work on the virtual school. Assigning work on line is not distance learning if there is no teacher interaction!

If face masks are required (which I am hoping they will be to provide safety for students and staff) then measures need to be discussed when students and families do not comply with this requirement. It makes me wonder how many discipline referrals may be written or inappropriate behaviors will be increased. Any additional safety measures must be looked at and how they may increase inappropriate behavior and how staff will implement these measures without causing additional inappropriate behaviors to increase.

"If masks are needed/required while inside only. If distancing is needed then maybe that class time is divided into 2 segments allowing the first 1/2 of the class face to face time with the teacher while the other half is spaced in the gym, cafeteria, PAC, media center. Then the second segment of the class will have their turn for face to face instruction. All of them being recorded for later play back for the students. Each area designed for a core subject.

This would be far from ideal and probably nearly impossible but it would allow for a return to campus. "

If necessary, students and teachers wear masks and sanitize often.

"If parents do not feel comfortable to send their children to school, they should be encouraged to sign up for virtual school.

If parents feel comfortable to send their children to school, then these children should be able to physically attend school full time.


If parents want distance learning they should register their child with the Orange County virtual school that already exists. I think blended can work with middle school and high school where the students can come in for certain classes and do others virtually at home. If HS and MS students want to do full day face to face they should have that option. For elementary I think it should be either distance learning or virtual learning via OC virtual school, blended wouldn't work as well with elementary curriculum.

If school don't reopen as normal I'll be forced to transfer my daughter to go to school in Georgia. As a single parent I have limited options and I have to go to work Monday thru Friday so I can provide a place to live and food to eat. Also Champions needs to be open because I can't work just 4 hours a day and survive . Thanks a lot for your concerns.

If schools are allowed to reopen face-to-face, the district could make it voluntary. If people want to go to school face to face they should be allowed and those teachers or staff who do not feel comfortable face to face could provide instructional support digitally for families who also do not feel comfortable returning. This limits liability on the district as well as allowing the community to get back to work. Realize that families who have to work will only be sending their students to child care facilities and distance only learning will not be done with fidelity. Distance learning is also incredibly unequal for our ESE population of students. Face to face should be offered.

"If stores can be open why cant schools. Practice safe distance, masks, and washing hands.


"If students return to school for instruction (or blended model), there are some things may look/be different within the physical setting children are used to.There may be changes to classroom structure, recess time or hallway/lunchtime routines. Please invest time in helping children prepare for these changes. This can be done by creating videos from a child's perspective, or taking pictures of how their school will be different. Children need some predictability, so this can help them adjust to how school will be different. Being able to watch videos or see pictures before they go back will help during that first day/week/quarter back to school. This is especially important for children with disabilities, for whom visual presentation of information is critical.

Please consult with your staff of school psychologists, school social workers, mental health counselors, and guidance counselors. A transition back to school will be difficult for many. These personnel you already have on the OCPS team can assist in making the transition easier, not to mention prepare students for learning once again, by sharing their knowledge. "

If there are parents that would rather their children stay home i think they should be able to enroll their child in virtual school but you need to consider some children cannot function in a virtual school environment. You could also do a voluntary zoom class if need be but do not make it so every student has to participate in virtual school.

If there is any component of online learning (instead of being at school the typical school day) it is going to be impossible for both parents to go to work. Not everyone has the ability to work from home, and even then I had no idea how you can help your 1st grader AND work at the same time. It cannot happen.

If they can protest and riot in the streets the children can go back to school . Their mental health is suffering and they need some type of normalcy .

"If we are in phase 3 we would assume a normal return to school. Items to support

-Custodial Hourly Checks for cleaning exterior door handles

-Reminder messages to parents for students who are sick to stay home

-Reminders to staff who are sick to stay home

-Students wipe down desk at end of each period

-Classrooms are sprayed with Lysol following class period

-Option to wear of approved face mask (that includes student name on front and ID number)

-Hand Sanitizer stations around campus

-Teacher opens doors for transition and is at doors- not students touching doors


If we are not allowing them to change from class to class then my suggestion for middle school is to allow them to do a period a day. My suggestion is to do a 4 day week, no electives core classes only. Have them stay in one class all day Monday(math). Tuesday(ela) another teacher all day. Wednesday (science). This is just a suggestion but I feel it would stop them from transitioning thru out the day.

If we are to do face to face when the students return to school we need to increase the cleaning by custodial staff in areas that students and staff frequent and they may require extra custodial staff in the day. Currently our school is short of custodians, plus I feel we need more than the Resident during the day to facilitate the appropriate cleaning. Also, I feel that multiple automatic hand sanitizing stations need to be purchased to go in cafeterias, media centers, special areas, computer labs, etc. This is would be better that hand pump sanitizers that require persons to touch them. It should go without saying that bathroom soap dispensers need to be checked and refilled and checked while students and staff are on campus to ensure there is always soap for handwashing.

If we are to resume face to face learning, I would feel comfortable with the following perimeters; (1) Face masks worn at all time (2) Temperature checks at multiple points during the day (3) increased sanitization measures (4) reduced movement of students (5) no mass school events (multiple grade level assemblies, lunches, etc.). If strict health measures are not in place for a face to face setting, I would be weary of returning to the classroom.

If we can go into retail stores at 100% occupancy all day long we can go back to school 100% occupancy. Which she will not have because some people are going to choose to do FLVS. Hopefully the governor will choose to release the opening of schools as normal. These kids are desperate to go back

If we can go to theme parks and malls, then we should be able to go to work and our kids should be allowed at school.

"If we can open bars, restaurants, and retail stores, then schools should also be able to open. And operate without a lot of precautions. No masks, No eating lunch at the desks, etc. I believe that everything should go back to normal.

With the expectation that parents will actually keep their children home if they are sick at ALL. This should always be the case, but should be a priority among the schools. Stop penalizing kids and teachers for being sick.

More cleaning and disinfecting, give the kids time to actually wash their hands. But other than that, things should go back to normal.

If someone does not feel it is safe to send their child back to that environment, then they can do virtual school. "

If we do go back to face to face learning, other ideas would need to be generated for Meet Your Teacher and Open House. This may mean they will need to be held on a digital platform. It would not be safe for the OCPS employees, students, and/or parents to try to host a face to face Meet the Teacher or Open House.

If you can ride a rollercoaster again at a theme park, kids can go back to school. Virtual school is already an option for people who wish to keep their kids home. My biggest concern is that, like many, I am a single parent who works a regular job. Should kids have to do distance learning next year, I WILL be out of work. There is no way around it and that terrifies me as the lockdown has already reduced my job hours and I am suffering financially as a result. This will bring on even more problems for people who have to work and can't sit home all day teaching their children. Please consider the logistics. I will lose my job if distance learning continues next year. All of Florida is opened up (mostly). School is still three months away. Kids NEED to go back to school face to face. They miss their friends terribly. Please make the right choice.

I'm a parent and also a nurse. While the governor is pushing for full capacity, but I hope that with the rising covid cases, that the OCPS will take into consideration that safety for students and staff should outweigh political views. The rising number should be an indication that opening too fast, too soon is further spreading and not slowing down. Therefore, if school resumed, I think it's best not to resume band, athletics, or other after school activities at this time until covid cases is steadily decreasing. It's stressful enough to figure out how to social distance and wearing masks as per the mandate, so how can you "make sure" band kids can be six feet apart and wearing masks to play instruments safely? I think trying to safely keeps kids and staff safe should be our focus as we see if reopening would cause more spread before resuming school extracurricular activities. Trying to transition back to school plus resuming extracurricular activities too soon will only put students and teachers/faculty in a more dangerous dilemma and my concern is cases will further increase. I think we should focus on watching to see if reopening school is going to cause increase. Keeping students and staff safe should be our focus because nothing matters more than one's health and safety.

I'm in favor of a traditional face-to-face model, but with smaller class sizes/more teachers, additional hand washing, hallway and classroom sanitizer stations, and more sessions throughout the day for group activities including lunch, PE, and assemblies to allow more distancing. I would also love to see an initiative to involve the children in taking responsibility for cleaning like is done in Japan, of course with janitorial staff coming in at the end of the day to santize hot spots thoroughly.

"I'm only speaking about high school but as a teacher in the high schools and the parent of a high schooler, I see no way a blended or pine model can work effectively. If the 4th quarter taught us anything, it taught us that the kids simply need that face to face daily instruction. Breaking up the week it will add confusion. Let us go back. If a parent is not comfortable with it, direct them to OCVS. There had never been a cure for a virus so this isn't going anywhere. Abby vaccine will likely be no more effective than the flu shot which last year was only like 15%. The kids need the classroom daily.

You'd be surprised at how many of the students will and do take the warmings seriously. They are usually more upset than adults at people who aren't wearing make or keeping distant. We can teach from 6 feet away so we can do it without masks.

Finally, it is impossible to ask teachers to plan and deliver both in person and online work and expect there necessary material to be covered. It simply vanity happen. The students can't move at the necessary pace online. This'd year we had to slow down from 4-5 lessons per week to 1-2. That is not sustainable and will not prepare students for End of Course Exams. Ask you'd be doing is widening the gap and you haven't even taken into account that without reliable internet.

Let us back in our classrooms and let us teach."

"I'm sharing an article that relates to face to face learning. The article does not state where the plastic shields were purchased from, but it would give parents reassurance that steps were being taken to ensure each child's safety. Protective, reusable face shields can be used as an alternative depending on cost and budgets.

Plastic shields in place, Dutch schools to reopen amid coronavirus

Protective, Reusable Face Shield"

"Impossible to eliminate all risk, but possible to minimize, kids are together in their communities anyway, use similar precautions to retail and restaurants

Busses-kids sanitize hands when they get on and off, wear masks, clean seats between trips, across the board educate parents to not send kid w temp

Upon arrival to school- temp checks in first period, or primary classroom, if elevated temp go to nurse to go home, enlarge school nurse area for more kids, prop doors open for classroom entry and exit, install no hand touch door openers

Masks in halls but not in class or playground, space desks

Elementary- Allow socializing/free play within each class but don't mix classes minimize # of different people exposed to, wash hands upon arrival and throughout the day, lunch in classroom most days, could alternate classes going to lunchroom or outside to eat, keep playground time, hand washing becomes routine between activities, hand sanitizer for young kids poisonous if ingested keep out of reach

High school - masks in hallways when changing class, sanitizer bottles or wipes for desks upon arrival and departure (like the gyms), teachers could have plexiglass to stand behind or plastic curtain or just stay 6 feet away, use powerpoints for lectures so students that need to miss can make up easily, if students want online school, they should use Flvs or Orange County virtual school, hybrid is too complicated and not helpful to parents who need their kids to be at school, most kids need routine, I think it would be difficult on the teachers, kids and families. it should be all virtual or all face to face and families should be given the choice, if teachers don't want face to face maybe they can transition to teaching Ocvs

With creativity we can do this for our kids!"

In my opinion It will be best to return to the classroom there are students who are not able to learn online and if you do blended school it can mess up there schedules please let them return face to face with strict rules

"In my opinion, I believe that , especially for Elementary Schools, it is more productive for them in learning their lessons that are being taught to them face to face other than digital distance learning. They also are not being taught social skills that are important for them as they grow. Distance learning over the summer was not only challenging for the student, but was for parents as well. With Distance learning I do not believe, because of how hard it will be, that they are being taught as they would in class, and therefore making our students, which will be part of our society, not near as intelligent as they could making our country look ridicules.

As far as kids being around other kids it is natural for them to touch others in play, and not wash hands as frequently. This is where the adults (Parents, and Teachers) will have to make sure that they are doing so on a frequent basis.

As far as activities go, kids need this in there lives to make them well rounded, yes this means basketball, softball, soccer, track and field, with more caution. Attending school gives children structure.

As far as having distance teaching, please think of the FACT that child abuse goes up and, did during this Pandemic. This means we should all feel as we are abusers just for leaving these children in the hands of their abuser every day, with more time to harm them. For some children school is their only escape from this horrible crime that unfortunately, they must call home.

Please keep in consideration how many kids will be injured all for the fact is, that their parents have to work, and can not stay home. Do you really think a 5-6 year old should be at home alone with how society is today? I, think not!!

I know school is not a day care, but it is producing some they need. "

"In my personal opinion my children need to be in school to learn Socially and academics. We can't shelter our kids indefinitely. If we can go back to work the Children can go back to school.

It will be a personal choice of the family they want to send their kids to school or not. If they decided to keep them at home for safety, they can do it.

We call it "home school". But for other family that decide to send kids to school, pls let them do it.

It's a personal choice not it can't apply in general population.

Thanks "

In order to avoid having so many children together, I think it will work that part of the students go during morning and others during afternoon.

In order to have fewer students in a classroom it will be necessary to find certified teachers for those rooms and extra para help to watch over/help students in areas around the school. The ELC is full of certified teachers and non-certified teachers who need to be sent to schools for the next year to make this happen. Everyone will need to make sacrifices to get our kids back on campus for some type of normalcy to the upcoming school year. Also, we need to adjust our learning standards to meet the needs of the kids who will have lost much of their gains from not having a steady teacher for almost 5 months to keep expectations high. Obviously there will be very little collaboration so teacher observations will need to also be adjusted for the current circumstances. Parents need their kids back in school! For those students who can work virtually at home, they can enroll full time in OCVS and teachers who have underlying illnesses or other issues that keep them from being a classroom teacher at school can shift to OCVS. Hopefully it is just for one year.

In order to keep student and teacher contact safe and minimized, my suggestion is to KEEP ALL K-5 CLASSROOMS SELF-CONTAINED FOR THE COMING SCHOOL YEAR. At this time, many schools departmentalize at the upper intermediate level, which involves students entering classrooms other students and teachers have occupied. If students remain in their own classrooms throughout the day for all content areas, they will have a location for their materials and are only touched by them. Students wouldn't need to share desks, textbooks, math manipulatives, etc.

In person, traditional schooling, but with precautions such as masks and social distancing measures when/where possible.

In the best interest of student learning, I think we need to return to traditional face to face learning. You might require all faculty, staff, students and anyone who comes on campus to wear a face mask. Install mobile hand sanitation stations throughout the schools, especially at the entrances to cafeteria and other common areas. Provide teachers with sanitizing materials for their classrooms (wipes, spray, paper towels, etc). Students can be taught to clean their own area/desk/chair at the end of the day to make it easier for custodians to clean in the evening. Custodian can focus on the heavily touched areas (door knobs, stair rails, sinks, etc). The school clinic may need to be enlarged. See if there is an empty classroom that can be utilized to "hold" students that aren't feeling well. Teachers should be required to maintain their Canvas course in case students are absent for an extended period of time. This could be done as a grade level, through PLC time, where they divide and conquer planning for specific subjects. Another option is add to the team leader stipend if this becomes their responsibility or create a small stipend for a person on each grade level/team to take over this chore.

"In the fall what if we do just core classes face to face and allow options for electives-after school or weekend.

So math, science and ela will all be face to face. We can allow am or pm option. PE, music art and foreign languages can be taken via zoom or after school on alternate days"

In the interest of starting a school year, which is very different from completing a school year as we did with distance learning for the fourth quarter, I would propose that we delay the start of the school year until after Labor Day. That would give us a month longer before we reconvene for a new school year. I am an elementary teacher with 38 years of teaching experience and I think that it is in the best interest of our students to start the school year in a normal way. This will allow us to establish relationships and build community, develop classroom norms, know their learning styles, and instigate procedures and routines that lead to a successful year of learning. We will lose time if we start with distance learning and then switching over to face to face. I would rather start school a month later and teach through the month of June. Our kids need to be back in school with us face to face for the best learning to occur as well as fulfill the social emotional needs they have, most especially their need for normalcy.

In the survey it said an equal portion of parents and teachers wanted a return to face to face and an equal amount wanted distance. So, my idea is to give parents the option. People who want face to face get it, those that want distance get it. Let the people decide what they feel is best for their students. I am for face to face, but don't feel anyone should be forced into that if they do t feel comfortable. However, on the flip side their discomfort should not prevent my student from getting the face to face instruction that is needed.

In trying to keep distance between students on a daily basis and while in the classroom, I thought it might be a good idea to maybe split the class into to two groups where one group would come to school on Mondays/Tuesdays and then group two would come on Thursdays/Fridays....This would allow for more distancing in the classroom with students and desks. Students would be spaced out more. Wednesday could be a day for both groups to be at home distance learning or it could be broken in half to provide an additional half day for each group.

"Increase parent involvement providing sanitation products

Strict guidelines for symptoms requiring a child stay home from school

Teach proper hand washing technique and require students to wash hands before meals and after recess

Have parents provide hand wipes to keep at each child's desk year round.

Social distancing had a negative impact on my children's emotional wellbeing. They NEED to be with their friends. They NEED to socialize. Not to mention the impact it had on my ability to work. I pray OCPS can figure out how to allow our children to have some sense of normalcy again and no longer live in fear and isolation. "

"Increase sanitation and efforts to keep students clean, healthy and not spreading germs. Students need to interact and the community needs a positive place for children to be.

Teachers that don't want to go to school can do that. There are 30+ million unemployed Americans that can take their job for the school year. Call the bluff. "

Instead of kids in middle and high school changing classes, have the teachers change classes. A lot less kids to move around and fewer class sizes would work. Much more social distancing! Good luck in your decisions. Thank you, Lisa Kingery

Instead of rushing to a decision to meet the August 10 start of school,date, why don't we consider pushing back the first day of school, re-evaluating the school calendar as needed, to buy the district more time to roll out a plan that is based on science and data driven decision points associated with the virus.

Interlock students and staff with an AM session and PM session

Is better face to face

It is absolutely impossible for our entire community to not have children back in school. If it is safe enough for the general population to wear masks when they travel outside or in stores, restaurants or our local theme parks, it is certainly sufficient for the school system as well. More importantly, we were absolutely disgusted with the distance learning online. Our son's third-grade teacher had two internet meetings a week for 30 minutes or less with the kids simply talking to each other and playing. He essentially learned nothing for the entire last 9 week grading period. So, do we honestly expect them to advance to the next grade and do the same thing? Absolutely unacceptable. Also, we are hard-working people, so we find it extremely distressing that the entire school system is being paid to operate, but they're not providing the services that they should be. If the teachers are only going to work 30 minutes a day only twice a week, their pay should reflect that as well. Why is orange county public school system not being challenged on this issue?

It is best for my sixth grade child to be in school face to face. Our situation is awful for virtual learning. Too much is missed. Less is learned. And vl does not truly benefit what is fully required to learn and grow. I pay my taxes for school, not half school. Thx.

It is better for students to return to school because studying at home was difficult for students and parents. This leads to a drop in the academic level if distance education continues.

it is better to learn more with teachers than online. Not everyone has access to the internet or a computer, and they deviate from the study due to watching social networks or videos

It is difficult for students to get the groundwork and guidance that they need when doing distance learning. This may work for high school, but the younger students need structure and learn better when it is face to face.

"It is important for parents to remember that models 1 and 3 are already in existence. Between FLVS and OCVS, the blended models are options for those that need it. Returning to school with extra sanitizing stations and available masks (for those that want them) is plenty to provide safety to our students. Havee eaxh student bring a canister of disinfecting wipes and place it next to their dedk. Wipe down the desks themselves periodically upon instruction. It is the mental health and stability that we need to work on when reopening. School provides a sense of normalcy and comfort to our students. Not to mention that distance learning does not work for working parents.

Bring these kids back as it used to be! Don't be afraid of those that will give you backlash! They have options if they need it for their children. "

It is important for the mental health and well being of our children to return to life as close to normal as possible. This include outdoor time such as Pe. Parents who work cannot sustain a blended or distance learning model, it's additionally straining us teachers trying to balance our own children and meet the needs of our students.

"It is June 2 and we have started to open up for three weeks now. During that time we have seen our numbers continue to go down in the number of Covid cases and the number of deaths. If this continues throughout June and July I see no reason why we shouldn't be able to go back to school as normal. I do not feel that this decision should be made out of fear or public opinion. This decision should be made out of fax, recommendations by the CDC, and further research that we will receive in the coming month.

I am a high school teacher and a mom of a kindergartner and fourth grader. If the numbers continue to decrease like they are now I feel absolutely comfortable going back to school and sending my children to school. "

It is very important for kids have friends, socialise, build this relationships... they are far from school since March, this way we are getting to develop others diseases as depression. Kids need to play together!

It isn't uncommon in many other countries to offer half-day classes. I'm not sure of the logistics of it but some students enter in the morning while another group enters in the afternoons. This would allow for limited students in the classroom to follow the recommended distancing rule. I guess this would work well with high school students? Perhaps in elementary and middle school, it might work if parents are home to care for their children?

It makes it easier for students and parents to learn at school. Parents have work so can't teach their kids at home. That's what teachers are for.

"It will all be fine, go back as normal. Media blew this way out of proportion. Over 98% survival rate.

Please, give our children their, education, their community and childhoods back. "

It would be an absolute determent to the well-being of our children to not return to some sort of Face-to-Face instruction in the Fall. Several daycares across the country have been able to figure out how to do it and stay open throughout the pandemic. Ex) At the beginning of each 30-minute activity, such as sports or craft time, children get a stamp or marker doodle on their hands, which they have to wash off before moving on to the next activity. Reinforce social distancing by having the kids make "airplane arms" when they're standing in line or moving from place to place. And children get their own materials, such as art supplies, to use from day to day, rather than sharing. Hand-washing, masks, temperature checks, pods, social distancing, and guidelines about staying home if sick, are all priorities. If parents don't want in-person instruction give them that option, but please allow students who thrive in an in-person environment to return to school. If you allow some students to learn from home, it would also reduce class size for those who want in-person instruction. I think it's a failure if we do not prioritize opening schools.

It would be best if we kept things as close as possible to what we were doing before this situation.

"It would be more challenging for parents and children to keep them home from school and trying to focus on distance learning, again. Parents need to go to work and even if they work from home, it makes it very difficult to keep employed while also trying to help their children with school work.

If we have to have kids wear masks and have them temperature checked, that is fine. Also, no forced vaccinations, please. "

It would be nice that hopefully before a week out from when school is supposed to start that OCPS can make a decision. Parents work and need to plan accordingly if the county can't figure out what it's going to do. It's ridiculous. There is no reason why schools should not reopen as scheduled come August for a normal classroom setting. Day cares in central Florida have never closed so there is no reason for a public school not to be. If it doesn't reopen to face to face, then the way I see it is, come the virus season in the winter the school board will be wanting to close shop again. Why have schools at that point? Then we should stop taxes for public education at that point. Statistics prove children under 18 yo are less likely to get this "deadly COVID-19" much less die from it. Your virtual schooling was mediocre at best to get by this past year but is in no way at a level to replace face to face teacher instructed learning. Also the social aspect. I didn't go to school to be a teacher so I reject keeping it a virtual only school year in 20/21. The only people that suffer later on from this lack luster Virtual schooling is the kids. Stores are open and theme parks are opening so what's the issue with the school board. Hopefully it can be figured out soon. The dragging the feet is ridiculous.

"It would not let me choose two.

However, I think we should give both parents and teachers a choice.

For those comfortable with coming back, they come back.

Otherwise, teachers sign up to be ""distance learning"" teachers (perhaps a semester at a time) and students who do not return are assigned to those classes.

Teams and PLC's can still exist. But this allows all to feel comfortable and take it in small steps.

Complete distance learning, at the elementary level, with ESE students, and parents needing to work.....does not work. "

it's so important for a students mental health to have a normal class environment and if we can't go back to the classroom it will leave a lot of us feeling uneasy unable to do school work as well.

It's very difficult to teach and manage classes with the distance learning we did last quarter. Many students did not work at the same level as they did with face to face instruction.

"It's important to take student's mental health into account when making decisions for next year. We have watched our son go through a vast multitude of emotions related to distanced learning - and much of it has been negative. He feels isolated and lonely, and borderline depressed. Putting students back in a distanced learning situation, or even in face-to-face situations where they are highly isolated and unable to truly interact with peers is counter-productive to their development. Children are not severely at risk for COVID-19 and do not need such extreme measures forced upon them in an environment that should foster teamwork and social skills in addition to academics. If we can sit in a full restaurant with no limitations they are at no more risk at school than they are in public of contracting or carrying the virus.

Please consider the mental ramifications of isolating students from peers as you look to the 2020-2021 school year. "

its the best way i can learn. distance learning is not appropriate for me and the way that i can be educated.

I've been school based for over 20 years and I have heard many teachers say the students arent logging in. They arent completing assignments. I dont believe it is the best solution for our students.

"June 11, 2020

Thank you! My upcoming 7th grade son CAN NOT wait to return to school.

He misses his classmates, friends especially his teachers.

He misses riding his bike to/fro school and his independence.

Perhaps many other students have embraced the entire virtual experience and will remain in it -

this would lower the count of students in the schools which in turn may make it safer and may make social distancing easier.


Just a thought, but I think the majority of businesses and public entities are most concerned about "liability". Would it be possible for people to sign a waiver acknowledging the inherent risks of contracting Covid or any other illness by being at a public school?

Just go back the way it was. Kids are at such a low risk there is no need to overhaul the school system. There are not enough buses for 1 per seat and too much to learn for 3 hour face to face days, let alone enough funding. Just open the schools. From a doctorate in the medical field!

"Just go back to school, like regular....but require hand washing and desk and table wipe downs at scheduled times. Many times my kids have told me they were not allowed to wash their hands before lunch or their classrooms were out of soap. And limit bus seating to two per seat like it should have always been...three large middle or high school kids to a seat was not safe to begin with.

Enough is enough and we need to get back to life, please stop with all the surveys and just get the kids back to school. If some parents don't want to send their kids they can do virtual OCPS or FLVS. "

Just let them go back to school like normal. If they are exposed, then so be it. Dad is a first responder so we already have that risk. School is important and my child needs face to face

Just open everything up. If a student or teacher comes in with a fever, give them a test and if positive, stay home. Have subs ready at each school for this issue. Coaches at each school should be on call for substitution. My opinion is you should put academic coaches back in the classroom and offer teachers who want to do that job along with teaching a stipend instead of paying for a full time reading or math coach. I could easily do both teach and be a coach for our school with extra pay. You would save the district a lot of money and add more teachers in the classroom to help accommodate smaller class sizes. As a teacher, I can put 15 - 17 kids with enough space between them in my classroom once I take out my teacher table. This is a temporary fix to a temporary problem. Teachers who are older should be given an option to go back or maybe have small groups of kids to relieve large class sizes. Hopefully some students will be able to go to Orange County Virtual School (and not another virtual school so the district gets the money for that student) so class sizes can go down. We may have to shift teachers to lower grades to accommodate smaller class sizes in K-2 where it will be harder for students to wear masks all day and to keep them separated. Once the kids are sitting down and working, they can take a mask off. We can make schedules where kids can go to PE and Music and Art once a week and get recess/brain breaks in small groups. It all has to do with good scheduling. Again, a temporary fix to a temporary problem. Someone just has to sit down and lay it all out of what it looks like and then it can be modified for different circumstances. I believe it can be done.

Just use precautions and mask!

Keep all areas as clean as possible. This will also help to keep down the number of illnesses that usually spread during the year between students, families and staff. (Coughs, colds, Strep, regular flu, etc.) Students that cannot tolerate cleaning materials and chemicals can be offered the Virtual School option. Parents and guardians concerned about the virus can home school or enroll their children in virtual school, if feasible.

Keep clean and safe every for kids.. Please every kids have to be check temperature, wear mask. The classroom bathroom have to be cleaned and decide one for girls and other for boys since boys made mess all the time. please I experience some parents leave kids one their luck when they are late, please empathize that each parent have to be responsible for each kids.

keep clean hands for students and staff and encourage no nails so dirt can not hide on hands. Clean school each night. Encourage healthy eating to boost immune system and have a theme each week like eating healthy make keep me healthy and promote outdoor exercise for student and staff once a day even if it is after school so people can get the exercise and sunshine. Students need face to face online is not the same. Thank you

Keep doing regular classes as always, we can't stop our kids learning because of a virus. Most of us parents are not capable of giving good education to our kids due to lack of training in educational skills.

Keep high schoolers at home for distance learning as they are old enough to stay home while parents go to work. And they should be responsible enough to complete distance learning. Use the high school buildings for elementary school instead, to be able to have smaller classes. K-5 needs the most hands-on support and they can't stay home while parents go back to work.

Keep lunches is the classroom. Do not combine recess and specials with other classrooms, keep them separated. Open the school earlier so students have more time to get to class and not rushing in together at the same time and have a staggered dismissal. Allow or require face masks. All students have their own devices so they're not sharing.

Keep things as near normal as possible because mental health is just as important for our kiddos. The science and numbers for this virus, especially among children, does not demand a drastic response in our face to face learning. I think the more social distancing, and elimination of play time and extracurricular activities will lead to increased anxiety and depression in children. I think giving families an option to do virtual learning for those that are at risk or vulnerable will help ease the concerns for those that have concerns. As for tangible suggestions for face to face learning...more time between activities for hand washing, eating lunch in classrooms, increased cleaning protocols for each classroom. Those that want to wear a mask, can wear one, but it should not be mandatory.

"Keep this simple - for the teachers, staff, kids, and parents.

Continue traditional face-to-face (where we as teachers can nurture the kids and provide them the much-needed social interaction.) It's just so much easier teaching kids, giving assessments, etc in person.

Let parents know FL and OCPS virtual school is an option.

But be firm. Decide on a system that will limit the number of students switching from face to face to virtual learning. Too much flipping in the district would be challenging on schools and teachers.


20-year OCPS teacher and parent of an OCPS graduate and an OCPS 11th grader."

keeping the distance with the seats, the big guys already now how to keep them safe. With the mask they must be good. cleaning their hands regularly with cleaning tissues that every body must have in their bags.

Kid need to go to school they need to be able to see there friends and learn with a teacher in person and what about electives kids can't keep doing electives online I get they could get sick but if you guys put hand sanitizer dispensers around the whole school then give each kid a mask and encourage social distancing during school at least the kids can still learn with a proper teacher and still see their friends and be able to do clubs and have a social life because without social interaction it can lead to many mental disorders. Grades can also be affected because many kids don't think they need to get good grades at home and kids get worked up sometimes by their parents a lot and don't have another way to communicate to friendsSo I believe if you schools continue to do distant learning it could affect kids mentally and physically I also believe that if the school takes the Proper Necessities we could have a great school year thank you for reading!

Kids are ready to go back. When I asked my daughter she said full time immediately. As a parent however I think the blended at home/school would be a good idea to keep class sizes small.

Kids learning has been affected severely by the distancing. Social well being is also affected and we are fueling solitude which can increase bouts of depression. Kids should go back to school wearing soft cloth masks which would prevent the spread between them. Temperature check should be done in the mornings to filter anyone sick.

Kids need face to face learning (and a lot of parents need them to be there). Increase cleaning and hand sanitizing if you have to, but people that are worried about it can sign their kids up for virtual school. Don't punish my child that needs and wants to go to school just because other people are scared.

Kids need for life to be back to normal. They also do not need to go back in fear. Should not have to wear masks or go to school in a prison like environment. Sports should be in place and life should resume to normal. Kids need face to face. Distance learning for the young ones is a joke. They learned nothing during the distance learning since March. Kids need their teachers who have been educated to teach. Not parents who have full time jobs to do and cannot focus on distance learning at the same time. This is not proper education and all children are paying the price. Even older ones. They do not like distance learning. They are not going to be prepared for college or higher learning when they are not learning. Distance learning is not for long term learning.

kids need interaction with friends and teacher to feel secure and safe, always respecting the health concern ( cleaning, no big groups)

KIDS NEED INTERACTION....Every day interact , communicate ideas, share a smile and have fun is part of ALL KIDS EMOTIONAL GROWTH...HOW WE GONNA GROW AS A COMMUNITY WITHOUT INTERACTION? Homeschooling is 100% WRONG ....

Kids need the face to face learning. If the blended option needs to happen let the parents who dont want to send their kids back keep them at home for virtual learning. Some parents don't have any other option for their kids, as both parents are working outside the home and cannot stay home to do virtual learning.

Kids need to be around other kids and learn the right way with a teacher not home that's crazy

Kids need to be back in school to learn ! Distance learning is just watching videos and lessons with parents guiding the teaching. Technology is good for enhancing learning but not replacing the actual teacher teaching.

Kids need to be in school learning. They need to be with their friends. Also, a lot of households have two working parents and are not able to be at home to do online virtual learning. Online learning will negatively impact several families.

Kids need to be in school. Parents who don't feel comfortable and have the ability to be home with kids can do FV. As more people go back to work the school system can't expect parents to stay home to take care of kids and do virtual school with them. Families who work and have kids need a safe place for their kids to go and school is that place as it has always been.

Kids need to be kids. You can not eradicate germs! They need social interaction, play time, hands on learning. The virtual learning has sent my child into depression and has hindered their passion for learning. Keep schools as they are, anyone uncomfortable with it can enroll their children in virtual school.

Kids need to be with their peers and teachers. Not through a computer. My kids lost interest in school through distant learning. And some parents work outside the home leaving no supervision for the kids. And I'm not saying teachers are babysitters, but they are supervised in school buildings. Thanks

Kids need to continue to wash hands and use good hygiene practices but they need mentally a normal back to routine

Kids need to get back to normal school. Socializing is so important in development.

Kids need to go back to normal school setting. This benefits both children and parents. Children need to socialize and school is the only socialization that some kids get. Plus, being with others helps build immune systems.

Kids need to go back to school campuses and learn and play with other children. They need their after school activities back too (such as clubs, chorus, theatre, etc). I feel that daily temperature checks could be put in place and well as enhanced cleaning practices in the classrooms during the school day including encouraging kids to wash their hands more often and wiping down surfaces between classes going to and from special area teachers or changing from one class period to another. Kids can help with this cleaning if products are gentle enough and proper safety is taught (similar to cleaning up after oneself in a class science lab).

Kids need to go back to school, alot of them want the face to face.

Kids need to go back to school, they need some normalcy. I don't think wearing masks will be feasible for younger kids.

"Kids need to go back to school. They need interaction with other children and be able to interact with their teachers. I think the county should take into account how continued distance learning or even a combination of face to face/distance, will impact a lot of families. A LOT of parents do not work from home, so I don't see how combination learning will solve anything. The point of distance learning, is to limit your social interaction; a combination of the two methods just cancels that out. My children are fortunate to have parents that can help them with online learning, but what about those children that are not? I think you're going to see a big drop, if distance learning continues. My son is scheduled to start kindergarten. Online learning for 5 year olds? My daughter is entering 4th grade. She misses her friends and school. Let's be smart about this but not

unrealistic. "

"Kids need to go back to school... My son really struggled with distance learning. He has ADHD and needs to be in school to focus better and not worry about everything going on around him at home.

The kids also need to be exposed to germs so their immune systems can stay strong and fight the virus if they get it.

I feel schools should open as normal and the parents that has the issues with it can choose distance learning or virtual school. Not to mention the kids miss SO much if not in school. Clubs, sports, socializing, etc. all things that are good for them and their health."

Kids needs to socialize with his teacher and friends! I think giving some distance in the class, having lunch in the class and not in the cafeteria.

kids shall remain to go back to school in mid august .im a parent of 5 kids and i dont have money to always spend on food , and a babystitter.

Kids should be allowed to return as normal. Masks and social distancing is more Hotmail to children and how they grow up than allowing them normal human contact.

Kids should go to school like they always have

kids wear mask. distance practice and by the door the have to check the temperature of evey kids and employee for safety. orientation for parents and kids ans teacher. work in team we will stay safe.

"Kids, especially young kids in elementary school should definitely be going back to school. There is always an idea of shortening the school hours to 5-6 hours a day vs. the whole day, for example or have a morning 4 hour sessions and 4 hour afternoon sessions, to space them out. Another option is to have kids go to school only Monday.Tuesday --- Thursday and Friday. Wednesday would be a day to clean classrooms, possibly.

Parents who don't want to send their children to school face to face, due to the fear of virus, they should sign up for virtual schooling, stay at home, be happy.

However there are plenty of parents who choose for their children to have a real learning experience with teacher in the classroom setting - especially kids from Kindergarten through 5th Grade.

It is not a healthy approach to have a child sitting in front of the computer all day long at home, and mainly where both parents are full time workers. Kids will fall behind in many subjects, even with parents trying their best to teach them at home. Parents want their kids to succeed in life. It's very crucial for young child to get a good, solid start in education in the classroom WITH a teacher. Kids need interactions, kids need other kids to play with, talk to. It's just a natural part of growing up.

Kids retain the best information from the teacher, an actual teaching human being right there in the classroom, vs. some silly learning videos with weird songs and sounds that just look goofy and questionable.

I know these are a difficult times for everybody, no matter if you are a parent, or a teacher or school employee, but i'm sure with good sense of common sense and willingness to work together, we can all figure out the best approach for our children to go back to school.


Kindergarten can have individual flat bins to house their work and supplies. I switched to desks last year that can be arranged in a circle formation semi apart from each other. This would allow for morning circle routines and some parallel and cooperative discussions. Students can use multisets of legos, and manipulatives for stem activities and math lessons. They could have a pencil box bin of manipulatives for personal use. They are going to need to have recess so we could stagger classes on the playground. We would use hand sanitizer on the way out and on the way in. We could alternate play on the field as well. I feel more comfortable having my students with me all day at school (vs half-day) than leaving and going somewhere else that would have them come into contact with more people. If we dismissed school a little earlier I would have time to wipe down my room and clean my supplies without overloading the custodial staff. There is still a place for center activities and small group instruction while social distancing. We would wash our hands more frequently as well and have table sets of hand sanitizer with instruction on proper use. It will take a lot of repetition for Kinder friends but I feel strongly that it can be done successfully and safely.

Learning in distance on computers i feel wouldn't be the same as face to face. Also, blended would just be a lot I feel if some people don't want to do face to face then theres always virtual school as a option for them but, personally doing it virtually I don't think I would understand the work or lesson as well so if we do go back at least have some rules in place in response to coronavirus but, remember theres a very low chance of any of us getting it.

Learning will be more authentic and realistic if teachers and students are having face to face classes. Though Coronavirus is still here but we can't stop promoting quality education to these young generation and we can only do that through the traditional face to face teaching. Yes some kids are learning through the online platforms but it is not enough, never enough!

Less students per class, divide each cubicule with plexo glass (plastic).

Less students per classroom, no shared computers, lunch in classroom.

"Let all the high school students work from home. Let the middle and elementary students work from home if their families so choose. You then have empty high schools and partially empty middle and elementary schools to spread the youngest children out. Move the middle school students to the high school campuses and spread the many young elementary students out amongst the elementary and middle school campuses.

We all know young children can benefit from smaller class size and they need to learn social skills. This would be 100% possible under this model and would allow young children the opportunity to be kids and still play. This would also reduce transmission if there is an outbreak as the student population is more spread out.

Elementary school students NEED to be in a classroom for their long term educational and social growth and mental health. "

Let parent's choose. Parents can either sign their children up for Florida virtual school or have their kids return to the classroom. I have a child who needs to be in a classroom setting. Distant learning is not an option for all kids

Let the kids go back to school!!! If Disney can reopen so can their face-to-face education.

Let the kids go back to school!!!! No new ways. No blending. If we can open restaurants, theme parks, movie theaters and summer camps then schools are ok too. Kids can wear masks. Increase hand hygiene stations. But get them back to school. Period.

"Let the kids go back to the way school was before Covid-19.

Make wearing masks voluntarily, not mandatory.

Allow kids to have extra curricular activities, including PE.

No to taking temperature before school.

If a kid gets sick, allow them to stay home and continue virtual education"

let the parents decide if they feel comfortable with their kids going back to face to face school. those parents who don't feel save or comfortable can have the option to do online classes.

Let the parents who do not feel safe keep their kids home and others return to school normally with mask and hand sanitizer! I will lose my job if i have to do distance learning along with millions of other parents ! I need to work to put a roof over my children's heads and have no family around ! Please open Monday - Friday !

Let them be kids. Don't put them in a prison environment. No masks. Give them recess and PE. Give them friends and social. Do not send them back in Fear.

Let those who want distance learning choose virtual school. Let those 'at risk' teachers move to virtual learning as educators. Let the rest of us continue with face-to-face learning. Wear a mask if you choose. Bring hand sanitizer if you choose.

Let's get back to normal live. Social interaction is important for the kids

"Let's get things back to normal. There can be a few precautions taken for parents/students/teachers. But distance learning or removing things like recess for kids in Elementary School is an awful idea.

Kids require collaboration to learn, taking that away from kids would be detrimental to their education and mental health. "

let's just do it normally but with masks, thank you

Life needs to return to normal (with precautions). Perhaps more handwashing, extra sanitation, assigned seats, cleaning playgrounds between classes and desks spaced out. Kids need to get back to being kids.

"Limit class rotations, packed lunch kids eat in classrooms and school lunch perps go to cafeteria.

Temp checking of staff and students in the morning upon arrival.


Limit class size, more classrooms

Limit class sizes and increase cleaning staff

Limit classroom size, wear face mask

Limit kids per classroom, practice washing hands regularly, limit sharing items, & practice social distancing

Limit the amount of the difference people they are exposed to. Decrease class sizes. Rotate teachers instead of the students rotating to different classrooms.

Limited class sizes

Limited smaller class sizes (teachers aids, other school staff to help in this), instead of switching students to different rooms for different subjects, have the teachers/staff be the ones to swap, in order to limit exposure. One entrance/drop point car riders/bikes/walk-ins met by staff to escort to classroom, in order to distance parent/guardian contact. Temperature checks, hand washing at entrance to class rooms (extra staff/volunteers to help in this especially with the smaller kids). Somewhere safe to send students who show symptoms throughout the day. Policies in place for how to handle those who become symptomatic/exposed to be able to learn virtually for set number of days/quarantine.

"Longer school days so that the students can complete a 5 day curriculum in 2 or 3 days and students and grades can alternate attendance days. Ex. M/W/F and T/Th to limit contact with larger populations and give schools an opportunity to disinfect classrooms and campuses. Limit traveling through hallways and throughout school buildings. Temperature checks daily.

Deana - School Guidance Counselor. Parent of entering 3rd grade and entering Kindergartener. "

Looking at the stats and demographic of those who are most at risk and most likely to have symptoms that require hospitalization i think it best to have kids learn as normal, spaced normally but having teachers separated by a taped line that kids do not step beyond. Kids should either be provided wipes/hand sanitizer to use on their desk or be required to bring wipes of their own if they want to be careful. Kids can choose to wear masks. As parents we can sign waivers that prevent anyone from holding the school or a students responsible for exposure. Any student showing signs of normal cold symptoms, specifically ones that involve watery eyes, coughing, or nasal issues should stay home. There should be no need to close down a school just because there is a reported case. Kids with preexisting conditions or weight issues should be encouraged to do virtual home schooling until a vaccine is made available. Or do live streaming of the in person learning for those kids. There will always be risks in life. Kids die every year in bike accidents but we don't forbid them from riding bikes to school. We do need to protect the elderly and all teachers and staff so they can be there for our children. We can't continue to live in a bubble. We take risks everyday. That's life.

maintain social distance between students inside the classroom, different times for entering and leaving school

"Make everyone wear masks

Hand sanitizer stations in hallways

Stagger lunch tables

Lots of cleaning and disinfecting

Distance learning does not work for elementary students. You cannot teach fine motor skills on a computer. Students need social interaction and collaborating groups. Not all teachers are equipped and comfortable to teach online. Title 1 school students need a lot of support from the schools and all their services. Distance learning affects high school students mental health. They also need social interactions. "

Make groups of 10/12 people use face masks all times, take the temperature and use hand sanitizer at every interaction. Use parents as volunteer to take the groups and help the teachers. Can do clases outside.

Make sure student areas are cleaned on a regular basis, limit class sizes

Making all the hallways in middle and high school one way as much as possible.

Making policies for better or more frequent cleaning and disinfecting practices, our children can learn and grow like we have always done. Good healthy hygiene as a focus is what's needed to move past this pandemic.

Many parents can't afford to keep their kids at home everyday, especially because most of them have more than one kid. My parents have to work and they don't have time to stay home and be with my little sister and I and cook for us all day, and they also don't have anyone to stay with us throughout the day. I also want to go back because it is my senior year of high school and I would much rather be in school with the safety measures in place, than spend senior year at home away from my friends and school.

Many students did not learn from distance learning

"Many universities are starting the semester earlier with no breaks until Thanksgiving, then adjourning school from late Nov- mid Jan. If we did this, we could plan for possibly distance-learning for the remainder of January and February. That would get us through "flu season". The distance learning during this time, if planned for, could be affective review, practice, etc.

An alternate suggestion that might be worth considering for face-to-face learning would be a block system, similar to one colleges such as Colorado college utilize. Admittedly, this would probably be more realistic at the higher grade levels, not so much at elementary."

masks should be distributed to students and if a student is caught not wearing a mask when it is known they have one they shall be punished

Maybe have teachers switch classes instead students or for middle school keep students in 1 class and do class online in class

maybe place materials that the school would need, parents should only set appointments if they want to come to school grounds.

Me gustaría que mi hija volviera a la escuela ya que estar en casa mucho tiempo no le ha echo muy bien

"Middle elem students need teachers at face value

To see and learn

To get up and go to school

To learn to interact

To give parents a place to send kids when they work

To learn art band chorus physical education

Can't do theses things home


"Middle School:

Cohort the students (a group of students has the same LA, SS, Sci & Math teachers) - this keeps exposure within the group.

Locate Cohorted teachers near each other and rotate the teachers from classroom to classroom - eliminates unacceptable behaviors and unnecessary contact in the hallway.

Eliminate school level content planning, create grade level planning, allows for cross curricular/team discussion of activities & behaviors to address/celebrate by grade level.

Eliminate 1 class period each day - this will allow for cleaning time, additional transition time and additional instructional time so teachers can adequately prepare students in the event of another sudden shift to distance learning. We cannot extend the learning gap again. Students must understand how to be distance learners and that they will be accountable for learning no matter the environment.

PE should be by grade level - 2 periods for each grade level - limit exposure

Electives should be assigned by grade level - limit exposure

Require janitorial staff to clean desks, door handles and floors nightly - this is imperative!!! After 135 of instruction, the janitorial staff had NEVER cleaned the student desks. Unacceptable.

Provide social/emotional training to school staff; too much has happened and continues to happen to think staff already has the tools to deal with.

Provide instructional staff with training on how to set up a virtual classroom and how to use Canvas effectively.

Delay the start of school for students by one week to allow for adequate training for instructional staff to provide social/emotional supports and virtual classroom training.


"Monday Block: Periods 1-4

Tuesday Block: Periods 5-7

Wednesday: Distant Learning (Deep Cleaning of the school)

Thursday: Periods 1-4:

Friday: Periods 5-7


Monday: Periods 1-7

Friday: Distant Learning (Deep cleaning of the school)"

"More classrooms

Less students per class

More teachers

6 feet apart"

More recess or outdoor time where the children can be in open air to allow for smaller specials settings

"More rooms

10 kids per classroom"

"Morning and late split school sessions. I went to high school in Dade County in the late '70's and our H.S. had a morning and afternoon school split by grades. Upperclassmen and all students with after school practice (like Band) in the morning. Killian HS had over 4,000 students in grades 10-12 at the time and it worked well. Having split sessions would allow for physical distancing in classrooms, hallways, at lunch, etc. Grade levels could be kept together. It was unusual, but necessary and we students did just fine. We were one of the top academic achievement (and desirable) high schools in South Florida at the time.


Most of end students will not learn as much as they capable without the personal interaction they experience in the classroom. ASD students are in more need of this and will benefit more from this type of teaching. With careful planning and Safety guidelines in place we can safely have back students in class.

Most students are home alone because their parents work, so students are left struggling by themselves. Mostly the ESOL students. Some kids find school extremely difficult due to the language barrier, so most of them opt out to use distractors such as their phone or video games instead of staying focused in school. The school system is made to make sure that the students stay committed in their academics, and resuming school face-to-face will help in their social happiness when they get to see their friends again. Memorable addition to the students who are involved in extra curricular a such as sports/arts/clubs. They miss their activities. If the country is fully functioning in June, I have no doubts that by August things will be better.

"mount hand sanitizing stations on the wall inside each hallway so after the door handle is touched coming inside as it is a pull door handle a person can sanitize their hands


"My 14 year old son is in the ASD Program my question is how many kids will be in the Classroom? My idea will be is to take their temperature by touching their foreheads every day and to split them up so they can't get close to everyone since they can't wear face masks due to their sensory issues and to use hand sanitizer through out the day


Kerin B1041"

"My 6 yr old granddaughter lives with me. I was an employee in IT for 28 years, retiring almost 2 yrs ago. I have great respect for our our school system, and my two sons attended there in the 1980's.

I was the one who had to home school my granddaughter. It was an unbelievable experience. It started out great. After about 4 wks we didn't even like each other, lol.

Young students need a social outlet. She missed her friends and teacher, who she rightfully idolizes. Kindergarten and other younger students have to have every thing explained and followed. It is a full-time job, - a teacher's job.

I can't imagine how may students K-3 who required full-time assistance but did not receive it, because parents either didn't care or were unable to offer help.

I can see more and more older kids going to distance learning...but not the little ones.

I have seen such a change in Viv since Spring break. She loved learning, but now it is a chore she despises. She keeps asking when she can go back with her friends and teacher. That is what instills the love of learning. Face-to-face, with her peers.

Pam "

"My best understanding is that students should go back as planned in August 10. The virus hates the hot weather and at least if we need to shut down again during flu season, they would have started as expected. There should be precautions put in place of course.

If there is a need to use more classrooms because of class size, we should do two shifts during the school day. For example, one shift starts at 7:30 - 11:30 and the other group should be there from 12:30 to 4:30. This way the employees can spray their classrooms and sanitize and also have their lunch.

The school should start as programmed in August.


My both kids misses school and work better with teachers and classes. We had already the virus in March, we have less risk. So for us, face to face is a way to go. Specially my ESE kid. She can't stand online anymore! Pleaseeeeeeeeeee

My child does better face to face. He is autistic and has ADHD. So I think kids with special needs should not be bullied and if schools don't punish the bullies then the school should be responsible for that bully along with the parents and get in trouble for not doing anything about it. Kids with special needs get bullied a lot and they need to be protected from bullies. Bullies need to either be suspended or expelled for what they do. Or the parents of the special needs student will end up suing. Therefore schools need to take action against bullying.

My child missed out on a lot of important activities and testing to prepare him to apply to colleges in the Fall. He has worked this entire time and maintained safety. There is no reason why he can't return back to school to continue his senior year the way it should be. Add additional hand sanitizer station locations and promote health. If a student gets sick or has exposure, allow them to continue classes through Canvas until they have recovered. Isolating students who are sick instead of sending them back to class, will also help reduce exposure; especially, if you do temperature checks.

My child needs face to face, has an IEP. I simply do not have the training or resources to help my child learn everything he needs to learn. I try my best but he needs that face to face interaction with his teacher. People are just starting to work again because of COVID-19. Also being a single parent working full-time, the funds are not available to hire a sitter or tutor during the day.

My child will be an incoming kindergartener, and I would like for him to have as normal a school experience as possible. My idea would be, if 100% face-to-face learning is questionable in August, that the school year is delayed. I think a few more weeks would be sufficient, but I would be open to the school year beginning after/around Labor Day to provide a bit more time for things to return to normal. I don't think kindergarteners should be expected to wear masks, or be taught by teachers in masks, or to not have recess or physical education and maintain complete 6 ft social distancing. I am concerned that my child begins his schooling experience under conditions that are as normal as possible. I would also be open to half-day kindergarten models to provide for smaller classes/more social distancing. Finally, if kindergarten begins later than other grades to provide for 100% face-to-face learning, I think that should be strongly considered. I do not think kindergarten should have any distance learning elements.

My children do better in a school setting- these last few months with them doing distance learning was a joke. Honestly it may work for some kids but not mine. It also takes away their childhood to be able to experience how much fun school can be with all the different activities that they can do. I understand the health scare of everything but you have to move forward. I feel it will make kids lazier - which it has with mine- and honestly I am not sure how teachers can truly teach over zoom. Just like everything in life there are pros and cons to this but I enjoy hearing how my children's day went. Human interaction will always be best in my eyes. I just want my children to have every opportunity in life just like everyone else. I feel not allowing them to go back to school takes so much away from them. Thank you!

"My children have been extremely effected by school closures, and social distancing.

It has not only set them behind on education because distance learning is in no way nearly as successful as face to face learning, but it has also taken an emotional toll on them, and parents. They thrive in classrooms and through socialization.

My children also have IEP's and those services can not be provided through distance learning. Another year of distance learning would put them even further behind in every aspect, as well as further effect their mental health. Children need to continue doing the things we have taught them to do their whole lives. Be kind, share, hug, laugh, make friends, stay active, and be expressive. Non of those things can be achieved through the ridiculous guidelines being recommended. They need recess, PE, art, music, a break away from the classroom to eat in the cafeteria and just be kids. If other parents are still wanting to do online school, they have the option to do virtual school, but that should NOT apply to every student. One size does NOT fit all."

My children have privilege, but most don't. We need brick and mortar buildings to open so children have a safe place to be during the day. A place where there are trusted adults looking out for them and helping them grow. I suggest that we have lots of hand sanitizing stations, designated hand washing, even in upper grades. Cafeterias are wiped down with chemicals to kill germs. Classrooms have a designated time at the end of the day where students wipe surfaces down to help clean. Children can CHOOSE to wear a mask or not. Staff can CHOOSE to wear a mask or not. Children need to see smiles and facial expressions. Forcing staff to wear masks will take that away. I think that if parents want to enroll in FVS, they can, but we MUST have a building for children to go to Monday-Friday. Parents working have no where to send their kid. School is safe and provides so much more than academics. PLEASE PLEASE open schools with normal operating hours and days, but give parents an option of easy enrollment into FVS. Or have a FVS teacher designated for each grade so the children who choose to be home, can be under that teacher that does total online learning for the school.

My children need this for all aspects in their life. Social mental and acedemic wise. I have 4 kids who need their teachers and classroom energy. My kids are begging to go back to school and I hope we will be able to accomplish this. Children need an outlet and this is my children's outlet... they love school friends and teachers. I don't have children that do well learning from home

"My children suffered from the social aspect of not being face to face with their teacher and classmates during distance learning this past spring. I recommend a full return to class.

Please keep in mind that what is right for high school may not be right for middle school or elementary school."

My children will be going into Kindegarten and 2nd grade. They NEED face to face and feel this is the only way they can learn for their future success. My son really disliked learning from the computer and missed the social interaction with friends and his teacher. My soon to be kindergartner can't learn online either. I can't imagine Not having a face to face experience for him.

My concern is that the majority of parents, like myself, HAVE TO WORK. I don't really have any ideas I just think it's necessary for kids to be able to be physically in school 5 days a week for parents to be able to work and survive financially.

"My daughter currently attends Howard Middle School which is 100% Magnet, so the amount of students enrolled is based upon available seats; every morning the children can only enter the school thru the rec court so these are some ideas I thought of:

1) Have designated staff members check the temperatures of the students upon their arrival, if for any reason they must enter thru the front office, a staff member needs to check their temperature as well, before the student can enter the building; protocol needs to be in place for the child to be sent home once the parents' are contacted regarding the childs' temperature, 100 .4 or higher.

2) If the above scenario is too cumbersome the district may want to implement an ""Honor System"" where they hold the parents' accountable for checking their child's' temperature before they leave for work, OR before they take their child to school, if the students' temp is the CDC standard of 100.4 or higher the child can ONLY return to school with medical documentation to support they DO NOT HAVE COVID-19/nor are they sick with some other contagious illness.

3) If at all possible limit classroom sizes so that staggered seating can be implemented in every classroom or seating is ""every other seat"".

4) Have sanitizing stations throughout the school (A simple table with pumps of Sanitizing Bottles)

5) So that that teachers' do not become infected with the virus or infect other students and staff, their temperatures should be checked upon arriving to school.

6) In the classroom maybe the district can install a plexy glass barrier that separates the teacher from their students; so that there is a barrier to shield the air droplets..

7) Middle and High schools students need to wear masks while changing classes while in the halls etc


My daughter had a real hard time with distant learning. Alot of stress for her! I feel that kids need to get back to school! I feel depression could happen, kids need socialization! Please open up schools, not everyone can learn through distant learning, it's doing more harm for some kids.

My daughter is 8 years old and very hyperactive, unfortunately during distance learning she had a hard time learning, reading , concentrating because she couldn't stay still in front of a computer for too long . I work during the day , my middle child was trying to help her but she had a hard time also . We are not train to be teachers never less kids that hyperactive. Also they need to be around other kids . Distance learning is not recommended for my daughter.

My daughter is a sophomore at Winter Park High School and I believe that face to face learning would be the best scenario for the 2020-2021 school year. As my daughter's "at home" learning coach, I can tell you first hand that the difference in the quality of education she has received via virtual education is noticeably negative. Although children are often thought of as adaptable, we should not confuse the ability of them to adapt with whether they are able to maintain the norm before. I believe that temporarily this was the best we could do with the information at hand, going forward we should not discount the crucial importance that face to face instruction from teachers brings, or consider virtual education to be replaced at the same level. Nor should we ignore the significant social and emotional education that schools provide. I fear that a year of distance learning would significantly impact my daughter's foundational educational and emotional development.

My experience of this year that ended, my student under the grades, was not motivated to do that number of assignments that they sent and in the end he achieved some due to responsibility; but the learning was left behind, the face-to-face learning is necessary in this stage of adolescence, we need students to have learning periods motivated by social encounters (teacher and classmates).

My experience thus far with distance learning is that regardless of how much effort you put into it, it does not have the same impact and value as face to face. Many students do not have the support of their parents, do not have the technology needed, or may have a hard time navigating through the system. For middle school and high school, in my opinion, is a different story. Students are used to doing their work and assignments online, but not the little kiddos. They crave the support of their teachers to have effective learning. Also, it has been my experience, that during distance learning many times parents or any other adults "help" their children with their work, which really limits the validation of their work.

My Face-to-Face response is only if we continue to see progress in our community for low stats of the virus. It might be too early to make a decision at this point. I know everyone wants to prepare for the future, but it's difficult to do that right now. I am hopeful, but will continue to wait and see over the next month. Thank you.

"My family had a very difficult time with distance learning. I was constantly getting messages from teachers about missing work, although as a teacher myself I was working hard to make sure my kids did their work.

As a teacher I don't feel we had a real and true educational experience. Things were watered down as we were all in survival mode and we were encouraged to "take it easy" on the students. I spent lots and lots of time emailing students and parents and calling parents trying to get them to submit work and make sure All was well in the home. "

"My first choice is face to face but only with

no face masks and /or desks separation by plastic. Its better for the mental aspect as well as learning for our kids. My 2nd choice is mixed home and school maybe alternate grades in school at once at first the gradually add back whole school. Our kids needs normalcy. Please don't take away playgrounds its good for them."

My grandson will be starting as a kindergarten student at Brookshire Elementary in August. His parents both work in the healthcare field and are unable to take off from work as they are needed in their positions as a physical therapist in a local hospital and Manager of a nursing home. It would would be a great disruption if my grandson was unable to attend school in the fall with face to face learning at the school. He lives within two miles of the school so busing is not an issue. I understand that some precautions may need to be put into place for the safety of the staff and students. It is vital though that he have the opportunity to attend school. I hope this can be a reality.

"My husband and I strongly believe the students need to be in a face-to-face learning environment beginning in August of 2020. Learning from their teachers and peers in a normal school environment is extremely important for the social and emotional well being of middle and high school students. Many students do not have the motivation and self-discipline required to be successful in a virtual school environment.

Please take into account the other countries such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and France and how they have been successful in keeping or returning kids to their schools using safe health practices. Our day cares and facilities providing child care to front line workers have been open throughout this pandemic--with minimal to no cases being spread due to the children being together. Middle and High school students will continue to visit with friends and participate in sporting activities, etc. which will require them to be in close contact with other children and adults. The opportunity to make and build new friendships is of the upmost importance during the middle and high school years. We cannot control everything in our student's environment and lives, but we can make a difference now--by deciding to send the students back to school full-time in August!"

"My idea is a four day face to face work week and sanitize buildings on the Fridays.

An extra 10 minutes per class this would make up the day we are missing.

After school sports are shortened in length and run 30 minutes later, still allowing for homework and family time.( Possibly sports practice / games still scheduled on Friday.)

Possibly keeping lunch/recess to 45 minutes to reduce length of school day but getting the required school hours per week.

Parents only need to find childcare help on Friday."

"My idea is for all systems. Not sure if it is legally possible, but wit the results of the survey, in my opinion, OCPS, should ask parents to make a final decision on what option they want for the 2020/21 school year, lets say before July 10th, and sign that that option, will be their choice with no possible change until next school year. In that case OCPS can make a decision on how many staff, school bus, material etc, they need.

with all this coming and going situation, it is hard to plan, specially, if OCPS does not know, how many students will formally stars school.

I want the face to face school back with no mask thank you ."

"My idea is for high and middle school students who change classes. If students were released in smaller groups by buildings, wings or sections to come to lunch and are assigned to alternative or additional eating areas, perhaps this would eliminate over crowding the space that is required for practicing social distancing in the dinning rooms.

Thank you for your consideration,"

"My idea is simple: half of the class comes in the morning and the other half in the afternoon.


"My idea is so that not all students would have to be at school all at the same time and yet they have face to face instruction.

You would have a rotating schedule with alternating Fridays.

Example below:

One week would be Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 1/2 of the students

and the other half would be Tuesday and Thursday.

The next week would Monday and Wednesday for 1/2 of the students and the other 1/2 of the students would go Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

This way you could do both social distancing and yet the students would get face to face instruction. This would also help with busing because you would only have 1/2 of the student population going to school on any one day. "

"My idea is that the teachers can move from class to class room and students stay put in the same class room with the same group of students.

And students and staff gets temperature check everyday.

Another idea would be to have a morning and afternoon session so that way the quantity of students is less.

Thank you for lessening to a parent.

Liliana "

"My idea is that we go back to what we already know. This Distance learning was to be for a season. Our children cannot be well rounded students without experiencing learning in classrooms, bonding over sports, and enjoying the cultural arts. People are not meant to be isolated, they need face to face communication.

However, add in: handwashing after restroom(of course)

before eating lunch

after outside activity

sick-stay home! children/staff!"

"My idea is to keep it face to face but altar the months of school. Instead of going August through May where flu season is at it's highest during the winter months, we have the school calendar be from February through November. This is the safest way to reduce transmission of COVID and the flu.

If changing the school calendar is not possible fro this year, then we can implement the following safety precautions:

-Temperature checks

-Every child has hand sanitizer at their desk

-Washing hands before every meal/snack, as well as every hour

-Lunch in the child's classroom or outside

-Children will wipe their desks, chairs, pens/pencils/markers used at the end of each day (15 minutes before the bell rings)

-Signs in classroom reminding children not to touch their face; wash hands every hour, and tell teacher if you feel sick

-No masks


My idea would be to follow how state universities will be handling the issue. Students return in August with face to face instruction. Once students go out for Thanksgiving break, they would start distance learning for the remainder of the year. And return to face to face in January if the climate allows.

My kid cannot concentrated at home

My kids are going into Kindergarten and 2nd grade. Face to face is the only and best way in my opinion to teach children this young. My oldest didn't link being online at all and I feel he didn't retain anything. After a day at school, he would tell me about his day and all he learned.

My kids didn't thrive during the distance learning last quarter. The lack of connection to teachers, the materials and other children definitely had an affect on my children. They long to go back to school and be with their teachers and peers.

My kids do much better in school with a teacher. I will send them to school with masks.

My kids do so much better face to face with teachers. If needed I will send my kids to school with masks.

My kids need face to face instruction. They both have 504's and have to have the interaction. The distance learning did not go well for us. I believe enough safety measures can be put in place to make this happen.

My kids want Face to Face. They are ready. Safe distance, hand washing and hygiene procedures have sunk in. It is important for them to be present, engage with teachers during lessons and socialize with friends. This has been a big adjustment and they understood what the importance of distance learning was when all this started, but it is not how they want to do school. I am appreciative that tje option is available so thank you.

"My opinion regards school supplies: each child brings 2 pencil cases with their own personal supplies (pencil, eraser, glue, etc.). One pencil case stays with the child, the other is merely a back-up to use at school.

This would:

1) limit sharing of supplies and germs;

2) teach responsibility to children to take care of their belongings;

3) reduce waste (do we really need 20 packets of pencil per child??);

If there is concern about shortage of supplies maybe each child should bring $5 or $10 and contribute to a "class fund" for supplies.


My program (AFJROTC) is very dependent on face to face interaction vs on-line learning. There is so much of what we do that cannot be taught in an on-line setting. Team building and leadership training cannot be done without personal interaction.

My son had autism and mask well be issue he doent understand social distance

My son cannot learn welding by doing distance learning it's an on hands job learning experience

My son focuses better with Face to face

My son is a freshman and i feel he should have face to face for this first key year of high school. The increased workload and expectations are key to have a solidified base for a successful high school career. I might be open to distance learning but only after the first nine weeks.

"My son is ESE in a self-contained classroom. Distance learning has been difficult for him without the everyday routines and visuals. Finding care for him as well has been a financial hardship as everyone in the house has to work.


My son is going into first grade. I suggest testing children and based on academic development divide each class into two groups. These two groups are in the same class but do not interact with each other. The two groups rotate learning objectives/ stations throughout the day. The small group of less than ten can interact and are not required to wear mask but do have higher hand hygiene. I feel it's important for children to interact socially and can continue to do so in smaller groups.

"My son is going to college in Connecticut. They are using a modified schedule. Students will be in dorms and school face to face from Aug. to Nov. Then, students will stay home from the Thanksgiving Break through mid January. The idea is to keep students home during the worst of the flu season. Just an idea to throw in with the rest.

Sincerely, Carole"

My student will only participate in face time face traditional learning.

My suggestion is to alternate the school days. For example, students with last names A-M start on August 10th and students with last names N-Z start on August 11th. Each group will report to school every other day. This way the schools will be less crowded, the class sizes will be much smaller, and kids can be safely distanced.

My suggestions is to have a 2 part sections for face to face learning for students, first sections half High Schools, Elementary school, and Middle Schoolers 7am to 1pm, second half section from 12pm to 6pm for Elementarys., Middle Schoolers and High Schools ., due to the fact this will help with social distancing. A good proposal for all students to receive their ed

My take in student in person, distance learning combo in the classroom. Use plastic shields around desks, each student has their own laptop and they do their "distance learning" in the classroom with the teacher monitoring at her desk or up front. One of the biggest challenges was to get my kiddos on BBB (I teach 1st grade) and monitor while I'm teaching. I can teach and monitor for example nearpod lessons, canvas, or other interactive google forms, etc. I can work tech problems out in person, that was the other challenging part. However it happens, I'm ready to rock n roll!

Need to get back to traditional teaching and getting these kids in the schools and back in front of teacher's face to face. Nothing takes the place of that and the distance learning was not any way to have real class work interaction. Was not good at all.

"Network the classrooms and "tune in" to specials to maximize the number of classes who can attend the lesson but limit the number of children in the specials classroom.

Same idea can work for co-teaching where one teacher teaches math and a different teacher in a different class teaches ELA or science. This could help out for substitutes as well."

"No changes.

Keep classes, recess, lunch time, etc, exactly like they used to be before the quarantine.

Implementing only higiene education. Kids must learn at home the importance of keeping good higiene habits, and the school must enfatize that importance and incentive washing hands before eating and brushing teeth after meals. The school should provide 5-10 extra minutes before and after lunch for the students to have the opportunity to wash their hands and brush their teeth."

No creo, ya que mi hija tienes buenas notas y desde la distancia las bajo. Debido a que muchos de los videos que tenia que hacer no los podía hacer por canvas y tampoco se podían enviar por email por tener mucho contenido. Y hay muchos estudiantes que no tienen acceso a computadoras ni Internet.

No idea. But our kids need face to face interaction. Once a week zoom meetings for one hour and nonsensical online learning IS NOT WORKING nor healthy for our kids

No ideas, just that I know we need to get our kids back into the schools and therefore, I will sacrifice the chance I may get sick to give them the safe haven they look forward to every day.

No masks please!

"No Masks! No plexiglass.

Are you educators? Do you follow statistics? Do ANY OF YOU understand statistics?

This is utterly ridiculous that we have upended life for a virus that less than a 3% death rate.Less than 3% in Florida!!!!! Almost zero % for children.

The virus does not rendered this type of response.

My children will not wear masks; I will not make them. It is a terrible, awful environment to learn in.

Bring the kids some normalcy. Get rid of this drum beat of as educator are banging.


No masks!! Wearing masks will be too much of a distraction for learning for any age.

No masks, life as normal as it was before. Kids need to be treated like kids!

No masks. Extra sanitizing, normal recess, normal class size.

No masks. No social distancing. No overuse of sanitizers and disinfectants. We are letting fear get in the way of critical thinking. We need to let children build strong immune systems and overuse of disinfectants is wiping out their Microbiomes.

"No Masks.

No plexiglass.

My kids will not wear masks.

Be adults - get these kids back to a schedule of normalcy. Don't you dare preach over and over and over again...that kids need routine. Kids need structure. Kids need balance.

Then you are having a task force with this nonsense!

If parents don't feel comfortable...then they don't send their kids. I want my kids in classroom getting educated. I want the balance back of school environment.

BE THE ADULTS and get back to work!"

Normal classes with care taken for temp checks and hand washing

Normal school with masks.

"Normal school with sports clubs after school buses


Normal. 100% normal. Those who want the option to do virtual should have the virtual option, and those who want to wear a mask should be encouraged to do so, but those of us who want or need their kiddos to go to school for normal social interaction, enrichment opportunities (libraries, PE and lunch included!), etc, should go back to the classroom. And open up sports programs, too. With the data we have today, we know the transmission risk is low, particularly with kiddos. I have four kids in gifted, and they need far more interaction and support than my husband and I can offer as working parents. I also have four student athletes, one of whom is thrilled to play sports in middle school next year. Please, for the sake of our children, do not make arbitrary decisions based on arbitrary data. They deserve better!!

"Not all children excel at distance learning and need more guidance and hands on learning. Distance learning was such a challenge for my 9th grader this past year. High school is such a critical path to college that they need to face to face in school experience and guidance from the teachers and counselors.

The workload is too much to balance and be successful in subjects that you have challenges with."

"Not all parents can stay home with their children to help teach them at younger ages.

People work and pay taxes for our children to attend an actual school with an actual teacher.

Keeping our children home will make them socially dysfunctional in the future that lies ahead. They need to get outside and interact with other children to know how to be social.

Let the parents who want to keep their children home enroll in Florida virtual school. That should be their option. "

Not every child is built for distance learning. There are children who need additional assitance. What happens to them? My son is one of those children. He is currently a struggling reader at 11 who is part of his school's MTSS program which has helped a great deal for this school year up until Covid-19. The assistance that he has recently received from the program this year, clearly would not be available to him at home, with me as his mother working full time as a healthcare professional. Yes he had chat meetings with his MTSS instructors on zoom duirng the stay at home order, but it was not the same. Plus the time was shared as a class and not one-on-one. Assignments for some were to login to apps. That's not the same as one-on-one work with the teacher. Overall, I feel like children with the same issue as my son, will only continue to fall behind and struggle more. Children are sponges and soak up information during early morning and day. Trying to do work at night with any child half a sleep, obviously is no good to them. This was the struggle for some of us working parents not working from home. So for those parents against their children going back can feel free to enroll in virtual school as an option and the parents who are ok with face to face, enroll to go back to school.

Not every child will have the ability to stay home while parent is at work. Teaching should resume in the schools with the option from the parent to continue distance learning if preferred. Do not keep students at home as an option. Give that option to the parent who will stay home with the child or can afford to pay someone to attend to the child. Parents need to work. We can not afford to stay home.

"Not sure if this falls under face to face or blended learning, so submitting it under both.

I believe we can reopen schools if we use what we know about COVID-19: it affects those over 65 and/or with underlying health issues most severely. I suggest those students and teachers who fall into either of those categories or live with someone who does, take advantage of virtual school for the upcoming school year. Teachers for the 20/21 year should move between the virtual school platform and brick and mortar schools to fit their health status. In the schools, precautions such as plexiglass shields (like Publix uses) could be used in front of desks, masks used (voluntary because you'll get better participation), and limiting assemblies and other indoor large gatherings would help stop the spread. Encourage carpooling to alleviate crowding on buses. Leave the buses for those who really need the transportation. Otherwise, open schools as usual. Finally, use CARES money to help tutor through Zoom or other platforms those who are unable to attend schools due to health conditions and fill in gaps as needed."

Not that my idea really matters but I have 2 children in HS with ADHD and distance learning was a BIG challenge for them. Maybe smaller groups in class will help with distance between the kids. FLVS has always been a thing who ever does not feel comfortable sending their children to a place with people can keep them home doing the online classes. My children's grades went down a lot with distance learning they don't even think they learned anything the past few months.

Obviously safety precautions will be in place and sanitation should be as it always should have been. Enforcement and expectations of a safe learning environment the students are the variables we cannot predict or trust to follow the rules.

OCPS can't afford to do anything else than business-as-usual.DL is not effective for any elementary students, 99% of middle schoolers, and 98% of high schoolers. We are not doing our job if the only option is distance learning. Parents, teachers, and students don't like it. Same with computers. Then there's parental involvement. Most parents aren't making sure the kids are doing the work, let alone doing it correctly. And I was at home, with my Kindergartener and Autistic 3rd grader, facilitating their learning while distance teaching. You want to talk about burnout? You're going to have a HUGE problem with student achievement and teacher retention and hiring if you go with anything else than a traditional setup. Even more so than what's going on already.

"OCPS has a virtual school already established. I assume with the courses already built. Train teachers over the summer and then have all courses provided 100% online starting with 1st day of school. BUT if/when students come to school their teacher monitors progress, pulls small groups, does mini lessons etc. This way if we have to go back to distance learning EVERYONE is already used to the online platform. Teachers will provide tutoring and mini lessons online instead of in the classroom.

In my opinion it will smooth out the transition period if we have another outbreak. Also if we have to start distance and later transition to face-to-face, it will make that transition smoother. But hey what do I know I only have a Master's degree in Digital and eLearning."

OCPS needs an administrator with the full-time responsibility of directing and managing health services. There seems to be little to no oversight of school health and safety issues. The training and drills for emergencies, mental health, and basic health care are very disjointed and do not feel well researched or implemented. Given our current circumstances, I believe a dedicated health administrator would be critical in making safe and reasonable decisions regarding returning to schools. The person should have a background in public health and should be a clinician.

"Of course want environment and decisions to keep faculty, staff and students safe.

Start with having soap in bathrooms.

No masks! Reminding students to wash hands and stay home when sick will go a long way. "

Offer FLVS and/or Orange County virtual classes like you always Have for those who want it but also offer face to face Classes as usual for the others who want it. We had 2 suicides in our school last year & keeping our kids out of schools reduces any services these kids might be able to receive. In-person Schooling is more than mere education and trying to mask and keep kids from socialization only increases the likelihood of loneliness. If you truly want to help our children-you offer the education, socialization and the freedom of having in person classes should that be the option they choose.

One of the highest chances for transmission comes from common surface contact. I suggest that additional staff be hired to clean all railings, doors, common area tables etc while the students are in class, so each time they leave (every hour not just once a day), the common areas are clean. Just like what they are doing at Universal Studios. Also I would suggest that for students that bring their lunch, they be allowed to eat outside or in their classrooms so there aren't as many students in the cafeteria.

One of the most important things in life is education, by distance learning the approach is definitely different and it's not the same, not all kids can learn just from the computers or videos.

One on one support by school personnel available to every student if they need help with planning out their weeks for when assignments are due and when tests will be given. My 6th grade daughter at Howard Middle really had a hard time with this executive planning skill. Please please have direct support for the students on a weekly basis to help them stay organized with all 7 classes.

Only do small classes of 10. Make sure all students and staff have a temperature checks every morning. Frequency hand washing and surfacing cleaning. Only wear masks outside of the classroom the students not assign too. Kids can't keep on a mask all day. Exactly the kindergarteners. They don't understand. I just want all staff and kids be safe.

"Open after Labor day, encourage more hand washing, less students at specials, and resume as normal. Close from Thanksgiving break until January to protect against Flu season as well. No mask, eat in the cafeteria but spread out more, and spread out lunch times so they do not over lap so much.

I do not feel distance learning was a good fit for my child. Although her teachers did a wonderful job, it was more of a review to prevent regression. I do not feel distance learning will work for a new school year when introducing/learning new material or content. It was ""crisis"" learning not true virtual learning. Students need social development as well, distance learning is not providing that development either. "

Open as normal.

Open as usual with extra cleaning precautions

"Open back and return to normal 100%. Have students learn proper sanitation techniques. Place strict guidelines when a child is sick They must be picked up immediately. If a parent doesn't answer the phone or refuses to pick up the child then the social worker drops the child off at the parents work or home.

If students are sick under no circumstances are the to return back to the classroom. Students with a fever must have a doctors note clearing them to return to school. "

"Open like normal, stop the fear mongering. Some Florida districts have already announced schools will reopen M-F. If parents don't like it they can sign up for virtual school

Extra hand sanitizer is all we need, no mask "


Data is showing numbers are decreasing, asymptomatic people are not spreading the virus, and if people can protest in large numbers every day for two weeks, there is NO REASON schools cannot open back up and run like originally planned.

Thank you! "

"Open school as scheduled, carry on as normal, the same as years past. No extra measures needed, everyone will be fine, the youth are the least affected.

Overcome the political hype and move forward. If you want to stay home there is virtual school for those that don't want face to face. "

OPEN SCHOOL!!!! Stop over thinking and over reacting. Kids will be kids. They need human interaction, social engagement and academic in person collaboration.

Open schools and let herd immunity build up in our communities so we can get back to life as normal.

Open schools as they were prior to covid-19.

Open schools as they would typically be opened. Kids need the routine and the in-person learning. They are not at risk for the virus and also resilient if they do get sick.

Open schools back up normally ! Parents that need to work can not afford to lose jobs because schools are closed .

Open schools in the traditional sense with no undue burdens on teachers, staff, or students. Research shows that children are not vectors of disease as originally thought. In other words, children who are asymptomatic are not spreading the virus to their at-risk family members. Anything else and you are putting our children at risk. A school's job is not to protect the elderly or immunocompromised, but to educate and protect the children of the community. Know your role and fill it.

"Open schools normally. Encourage cleanliness, and sanitizing practices. Each student required to clean desk or tables before they leave the classroom. Allow an extra 2 minutes between classes to accommodate the sanitation process..

I do NOT recommend masks as it causes other issues, such as hypoxia, CO2 poisoning, headaches and other ailments.

Elementary students need to be reminded more about cleaning practices. room parents come in and help sanitize and clean during the students lunch break, and after school. "

"Open the schools. Take temperatures each morning. If busing is a concern have the children wear masks on the bus. Parents have the choice to do virtual online school if they don't want to send their kids to school. Let the rest of us send our kids.

Our kids are suffering and NEED to get back to school! "

"Open up the schools as usual.

Offer more breaks during the school year at times when the flu or Covid peaks to minimize the spread among students and to allow for deep cleanings. "

Open up!!!! It's ridiculous already. Just have them wash their hands and keep the school clean. Can't live in fear. We are doing these kids a disservice by not having them interact with teachers/peers. Doing more harm than good.

OPTIONAL face coverings. My child will not return if face coverings are REQUIRED.

Our children absolutely need a change of scenery and live interaction with teachers and peers. Certain subjects are an absolute must to study in person. I don't how art, music and speech can be taught successfully online. PE was a really sad subject during distance learning.

Our children are being deprived of the social aspects of learning at this young age. Maybe things like smaller class sizes, eating in rooms, frequent hand washing and sanitizing, temperature checks, limiting items brought to home/school will be beneficial in reducing the spread. Even if it's just face to face for k-5 who are a lower risk group to gain the social aspects of learning and development.

Our children have been locked down at home for 3 months. We really need to take into account their mental health. I have heard of children killing themselves during the pandemic. We cannot overlook their mental state. SCHOOL IS IMPORTANT for them. Taking away recess, taking away small group time, and cooperative learning are NOT WHAT IS BEST FOR THESE KIDS! I think it is SO FAR OFF to ask CHILDREN to wear a mask all day and not interact with one another. If parents are not comfortable with coming back to the brick and mortar school, they need to enroll in FLVS or OCVS...the rest of us need to return back to our REGULAR school. Do we need to be diligent with cleaning and washing hands?? YES! ABSOLUTELY! But sending kids back to school under those CDC Guidelines is NOT WHAT IS BEST FOR KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Our children need face to face learning. Parents need to work. With two full time working parents distance learning is nearly impossible. I work for a hospital and my husband is tourism. We were lucky the parks were closed and he was furloughed but that can't remain our reality forever. Daycares didn't close and are easily following the recommendations. Virtual school is an option already. If that works for your family or you as a teacher. Do that. Face to face must be figured out. Socialization is critical for kids. Every doctor and psychiatrist will tell you that. The mental health toll isn't worth the risk/reward. We chose to send our kids back to summer camp this week. I see no reason not to go to face to face learning. In fact - start earlier and get as much schooling as you can in to catch up from last year. Hopefully the CDC will relax the guidelines and ratios. Masking for a 5 year old doesn't work.

I am willing to sit on any task force or committee. "

"Our children need to be back in school. Research should be done on the actual health risks to school age children, particularly in Florida the risk is almost nil. Faculty maybe a larger concern, however even in the age group 65-74 the risk of death is about 1 in 1000. Teachers at risk should be provided PPE and practice social distancing as much as possible. The use of masks should be optional but suggested in close contact situations. Temperature checks can be completed to provide an additional layer of protection. Students and faculty could also be required to be tested prior to the school year and routine screenings can be added during the year.

Students need to have the most normal return to school as possible. If the restrictions are excessive, students will be unlikely to comply. For example, how successful have we been in enforcing rules regarding cell phone use? Parents may also opt to send their children to alternatives and this will dramatically affect the funding for our public schools. Choosing any other option other than a full return to the classroom will only compound this exodus from traditional school.

It is possible that some parents will hold their children back at the beginning of the school year. Adding an additional 2 weeks to the school year would be helpful in assisting students in the remediation of missing prerequisite skills. If adding additional time is not possible then keeping the first two weeks focused on remedial skills will ensure that students entering late will not be missing vital content for the course. Pushing the start date of school back by one week would make these the two weeks before Labor Day which would also be helpful.

Please allow our children to return to the classroom.


Our children need to be taught and have the social aspect of being with classmates. Maybe have hand sanitizer available, sinks equipped with soap.

Our children need to go back to school in the normal fashion! They need interaction with other children for their development and well being. Also, we as the human race evolved over time with our planet and learned to build our immune system by living with the planet and its environment, not hiding from it. Last, not every family has the luxury to stay at home with their children. Some of us need to work and without school, that will not be possible. This could create a rise in poverty levels and place some of these children in danger. School may also be their only avenue to receive positive role models and encouragement to change their current situation. Please do not keep our children out of school and away from this healthy emotional and intellectual environment!

Our children should be able to attend school as normal. Extra cleaning routines if necessary... but they should not be required to wear masks. It is not a comforting feeling to wear those and they are too young to have to deal with that responsibility. I hope when school resumes it is still a fun warm environment. Not a sterile nerve racking one. This is something we have to come terms with as a life long virus. Let our kids be kids. If parents do not feel comfortable they can homeschool their children.

Our children, especially elementary need to be back in school for face to face learning. It is crucial for their development to be able to socialize and learn at the same time. NOT ALL parents are able to stay home and do distance learning with the children either. I am a full time working, single mother. By August, there is no reason that the children need to continue distance learning. Please let them return to the normal that they are used to, they're little brains need it.

"Our children's mental health is just as important as their physical health. Please trust us as parents to know what's best for our kids. My social children miss thriving with their peers at school and during school performancs like plays and marching band.

K-12:Bus drivers temperature check all as kids enter bus. Car rider/walkers/bikers temperature check at all points of entry or before exiting car. FIRST LINE OF DEFENCE!!!! Require facemasks and sanitize hands as they enter bus. (Using theme park model). No need to limit space between kids if wearing their masks and have no fever.

4-12grade: require face masks, hand sanitizer upon entry to each class, cafeteria, AND picnic tables, AND courtyard for lunch space to spread kids out.

K-3grade: Masks encouraged, hand sanitizer/wash hands between activities, teach personal space with desks further apart. More outdoor activities/lessons-science, art, PE, recess, picnics for kids to have a break from masks/fresh air. Limit toys for K-1, sanitize after use each day.

Electives-Own consumable materials brought to class in own pencil cases (pencil, crayon, markers, etc). Teach kids sanitize tools, paints, instruments, equipment after use for next person at end of each class.

Football, basketball games, etc...cap entry at 75%, require facemasks, provide hand sanitizer as all enter. Possibly preorder tickets online to cap entry...

Volunteer hours who need them to sanitize in Elementary schools on weekends/evenings to help custodians.

All teachers, staff wear masks, wash hands and sanitize surfaces often.

THANK YOU for asking us for our ideas and giving us a voice!"

"Our family would like to see ALL school activities return AS NORMAL, face-to-face, with an option for distance learning or Florida Virtual for any individual, who might have a compromised immune system or fears a negative or fatal result from exposure to Covid-19. If our child cannot go back un-masked, with all normal educational and social school life, including all social events and sports activities, then we will not return. Students need to learn, teachers need to teach, parents and all people within our educational system need to get back to work.

The State of Florida, experienced MILLIONS of extra people from 2/16-4/2/20 for events like the Daytona 500, Bike Week & Spring Break. Theme Parks & Cruise Ships were all at full capacity and thousands were flying in from NY & NJ yet the numbers for the state have remained low in regard to cases and the fatality % which are 0.00032971 % U.S., 0.00012137 % FL and 0.0000303 % Orange County. Why are we not thinking that the increase of depression, suicide, domestic violence and/or child abuse matters?

Most ALL Florida families in general are returning to their normal lives, going to restaurants, public places, retail shops, gyms, participating in sports, camps, vacationing, at work, packed beaches, and hosting social gatherings. THOUSANDS will be in our parks soon. We participated alongside thousands in peaceful protests, but we are questioning whether we can sit in classrooms or sit next to each other in a football stadium? Why are we even questioning returning back to school NORMALLY?

We pray an announcement to move forward with proper preparations and tryouts for OCPS sports programs starting at least by 6/22/20, which is ample time following an establishment of Phase 2 numbers. PLEASE allow students to return!"

Our kids mental health is suffering from not having interaction with friends and teachers.

"Our kids need face to face instruction and socialization for their mental health and their educational success.

Open schools, but take temperatures of the children and the staff daily. No child in school with cold symptoms. Allow for additional absent days in order for kids to remain home if not feeling well.

If possible, reduce number of kids in the classroom by a few - but knowing that the schools are over crowded this might be difficult.

Have the kids rotate washing hands with soap and water every so often and hand sanitizer in between. Create time for children to wipe down desks with Lysol wipes. This will not only keep the environment clean, but really teach them good hygiene. Require weekly thorough disinfecting of classrooms.

Kids are in camp this summer, together- there is no reason they can't go to school. "

Our kids need some normalcy again!! School face-to-face allow kids to have this. The kids' mental health will be improved by going back to school with face-to-face. Our kids have taken educational classes online in addition to their regular school prior to COVID-19 and they prefer face-to-face.

Our kids need to back in school face to face. No distance learning and no combination of the two. As a working adult, it is not feasible to have to deal with some kids in school in the morning and some in the afternoon or whatever someone comes up with. Will not work where parents work.

Our kids need to be in school. Families are not able to live off of one income. Plus our kids NEED to be around other kids and get the education they need.

Our kids, parents and community need to go back to school with face-to-face! We are in this together and we will get through it together. Just like we all pulled together to finish out the 2019-2020 school year. It's not fair to the kids to take away their livelihood. Our kids deserve to be able to attend school in person, have the socializing (even if it's at a distance). This is the time in their life that they are still learning and having fun before adulthood sets in. This past year all students, teachers, administration, parents were cheated by COVID-19 of many year end events that they will never get back, this will scare some of them for life. Many kids' mental health has been degraded because of COVID-19 by not being able to see their friends and teachers. If we don't go back in the fall with face-to-face, you will see an even bigger spike of mental health illnesses and even in some kids that never even showed signs before COVID-19. Our child is a great example of this - never showed any signs until the distance learning, quarantine and stay-at-home orders. Our kids have done online classes before but prefer in person and thrive in face-to-face situations. This year's seniors are praying to be able to actually have a senior year of high school; their last year before "the real world"! Being able to go to school in person helps many students (and teachers, administration, parents, basically everyone) as it allows for you to get out and actually interact with others. The parents that have to leave home to work that have young kids at home need us to go back with face-to-face because they won't be able to arrange distance learning in the fall. Please, my whole family has been praying for this non-stop, we need to go back in the fall with face-to-face!!!

Our students need social interaction with other students and even the employees. I have seen my own child's education decline because she is a hyperactive child who can not learn from hone on a computer screen.

Our students need to get back to a normal school setting. They need to be around others. Being around others helps immune systems get stronger. But it also helps their growth and help parents too.

Our students will be left behind compared to students from around the world if they are forced into more distance learning. Sure, the model works for some, and let those who it works for enroll in the very good OCVS system. But for most, they NEED face to face learning and interaction with not just teachers but peers, mentors, administrators, etc. I think it's best to open schools back up for all students and staff that feel comfortable going back, and anyone who doesn't can do OCVS. That way we will naturally reduce class size and make it easier to physically distance while on campuses.

"Out door fresh air as often as possible.

Outdoor lunch on picnic tables. If the weather permits get the kids outside whenever possible

Kids can learn sitting in small groups outside. Do not keep them shut in all day"

"parent: i feel like it is better if all kids in orange county go back to school. most parents have a job and do not have money to hire a babysitter while they are working. we shall keep children safe by making sure they wash there hands before and after leaving any class or touching stuff. Make safer rules and we should check students temperature before entering class.

Student: i feel like the education im getting online in not bettering me. When im in school it helps me out alot more than online. i also really dont think its good if a student or teacher have there eyes on a computers so much because i know many people that are getting headaches because of this.

We hope mid augest kids return to campuses"

Parents have returned to work. Cannot afford daycare or homeschool.

Parents or students can also have a choice of choosing to do online learning and those who want to return to face to face. I'm also in favor of maybe two days face to face and three days online that way there is less students in the classroom. Preference is face to face.

"Parents send hand sanitizer to the kids in their backpack, teacher measures the temperature of each kid before the class starts and maybe once or twice during the day.

For the love of God, don't even think about forcing distance learning. Leave it as an option for parents who have contact with immunocompromised or elderly. "

Parents should be able to choose what best fit their child. Some children can adapt to virtual learning while others struggle and need that school environment and face to face in order not to be left behind. Opening schools would benefit the majority of our children, but safety measures need to be put in place like down sizing classrooms and face mask and shields need to be mandatory. Maybe having two shifts would help with social distancing ,not as many students would be on campus at one time. If a child is sick stress to parents take children temperature before leaving home , they will be checked before entering school.

Parents that are not comfortable with distant learning, sign up your child for virtual. They already have the infrastructure to maintain and it is free. Those that are comfortable, send to school.

"PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) - Pasco County Schools Superintendent Kurt Browning announced Thursday a plan for reopening schools come fall 2020.

As part of the plan, there will be three options parents can choose for their students. Below are the three options:

Traditional: "A return to campus and classroom with the standard school schedule and bell times. This option includes a heavy emphasis on health and safety precautions. Students will practice safe social distancing to the greatest extent possible. Schools will use signage and consistent communication to discourage the gathering of large groups of students. Students will be expected to wear masks or cloth face coverings on the school bus, but masks will not be required in classrooms."

mySchool Online: "Virtual learning with a connection to the student's enrolled school. This option requires that students follow the standard school schedule and bell times. It features lessons and virtual interaction with teachers during each class period - all conducted online."

Virtual School: "Online learning through Pasco's nationally recognized Pasco eSchool. This model offers flexible scheduling and is taught by Pasco County teachers. Students work at their own pace can do school work during non-traditional hours."

Staff and families received an email and phone call Thursday morning notifying them of the plan and options available. Families will be asked to choose an option for their student(s) by July 1.

According to the Pasco Schools website, if parents choose one option however later change their mind, "transfers from one learning option to another should occur after the completion of a semester."

For those students who are chosen to follow the traditional option, they will not be required to wear a mask or face covering i"

People are already doing things face to face

People working with DHH population would need a clear mask/shield for working with the deaf. It impairs sound, but will keep all parties safe.

"Perhaps a school year track system where students/teachers would be on a certain track. Basically a year round school situation.

That would alleviate the amount of students on a school campus, buses etc. at a time. This would also assist with being able to spread students out. "

Personally, I believe it will be the option that will benefit most people at elementary level: parents, because most parent can't stay with the children; students, and teachers because the teaching and learning is not the same while at home.

Place plexiglass dividers between students desks, have them wear masks throughout the school day and continue to social distance in the grounds. Shorten the school day.

Please allow students that want to return to face to face to be allowed to do so without interruption. Blended students can enroll in FLVS or OCVS and leave the school early or come in late depending upon their course schedule. We could run a few courses with lower student to teacher ratios for those students. For full time distance learners, they can enroll full time in FLVS or OCVS.

Please allow the kids to return to school. If people are allowed to work out, drink at bars and go to Walmart, our kids should be able to learn in a traditional face to face learning. Please do not make these kids wear masks all day. They will be miserable.

Please consider children with life threatening food allergies! If you proceed with only allowing children to eat in the classroom, please consider a nut-free environment. Thank you for your consideration!

Please consider face to face, traditional school with normal interactions. We will have medical interventions in place.

Please consider going back face to face, the blended model is one that will cost people their jobs. As long as masks, social distancing and adequate cleaning is done, our kids will be safe.

"Please consider starting school after Labor Day. This will align Florida school schedules with other states around the country. Allow time to gain foresight for the Covid Pandemic and it's standing. The possibility of a vaccine may be in effect by September. Also, school after Labor Day will help with the possible closures for Hurricane Days (mostly).

Why not start school "all in," in September rather than these random other options that will not be a real school experience. I am sad for my up and coming kindergartener and first grader that they will not be starting school with a real start. Please consider waiting until September and starting off "all in!" on the right track. "

"Please consider that not all families have internet at home - some of us only have internet access on our phones. Distance learning the last few months was very difficult for my family because of this, and also because I'm a single parent... lack of communication and effort from my co-parent presented additional challenges for us.

We aren't going to find a solution that makes EVERYONE happy. We just need to go with the option that best serves our children - and there's a LOT that gets missed without face to face instruction with QUALIFIED teachers. For the families who prefer distance learning, let them switch to virtual school. But for those whose children thrive in a traditional classroom environment and need the structure of a brick & mortar school experience, let us return to the classroom. If we can keep our families safe and social distance in the rest of our daily lives, then we can do it at school, too. "

Please deeply consider having schools face to face and for those who have immune compromised or are not comfortable, give them the option but please don't require any more distance learning or the blended approach. Our children are already falling behind academically and they thrive on their social and extra curricular activities. They have lost so much! On another note, these kids are together everyday anyway but many are getting in trouble or creating bad habits. They need structure. They need guidance. There are many kids who do not have a warm, loving home to distance learn in. There are many parents who cannot possibly maintain more months of distance learning. So many reasons to go back!

Please do not ask kids to wear a mask!!!!!!

Please do not make the kids wear masks in school. The cross contamination alone from kids touching their face masks all day will negate them wearing masks in the first place. No staggered starts more than what they are doing already. Please let students go everyday. No distance learning. Those of us who work or work from home can't keep up with making sure our kids do their work, and as a mom of a special needs child I spent way too much time trying to teach my child and keep him from falling behind.