CTE Cool Stuff #2
CTE Cool Stuff #2
Apopka Memorial Middle School’s Project Lead the Way Gateway students were one of two student groups invited to participate in the exhibition hall at the National Career Pathways Network Conference last semester (the second group was also OCPS students in Agriculture). The students used their booth to demonstrate to educators and business partners across the nation the exciting things they are doing in their classroom. The National Career Pathways Network Conference brings together hundreds of educators, business people, and representatives of community organizations for presentations, outstanding keynotes, and exhibits of the latest products and services in career and technical education.
Here are some words from the participants…
“The convention was a very opportunistic event for us as young women in STEM.  We met many different people that were in charge of programs which have a lot to offer.  We all enjoyed the event so much.  We met other women in STEM.  They were explaining to us how there were few girls in the engineering classes they took as students and that what we were doing was really great.  Going to other groups and looking at the different ways science, technology, engineering, and mathematics affects our everyday life is a real eye-opener; it proves that this experience will be one to remember!” – Mikayla Santiago, Grade 7
“At the convention, we learned new things and met new people.  We learned about different careers and what we can achieve choosing a path in specific careers.  We also met Captain Irving, the youngest African-American to fly across the world.  It was an amazing experience we will never forget!” – Tristen Gabi Ratchford, Grade 7
“The convention was a really amazing experience for all of us.  When we went, we were pretty nervous and didn’t know what to expect, as it was our first time.  After talking to a few attendees, and getting comfortable with our surroundings, it ended up being really fun and inspirational.  We made so many connections and we even were able to get sponsorship from Derrick Woodard Sr., Polk County Public Schools and Ridge Technical College.  We also met some of the keynote speakers at the convention and exchanged thoughts regarding women in STEM.  We all really loved this experience and hope we can do it again!” – Enja Jean, Grade 8
“At the convention, I learned how big the learning industry is.  Everyone that passed by our stand, had some words of wisdom for the group.  The convention had kiosks who had really good programs to offer.  Some attendees even gave information about the programs that they have started in their state. We even got a donation!  I met Captain Irving, and he answered all the questions the group had.    Overall, my experience at the convention was great and I learned a lot.  I hope to do another in the future.”  - Kendyl Meeks, Grade 8
It’s a beautiful thing!