The Grants department assists in generating and managing external funding while supporting collaborations that align with district priorities.

The staff works with teachers, administrators and partners to prepare competitive and entitlement grant applications. When grants are funded, managers monitor program compliance with funder guidelines and district, state and federal requirements. 

Funding and Collaborative Initiatives

If interested in funding and/or collaborating on school-based or district initiatives, please call OCPS Grants department at 407-317-3303. We will assist you with connecting to the appropriate school or district administrators to discuss your interests.

External Evaluators

Please contact Cassandra Palm in Procurement Services at 407-317-3200 ext. 200-2446 to learn more about how to become a part of the external evaluator pool for grants awarded to the School Board of Orange County, Florida. 

Contact Information


445 W. Amelia Street Orlando, FL 32801 407.317.3210