Barbara Jenkins


Deputy Superintendent
Maria Vazquez

Chief of Staff
Bridget Williams

Chief Facilities Officer
John Morris

Chief Financial Officer
Dale Kelly

Chief Information Officer
Jim Pulliam

Chief Operations Officer
Roberto Pacheco

Chief Communications Officer
Scott Howat

Chief Academic Officer
Kathryn Shuler

Minority Achievement Officer
James Lawson

Chief of High Schools
Harold Border

Area Superintendent
East Learning Community
Leigh Ann Bradshaw

Area Superintendent
North Learning Community

Rahim Jones

Area Superintendent
Southeast Learning Community

Patricia Fritzler

Area Superintendent
Southwest Learning Community

James Larsen

Area Superintendent
West Learning Community

Gregory Moody

Associate Superintendent
Career and Technical Education
Michael Armbruster

Associate Superintendent
Innovation Office
John Wright

Associate Superintendent
School Choice Services
Christopher Bernier

Associate Superintendent
Research, Accountability and Grants
Jennifer Sasser

Associate Superintendent
School Transformation Office

Tashanda Brown-Cannon

Senior Executive Director
Human Resources

James Preusser

District Organization Chart