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In order to provide more direct support to schools from the district, schools are now grouped primarily by grade level instead of by geographic learning communities.

Each school is now a member of a cadre, which is overseen by a Principal Leader. Executive Leaders over Elementary schools, Middle/K-8s, High schools, the School Transformation Office, Exceptional Student Education and Career and Technical Education will supervise the Principal Leaders in their area.

Click the buttons below to browse the cadres and see the Principal Leaders who supervise each. 

Important Information for Parents/Guardians

If a parent/guardian has an issue with their child's school, they should first try to resolve the issue at the school level with the school's administration. You can find your school's phone number on the school's website or look up the school's email address using this link

If issues can't be resolved at the school level, please use the contact information below and someone from the District office will be happy to assist. 

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