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The School Transformation Office (STO) was established in 2013 to provide strategic, centralized support based on prioritized needs. The focus of the office is to help schools function as high-performing and dedicated teams, provide training on rigor and standards-based instruction, concentrate on the individual needs of students, utilize data to drive instruction, and sustain community engagement. Additionally, the team analyzes student diagnostic and progress monitoring data to ensure resources are aligned with the cognitive demands of each learner.

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School Transformation Office: Coaches in the Corner
By Lauren Roth

""Being assigned to the School Transformation Office may sound scary. But it’s more like having coaches in your corner, said Rock Lake Principal Melanie Simmons.

Joining the School Transformation Office is an opportunity for schools to harness professional support and resources to improve the culture and performance at a school in a school-specific way, she said.

“It’s layers of support,” Simmons said. “I don’t want to leave STO. They’re always at the ready.”

Schools are assigned to the STO based on their overall school performance as measured by the State of Florida Grading System. The office was established in 2013 to provide strategic, centralized support above and beyond what a larger learning community can provide for an individual school. The office has 11 schools this year.
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Principal Leader
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