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Every day counts for academic success! On this page, you'll find important enrollment information, plus tips, suggestions and resource links.

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If you have questions about the district, call 407.317.3200.

If you have school-specific questions, please contact your child's school directly. Click here to view the School Directory.

Not sure which school your child will attend? This site allows you to type in your street and city name to find your zoned school.

If you need to visit the Student Enrollment Office for a verification of residence or educational guardianship, appointments are required. Sign up for an appointment here.

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Welcome OCPS Families!

Important Numbers

OCPS Information Hotline...............407.317.3463
Advanced Studies (AP/IB/AICE).....407.317.3328
Career and Technical Education.....407.317.3212
Exceptional Student Education.......407.317.3799
Lost Device Hotline..........................407.317.3290
Multilingual Services.......................407.317.3410
School Choice (Charter/Magnet)....407.317.3484
Speak Out Hotline.............................800.423.8477
Mental Health Helpline....................407.317.3694 (M-F 7:30-3:30)

Quick Links

Navigating the School Day

OCPS has you covered from sunrise to sunset. The information in this section is designed to help families navigate critical topics they encounter EVERYDAY. Click on each heading for more information.

Getting to School

OCPS students can be transported to schools in several ways including walking, biking, being dropped off in a personal vehicle or riding a public school bus.

To be eligible to ride on a public school bus, the students must reside two or more miles from their assigned school, be a participant in a designated Exceptional Education Program with an active Individual Education Plan (IEP), or a 504 Plan that has been approved by the school principal or their designee. Elementary students who resides within two (2) miles of their assigned school but do not have a pedestrian route from their home to school that is free of hazards as defined by FS 1006.23, may also qualify.

To learn more about OCPS transportation, please click here.


Daily attendance in school is the responsibility of the parent/guardian and is encouraged for all students in grades PK-12. Daily attendance is reported for all students grades PK-12. Period-by-period attendance is also reported for students in grades 9-12. Parents will receive notification of unexcused absences daily through the Connect Orange automated phone message system.

Any student who is not in class when the opening bell rings is considered tardy to school. There is no grace period for tardies. Any student who comes in after the opening bell rings is recorded as tardy.

An student who is withdrawn from class after completion of a half day of school school as "early departure." Early student departure during the last hour of the school day is strongly discouraged.

To learn more about attendance policies and procedures, including guidelines for excused absences and truancy, please click here.


Wondering what your child is learning about today? All content students learn is based on the Florida Standards and Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking. There are standards and benchmarks for core subject areas such as English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. There are also standards for elective areas such as dance, health, music, physical education, theatre, visual art, world languages and career and technical education. To review the Florida Standards and Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking, please click here.

Curriculum Areas
Students at all levels take courses in English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education and the arts.

Students in middle and high school also have the opportunity to take electives in areas such as advanced studies, world languages, and visual and performing arts. To learn more about curriculum areas in our district click here.

Digital Learning
The LaunchED 1:1 digital learning program provides digital learning devices such as laptops or tablets to all K-12 students.

The district-provided devices are used in a blended learning environment, where students attend traditional brick-and-mortar schools and use online textbooks, digital productivity tools and instructional resources to personalize their learning environment.

Online Textbooks
Students can visit our district’s Single Sign On dashboard, LaunchPad, at to access instructional software, digital textbooks and more.

Digital Productivity Tools
Students use Google Workspace for Education. This is where students create, collaborate, and store files. This is also where students send and receive emails from teachers and students. Students can access their Google account on any device.

Learning Management System
Students use Canvas. This is the district learning management system, and the hub of the digital classroom. Students will visit Canvas to check their calendar for upcoming due dates, access course materials, and submit assignments.

To learn more about digital learning and access help guides, please visit


OCPS is proud to provide healthy breakfast and lunch at all school sites – with some designated schools also providing supper and snacks. In June 2022, the waiver that provided meals at no charge for all students expired. Unfortunately, this school year (SY 22-23) students that attend NSLP schools will now need to pay for meals. Therefore, we strongly encourage all parents/guardians to complete a Free & Reduced Meals and Benefits form at You only need to complete one form per household, and the application takes only a few minutes to complete. If your family qualifies, they will not only get meals at no charge but may also qualify for other benefits such as Discounts on afterschool programs and camps; Fee waivers for SAT/ACT/PSAT exams; Waivers for college application fees; Discounts for internet services and other benefits. Click here to learn more and apply.

Students attending schools participating in the Community Eligibility Program (CEP) will continue to be offered all meals at no charge and do not need to fill out a Free & Reduced application.

Food and Nutrition Services also provides elementary school parents/guardians the opportunity to order a classroom birthday celebration through the Birthday Bites program. Students are treated to great snacks, that meet Eat Smart USDA guidelines, during their own special birthday event – with balloons, party hats, and singing. Some of these guidelines include less than 35% of calories from sugar, less than 10% of total calories from saturated fats, and less than 200 mg. of sodium.
Click here to learn more and order a birthday celebration.

After School Opportunities

OCPS K-5 Extended Day Enrichment Program

The Extended Day Enrichment Program offers supervision and a variety of enrichment activities for children in kindergarten through 5th grade. The program is fee-supported by those using its services. Daily activities include homework time, structured supervised free play, art, drama, crafts, music, dance and organized team games.

OCPS 6-8 Extended Day Programs

OCPS has a collaborative partnership with Orange County Government – Citizens’ Commission for Children (CCC) and the City of Orlando which provides for effective and sustainable afterschool programs services. Specific outcome objectives have been established to include increased academic performance, reduced truancy and absenteeism. After School All Stars services our 9 middle schools located in the Orlando city limits. Boys and Girls Club Services 14 schools and the YMCA services 15 schools. These programs are FREE during the school year.

To learn more about before and after school programs, please click here.

OCPS Extracurricular Activities

Each OCPS school also has optional extracurricular activities to choose from including athletics, clubs, and organizations.

Click here for a full list of extracurricular activities at each school.

Getting Home

OCPS students can be transported home in several ways including walking, biking, being dropped off in a personal vehicle or riding a public school bus.

To be eligible to ride on a public school bus, the students must reside two or more miles from their assigned school, be a participant in a designated Exceptional Education Program with an active Individual Education Plan (IEP), or a 504 Plan that has been approved by the school principal or their designee. Elementary students who resides within two (2) miles of their assigned school but do not have a pedestrian route from their home to school that is free of hazards as defined by FS 1006.23, may also qualify.

Some schools may also offer transportation for after school tutoring and other activities. Please check with your child's school.

To learn more about OCPS transportation, please click here.

Help at Home

Homework is an integral part of the student's educational experience. With the increase in digital curriculum, homework will take shape differently than it has in the past, but the purpose will remain the same:
  • to reinforce learning concepts which are introduced during classroom instruction
  • promote utilization of study skills
  • develop and research skills; and
  • enhance learning experiences.
Click here to view guides, resources, and how-to videos regarding the digital resources your child may use when completing homework.

Canvas Parent
Parents can access Canvas using the OCPS Parent Portal at or using the Canvas Parent app for iOS, Android, or Windows mobile devices to keep up with their student’s calendar and assignments.

FREE Brainfuse Homework Help Tutoring
This FREE service is provided through the Orange County Library System! Tutors are available every day from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. Using Brainfuse, you can connect with a qualified tutor for expert help in Math (through Precalculus), Science, Social Studies, English, English as a Second Language, Computer Literacy, Test Preparation and Writing Assistance. To connect, students can click on the Virtual Library Card icon on their LaunchPad and click on "Access Information to Help You Study" and then "Tutoring- Brainfuse."
Click here for directions on how to access FREE Brainfuse Live Tutoring.

Interactive Resources for Students
The Florida Students website includes hundreds of interactive resources families can use to support student learning in language arts, mathematics, science, and civics.

Other Considerations

Click on the icons below to access information about other educational considerations that may impact your family.

Career and Technical Education     Exceptional Student Education     Health and Wellness     Multilingual Services     School Safety     Student Services

Navigating the School Year

They say there is a season for everything and school is no exception! This section breaks the school year in six seasons for families. Click on each heading to reveal 3 to 5 key actions families can take to stay engaged in their child’s education.

Getting Ready (Jul.-Aug.)

  1. Register for school
  2. Find a bus, if needed
  3. Apply for free and reduced lunch benefits
  4. Download FREE OCPS mobile app and Microsoft Office
  5. Register for the OCPS Parent Portal

Starting Strong (Aug.-Oct.)

  1. Pick up OCPS device (new 6-12 students only)
  2. Locate student schedule in Skyward app on OCPS Parent Portal
  3. Attend Meet-the-Teacher events
  4. Complete online Parent Technology Media Information Consent Forms in Skyward app on OCPS Parent Portal
  5. Review student planner and check Canvas Parent app on OCPS Parent Portal for assignments and homework.

Monitoring Growth (Sept-Mar.)

  1. Set up alerts in Skyward app on OCPS Parent Portal to receive notifications on attendance, progress reports, report cards and grades
  2. Check grades weekly and identify missing assignments
  3. Attend Open House at your child's school to learn more about academic expectations
  4. Review progress/interim reports and report cards with your child
  5. Communicate with teachers frequently and schedule parent-teacher conferences, as needed.

Making Choices (Jan.-Mar.)

  1. Review your school’s report card to identify available course options for the next school year
  2. Review choices for magnet programs, virtual schools, dual enrollments, and alternative programs.
  3. Identify other transfer opportunities
  4. Review available family and student scholarships
    1. Family Empowerment Scholarship (K-12)
    2. Florida Student Scholarship and Grant Programs (Graduating HS Seniors)
    3. HOPE Scholarship (K-12)
    4. McKay Scholarship for students with disabilities (K-12)
  5. Evaluate your school choice options and apply, as needed

Finishing Fierce (April-June)

  1. Identify end-of-the-year testing schedule
  2. Attend end-of-the-year school events
  3. Return school equipment and materials
  4. Pay outstanding fines and fees

Staying Sharp (Jun.-Jul.)

  1. Support summer reading
  2. Take advantage of summer meal spots
  3. Participate in summer enrichment

Making the Most of Milestones

There are five key milestones in your family’s educational journey in OCPS. Click on the icons below to access information about each milestone.

Starting Pre-K     Starting Kindergarten     Starting Middle School     Starting High School     Graduation