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 Beginning in 2014-2015, all Access Courses in ELA and Math will include Florida Standards Access Points.

The current NGSSS Access Points for Science and Social Studies will continue to be implemented in Science and Social Studies courses. For more information about the upcoming changes, please see the following informative documents below:

  • Student Communication Skills

*The FLDOE has renamed the new Florida Standards Access Points. In some documentation you may see the term "Core Content Connector" or "CCC." These terms describe access to the new Florida Standards for students with a significant cognitive disability.   

Many more helpful resources available at the ACCESS Weebly.

Interesting Reading:

Grace in the Ordinary
A great blog written by a parent about her son with Down Syndrome and his interest in Macbeth.

The Green Anole
Exemplifies how a teacher got through to a student by teaching the curriculum in spite of his disabilities.


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Important Message A letter to teachers from Commissioner Stewart regarding alternate assessment. NCSC Select this link to be directed to the National Center and State Collaborative (NCSC) website. FAQ Frequently Asked Questions NCSC Alternate Assessment on Alternate Academic Achievement Standards (AA-AAS)