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The curriculum and instruction team has created short videos to assist parents in helping their students with Math, Reading and Writing content at home. Each video aligns with the instruction occurring in Math and ELA instruction at each grade level by quarter. The videos can be accessed under the Grade-Level and Instructional Resources section.
Student and Parent Resources

The Parent Support Team has compiled a library of helpful information for parents to successfully navigate their student through Exceptional Student Education.

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SEL Resources from NCLD (National Center for Learning Disabilities

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Exceptional Student Education for Parents

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Introduction & Overview Links/Resources

Procedural Safeguards

Special Programs & Procedures

Florida's Multi-Tiered System of Supports

FLDOE Bureau of ESE Services

FDLRS Action/FIN Resource Center

Agency for Persons with Disabilities

Children's Medical Services

APD Resource Directory

Getting Ready for Your Child's IEP Meeting - This two page document answers and gives proactive suggestions for what every parent can do before and after the IEP meeting.

Positive Student Profile - This PDF will give the IEP team a "snapshot" of your student. From strengths and successes to concerns and goals, this valuable tool will help craft the most helpful IEP for your student.

IEP Meeting Checklist - Step by step preparation guidelines and things every parent needs to know before their next IEP meeting.

Five Critical Questions

Parents and ESE staff collaborated to determine the most important things that families should know to help their child's educational needs. The results are the following five, critical questions. Please feel free to print these, take them to your next IEP team meeting, and get these most important answers.

  1. What does my child need to be successful in the general education classroom?

  2. How will special education services help with his or her success?

  3. When, where, how frequently, and by whom will these services be provided?

  4. How will the school assess my child's progress, and how often will I receive notice of my child's progress?

  5. What can I do to assist in my child's progress?

Transition and Employment Resources for Students with Disabilities

Pacer's National Parent Center on Transition and Employment Resources