2020 State Legislative Platform 
School Board of Orange County, Florida


State Platform


Advocate for policies that provide an equitable, high-quality, and accessible education for all district students.


  • Current local and state revenue streams should provide sufficient operating funds for the basic Florida Education Finance Program (FEFP), which reflects student growth and inflationary costs.
  • Provide sufficient resources to keep students safe, enhance student social, emotional well-being and ensure a positive school climate.
  • State educational initiatives are collaborative with local school districts.
  • Local control of school district operations and policy decisions.
  • Full funding of state regulations and mandates.
  • Same accountability system for all educational entities directly or indirectly receiving state tax dollars.
  • Effective dates of all major state educational proposals that allow adequate time for data analysis and implementation.
  • Prioritize workforce education through career and technical education, industry certifications, and credentials.


  • Support innovative and meaningful approaches to recruit and retain highly qualified educational professionals and provide competitive salaries.
  • Support district authority over teacher evaluations and pay for performance.
  • Support an approach to state accountability that minimizes assessments and provides an evaluation of schools and students that includes certification and skill training.
  • Support policies that permit school districts to accept comparable academic assessments for recently settled students that are English language learners.
  • Support a collaborative community partnership to provide wrap-around services to ensure that children are physically and emotionally healthy and safe.
  • Support flexibility of the safe schools allocation that would allow school boards to address school safety based on a school’s individual needs.
  • Support the dedication of state funding for VPK-12 public schools to keep up with growth and costs and that expands VPK to a full day.
  • Support repeal of mandatory redirecting of local capital dollars away from district operated schools.
  • Support school board authority over how district operated schools and facilities are used and managed.
  • Support restoration of funding for courses taken by students beyond a base 6-period day (1.0 FTE), including virtual education and dual enrollment.
  • Support measures that restore school board’s oversight of all Title I funds allocated to the school district.
  • Support greater school board contractual oversight of charter schools, including statutory causes for non-renewal or termination of charters based on the “academic welfare” of the students.
  • Support sustainable post-secondary CTE funding that would allow for growth and create a startup 2 year funding model to respond to industry demands.

Federal Platform 


Advocate for policies that provide an equitable, high quality and accessible education for all district students.


  • Current Support the implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to provide maximum flexibility to local school districts in determining school intervention and improvement activities.
  • Support existing Title I formula and distribution that gives the flexibility to local school districts to determine the best use of federal and Title I funds for the planning and implementation of school improvement initiatives.
  • Support increasing the federal investment in IDEA to the guaranteed level of 40% to provide the resources necessary to deliver the mandated educational services under current federal law.
  • Support the continuation of Medicaid reimbursements to school districts.
  • Support additional funding opportunities that enhance education in the areas of technology integration in the classroom, converting to digital curriculum, enhanced delivery of instruction and online assessments.
  • Support an increase in USDA reimbursement for “free” lunch to pay for the escalating costs of healthy food, transportation and labor which has not kept pace with the current reimbursement.
  • Support increasing the cap on E-Rate funding to provide equal access to technology needs and adjust the funding annually to keep pace with inflation.
  • Support legislation that would allow states to collect state sales tax due on Internet purchases of goods and services that are currently taxable offline.
  • Support a change in law that would prohibit states from requiring portability of Title I funding.
  • Oppose any change in law that would allow portability of Title I and Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) funding.