Legislative Report - Week 4 (Nov. 4-8)
Posted on 11/11/2019

General Information

This report contains pertinent information presented and discussed during the fourth interim committee week of the 2020 legislative session.


The House and Senate held meetings in both chambers, which consisted of presentations that were heard in committee meetings.

School Board Chair Jacobs, Board Member Gould, Castor-Dentel, and Gallo visited members of our Orange County Legislative Delegation. OCPS board also met with legislators outside of the Orange County Legislative Delegation who serves on Appropriations and Education committees in the House and Senate. Please find the legislators below:


FLORIDA HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES (Orange County Legislative Delegation)

·         District 30  Rep. Joy Goff-Marcil 

·        District 31 Rep. Jennifer Sullivan 

·        District 44 Rep. Geraldine Thompson 

·        District 45 Rep. Kamia Brown 

·        District 46 Rep. Bruce Antone 

·        District 47 Rep. Anna V. Eskamani 

·        District 48 Rep. Amy Mercado 

·        District 49 Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith 

·        District 50 Rep. Rene Plasencia 

FLORIDA HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES (Outside Orange County Legislative Delegation)

·         District 42 Rep. Mike La Rosa

·        District 80 Rep. Byron Donalds

·        District 52 Rep. Thad Altman

FLORIDA SENATE (Orange County Legislative Delegation)

·        District 11 Sen. Randolph Bracy 

·        District 13 Sen. Linda Stewart  

·        District 15 Sen. Victor Torres  

Also, School Board Chair Jacobs, Board Member Gould, Castor-Dentel, and Gallo met with the Florida Department of Education’s Chief and Deputy Chief of Staff. Please find the FLDOE’s Chief and Deputy Chief of Staff’s names below.

Florida Department of Education

·        Alex Kelly (Chief of Staff)

·        Bethany Swonson (Deputy Chief of Staff)

Please find the topics that Orange County School Board Members discuss with legislators and FLDOE below:

·         Teacher Pay

·         Restoring Capital Millage

·         CTE Funding

While most House and Senate Education committees were canceled, the House Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee held there meeting. The Subcommittee meeting consisted of mostly legislative member projects and a review of recurring base appropriations projects for the following educational institutions below:

·         State University System

·         Florida College System

·         Private Colleges and Universities


Finally, please read the Required Local Effort Summary created by Jim Hamilton.