ITS has distribution under control
Posted on 08/12/2020
ITS team gathers for a group photo

As leaders in the one-to-one digital device initiative, OCPS accelerated its cohort distribution plan. Instead of 44 schools being added to the LaunchED digital platform, the ITS department added 95 sites to accommodate Cohorts 7 and 8. 

The addition provides every child in the district with a digital device. This equates to 41,272 new devices: 24,930 laptops (grades 2-12) and 16,342 iPads (K-1).

To ensure each child could begin LaunchED@Home, the district provided hotspots for families who needed assistance. For those who are interested in this program, you can apply on this page.

In a week’s time, schools distributed 79,266 devices for students to start the year on LaunchED.

“They are making great things possible with their amazing effort,” Justin Tomko, ITS assistant director, said.