School Board work session/rule development
Posted on 06/02/2020
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As part of a series of budget work sessions, Orange County School Board members requested an update on the Academic Return on Investment process and budget priorities for the 2020-21 school year. In addition to the budget discussion the School Board received an update to the Code of Student Conduct for the upcoming school year.
Code of Student Conduct review
School Board members reviewed suggested changes discussed in the previous Rule Development Workshop, May 19, 2020. The pending changes impact the following:
•  Student dress code
•  Student Detentions, Searches and Seizures
•  Zero Tolerance for School-Related Violent Crime
•  Trafficking (new)
•  Firearms or Weapons (new)
Here are the overall pending changes to Policy JIC, entitled “Code of Student Conduct.”
Next Steps:
• Public hearing and vote June 23, 2020
• Effective date, if approved, August 10, 2020
Budget priorities
The School Board received an update on the status of the budget for the 2020-21 school year. The projections presented by the Chief Financial Officer were from the previous legislative session prior to COVID-19. The Governor has yet to sign the 2021 budget.  
Current budget considerations include:
• Includes Florida Retirement System rate increase of $15.5 million
• Base Student Allocation increases of $40/student or .93%
• Includes teacher salary allocation $37 million
• Increase in mental health allocation $1.7 million
• Enrollment may be impacted
• 2020-21 salary impact of $17 million
CARES Act allocation for OCPS is estimated at $55 million less private schools and charter schools. Here is the presentation by the CFO which includes information on the capital budget considerations.
Academic Return on Investment - Process of finding operational efficiencies
The superintendent’s cabinet presented on various models and programs that were explored for a potential savings. Here you will see each member's presentation.
Minority Achievement Office
• Calculus Project 
Learning Communities
• Academic Tutoring Services
Research, Accountability and Grants
• Progress Monitoring Activities
Chief Academic Office
• Pilot Programs & Supplemental Resources
School Choice
• “InClass Today” intervention program
Fiscal Services
• Credit card processing
• Tangible Personal Property Verification Process
Facilities Services
• LED lighting in all facilities
Operation Services
• Supply Center Operations
• Inspections on construction projects for code compliance
• Inspections of district facilities for air quality concerns
• Utilization of alternative fuel school buses
Information Technology Services
• Software Renewal
Human Resources
• Emerging Leaders Academy
• Management Leadership Academy
Communications Division
• Video Services school support
• Sales program
The public will be able to view every budget work session throughout this series on the OCPS YouTube channel where each meeting will also be live streaming.
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