The love moves us
Posted on 02/04/2021
7 people spaced around a wheelchair being donated

Thanks to the generosity of Chair The Love, Orange County Public Schools received 46 wheelchairs for schools to provide the gift of mobility to students with disabilities while they are on campus. 

“We want to thank Chair The Love for the generous donation of wheelchairs to Orange County Public Schools. They will help schools have adequate transportation, especially in cases of emergency,” Ian Gesundheit, Executive Director of Exceptional Student Education, said.

Chair the Love is a non-profit organization focused on providing equipment and services to people with mobility-related issues and assisting them in regaining their independence. 

Chair the love plans to donate 104 additional wheelchairs, at a future date, for a total of 150 donated to OCPS. Some of these chairs will be gifted to students who need them beyond the school day.