What's News (Jan. 6, 2023)
Posted on 01/06/2023
A woman waves her hands while talking

Master teacher emphasizes student centered learning 

Perhaps because she once believed math and science were the “two most boring subjects,” Lara McIvor teaches her students to see the beauty in both subjects. As a Cambridge teacher at Northlake Park Community School, she creates lessons that fulfill the Florida and Cambridge standards and make learning fun! Watch this profile to see her passion first-hand.

A female teacher gives instruction

Lasting impression inspired career choice

Terion Williams’ first-grade teacher made a lasting impression and is one of the reasons this A+ Teacher chose teaching as her profession. According to her own mother, who is also an educator, teaching is Ms. Williams’ thing. Like her role models, this Lake Weston third-grade teacher hopes to have an impact on her students’ lives.

a man with a camera films a male student and female teacher
Media specialist creates welcoming environment 

Merging tangible books and digital learning tools, Jessica Scurry creates a welcoming and educational environment in Legacy MS’s media center. Known for being a jack of all trades, Scurry enjoys wearing numerous hats in her role as media specialist, which far exceeds helping students with research or picking their next book to read. Watch this profile to learn why she is an A+ Teacher.

a male student wears a Brown University sweatshirt
Scholarship offers super opportunity

Ocoee HS’ Brian Vo is officially an OCPS Super Scholar. Through the QuestBridge Match Scholarship program, he’s heading to Rhode Island.  Learn more about Vo and the program in this Observer article.

a female wears a Navy hatSwimmer glides into next athletic challenge

West Orange HS’ Maya Foley’s stellar swimming record earned her the Sonic Prep Player of the Week recognition. Check out this story to see why she chose the Naval Academy for her post-secondary education.