Successful Partnerships
Posted on 02/23/2017
Group photo

The partnership between New Destiny Christian Center (NDCC) and Wheatley Elementary School continues to flourish. The most recent collaboration involved 20 staff members, who engaged in a number of activities with our students. On Thursday, February 9, the volunteers from NDCC presented an assembly, focused on students making the right decisions and learning how to successfully interact with their peers. Our 1st through 5th graders were engaged in a “Let’s Make a Deal” type mock game show where a student nominee had to decide between two choices for prizes based on their peers’ suggestions. The volunteers also read a myriad of books to our Pre-K through 2nd graders to reinforce the value of treating others with respect and kindness. The team provided two 30-minute sessions in which they read stories to help promote positive thinking and healthy peer interactions.

                The alliance has been cultivated throughout the year. The first seeds were planted when NDCC gave book bags to each student, and refurbished the teacher’s lounge to open the 2016-17 school year. The relationship is maintained through ongoing initiatives including Friday morning’s “My Brother’s Keeper” male mentorship meetings. The church also participates in a campus beautification project to improve the school’s landscape aesthetics. Pastor Todd Lamphere gratefully takes the time to read to students on a weekly basis, as well as provide weekly snacks and bottled water to the Wheatley staff.

Wheatley Elementary would like to thank the team from NDCC for their ongoing community service efforts.