Two-Way Dual Language

The goal of the Two-Way Dual Language Program is for students to develop bilingualism and biliteracy in both English and a partner language, demonstrate high levels of academic achievement, and cultivate positive cross-cultural attitudes. Balanced numbers of native English speakers and native speakers of the target language are taught literacy and academic content in both languages so that each group serves in the role of the language model and language learner as they acquire knowledge in core academic areas. Students who enroll in the OCPS Two-Way Dual Language Program will learn to read, write, and speak in English and Spanish. Classroom demographics begin with 50% ELLs and 50% native English speakers in kindergarten/ first grade. If an ELL student exits the ESOL program, they may continue in the Two-Way Dual Language Model.

Two - Way Dual Language Schools

Kindergarten - Shingle Creek Elementary

Kindergarten thru 2nd - Apopka Elementary 

Kindergarten thru 2nd - Chickasaw Elementary

Kindergarten thru 5th - Hunter's Creek Elementary (Magnet)

Kindergarten thru 1st - Little River Elementary

Kindergarten thru 5th - Tildenville Elementary (Magnet)

Kindergarten thru 5th - Union Park Elementary (Magnet)

Kindergarten thru 2nd - Ventura Elementary

Kindergarten thru 2nd - Wetherbee Elementary

Kindergarten thru 2nd - Zellwood Elementary

6th thru 8th - Lakeview Middle (Magnet)

6th thru 8th - Hunter's Creek Middle (Magnet)

Schools designated as Magnet require an application through the magnet programs

VPK Dual Language Schools

Apopka Elementary

Chickasaw Elementary

John Young Elementary

Lake Weston Elementary

Little River Elementary

Oak Hill Elementary

Shingle Creek Elementary

Ventura Elementary

Union Park Elementary 

Wetherbee Elementary

Zellwood Elementary