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Volunteer Elizabeth Michalski
Elizabeth Michalski, Outstanding ADDitions Youth Volunteer 2023.
Foundation Fans: Our Volunteers are Treasures

Volunteer Donald Dudley
For a few years during the pandemic, schools were a little less lively with volunteers largely absent. Now volunteers are back, helping schools in big ways and small. Non-profit organizations, companies, and individuals of all ages help our students and staff be their best.

Volunteers were recognized at a recent event at SeaWorld hosted by the Foundation for Orange County Public Schools

Here are some of the big winners:

Elizabeth Michalski: Outstanding Youth Volunteer. Despite her young age, Elizabeth has been helping out at her mom’s school for more than a decade.

Kim Lyons: Outstanding Adult Volunteer. Lyons volunteers in the school’s STEAM lab, problem-solves and is responsible for the school’s hallway track strips. She even designed the school’s spirit gear, including socks.

Donald Dudley: Outstanding Senior Volunteer, for helping students at several elementary schools establish their own gardens and learn about STEM and agriculture.

Denise Hartman: Diamond Coordinator of the Year, Hartman has built strong, rewarding relationships with 25 partners and numerous volunteers, while also teaching.

Mathnasium, Nemours Children’s Health and St. Michael’s Episcopal Church: Florida Department of Education Commissioner’s Business Recognition Awards and Orange County Public Schools Partners of the Year. Watch the videos linked to the organization names to learn more about how they partner with OCPS and why they were deserving of these honors.

Click this link to learn more about Dragon Scales, the student group that kicked off the Crystal Awards

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