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Class of 2024

OTC - East Campus (Replacement)
OTC - Main Campus (Comprehensive Renovation)
OTC - West Campus (Replacement)
Atwater Bay ES (Relief)

Innovation HS (Relief)
Luminary MS (Relief)

Class of 2023
Water Spring Middle (Relief)

Class of 2022

Hamlin ES (Relief)
Hamlin MS (Relief)
Kelly Park School (Relief)
Panther Lake ES (Relief)
Stonewyck ES (Relief)

Class of 2021

Horizon High School (Relief)
Lake Buena Vista High School (Relief)
Meadow Woods MS (Comprehensive Renovation)
Silver Pines Academy K-12 Learning Center (Replacement)
Village Park ES (Relief)

Class of 2020

Acceleration West (Comprehensive Renovation)
Boone HS gym (Replacement)
Magnolia School (Replacement)
Pinar ES (Replacement)
Rolling Hills ES (Replacement) 
Summerlake ES (Relief)
Sunshine ES (Relief)
Southwest MS (Comprehensive Renovation)
Vista Pointe ES (Relief)
Winegard ES (Replacement)

Class of 2019

Boone HS and Colonial HS auditoriums (Replacement)
Castleview ES (Relief)
Corner Lake MS (Comprehensive Renovation)
Deerwood ES (Replacement)
Horizon West MS (Relief)
Lake Gem ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Lake George ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Pershing School (Relief)
Pine Hills Transportation Compound (Comprehensive Renovation)
Sunrise ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Water Spring ES (Relief)

Class of 2018

Audubon Park School (Relief)
Dover Shores ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Frangus ES (Replacement)
Hidden Oaks ES (Replacement)
Hillcrest ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Hungerford ES (Replacement)
Lake Como (Replacement) 
Maxey ES (Replacement)
Pine Hills ES (Replacement)
Sally Ride (Comprehensive Renovation)
Union Park ES (Comprehensive Renovation)

Class of 2017

Carver MS (Replacement)
Engelwood ES (Replacement)
Innovation MS (Relief)
Ivey Lane ES (Replacement)
Laureate Park ES (Relief)
Meadow Woods ES (Replacement)
Mollie Ray ES (Replacement)
Northwest Bus Compound Fueling Area
Oak Hill ES (Replacement)
OCPS Academic Center for Excellence (Relief)
Rock Lake ES (Replacement)
Timber Springs MS (Relief)
Ventura ES (Replacement)
Westpointe ES (Relief)
Windermere HS (Relief)

Class of 2016

Bay Lake ES (Relief)
Cypress Creek HS (Comprehensive Renovation)
Dream Lake ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Lockhart ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Millennia Gardens ES (Relief)
Riverside ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Tangelo Park ES (Replacement)
Wedgefield School (Relief)

Class of 2015

Apopka ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Clay Springs ES (Replacement)
Dr. Phillips HS (Comprehensive Renovation)
Eagle Creek ES (Relief)
Independence ES (Relief)
Lake Weston ES (Replacement)
Lake Whitney ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Lovell ES (Replacement)

Class of 2014

Dr. Phillips ES (Replacement)
John Young ES (Replacement)
Lake Silver ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Little River ES (Replacement)
Ocoee ES (Replacement)
Pineloch ES (Replacement)
Shingle Creek ES (Replacement)
Spring Lake ES (Replacement)
Washington Shores ES (Replacement)
Waterford ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Wheatley ES (Replacement)

Class of 2013

Arbor Ridge K-8 (Replacement)
Brookshire ES (Replacement)
Eccleston ES (Replacement)
Prairie Lake ES (Relief)
Lancaster ES (Replacement)
Oak Ridge HS (Replacement)
Rock Springs ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
SunBlaze ES (Relief)
Westridge MS (Replacement)

 Class of 2012

Aloma ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Cypress Springs ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Evans HS (Replacement)
Princeton ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Sunridge ES (Relief)
Sunridge MS (Relief)
University HS (Comprehensive Renovation)
Walker MS (Comprehensive Renovation)
Zellwood ES (Comprehensive Renovation)

Class of 2011

Apopka Memorial MS (Comprehensive Renovation)
Azalea Park ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Chickasaw ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Edgewater HS (Comprehensive Renovation)
Lake Nona MS (Relief)
Lake Sybelia ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Metrowest ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Orange Center ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Rosemont ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
South Wood ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Waterbridge ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Wetherbee ES (Relief)
Winter Park 9th GC (Comprehensive Renovation)
Class of 2010

Apopka HS (Replacement)
Conway MS (Comprehensive Renovation)
Dommerich ES (Replacement)
Forsyth Woods ES (Relief)
Gotha MS (Comprehensive Renovation)
Hunters Creek MS (Comprehensive Renovation)
Lakeville ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
College Park MS (previously Lee MS) (Comprehensive Renovation)
Lockhart MS (Comprehensive Renovation)
Maitland MS (Comprehensive Renovation)
Palm Lake ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Piedmont Lakes MS (Comprehensive Renovation)
Pinewood ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Riverdale ES (Comprehensive Renovation)

Class of 2009

Discovery MS (Comprehensive Renovation)
East River HS (Relief)
Keenes Crossing ES (Relief)
Lake Nona HS (Relief)
Memorial MS (Replacement)
Robinswood MS (Comprehensive Renovation)
West Orange HS (Replacement)

Class of 2008

Conway ES (Replacement)
Killarney ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Lakemont ES (Replacement)
Shenandoah ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Timber Lakes ES (Relief)
Union Park MS (Comprehensive Renovation) 
Westbrooke ES(Relief)

Class of 2007

Apopka ES
Audubon Park ES (Relief)
Avalon Center for Technical Excellence
Bonneville ES (Comprehensive Renovation) 
Bridgewater MS (Relief)
Catalina ES (Replacement)
Chickasaw ES 
Columbia ES (Replacement)
Jackson MS (Comprehensive Renovation)
Liberty MS (Comprehensive Renovation)
Moss Park ES (Relief)
Olympia HS 
Princeton ES 
Riverside ES
Sadler ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Sunset Park ES (Relief)
Wekiva HS (Relief)
Windermere ES (Comprehensive Renovation)

Class of 2006

Avalon MS (Relief)
Bay Meadows ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Castle Creek ES (Relief)
Cheney ES (Replacement)
Colonial 9th GC (Comprehensive Renovation)
Meadowbrooke MS (Replacement)
Millennia ES (Relief)
Ridgewood Park ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
South Creek MS (Relief)
Southwest MS 
Stone Lakes ES (Relief)
Tildenville ES (Comprehensive Renovation)
Vista Lakes ES (Relief)
Winter Park HS (Comprehensive Renovation)
Wolf Lake ES (Relief)
Wolf Lake MS (Relief)
Windy Ridge K8 (Comprehensive Renovation)
Wyndham Lakes ES (Relief)

Class of 2005

Andover ES (Relief)
East Lakes ES (Relief)
Freedom MS (Relief)
Jones HS (Comprehensive Renovation)
Lakeview MS (Comprehensive Renovation)
Legacy MS (Relief)
McCoy ES (Replacement)
Ocoee HS (Relief)
Sand Lake ES (Relief)
Whispering Oaks ES (Relief)

Class of 2004

Boone HS (Comprehensive Renovation)
Dillard ES (Replacement)
Orlo Vista ES (Replacement)
West Creek ES (Relief)
West Oaks ES (Relief)

Class of 2003

Colonial HS (Comprehensive Renovation)
Eagles Nest ES (Relief)
Freedom HS (Relief)
Glenridge MS (Replacement)
Hiawassee ES (Replacement)

Class of 2002

Blankner K8 (Replacement)
Community Education Partner North
Community Education Partner South
Thornebrooke ES (Relief)

Class of 2001

Avalon ES (Relief)
Camelot ES (Relief)
Howard MS (Comprehensive Renovation)
Ocoee MS (Comprehensive Renovation)
Odyssey MS (Relief)
Olympia HS (Relief)
Timber Creek HS (Relief)
Three Points ES (Relief)

Class of 2000

Citrus ES (Relief)
Endeavor ES (Relief)
Palmetto ES (Relief)

Class of 1999

Chain of Lakes MS (Relief)
Lawton Chiles ES (Relief)
Metrowest PL (Relief)
North Lake Park CS 
Oakshire ES (Relief)