Academic Services

The OCPS Academic Services Department is committed to providing OCPS students and families the tools and information they need to become the most successful students in the nation. This team is responsible for providing accurate and timely information to schools, students, and parents regarding not only District policies and procedures but also critical information on academics that impact school progression and graduation.

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Department Contacts

Cathy Murdock [email protected]
Administrative Secretary
Phone 407.317.3394

Academics - High School

Erin Vacchio [email protected]
Phone 407.317.3200 Ext. 2002136

Sasha Russ [email protected]
Senior Administrator
Phone 407.317.3200 Ext. 2002380

Casimira Alexandre [email protected]
District Lead High School Counselor
Phone 407.317.3200 Ext. 2002631

Academics - K-8

Karla Owens [email protected]
Phone 407.317.3200 Ext. 2002386

Bibiana Gavillan [email protected]
Senior Administrator
Phone 407.317.3200 Ext. 2002728

Erica Collins [email protected]
District Lead Elementary School Counselor
Phone 407.317.3200 Ext. 2002637

Academics - General

Cheryl Spence [email protected]
Resource Teacher, Credit Recovery
Phone 407.317.3200 Ext. 2002307

Zachary Swedeen [email protected]
Application Specialist
Phone 407.317.3200 Ext. 2002615

Academic Services

445 W. Amelia St. Orlando, FL 32801 407.317.3394