Research and Evaluation
Research & Evaluation department (R&E) supports district decision-making through primary and partnered research, program evaluation, the calculation of Student Learning Growth (SLG) scores, and support for state value-added models (VAM).

In addition, we encourage and collaborate with external institutions in developing targeted research studies that align with district priorities.



Apply to Conduct Research in OCPS

The application materials to conduct research in OCPS are identified under Getting Started and Support Materials. Please refer to the Application Process Flow Chart and Application Process Guide to assist you with the process of submitting your request. 

Application Process Guide

Getting Started

Support Materials

Character Lab

Orange County Public Schools is a founding district partner with Character Lab as part of their research network. This partnership connects leading experts and scientists, like Angela Duckworth, with students and schools to improve educational practices and advance the science and practice of character development. We are working together with several researchers over the next few years to develop and test activities that encourage the development of character, motivation, and learning.
As part of the first district cohort in 2017-18 of 25 schools, to-date our network schools have grown to 71. The K-8, middle, high and alternative schools applied and have been selected to participate in this work. A staff member (e.g., classroom teacher, assistant principal or counselor) from each school is identified as an onsite research lead and will help to coordinate character research for the year. In this role, the research lead will share information, facilitate research activities, contribute valuable feedback to improving systems, respond to requests for student and teacher participation and manage materials related to participation.


Program Evaluation

Program Evaluation is the systematic practice of appraising programs for qualities such as effectiveness and efficiency. Direction is given from senior management about which programs will be evaluated and results are communicated internally to support district-wide decisions.

Student Learning Growth (SLG)

Student Learning Growth (SLG) scores are used in personnel evaluations in conjunction with observation-based scores. The SLG scores are determined by estimating the unique contribution of instructional or non-instructional classroom personnel on students' academic growth over a certain period of time.

The primary methods used to calculate these scores are called Value-Added Models (VAM), in which adjustments are made for characteristics outside of the control of the school and personnel such as students’ English Language Learner status or their number of days absent. 

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Research & Evaluation

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