We provide our students with the nutrients they need to be healthy individuals. To make our meals better, we...

  • Ask for constant feedback from our students.
  • Restrict items that contain Trans Fat.
  • Limit the amount of sugar in breakfast cereal to 10 grams per serving.
  • Emphasize the use of whole grain and whole wheat products in breads, pizza crust, crackers, cereals, and snacks.
  • Serve 100% fruit juice and calcium fortified orange juice.
  • Do not serve fried foods. French fries, when served, are baked.
  • Only offer low fat milk products and reduced fat cheeses.
  • Provide fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

As a part of the OCPS Wellness Policy, we work closely with schools and Healthy School Teams to provide an overall school environment for children that promotes good health. Through nutrition education, special events and continuous improvement, we are reaching our mission to provide access to quality nutritious meals in a customer friendly environment and to support all students and educators' ability to achieve academic excellence while forming healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

School-Based Fundraising

Would you consider making a monetary donation to help us
achieve our mission  to help our students in need?

It’s a fact that students who eat nutritious meals perform better in school. Orange County Public Schools Food & Nutrition Services Department makes it possible for all students, even those who do not qualify for free meals, to receive healthy and nutritious meals daily regardless of the available funds in their food services account.

At Orange County Public Schools, we seek to help our families in any way we can to include bringing their student’s negative food service account into good standing.  While we continue to fundraise through activities both on and off campus, we still have a lot to accomplish to reach our goal. 

The FNS program is an enterprise and does not receive funds from the district. Our funding comes only from USDA for serving meals. While funding is available for students eligible for free or reduced payment meals, student meals without eligibility are not funded. The FNS program depends on collecting payment from parents. This is not always possible as many parents are still struggling to pay bills and other expenses.

We greatly appreciate your donation and it will be used to resolve student food service accounts with negative balances.  You can make a donation three ways:

  1. Use SchoolPay by clicking here (Use the Angel Fund)
  2. Payments via mail can be sent to Food and Nutrition Services, 6501 Magic Way Building 500, Orlando, FL 32809.
    • Make checks payable to the Foundation of Orange County Public Schools (Foundation OCPS).
    • Include the school’s name in the check memo area.
  3. A direct donation can be made to "Foundation for Orange County Public Schools"
    • Be sure to select OCPS Food and Nutrition under Donation Options: I want to support a specific school fund/district fund.  See Below:

    OCPS Food and Nutrition Monetary Donation

Please join us!
With your donation, we’re one step closer to helping our students receive nutritious meals.

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