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The Orange County Public Schools Migrant Education Program is implemented in cooperation with the Florida Department of Education.

The Title I, Part C - Migrant Education Program (MEP)

The Title I, Part C-Migrant Education Program (MEP) funds additional educational programs for migrant children (ages 3-21). Migrant students have the same risk factors as other students. These students also face further challenges because of their frequent moves. The migrant child is one who is or whose parent, spouse or guardian is a migratory agricultural worker, migratory dairy worker, or migratory fisher. A migratory worker is one who moves to obtain/seek temporary seasonal employment within the last 36 months by himself, accompanying a parent, spouse, or guardian, and has moved from one school district to another and/or has moved from one state to another.

The Title I, Part C (MEP) attempts to ensure that migrant students do not face additional educational challenges because of the differences in academic standards throughout the country. The program also promotes the coordination of educational and support services including the timely transfer of academic records.


For more information about the Orange County Public Schools Migrant Education Program, please contact the main number at 407-317-3485.


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