Goal:  To provide goods and services of the highest quality and value.

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Procurement and Contracting is responsible for the procurement of all goods and services that are not related to construction.

Facilities and Construction Contracting is responsible for the procurement of services related to new construction, remodeling and other professional services and term construction contract services pursuant to Sections 287.055 Florida Statutes.

Office of Business Opportunity encourages the participation of veteran, minority and women owned business, as well as local and developing business, in providing goods and services to OCPS.

Material Management Office provides services that benefit the district including Print and Courier Services, Records and Forms Management, and Surplus Operations.

Mission Statement

Procurement Services provides goods and services of the highest quality and value to meet the district goals.


Procurement Services is dedicated to providing the highest quality goods and services at the best value through competitive pricing while protecting the integrity of district funds and adhering to policies and procedures. We strive to maintain fair and equitable treatment of all vendors and to provide quality customer service while facilitating the district's goals of academic achievement, constant innovation, employee professionalism, and operational efficiency.


Procurement Services

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