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Engagement Team

Shauana Hughes-Sims
Senior Administrator
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Alina Davis
Program Specialist
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Shawn Sanchez
Program Specialist
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Megan Sargeant
Resource Teacher
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Dr. Tricia Travis
Resource Teacher
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Stephnie Sahadeo
Resource Teacher
407-317-3200 x2002387

Maria Rivera
Program Assistant
407-317-3200 x2002707

Susana Ramos Villanueva
Program Assistant
407-317-3200 x2004803



The OCPS Parent Academy is committed to sustainable impact on student success, parenting and advocacy and personal growth/wellness. The goal of the district initiative is to empower, engage and educate families and caregivers by providing high-quality training sessions, resources and access to skills and services. Families and caregivers are provided a choice of two adult training sessions, access to childcare during the event (ages 4-18), a free lunch and access to the exhibit hall. 





Parent Academy
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