Research, Accountability & Grants

Office of Research, Accountability & Grants provides research and data analysis support, facilitates the accurate measurement of student learning, guides continuous improvement processes and generates funding to attain the district's vision and mission.

The Departments of Research, Accountability & Grants

Accountability & Improvement (A&I) leads the analysis and interpretation of data for accountability, accreditation, school improvement and strategic planning processes to attain the district's vision and mission.

Data Strategy (DS) provides school and district leaders with actionable information to address five core areas of school improvement: student demographics, school culture and climate, student achievement, rigorous course work and quality instruction.

Grants and Special Projects (GSP) assists teachers and administrators in generating external funding that supports district priorities, leading to improved student achievement.

Research & Evaluation (R&E) provides support to inform district-wide decision making through primary research, program evaluation and the calculation and reporting of Student Learning Growth (SLG) scores. In addition, we encourage and collaborate with external institutions in developing targeted research studies that align with district priorities.

Test Development & Measurement (TDM) supports informed educational decisions with results from quality locally-created or selected and state-required assessments that are administered to the highest professional standards, then interpreted with precision and integrity.

 The Office of Research, Accountability & Grants is led by Associate Superintendent Jennifer Sasser with the support of Senior Directors Chen An and Illatawie Showalter. For more information, please contact:

Michelle Harris, Senior Executive Assistant
[email protected]

Departments' Contact Information

The Office of Research, Accountability & Grants is led by Jennifer Sasser, Associate Superintendent. 

Research, Accountability & Grants

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