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Transition Planning for students with Disabilities: 
A Guide for Families and Procedures for Accessing the Guide

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Use of Seclusion and Restraint on Students with Disabilities, Information for Parents Brochure

Important Information Regarding Reevaluation

CTA Roundtable with ESE

For the past few months, NASDSE has been working with a small group brought together by the National Center for Learning Disabilities and the Learning Disabilities Association to work on a document for parents and others to answer some basic questions about SLD and dyslexia. The link below is the product of this joint effort.

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Logo for 2017 Annual Conference for ESE

2017 Annual Conference for ESE (ACE)
View Video of Keynote Speaker, Jill Morrison

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Tyler Borjas

 Tyler Borjas
Many thanks to Tyler Borjas, who spoke at the April School Board Meeting during Autism Awareness Month!

Luke Boccuzzo   Luke Boccuzzo
We are so proud of Luke Boccuzzo and his accomplishments. Luke is a seventh grader at Wolf Lake Middle School. He spoke at the September 27th OCPS School Board meeting as the district proclaimed Disability History and Awareness Weeks.
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